Downing: ‘Seattle is Dying’ documentary was prophetic



In 2019, the Seattle news channel KOMO produced “Seattle is Dying,” a documentary by Eric Johnson that has been seen by more than 15 million people on YouTube. 

The homeless industrial complex and liberal apologists lost their minds, and said the production was irresponsible and inaccurate “propaganda.” 

“‘Seattle is Dying’ is something else. It’s propaganda stuffed with overblown and florid rhetoric designed to propose simple answers to complex problems while simultaneously generating fear and pointing fingers,” wrote one liberal-leaning columnist out of Oregon, in a column that did not age well.

It wasn’t propaganda, however. “Seattle is Dying” was prophetic, not just for Seattle, but for cities up and down the West Coast.

Once known as the Emerald City, Washington’s biggest city was, when the documentary was made in 2019 and is today facing a crisis of confidence, as rising crime and a deteriorating quality of life leave residents frustrated and contemplating the exits. 

Some are, in fact, leaving. King County, home to Seattle, saw a net domestic outmigration of -16,035 in 2022, on top of outmigration of net -37,655 in 2021.

Eric Johnson didn’t make up the terrible conditions in the city; he simply pulled back the curtain and called it like he saw it.

Now, a recent poll conducted by Suffolk University for the Seattle Times shows that fully one-third of Seattle residents are considering abandoning the community they once loved. The downtown streets are overrun with lawless vagrants and addicts, leading to a reversal in the city’s reputation as a thriving metropolis.

“Freattle,” as it’s become known by some, is a place where deadbeats and druggies can exploit the city’s generosity.

Yet, the city is not as liberal as many might think. Pew Research Center report reveals that 41 percent of Seattleites lean Republican, while 42 percent lean Democrat, and 17 percent remain undecided. Despite the political diversity, the people elect liberal, and even socialist officials. Between public policy and the homeless industrial complex, families are being driven away. The Seattle Times poll shows that over 50% of the Republicans polled in King County are contemplating leaving.

Among those who are looking for another community than Seattle, 34 percent cite increasing crime as the primary reason. It doesn’t help that Gov. Jay Inslee and the liberal legislature have also created a statewide environment that is unfriendly to families and accommodating to petty thieves, drug pushers, and hardened felons.

The situation in Seattle is also found in Portland, Ore. The most recent U.S. Census reveals that after 15 years of continuous growth, Portland’s population started to decline as people left during the pandemic and working families never came back.

Further down the coast, the Bay Area has seen population decline across all its counties. Some attribute this decline to the trend of those in the Bay Area choosing not to have children, coupled with insufficient in-migration.

The shrinkage in the Bay Area gained momentum in 2020, partially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which allowed people to work remotely. With the freedom to choose, many decided to leave for places like Bend, Ore., where the population has been growing at an annual rate of 2.54 percent. Meanwhile, the Bay Area lost 93,000 residents between April 2020 and January 2021.

In 2022, Los Angeles County experienced the largest population decline in the entire state of California, with a decrease of 90,704 residents, continuing its downward trajectory.

Between 2021 and 2022, the county shedded 271,098 residents. That’s equivalent to the population of Anchorage, Alaska.

Even red-state Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage, is not immune to the exodus from liberal-run cities.

Anchorage’s population fell below 290,000 during the last U.S. Census, as people who can afford to move are seeking refuge in the conservative Mat-Su Valley. 

While Anchorage’s assembly and school board have become hotbeds of socialist policymaking, further alienating middle-class families, the Mat-Su Valley, home offers more abundant housing options, fewer burdensome housing regulations, superior schools, and a sense of safety. 

People vote in the politicians who promulgate the policies. And when those policies turn out to make communities into dystopian nightmares, people vote with their feet. Sometimes, those fleeing the ruins end up packing up their liberal leanings and bringing them along, without realizing they’ve created the very problems they are leaving.

The common thread in these dying cities is the liberal value of making life “painless.” The compassionate Left believes that legalizing painkillers makes life more painless. That’s why the Left also pushes universal basic income, universal health care, and SNAP benefits. 

Pain has always been a warning signal and the right to a pain-free life allows people to escape the feedback on their behaviors. Rather than allowing people to get the warning signals to stop whatever it is they are doing, cities are making entire industries that are codependent on enabling and growing bad behaviors. 

In 2019, one brave reporter – KOMO’s Eric Johnson – was right all along. Even though he was pilloried by many of the news pundits and the defenders of big government, Seattle is still dying. And so are Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Anchorage.

Suzanne Downing is publisher of Must Read Alaska.


  1. Great article Suzanne. Your reflections on Eric Johnson’s work are spot on.

    Every major city on the West Coast is a crap hole. There is no effort, that I am aware of, that is being made to eliminate the problem. I live in Juneau, we also have a liberal-leaning assembly that chose to do something a bit on the creative side as far as they are concerned.

    Our downtown business people were complaining about the homeless sleeping in the doorways of their businesses; Urinating and defecating on the public sidewalks and drug paraphernalia strewn about. ALL legitimate complaints!!!

    Our city assembly’s solution was to help fund the construction of a new sleeping facility out in our valley. The results were less than spectacular, burning cars increased crime and rampant drug activity throughout the commercial and industrial area.

    Our city has failed to enforce the laws on the books and or to stiffen the penalties and create an incarceration penalty for these violations of public decency. , I will concede, many of these people need help and both mental and physical intervention is needed. But seriously, there’s no way that you’re going to be able to do that unless you first incarcerate these people get them sober to some degree so that they can start making better choices for themselves. So long as their drug infested minds are allowed to make decisions for themselves they will always go for the drugs and alcohol.

    I am not numb to the plight of these poor people. I have compassion for them but have come to realize that they cannot help themselves and that we have to take drastic measures in order to get some of them to come back to society. Sadly, the fact is, that we cannot save them all. That there will be those that will not make it and will die and that is just one of the sad realities that we must face.

  2. It is a shame what years of liberal politicians have done to the once beautiful & safe city of Seattle. My wife and I used to attend the Commercial Fishing Expo in November for many years in Downtown Seattle and always enjoyed the shopping, bars, restaurants and just the good vibes. Thank God I have been retired for awhile now and haven’t had to witness it’s current degradation first hand. It is truly a world class shithole now!

  3. 41% of Seattle leans Republican? Riiiiight. Is so, they must be Anchorage style republicans who make noise but can’t be bothered to vote.

    Seattle has been leaning further and further left since the 90s.

    Their political leadership doesn’t remotely reflect that bit of fiction.

    • It’s true. If you look at the demographics of the rest of the state which is entirely a deep shade of red, it’s not hard to believe. In some cases, it does take a drastic event for republicans to get out and vote or voice their opinion. It took Pearl harbor to get us into world war II. It took the British intelligence finding those letters in world war I that promised Mexico, New Mexico and Arizona if they would enter the war against us. That got Wilson convinced we had to go to war. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge and sometimes you have to be shoved.

  4. Bend Oregon will follow with the arrival of liberals. I know 2 family members that moved there recently. 1.1 million dollar house, dinks and Pelosi lovers.

    • Bend has been destroyed by the leftist immigration there. Not the Bend I knew growing up. Didn’t even recognize when last visited there. Tragic.

    • Not the Bend of my youth. I only saw the trappings when I last went through, but I could sense Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco have branded it as theirs with all the sordidness that that brings.
      Good luck~
      Go Lava Bears!!

  5. Excellent article Suzanne — Juneau probably tops the list though. Our school population has declined 35% since 1999 and by 2032 is projected to decline by an aggregate 47%. Yet our property taxes are skyrocketing.

    Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  6. What is also so sad is that, as Ms. Downing points out, many of the people who escape the hellholes they helped create by voting for the people who implement these awful policies, pack those same leanings and beliefs and then vote the same kind of people wherever they settle in, thus expanding the misery to other parts of the country. Take a look at some of our most liberal members of the assembly, past and present, and they are all imports from other liberal bastions in the country. It’s like they have the Midas touch but in reverse, everything they touch turns to crap.

    • It’s more like a cancer. An infectious state of being. They want power and authority over everything and to stifle your first amendment rights. I remember a few years ago when my superintendent sat next to the speaker of the House during a graduation ceremony. The next day I received a phone call telling me to stop posting on this forum about certain topics. The person on the phone cautioned me that it could cause trouble for a member of my family. But that’s what they do. When you get close enough to the truth, they either try to ruin you or back away themselves into the shadows.

      • It may be analogous to a cancer, Greg, but the best comparison that I can come up with to radical leftist extremism is a virus, a mind-virus. It is a virus that is not only contagious, but virulent and lethal as well. There have been very, very few recoveries from it that I can discern. I can only blame malevolent supernatural forces for it, as its spread defies all rationality.

        • Take MA for example. A long, long time ago, he/she/it may have been firmly planted on the right side of reality. Now look at him. Full of hate, barely able to focus on a picture in a picture. Whatever it is he has morphed into is not republican. Not conservative. Closer to some festering eruption we’ll past the center of left. It’s sad that during his evolution, he lost his human aspect. No tact, no compassion, no feelings at all besides hate and angst.

  7. Wow, I had to stop the video at 30 minutes into it. A little more than I can stomach all at once. The legalized drug culture is scary. It is a heartless solution but Bidens deadly poisonous Fentanyl is the only cure I see for the future of all these people on the streets.

    My neighbor called it “culling” of the herd. I am thinking it is an engineered solution.
    Hitlers tactics dont seem so cruel now after watching the video.

    It is long and painfull but needs to be seen.

  8. I guess when it comes down to it over 100,000 deaths per year for the whole United States just from fentanyl is not such a big number when you consider how many people live here. Hopefully it is a fast and pain free method.

  9. Yes, but it doesn’t take much to realize that the whole country–to put kindly–is in “decline!” Being good folk, let’s reserve a nice plot for them right next to us!

  10. It’s what happens when woke idiots are in charge, it is a certainty that any change by them will result in utter disaster, a guarantee to go down the same toilet as Budlite.

  11. Anchorage hasn’t always been a sh*thole but it sure is now. It started downhill with the pipeline construction and got worse with the influx of morons who brought their sh*tty culture with them. Same thing in Fairbanks.

  12. “…Pew Research Center report reveals that 41 percent of Seattleites lean Republican, while 42 percent lean Democrat, and 17 percent remain undecided. Despite the political diversity, the people elect liberal, and even socialist officials.”
    First of all, “undecided” means they vote Democrat, but want to pretend they are independent.
    Secondly, even ignoring the above, a 1% differential is not enough to swing an election to a conservative candidate in most situations.
    Finally, I am sure the gerrymandering is in full effect, ensuring that some legislature seats will never go conservative.
    Seattle is dying because children are electing fellow children to the Assembly. Oh, I know they have adult bodies and adult level vocabularies, but their thinking is full on child. Help the homeless by giving them stuff.
    I will conclude with the fact that Anchorage is well on the way down the same path. For exactly the same reasons.

    • “Seattle is dying because children are electing fellow children to the Assembly…Anchorage is well on the way down the same path.”
      LORD OF THE FLIES happening before us in real time and space.

  13. I was born, raised, and lived most of my life in the Seattle area until 2009. Each year I went back to visit I would notice more and more decline. My relatives who still live there (the younger ones Wokesters) looked at me oddly when I mentioned this. Perhaps it crept up slowly and wasn’t so noticeable to them. I rarely go back now. I choose to live off my memories of a wonderful, vibrant city that is no longer.

  14. How is it happening? Simple. Our nation, including Alaska, (of course), has become a “Gotham Bat-man type” nation. Meaning, City and State Government employees, including the Judges & Justices, are part of the organize crime syndacate sweeping & settling into this nation. No one can fix the system, by working with the system, when the system is this corrupt. The system taints everything it touches and operates on leverage so that everyone employed by the system has to go along for fear of retaliation.

    Do not expect anyone to admit what is happening to Alaska and our nation is organized crime when they are connected to the system directly or indirectly. Does any really expect them to admit it outright? Please. Read the writing on the wall, observe the fruit of their actions….its obvious what we are dealing with.

    Broken families by state organized crime agencies and corrupted elected officials equal broken children and adults left vunerable to trafficking, abuse, and drugs. These broken individuals end up on the streets exactly where the corrupt elected officials, corrupt state agencies, and corrupt judges meant for them to end up. Broken people can’t take care of themselves much less stand up against a corrupt system. And it is only getting worse.

    The Reveal is in Motion. This is why everyone can now see it right in their face…and are still unable to do anything to stop it, fix it, or help it. People can write about it and have meetings about it….around and round. Meanwhile, the same ol’ politicians and government employees smile and talk condescendingly, figuring they have the upper hand.

    Yes, I know some Alaskans are trying to stand up against corruption and do the right thing by the People. Make sure what you are doing is God-lead. I caution you all to be discerning when you assemble together and take on State corruption. Make sure those employed by the organized crime syndicate are not taking photos and following to see who you associate with. Organized crime is called organized crime for a reason….they are extremely organized. They are also well funded and connected to outside foreign governments with interests in destroying America from the inside out.

    “Come out from among them”. Lean upon the Almighty God for understanding. I see no other way to mitigate this. It is what it is.


    • Its not that bad Batman. You have little faith. If you want bad, look at Venezuela, or Russia. Even The Vatican for historically laundering crime money, hiding Nazis and reassignment of pedo priests. A good life is still obtainable here in the good ole USA. Look no farther than Florida.

      • Greg, I disagree with your thinking in this, yes look at Venezuela, remember how fast that place crumbled after Hugo took power. It’s no different here, if anything it’s worse due to the influx of illegal aliens at the border. At least folks in Venezuela could escape to neighboring countries, here we have no choice beyond moving to another State.

  15. According to the police officers that were interviewed the repeat criminal offenders are a result of George Soros/Kamela Harris style of nonprosecutorial catch and release especially if they are dangerous criminal acts of violence.

    While it has become so blatant that these people who choose to be addicts and political operatives in place to promote the dangerous behavior I think it is a form of ethnic cleansing to rid society of this entire group of people as well as the innocent victims of their assaults and carnage.

    It is as close to Adolf Hitlers assault on the Jewish group as far as I can see.
    I am wondering if tomorrows history books will paint Soros’s picture next to Adolfs in the book of ethnic cleansing? George’s money is having a huge affect on America.

    My last trip to Seattle was in 2018. Never ever again!

  16. Indeed. I have traveled to the largest cities in each of several Third World nations, and nowhere did I see the landfill-resembling squalor and the human wretchedness of Anchorage’s drug-and-alcohol-addled homeless population. This problem is become a national catastrophe.

    The federal courts are largely responsible for conjuring up a Constitutional ‘right’ to for many hundreds of thousands of coddled ne’er-do-wells to destroy our public places and neighborhoods. But this is not merely the folly of the federal judiciary, it is the pitiable paralysis of an entire nation in decay and despair.

    Compassion for the wretched addicts and mentally ill? Yes – but there must be interventions that are prompt, mandatory, and meaningful, and no doubt MANY of these homeless must first be taken into institutional custody. First, several related and bizarre decisions at the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals must be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Governor, please get it done.

  17. As my good friend observed: It’s a lot more than just Seattle and the West Coast; it’s also Chicago and the whole “Rust Belt” and many major cities on the East Coast, including New York. Actually, those people must be worried/concerned who are invested in municipal bonds, as they are issued and backed by the credit of a lot of these cities. I suppose if Moody’s or Standard & Poor’s were to downgrade their credit ratings (which would drop the value of investments immediately), they’d be called “racist” in today’s environment, and that might actually dissuade them until a downgrade becomes unavoidable. But an actual failure to make payment on time would have even greater consequences in immediate dollars and would be impossible to deny.

  18. Please read the MRAK article about zoning changes in Anchorage. IT IS ALL OF ANCHORAGE, not just Eagle River.
    Write/email your Assembly person. Because if you don’t, we will get exactly what Seattle already has.
    We are half way there already with drugs, crime, and homelessness, and the proposed zoning change will allow apartments and ADUs -in every neighborhood- in Anchorage. EVERYWHERE. EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD.
    Right next to you, when your neighbor sells to Widener or BlackRock.

  19. The solution is simple but painful. Let them fail.

    NYC was a hellhole for decades. When they hit bottom they elected (a then sane) Rudy Guliani. NYC had a massive renaissance until the forgot themselves and elected DiBlasio. Now Adams.

    We can’t save democrat cities determined to commit cultural and societal suicide. We let them do it and maybe help pick up the pieces of the implosion. On our terms.

    • So you are saying you haven’t been involved in Anchorage Assembly politics for the last few years? Because the Assembly is following the same path.

    • How do a people lost pick up the pieces to put back together toward a better direction without God? Revolutionists have been saying for centuries all we need is new leaders. They get new leaders, only to see they no different than the old leaders- corrupt, greedy, and elitist.

    • Not only did they elect two derelict mayors They also elected one of the most corrupt and destructive Governors who came from a mafia crime family that was famous for its crooked business dealings with the mob for decades.

      Governor Cuomo was directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of elderly citizens living in Senior centers and nursing homes who were refused hospital beds during covid and directly sent back to their residence under direct orders from the governors office.
      His explanation was simply there are not enough hospital beds available for all in the hospital so the elderly must return to their residence and receive nursing care (where the virus was spread rapidly among them due to improper isolation systems). As a result many thousands died unnecessary certain death.

      He should have been charged with murder/genocide (they have the orders he sent) but nothing to this day. The sad part was there was a Navy hospital ship sitting empty in the bay with hundreds of empty beds available that went totally unused simply because Trump ordered it and Cuomo hated Trump so much He ordered those people back to their residence to die without the care they needed.

      Not surprising the entire city looked like an over run morgue with all the bodies stacked like cord wood and they allowed that evil man to simply shrug his shoulders and turn his back on everyone all over spite.

      I wouldnt want to be in his shoes on judgment day.

  20. Part of the problem is where many people who support going easy on crime, homelessness and drugs are coming from. My oldest daughter is one of those people. It is difficult to have a rational discussion about this subject with someone who is actually very loving and compassionate. This problem will not be solved by emotion. This needs some tough hard nosed type of law enforcement by the judges–it seems like the LEO’s are more than willing. We need to have a complete intolerance for this garbage. It is actually more compassionate in the long run and safer for the rest of us.

  21. Wake up! We haven’t had transparent fair elections in U.S. Inc. in many decades. We have selections of connected puppets which are supported by George Soros and other seedy characters. The Political Action Committees do nothing more than pay off their selected politicians. Ranked Choice Voting, mail in ballots, unsecured voting machines that choose what or how ballots are tallied with unscrupulous city clerks is proof positive. Nut jobs aka Anchorage Assembly would never be re-elected or survive recalls without a rigged system. Righting is on the wall.

    Alaska especially Anchorage must return to paper ballots with voter ID which are hand counted by monitored ballot counters. Voting must be an open transparent process with the ability to be audited. In person ballots with voter IDs will reduce all manipulation and eliminate ballot harvesting.

    Thorough screening of all political candidates to ensure no more puppets that belong to secret organizations are selected. Term limits at ALL government offices. Eliminate all Political Action Committees. All politicians must be held to their oath of office to defend the Constitution. No more two tier system of justice where elites get a slap on the hand and everyone else goes to the big house! When all the politicians start being held accountable for their actions instead of being puppets of the elite, or KM Oligarchs, or Black Nobility who(m) are hell bent on owning everything so they can be more unhappy; because they believe the rest of us will be their slaves and will own nothing and be happy! I don’t know about the rest of you, I do not consent to this madness!

    • You are correct! Our elections are not real. Mail-in voting is the problem and they cheat! Why else was a thumb drive allowed to be inserted into the MOA counting machine during an election? TWO SEPARATE ELECTIONS!!! While people can say Anchorage is more liberal therefore that’s why we have this far left assembly, that’s false. It’s a coverup for their cheating. It’s along the same vain as polls. Show that democrats are winning, like Biden, so when they steal and cheat they can point to the polls. Until Anchorage gets rid of Vote by Mail and demands that ballots are not sent out of state, then the madness will continue.

  22. China has been secretly funding George Soros. Soros- through his surrogate groups has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to secure victories of district attorneys that refuse to enforce the law, letting evil criminals back on the streets. China wins by causing vast internal dissent and destruction in the USA. A crippled country- us- has a harder time focusing on international affairs, in particular, the actions of China.

    The result? Every major US city is a disaster. Chicago, New York Seattle, LA, etc. Add to this destruction are the open borders that the Biden Crime family- funded/bribed by China, have allowed. With millions of criminals coming across our border the USA is headed for disaster.

    Republicans better get behind a viable candidate- not one that has lost the popular vote in the last two elections. Desantis may be our best chance. Another four years of Biden will be lethal.

  23. “Tough love “ is the only form of compassion needed to repair the problem. Enabling and legalizing (by non-enforcement) is proven ineffective at any scale. Turning the drug trade into a source of revenue for the local government and nonprofits exasperates the problem. We now have the proof. We need to continue to question how these people keep getting re-elected. Somehow the conservative votes are not happening and I refuse to believe that so many are lazy voters. We are overlooking the obvious.

  24. People today all look like they are being given more and more over into a Reprobate mind by God both the homeless drag addicts to the film producer to his interviewees to the working public. The video is Wow! The film producer was very successful showing us all what being given over to a reprobate mind looks like. But also these kind of films whether it’s about homelessness or trafficking are a distraction cause for Seattle, for Anchorage, for San Francisco, for all every place in America including Tenessee we already know this information, it’s like watching a rerun. It’s part of being given over to Reprobate mind to be living through something the head over to the t.v and watch it! The most important part of the film is the caretaker of the Jewish cemetery running for council, but also he bit late. It’s not late for Anchorage men or women being called be more involved in city governance behind the scenes where no one sees you in the beginning, but also the clock is ticking and peoples frustration only slows those community leaders who testified two years ago down . The current leadership had to start behind the scenes too. Then there is the parents children, don’t forget how are parents raising their kids. Do you know families who have teenagers 15 and over who are still unemployed when they can begin work at McDonalds who is one employer giving 15-17 year olds a place to get work experience. Guess what last night I saw three employable teenage South Anchorage young young men hanging out at the courts looking bored whom don’t look like they are working cause there no focus in their eyes like I seen in the eyes of a working teen at Abbott McDonalds. Do other adults make mention to family friends like I make mention to a grandma at church bragging about her two teenage granddaughters sport travels about are her granddaughters thinking of yo work cause they are the age to work at Eagleriver McDonalds. She looks at me like I am being rude like how dare I say her family needs to work at all places as McDonalds! Huff! Like serving at McDonalds is too low for them! A lot of these homeless are my millennial generation they could had used parents whom raised them to teach them how to serve others from a crew counter from the drug dealers to the addicts. I know my generation cause I am one of them we did grow up lazy and we grew up without understanding who is God and leaning a reverent fear of God, and I am watching gen z whom grew up or are still growing up the same way lazy and ignorant of God.

    • You are correct about the young people who don’t want to work. I have been in the service industry all my life in some form, and it has always been an honor to serve others. Specially when you get paid for it. No, my restaurant has been closed for over a year mainly because I can’t find people who want to work. Not even at 30.00 an hour for an entry level job. Nobody I would care to hire, anyhow. The young people can’t do basic things, like basic addition with the help of a calculator, write or print freehand, dishes without a machine, or answer the phone when they don’t wake up in time for work. It’s a mess. I used to love it when the parents came to solicit a job for their teenager. Wake me up when its all better.

  25. Covid and technology has dispersed commerce and expanded remote work. This has resulted in an excess of office inventory and a shortage in housing inventory. Alaska has less to offer economically than other States and is not investing in economic drivers like education. Relying on oil prices and military investment is not a sound fiscal plan.

    • Frank, but we do invest in education in Alaska, Big Time! The results of that investment have been dismal at best. Perhaps we need to change out the Managers of the Education Complex?

      I think we also might think about investing in infrastructure to develop resource extraction. I mean despite the brave new world of working from home using information technology, someone still needs to mine the ore to make the computers.

    • Frankly, you don’t have a clue. And I am certain that you realize that. I have never seen you reply in any way but to the contrary on anything written here. What a sick hobby you have, “Frank “.

  26. Great article and so true. Misplaced skewed compassion has done so much damage.

    Then this paragraph ——- “ People vote in the politicians who promulgate the policies. And when those policies turn out to make communities into dystopian nightmares, people vote with their feet. Sometimes, those fleeing the ruins end up packing up their liberal leanings and bringing them along, without realizing they’ve created the very problems they are leaving.”

    This so sums up the insidious spread of the confused ideology across our nation. Most that have drank the leftist koolaid are just so blind to the failure connection. It is mind boggling. I cringe when I see Oregon and Washington license plates around the valley and wonder what they might have brought with them.

    • I wonder Who the drivers are behind the out of state license plates and are they foe or ally? Sometimes by personal stickers on vehicle tells me all I need to know. When they are democrat from Oregon I know they are running away from the problems they helped continue like a divorced spouse running away from a bad marriage they helped deteriorate. The valley need more of firmer foundation other than patriotism, freedom, America, guns, conservatism, which is God and His Word. It’s only a matter of time Matsu Leftist Democrats will have a stronghold in the valley when the current aging leadership retire, tire, move, or die.

  27. It’s interesting that that the vagrant problem in Amchorage increased as the Permanent Fund Dividends were slashed and social service spending increased. I doubt a truely universal basic income would aggravate the problem. Government intervention into social services however has proven to be a disaster.

  28. Did anybody check out the nude old dudes trolling the beach under the space needle lurking around the children during gay month celebrations.

    Thanks to Bidens DHHS secretary Rachel Levine He/she announced gay pride summer instead of just June so if anyone wants to take the grandkids out for a stroll on the beach there is plenty of nudity for them if your into teaching gender confusion. Maybe old hairy legs Joe will be there to sniff them as well.

  29. I watched the video again this morning. What a tragedy. Since the police are hampered and can’t go beyond arrests, and incarceration by DOJ doesn’t rehabilitate, and social services is as inept as it appears to be, maybe it’s time to put Homeland Security in charge. There is no question that this is a clear threat to our safety and security.

  30. Liberals, that don’t realize how Communistic/Leftist their party has become, are very dangerous because they are so naive. They operate on feelings instead of facts. Liberals really feel they are peaceful, thoughtful people. Because they “feel” that way. They think they are nice and good people so therefore they believe the democrat party is the same. Liberals refuse to see their president is not only a crook and traitor to the country, but that he is also suffering from severe dementia.
    Conservatives, on the other hand, to a great extent, realize the Republican party is crooked. Liberals trust the Democrat party. Conservatives know both parties are crooked. Vote Trump/Noem in 2024.

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