Doug Schrage named fire chief, and new city attorney Patrick Bergt appointed by Mayor-elect Bronson


Dave Bronson, mayor elect of Anchorage, named Doug Schrage as the new fire chief for Anchorage.

Schrage is a former chief operating officer of the Anchorage Fire Department and has been serving as the fire chief of the University of Alaska Fire Department in Fairbanks, where he has overseen the education of firefighters across the state.

When serving in Anchorage for over 25 years, he held every rank through deputy chief at the fire department. He began his career in 1981 as a student fire fighter in the University Fire Department.

Current Fire Chief Jodie Hettrick said in March that she plans to retire and the end of June.

Bronson also named Patrick Bergt as the incoming municipal attorney. Burgt is a lifelong Alaskan and served as a district attorney in Anchorage, prosecuting violent, drug, and property crime. He also served in private practice and as an attorney for public lands. Raised in Anchorage, he is a graduate of Service High School.

The municipal attorney serves as chief legal counsel to the executive branch, including the mayor, and all executive, departments, agencies, boards and commissions. He supervises and control all civil and criminal legal services performed by the department and contract counsel for the Municipality.

The current municipal attorney, Kate Vogel, was appointed by Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.


  1. Maybe our new City Attorney needs to put a stop to the radical agenda the Assembly is trying to push through before our duly elected Mayor takes office.

  2. Maybe now somebody will interpret the Law as written and not interject personal opinion into the Law.

  3. Keep up the fine reporting. Let’s hope continued common sense appointments by the incoming administration will turn the tide from Anchorages slide to becoming the Polar Portland. We do not need that. There’s no bigger more diverse mixing pot in the whole nation. Everyone deserves to be recognized and feel satisfied this is a place where they can succeed, with no single fringe group appearing to have special status.

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