Donna Walker says: Governor preserved dividend, reduced government



As the final hours close on fundraising for candidates during 2017, gubernatorial candidates, as well as state House and Senate candidates, have been dialing for dollars. It’s tedious work but every little bit helps.

The campaign of Gov. Bill Walker has gone the extra mile, leaning on the credibility of First Lady Donna Walker, who penned this letter to supporters for broadcast on the final day of 2017:

“I have been an eyewitness to the daily leadership Bill Walker and Byron Mallott have provided the state these past three years.

“I’ve witnessed their courage, in the face of an unprecedented deficit, as they made prudent, not popular, decisions to preserve dividend payouts for future generations and reduce state government to the size it was a decade ago.

“I have also witnessed many Alaskans thanking them for saving lives through Medicaid expansion, for working together as no governor or lieutenant governor has done in recent memory, and for appointing a cabinet and judges who are representative of our diverse communities and populations.

“As they seek re-election, I am also witnessing the overwhelming support they are receiving and the donations that are pouring in.

“Tonight at midnight, the final donations will be collected for 2017.  Please stand up and be counted as Alaskans unite to make history again and re-elect the only independent governing team in the country – the team that will continue to show courage, leadership, true grit and devoted allegiance to putting Alaskan values first.

“A donation before midnight of any amount at will be sincerely appreciated.

“My thanks and best wishes to you in the New Year, ~ Donna”

Word on the street is that fundraising for Walker/Mallott has been robust, particularly his most recent fundraiser at the home of former Gov. Bill Sheffield, where he is said to have raised $80,000. Much of his support is coming from Democrats, unions, and Native health consortium executives whose salaries more than doubled as a result of Medicaid expansion.

Candidates can receive no more than $500 from any individual during the calendar year that ends tonight. On Jan. 1, the cycle starts again, with donations to state campaigns limited to $500 for 2018.


  1. LMAO….Think Donna Walker has been drinking a bit too much of the Kool Aid. I guess what bothers me most is that she really believes Alaskans are stupid enough to accept her drivel as fact.
    I just hope we can come together and elect a Governor that works for the people.
    Anybody but Walker

  2. Walker 2018 is you last year in office. Save the dividend you mean take the PFD then stack the deck if favor of voting to use for LNG. Your a sellout and in bed with BIG OIL.

  3. Is she serious or does she have a serious memory problem? “Preserved the PFD?” He took half our PFD for 2 years and essentially made it law now. He was laughed at for trying to pull Rogoff’s plan for the PFD.

    And WHICH CUTS, Donna? Because I remember reading here how he refused to make any cuts — to thing like repairs for the Governor’s mansion. Was he expected more rock-throwers than usual? And he had the nerve to even propose spending more on the under-performing, not-preparing-students-for-college public schools — he wanted to give them financial incentive to do their jobs that they’re failing at!

    “Worked together like no other governor and lt. Gov in recent history?” Collusion to save their asses after they exploded the government, took federal money to explode Medicaid for the young and able-bodied, took half the PFD, refused to make any cuts and then had the audacity to keep pushing for an income tax in various forms and multiple special sessions RUNNING UP COSTS FOR THE STATE — that’s not making cuts and that’s not working together for Alaska. That’s a play out of the democrat party’s playbook. Deny, lie, blame others, spin, propaganda. She must think we’re all stupid.

    And how about SB91 — which gave a get-out-of -jail-free card to sex traffickers, removed jail time for car thieves, among other criminals, and spiked car thefts in Anchorage LIKE NO OTHER GOVERNOR IN RECENT HISTORY? How about his fake persona pretending to be against domestic violence but cutting Choose Respect in a state where DV/SA numbers lead the nation in that dubious distinction? So reward criminals and hold back on pushing an agenda based on respect for women?

    And how about Walker’s pretending to support those groups rescuing sex trafficking victims while at the same time he flat-out refused to veto SB91 — when he absolutely knew and was advised that SB91 would release those same traffickers who abused the victims he pretends to care for? He was warned of the implications of SB 91 and he refused to veto it but then tried to spin SB 54 as his idea. Walker is a hypocrite, a phony and an angry man. The only way he can get any support is by making deals with the devil — at the cost of his soul. Probably the most offensive of all is Walker calling himself a Christian while destroying the state and spinning it to say he saved it. Laughable.

    Just because you say it’s true, Donna, doesn’t make it true. If the democrats and unions are supporting him, enough said.

    Read our lips: ANYONE BUT WALKER.

  4. Wait, please don’t punish this governor’s wife for speaking the truth. Ok, stop laughing. Governor Walker did preserve the PFD and cut the government. He preserved the PFD for government use only, and cut the government in the most visible areas needed by citizens so that he can continue to tell us how much we need to fund his spend and tax administration. Unfortunately, he continued to add to other areas which offset his “publicized” cuts.

    His recent appointment to DCCED Commissioner of Mike Navarre, another spend and tax fool, is clearly demonstrative of where his administration is going.

  5. You forgot to mention the appointment of his former law partner to the PFD Board. Don’t know about you but that scares the hell out of me.

  6. If she can’t dazzle us with brilliance than she thinks she can baffle us with BS!

    What a disgrace to our Great State.

  7. And his pick for DOC runs it like Walker runs the state. Also claiming to be a christian be all of his actions just show him claiming in bed with Satin himself.

  8. You both are delusional!! Nothing but thievery and incompetence as Governor!! VOTE Walker OUT in 2018 !!

  9. At first I was appalled that she would tell us this load of B.S.
    It’s downright insulting to everyone’s intelligence, thinking that anyone would believe such outrageous lies.
    But then I thought about it for a minute and I hope everyone will keep publishing Donna Walker’s opinion pieces.
    She’s the best campaign P.R. person in Alaska for the Republican candidates for governor……

  10. I have always said that any politician who touched our PFD would by touching the third-rail of politics. Walker committed political suicide. I just hope future politicians are paying attention in 2018 when Walker loses by a landslide.

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