Double down: Democrat chairman says ‘semi-fascist’ Biden description of Republicans is just ‘calling it what it is’


In an interview with Major Garrett on CBS, the chair of the Democratic National Committee said he agrees with President Joe Biden’s description of Trump supporters or Make America Great Again Republicans as “semi-fascists.”

Here’s the section of the interview from Face the Nation, transcribed:

Jamie Harrison: Well, the one thing that President Joe Biden has been is always been consistent, and he has always been somebody who does what my grandfather used to do, which is speak it plain, say it plain to the American people.

And what we see right now is a full frontal attack by these extreme MAGA Republicans in this country. And that extreme attack in our freedoms…

Major Garrett: And so you — you — Mr. Chairman, you embrace…

Harrison: Freedoms as a people.

Garrett: Mr. Chairman, you embrace the rhetoric semi-fascism to describe the Republican Party?

Harrison: Well, it’s not about the embracing. It’s calling what it is what it is.

Garrett: Mr. Chairman, you embrace the rhetoric semi-fascism to describe the Republican Party?

Harrison: Well, it’s not about the embracing. It’s calling what it is what it is.


  1. How are we supposed to co exist with people who literally hate us?

    I’m willing to live/let live. The progressive left doesn’t seem to be willing to do the same.

    This ends ugly, and they either don’t know it or want it.

    • Are you people completely and empathetically immune to self awareness? Trump has nothing BUT slap half the country in the face since the moment he entered politics. It has been a nonstop rollercoaster ride of hatred, and when normal people objected to that behavior Trump turns around and claims the hate is all coming from the people he has been slapping, pure abusive victimization and victim blaming.
      I swear to God almighty, you utter fools will wake up to your actions or burn for them. The insanity will end even if we have to fight a literal war over it

      • I’m with you. Those people in Tiananmen Square were real insurrectionist and fascists. Hillary and all of the Democrats in congress for the past 5+ years have just been patriots for claiming fraud and impeaching the president. And Al Gore should get a 38th recount in Florida.

      • I hate to break it to you but the hatred all came (and still comes) from the left. The only people worse off under Trump were criminals (and yes that includes illegal aliens), bums and bureaucrats, and I’m fine with that.

    • “Live and live” by overturning elections that you lose, banning abortion and honest education on our history, and making us live in cities where everyone is carrying a gun? Sorry, your idea of “live and let live” is a fraud.

  2. Let me reiterate.
    Leftists are toddlers.
    They are absolutely convinced in their own brilliance, that they should be in charge, and that anyone who does not agree must be silenced.
    Why do I call them toddlers? Just look at the behavior of a child below the age of five, and see how many close parallels there are between them and your average leftist. They employ the same tools, albeit at a different level.
    When a toddler is in an argument, they resort to insults, shock, or appeals to emotion, instead of citing facts, reason, or explaining their position in a logical cause/effect manner.
    A leftist is no different. Have a discussion with them on any current issue, and either they will call you a facist/racist/whateveraphobe, and they will think they won. When in reality, they just “closed the argument” by changing the subject from the issue at hand to one they can control. Or they will try to silence you, “disinformation” or “hate speech” or whatever. It is the equivalent of putting their hands over their ears and shouting LALALALALALALA really loudly. Oh, the equating “shock” with “clever” is another favorite. Instead of talking to a Rabbi about an issue, insinuate the Rabbi is pushing for a solution that is Nazi like. Yeah… good one, everyone thinks you are clever there Forrest.
    Leftists are children. Treat them accordingly

    • Whoops…. that was Constant, not Dunbar.
      My mistake. I have slept more than once since then. Cannot be expected to remember every detail…

    • You are talking about left acting like toddlers when we had Republican spoiled brats GW Bush and Trump as, uh, ‘presidents’? you are having your head way up your…

    • Remind me, which party tried to overthrow the government because they lost an election? Who’s the toddler?

      • The toddler is the one that has a tantrum anytime he loses and accuses everyone of cheating and then as soon as he wins he kicks losers in the nuts and says it’s not fair to be accused of cheating.

  3. Speak it plain? Seriously? The interview is gas lighting and psychological warfare. Biden mostly speaks in mindless rambling with occasional attempts at witty sound bites.

    Here is ‘plain’. Harrison is deluded and blinded by his own party’s less than stellar ‘attributes’ . The ‘demoncrat’ party has become the party of lying, entitlement with purpose for gain, insatiable appetite for power and control, relativism with zero moral barometer, deflection, gaslighting, manipulation, chaos, violence, confusion, and using all of the above for more power and control. They use the word ‘freedom’ as a coverup for the true intent of removing real freedom, and controlling all of us. And they continually point the proverbial finger at others for their own crimes and deviances. Deflection and gaslighting. I believe they are so deeply spiritually seared they cannot even recognize truth, reason, logic, goodness, mercy, humility, morality or ethics. Tragic.

  4. Well, semi is better than full. Wonder what he thinks of uncle Clarence Thomas? Harrison is perfect for Democrats. Not too bright. But the right color for cheap histrionics.

    • Is wanting to overturn a democratic election what patriots do? For all of this chatter about the evil left, it was the MAGA movement that stormed the capital, that continues to (inexplicably) try to overturn the 2020 election. I’d take a deep dive into the definition of fascism and the traits of the last administration but it would either be over your head or the equivalent of me talking to the wall.

      • I am old enough to remember 2000, and 2016, when resistance was patriotic. But, I guess you are not.
        Oh, I would love to see that. Please, enlighten us.
        List for us the traits of the last administration, and the direct one to one equivalency to fascism.
        I am just a dumb stupid conservative who is too stupid to tie my own shoes, and I really need you to help me get smarter about worldly events.

      • Ok got it, we’ll lump you in with Antifa, BLM riots, and CHOP zones that went on for months causing millions in damages and numerous murders. If you don’t think folks should question election results then perhaps explain that to the long list of Democrats on video loop insisting Trump was an illegitimate President and the 2016 election was a farce due to Russian misinformation. See how it works both ways? Does your definition of fascism include a dictatorial leader who continues lockdowns, forced vaccine mandates, mask requirements, encouraging suppressing free speech on social media, and that women are no longer definable and must shower with biological men who have body dysphoria?

      • Fascism is silencing the opposition and thinking double standards is the means that is justified by the ends. You truly don’t listen or self reflect with any kind of honesty. You are blinded either by extreme tribalism, which is a lot like fascism, or hate which usually fuels fascism. I suggest either stop trolling because it isn’t persuasive at all and only adds to the polarization, or stop trolling just to take time truly understand where your opposition is coming from so you can better understand and be more persuasive. Your futile rage can’t be good for your spirit.

  5. Pol Pot was radical left. Nazis were socialists. Stalin. Castro. Mussolini. Kim Jong-un. Jugo Chavez I could go on. All were flavors of autocrats that evolved from left principles. Democrats think it is perfectly fine to blackball conservatives (who want limited government) out of universities, entertainment, journalism, etc and censor them on all platforms where it can be constitutionally possible because they believe conservatives believe in flatout falsehoods. A big reason why they are confident (arrogant) they can do such things without it being fascist is because they have been taught by their flattering universities and public schools that fascism is something that only comes from the radical and militant right.

    This total lack of self awareness and rhetoric from the left will never end until history is better taught in schools. We’ve all heard it before: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

  6. Really, the dems are getting more sanctimonious every day. While they are taking away our freedoms and doubling the IRS – armed, as well – the dems keep attacking anyone who disagrees with them. Remember all of those people wandering around the capitol with their cell phones taking pictures? They were called insurrectionists, and arrested and jailed without trial. They are still awaiting trial and one of them has died. The people who did this are democrats. These same democrats used black shirt tactics against the Trump administration by endorsing the Antifa and BLM riots and burnings in the cities. So the dems have the temerity to call the republicans fascists? The dems should look into the mirror to view the real McCoy.

  7. Damn, all this time I thought I was semi-racist only to find out that I am semi-fascist! May I be both?

  8. We haven’t seen the Democrats this hysterical and enraged since the first Republican POTUS, Abe Lincoln, took away their slaves.
    How’s that for telling it like it is, Mr. Harrison?

  9. Joe Biden, the Great Unifier, is really working overtime on being civil and bringing us all together…!

  10. The President of the United States just called 74,000,000 Americans semi-fascists, basically comparing us to nazis. After continuing lockdowns, mask mandates, forced vaccines and encouraging suppressing free speech on social media as misinformation.

    • That’s because he knows if and when the Republicans take control of the lower House of Representatives after the midterms, his impeachment is on the table in fact ink has already been put to paper on the subject. He knows his days are numbered. So he’s just flailing his arms around like a madman trying to conjure up a little self-defense like I suppose anyone would do given they were not all there.

  11. The left and the right need to tone down the rhetoric. Hopefully RCV will start moderating the inappropriate speech

    • Frank, the Chairman noted that Biden has been consistent, he is correct, consistently wrong, and consistently corrupt. I see no reason to moderate the truth about Biden and his OBVIOUS handlers.

    • Frank…
      I think you are joshing us here. I have been taking you seriously, but you are just pulling everyone’s legs. “RCV will start moderating the inappropriate speech…” Like there is a single person alive that will think RCV is a good thing, regardless of outcome.

  12. finally! a high-ranking official calling it what it is, forgoing stay inside the lines rhetoric as Dems are known for. republicans are up in arms because getting smashed in the face is something they’re known for EXCEPT this is truth. htwh

  13. That’s the pot calling the kettle black no pun intended. The radical Democrat leftist have used all their bag of tricks and now the best they can do is name calling and trying to associate Republicans as some sort of Nazi favored organization. They obviously don’t know their history and just spew these words around hoping something stick to the wall.

    • Greg:
      Do not forget, leftists are children. They think and act like children.
      Calling others names is just one of the many emotion based tools they have. They also do not know the difference between shocking and clever. They think they are the same.
      Sad really. it is unfortunate that a major portion of the population is convinced that childlike traits are somehow a virtue.

      • I see it exactly the same. The left has always been youthful, to put it in a positive light, but right now they are acting like spoiled entitled brats and they are raising even more brats that are even more entitled and spoiled. I blame the parents of the 50’s being blindsided by the 60’s because that’s when this kind of momentum started because the youth in the 60’s never learned that their parents actually know more than them. Those people then raised kids to think the same way. Now they are totally rogue and want to do the opposite of whatever we say.

    • No.
      If you are going to label them, make it accurate.
      They are hardcore communist pedophile groomers. Please try to be accurate.

  14. The far left have gone “All In”. It’s all or nothing for them now. Their mistake was to let Biden reveal their hand too soon. If they can’t pull their agenda off now, it will be decades before they collect as much momentum again. The only thing keeping them in the game is the media helping them control the dialog.
    Biden was their big mistake. As Obama stated: Never underestimate how much Biden can screw things up.

    • Personally, I give Trump full credit for that meltdown. I have never seen any single individual cause so many tantrums. President Trump’s greatest contribution to this country was getting the leftists to expose exactly who they are, and how they really act.

      • Trump really made them lose their minds. Hillary had a meltdown and had to go into hiding for months. The charity took a big hit. Bill started looking like he was already a corpse and deserved reoccurring role on The Walking Dead. Even shifty schift had to go into hiding. I saw him on TV the other day and his face has gotten really huge. Who in right mind as speaker of the House would sit behind the president of the United States giving the State of the Union address, and shred a copy of the speech in front of the American people? Only a psycho witch throwing a temper tantrum does such a thing. And all that credit goes to Trump because he makes them absolutely freaking nuts. You don’t see Trump going around throwing a fit throwing himself on the floor kicking and screaming like a child in a Walmart check out aisle. The man turns around and hit you with a lawsuit. Right or wrong, at least Trump acts with a little bit of class instead of a bawl squall spoiled rotten brat.

  15. Communist have killed 100 times more people on the planet than Fascist. Really the difference is a political science distinction. They are both totalitarian. Communist medaling into the politics and culture of Germany forced Germans to turn fascist. Same as the American Marxist are doing here. Various American Indian tribes were constantly waring with each other. I wonder if they called each other communist and fascist? My Lord.

  16. If I “told it like it is” regarding Mr Harrison I’d probably be accused of racism, fascism, some kind of phobia, and hating puppies.

    Plus the press and the internet trolls would obsess over destroying my life, my career, and my family.

    So who’s fascist again?

  17. I suppose Conservatives could be twisted and turned to fit the “Fascist” persona. We try to take away the freedom of…robbing, stealing, looting, burning, driving drunk (Paul Pelosi), smoking crack (Hunter B), killing (Alec Baldwin), insider trading (Nancy and Paul), assault (Will Smith), officials sleeping with enemy spies (Swalwell and Fang Fang), the list goes on. Yes, we are terrible people to try stopping this.

  18. Historically when the left starts breaking out the guns they become very effective—Russian Revolution, China, Cuba, Vietnam, and now 87,000 ARMED IRS AGENTS. The Democrat Party was willing to fight to the point of burning THEIR COUNTRY to the ground rather than let the Slaves Go Free. They are not TODDLERS. The will persue their mission until some Union guy running a D9 CAT is pushing large piles of Republican bodies into Mass Graves. As an earlier poster said—History Repeats Itself. 9 months ago Ukraine was a happy place. We need to take the left very seriously. It starts right here right now in our State Elections. The LEFT has and is making a move on who owns the Permanent Fund. All the Democrats are in lock step, Now all they they have to do is pick off a few. HONEST REPUBLICANS and they will have 100 billion to fund their projects plus all the revenues the State can produce. I need to go—to be continued. Support Roger Holland, Stewart Graham, and Mike Shower and all the other GOOD REPUBLICANS.

  19. Democrats don’t even know the meaning of facism let a lone semi-facist. It shouldn’t be using such big words it don’t meaning of. take it from me. Peace.

  20. So much pearl-clutching from the right, desperate to be the victim. Listen up, GOP, it’s not too hard: when you try to violently overthrow the results of democratic election, the rest of the country is going to think you’re fascists.

    • So less than 1% of the 300,000+ protesters enter the capitol and less than 1% of those people that entered the capital were violent, and none of them did anything to actively actually overthrow the government except break a window and steal a coat rack. None of the police officers were killed. One died of a heart attack and the rest “died by suicide” and yet it’s all reported by many mass media new outlets that they were killed by the rioters. And there is definite evidence of provocateurs involved that won’t be investigated and Trump requested reinforcement for Jan 6th, but that was denied by Democrats. The Republicans unanimously denounced the actions of entering the capitol immediately, but Democrats and it’s proganada media did not want to hear those denouncements and gaslit you and the entire population because they had no political motivation to acknowledge those denouncements. Instead they went into hyperdrive with hyperbole and lies told repeatedly enough to become truth, like calling it an “insurrection”. Now the whole republican party is being called fascists and you claim it is the right that is clutching pearls and playing the victim. Give me a break. BLM burned down a church and it was labeled “mostly peaceful”. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds and we can point it out clear as day until we are blue in the face, and people like you won’t ever stop to even ponder what we say.

      Luckily, I have hope that there are many people on the left that still have integrity and aren’t easily flattered and can see the double standards and the hypocrisy and gaslighting by the Democrat political party and it’s corrupt media. Jimmy Dore, Kim Iverson, Tulsi Gabbard, Matt Taibi, Russell Brand and many many more are still left leaning but can see how the Democrat party has lost any sense of integrity and is going off the rails. Your ego is letting you be led around by the nose. I suggest you get off the mainstream media train that relies on Trump and sensationalism to get more in revenue and stop trusting the Democrat party because they want you mad so you are motivated to vote for them.

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