Donna Celia: Cynical view of Palin’s loss and what we voters can do about it



We have just experienced the fruits of our first ranked choice vote and it is proof positive that Republicans can, and will, steal defeat from the jaws of victory every time. 

There are some die-hard Sarah Palin fans in this state. I am not one of them, but I wasn’t foolish enough to rank Mary Peltola behind Nick Begich, which is what 15,467 Alaskan did. I will call these Alaskans “Never Paliners.” These people aren’t voting pro-life, pro-Trump, or pro-conservative. These people are voting anti-Palin. We need to take this message seriously. 

According to Jazmine Ulloa of the New York Times, Palin ranked Peltola #2 on her own ballot. It’s unclear what she actually did but this ought to send a clear message to Alaska Right to Life and any die-hard pro-life voters in Alaska: Palin is not voting pro-life in her own election. Get a clue, folks! She is pro-life in name only. If she meant it when she claimed to be the most pro-life candidate, she wouldn’t have ranked Peltola.  

I’m reading the tea leaves here. I don’t think Palin believed she would win. So, why did she subject herself to this humiliation? I propose that it was so that she could ensure Peltola’s victory and boost to her dwindling TV career while she’s at it. If I’m wrong, Palin will step down before the general election in November, and I will write her a personal apology. But if I’m right, then Palin will remain on the ticket and secure Peltola’s long-term placement into Don Young’s seat. If that happens, you’ll hear me crowing from 10 miles away. “Hate to say I told you so!” 

Conservative Alaskan voters need to wake up to the reality of that scenario: If Palin remains on the ticket in November, she will guarantee the same turnout that we’ve just experienced here. Let me illustrate for you what would have happened if Palin wasn’t on the special election ticket. 

Based on the newly certified election results, let us look first at what happened in Round 1: 

Begich lost Round 1, so his votes were redistributed.  27,053 votes went to Palin, and 15,467 votes went to Peltola.  The latter group is our “Never Paliners.”  These people would have taken Begich, if they could get him, but they would rue the day Palin wins a congressional seat. These people decided our election. 

In Round 2, Palin received 86,026 votes. That’s the sum of her original votes, plus the ones she picked up from Begich’s redistributed votes.  

In a hypothetical showdown between Begich and Peltola, only, you can assume that all of Begich’s voters will vote for Begich again. And most (if not all) of the people who voted for Palin will vote for Begich. This would mean Begich will end up with: 

Palin’s Round 2 votes:  86,026

Begich’s votes that transferred to Peltola: +15,467

Total: 101,493

This compares to the total Round 1 votes that Peltola received: 75,799. Therefore, in a hypothetical showdown between Begich and Peltola, Peltola will be sent packing. There are two ways we can accomplish this outcome: 

  1. If Sarah Palin steps down.
  2. If conservative voters treat the November election as if Sarah Palin doesn’t exist.

I believe Palin is both too prideful and too disdainful to her supposed “beloved” Alaska to do right by us.  I am betting we will NOT see her step down. After the low point in her TV career, the Pink Bear costume and rapping on The Masked Singer, she needed a boost. Alaska gave her that leg up. She has no real interest in us, our politics, our prosperity, or our livelihoods. She is acting, as always, in her own best interests. After she ensures Peltola’s win in Congress, she’ll add to her family’s coffers with the continuation of her reality TV career—a career that is substantially more lucrative, however humiliating (Pink Bear), than representing Alaskans in Washington. 

That leaves us with Option #2 as our only exercisable choice. From this day forth, we conservative voters need to cooperatively coordinate our strategy. We need to unanimously demand that Sarah step down from the General Election ticket (which I predict she won’t do). And then we need to vote only for Nick Begich in the #1 slot. Do whatever you want with your second, third, and fourth place votes, provided you do not rank Peltola.  

In essence: Treat our next election as if there are only two candidates. If we can agree to do this, we’ll send Palin’s politically disastrous failures, and Peltola’s brief political success straight into the dustbin of history. 

Donna Celia is a mother of two children who lives in Anchorage.


  1. Al Gross I’m sure was paid to toss his name in the hat. He knew he wouldn’t have to lift a finger and when given the cue, drop out. Was it the same for Palin? She has name recognition and all the Democrats needed was for the vote to be split. Palin never had to lift a finger either and we haven’t heard much since the loss. She’s probably reaped her rewards and is enjoying life in AZ.

    • Palin is Unelectable. Biden, Putin and Kim Jung-On all have higher favorable ratings in Alaska than she does. The problem is that like Palin, some Russians love Vladimar and even some North Koreans love their Dear Leader. True enough, Sarah has her supporters too. The electability issue that unlike Russia and and North Korea, Alaska elects its leaders with a vote of the people. The people have ruled Palin as unelectable.
      Sorry to say but Palin is so despised that one half of the Begich supporters either bullet voted (taking Ms. Poison Palin’s advice) or voted for Petohla (…again taking Ms. Poison Palin’s advice). Her demise is her own doing that cannot be blamed on RCV, Dominion voting machines or any other blame du jour she spews out next.

      I know this reality is frustrating for Palin Supporters. It is clear from many Palin supporting and illogical posts that Palin supporters are figuratively stuck in a round room trying to go to squat in a corner grappling with any justification to blame others and avoid the reality that Palin is unelectable. Time to face the harsh and brutal reality like real Alaskans and conclude that Palin is a failed candidate that cannot be elected in Alaska.

      We saw the movie and the special election and it is proof positive that a vote for Palin in November will guarantee that Petohla is your Congressional Representative till 2024.

    • Masked, Is it true her own recorded statement that she was giving her 2nd rank to Peltola is not proof enough for you?

    • Me either. The funny part is that out on her lawn while she was ragging on Nick and the reporter she pointed to a lady calling her Suzanne Downing. She doesn’t even know who Suzanne Downing is because she wasn’t there that’s how smart she is not

  2. PDS is real.
    Palin isn’t pro-life.
    That’s a bald faced lie.
    She knew her last child had down-syndrome. She didn’t care – she had the baby. Miss Celia would you have done the same? Would pro-choicer abortion promoters have done the same?
    Sarah has already called the NY Times article that stated she voted for Peltola a bald faced lie. If you are using the NY Times as a reference source I have to call into question the rest of your article.
    Sarah is 100% MAGA.
    Begich came in third and is a RINO at best – at best.
    Get a grip Donna – hate doesn’t make you ok very good.

    • Palin kept her pregnancy quiet the entire time she was governor, as if to keep it a secret. And who ends up taking care of the Downs baby? Todd. While Sarah plays cougar to millionaire hockey stars. Sarah Palin is a sleaze.

    • And yet, because some made Peltola their 2nd choice or did not rank Begich we have a known Bernie Sanders Socialist, whom 40% of Alaska voters supported, “representing” us in Washington DC. You comment that Begich is a RINO is just as much guesswork as Donna’s. She at least supported her assertions with a NY times writer, and evidence of “pro-choice-ery”. It’s time to register to vote in Realville and move out of Neverland.

  3. I’m convinced she can’t win in November now, and will flip my ballot to Begich #1, Palin #2. Mind you, I don’t particularly trust Begich either, given his family connections.

    We need better candidates. We’ll find out in November wether the special election was a referendum on Palin, or if RCV just caused the state as a whole to flip blue. I’m much more worried about what the state government looks like next year over who we send to DC (which almost doesn’t matter anymore).

    • I have personally interviewed Begich on at least six occasions spread over 18-months during his candidacy. I presented hard-hitting questions testing his understanding and positions on Alaskan issues, foreign affairs, national and international economics, social issues, monetary and fiscal policy, history, logic, you name it. I must say, over all those months of testing, Nick’s grounded conservatism on all issues never waivered. I never once caught him in logical or philosophical inconsistencies. He passed my testing with flying colors. In my view, he is a proven conservative.

        • Julie, I know very little of substance about young Begich, and I am damn sure not going to to rely upon Coogan’s personal assessment of him to convince me of Begich’s genius. “Doctor” Coogan’s comprehension of the cosmos has got to be right up there with that of “Doctor” Begich’s–old man Begich, young Begich’s dad!

  4. Figures can LIE, and LIERS can Figure. If your SUPPOSIN, it won’t be admissable in the Court of Truth. You should never ask someone to drop out of a race. They Gave their WORD to their SUPPORTERS to Represent Them. Play NUMBO—JUMBO all you want, all it will do is make things Worse, Liked it already has.

    • Sarge,
      Pard, let’s stop bickering and remember that one Sled Dog cannot win the Iditarod, it takes a Team!

      How can we accomplish this? Nick needs to turn away from his fluff campaign , forget about Sarah and go after what Mary has planned. Highlight what a China Joe and Nancy Pelosi Alaska will look like. Let’s see where Mary stands on Development, Jobs and access to Public Lands and the allocation of Fish and Game.

      Sarah is incapable of doing the above since she and Mary are cozy and because her focus is National. That’s indisputable, Sarge, Sarah’s endorsement of Chi- Com Billy and her trashing of Uncle Ted makes her unpopular with 61% of voters. Reality is a bit*# Sarge but it’s what it is.

      Where from here? We need to lick arms against our common enemy Sarge, that being the Evil Demoncrats. We need to colace around those core values that we both hold dear. Therefore we need to get out the VOTE! And Rank the Red! Together we can pull either Sarah or Nick across the finish line in November.

      God bless you

      • Howdy Bob, I need to hold my comment to you until tomorrow when Suzanne said she would have the Sarah and Mary second choice numbers. But with the information I have today, the Begich voters are TOO DELUSIOAL From their Hatred for Sarah to Lock Arms With Them . Too much Bad Blood under the Bridge. We need to understand that when you insult a candidate you insult the supporters—-DEPLORABLE Ring Bell.To all the HATERS OUT THERE—YOU REAP WAHT YOU SOW.

        • Sarge, Hey pard. I didn’t insult Sarah. I merely pointed out the facts. She is cozy with Mary. Sarah endorsed the ” unity ticket of Walker and Mallot. She trashed Uncle Ted.
          That said, I’m still going to put her down as my #2.
          Maybe we cannot be Pals or friends Sarge, but we can be co-belligerents against the EVIL party.
          If we get out the vote we will elected either Nick or Sarah in November.
          Focus on Ranking the Red !

        • Sarge, Sarah is delusional, but in the interest of Alaska’s future I’ll rank her #2 because even Sarah is better then the Biden Welfare Plantation for Alaska.
          As Capt Winters would say,
          HANG TOUGH! And,
          RANK THE RED

  5. how come people who voted for begich voted for the dem in second. what do you call these republicans. i am now thinking the begich voters are pro choice and this donna is for sure pro choice. mike svenson

    • b, To answer your question, I know many of those so-called conservatives that gave their 2nd-rank to Peltola. They voted with their feelings rather than with logic. They would rather see the Democrat party lock up Alaska, shut-down oil, gas, mining, hunting, fishing, and turn all the wilderness into parks with armed guards rather than face the embarrassment at their stateside family reunions of having elected a moron like Palin to congress. Their feelings outweighed logic.

      • I believe very few Palin voters ranked a socialist Democrat second.
        Shame on the Begich – tells what I thought all along – RINO’s.
        Focus on style over substance. Same type of people that vote for Jeb, Romney, McCain.
        Very sad.

      • Coogan—You just defined a Democrat. If they Hated Sarah that much don’t vote. You don’t vote for the Opposition. Your Blaming SARAH for the way they voted. What’s next— Sarah and the Devil made them do it.

  6. Unbelievable, Celia! If we’d had a proper primary, Palin would have been the party’s candidate. To suggest that she should drop – rather than Begich – is ridiculous.

    • You’re seriously deluded. Even a diehard rightwinger like me would never vote for Palin. That’s saying alot. I’d rather see Peltola in and then hopefully by 2024 the Alaska GOP could field a sincere candidate.

      Palin is Not interested in public service, she’s interested in the public serving her self-absorption.

      She would be another Lisa, only worse.

      • For all of Lisa’a faults, and conservatives can find many, she never quit. She works hard at her job and does not chase celebrity. I have disagreed with what she has done many times but I haven’t questioned her commitment to her job.

    • Though I agree we need a proper primary, Im not sure Palin would have won. Looking at the number of Begich voters that rolled to Peltola, our “jungle primary”, and the number of Palin voters that didn’t rank Begich, I’m thinking a lot of Pinkos are being counted as Republicans.

    • JT, you’re not getting it. Palin will never receive more than 40%. Her undesirable percentage (never Palin) factor is too high. Our only hope for a conservative is Begich…. who will easily exceed 50% if Palin’s followers can find it in themselves.

  7. Glad you are drilling into the numbers, but here is your problem. Quoting you:

    QUOTE: “In a hypothetical showdown between Begich and Peltola, only, you can assume that all of Begich’s voters will vote for Begich again. And most (if not all) of the people who voted for Palin will vote for Begich.”

    You are making an assumption that all of Palin’s voters (or nearly all) will support Begich.
    This is based on what? Magical thinking? Certainly not voting data – because it isn’t public information.

    If Palin supporters’ second choices fall at rates similar to Begich’s, (ie 50% spoiled/voted for Peltola) Nick BIII would have lost your Begich/Peltola fantasy match by an even greater margin than Palin did. Fact.

    To come to your fantasy conclusion – you essentially are conceding that Palin supporters are far more likely to be reliable conservative/MAGA votes, while Begich supporters are largely moderates, left leaning, or emotional voters that get hung up on personality traits. And Begich, if elected, will be beholden to this type of voter, whatever his personal views.

    One further problem. Its round 2. The voting record is now public – and Palin supporters now KNOW that 50% of Team Begich willingly sabotaged Republican chances in the final round. My guess is that this favor will be repaid – with a number of Palin supporters changing their vote from Palin-Begich to a bullet vote or even Peltola at 2. This plays into what the Democrats that pimped us RCV want, but there you are.

    I recommend your next column focus on how we get rid of RCV – no more of this infantile “GRRR Palin, GRRR Begich” crap.

    • You’re losing sight of the public. Completely.

      Straight Palin v. Peltola would result in a Peltola win.

      Don’t forget campaigns are long, and the few wavering folks will be exposed to the Palin family soap opera ad nauseum.

      There will also be no end of voices like mine, independent Interior conservatives who just despise Palin.

      Or worse, independent-minded conservatives like me that used to work for Gov. Palin and see her for the fraud she is.

    • Apu, you made a valiant effort with your well-made points. However, you overlooked a key point. Palin said her 2nd-rank vote was going to the ultra-left, socialist, pro-9month-abortion, Democrat, Peltola. Palin’s conservative credentials are more of a “fantasy conclusion” than anything you pointed out in the article above.

  8. The long term solution is obvious: a 50% plus 1 requirement for election to statewide office, with a tradional runoff if necessary between the top two candidates in the general election. This approach would send the Vick Vickers and Shoshanna Gurgensteins of the world packing. The existing system of a jungle primary and RCV is more vulnerable to manipulation by political insiders than our old system was.

  9. As Suzanne points out; the 15467 “Never Paliners” played a big part in Peltola’s win. However, 58973 “Palin soap opera” fans voted her as their first choice. They are the bigger problem, that needs to be broken away from Palin.

  10. I voted Palin and ranked Begich second. If the Begich voters had voted Palin second, Peltola would have lost. How does that fact make it Palin’s fault?

    • She didn’t do anything to reach out to those voters. She’s so polarizing and toxic that those voters can’t even rank her second. Any other generic conservative could have gotten a lot more than half of Begich voters.

  11. You’ve convinced me to change my vote. It will be Mary Peltola first, Chris Bye second, and that’s it. The Alaska Republican Party can go to Hell. This Hellish drama wasn’t created by Palin. It was screenwritten by @ 15K prima donna actressess with tight panties. There is no need for the pro-life warrior we had in Don Young in Congress. We have Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Coney-Barrett, and Kavanaugh now (thanks to Trump and McConnell, despite the Republican Party nationwide). We need pro-life warriors in the Legislature, and those simply won’t be found in the Alaska Republican Party, despite the platform.
    Adios, GOP.

      • “……Reggie, the Democrat troll……”
        ……..who voted Begich (the RINO) second, and no third.
        Not this time. I’m voting for a winner. Mary Peltola! She’s so nice! After all, over 15K Begich supporters voted for her………..

          • “are you the Rino?”
            That would be quite impossible, since I am registered to vote with the State of Alaska as non-partisan. Since I’m officially nit a Republican, I cannot be RINO (Republican In Name Only).
            I have no resume. I’ve been retired for many years, and I have no desire to seek employment or work for pay. If I did have a resume, it would be so different than NBII’s as to be a different language. Our professional lives were as different than oil and water, and I’m very thankful for that. I held one elected office many years ago, but would never do so again.

        • are you the Rino? Certainly not Nick. You are not able I guess to check his life out you could only hope to be that intelligent and have the background in policy and business

  12. Donna, I started out leaning toward Begich, but the more I thought about him the leerier I became of him. He was Co-chairman of Congressman Young’s 2020 campaign, but then he turned and filed against Congressman Young while Congressman Young was yet alive! If Congressman Young hadn’t died, Begich would be out attaching him right now! What’s the deal?

    I’m unimpressed with Begich. To top it off, I saw the gleam in his dad’s eyes during election night–the two of them together! And I saw his dad’s huge smile: obviously, papa was proud of his boy; but for as many teeth as the old man was sporting, I don’t doubt that big daddy has several gunnysacks full of whatever it is that has got him smacking his lips.

    Begich is not my candidate, even as conservative as he claims to be. And, frankly, the more I see, the more convinced I am that Sarah Palin, by far, is the better of the two!

    You’ve got a scheme to peddle, Donna, so peddle on! I’m sticking with Sarah: She doesn’t talk in sweet nothings!

  13. To answer the question posed by the author: what can we do? It’s simple.

    -vote in record numbers.
    -put aside ego and petty grievances and rank red.
    -stop bitching (sorry, SD, but the term is accurate) about RVC for the moment. Use it now, ditch it later.
    -metaphorically burn down the internal structure of the AK GOP. They keep giving us poop to vote for. And we do. Keep burning down their political house until they give us what we demand.
    -get involved at the grass roots.

    But this requires something Alaska Republicans are famously lacking. Initiative and a willingness to actually work.

  14. One may wonder exactly why there are such staunch supporters of Palin amongst the populace of supposed Alaskan self-described ‘conservatives’, both within MRAK commenters as well as non-commenters Statewide.

    I utilize the term ‘conservative’ loosely, of course, because if there is not a strong libertarian leaning as well, true ‘conservatism’ means nothing. Not within reality.

    And the reality is simply thus.

    Palin is NOT a ‘conservative’ with libertarian leanings.

    Palin is NOT even a ‘conservative’ at all, or within any other label that matches what supporters of Palin subscribe unto, but yet they forcefully support her.

    Why is that?

    Are they encumbered or enthralled by her physical appearance?

    Are they encumbered or enthralled by her inauthentic charm?

    Are they encumbered or enthralled by her obviously willful game of self-indulgence?

    The saddest part of said support is that she cares nothing of those that support her, but only the support itself, regardless of where it comes from.

    Palin is an empty shell of force, only filled by those that support such an empty shell by willful ignorance, or unwilful ignorance.

    The common aspect is ignorance.

    Or worship, as it were.

    Palin is not worthy of worship, nor consideration of any kind, within aspect unto representation of ANY kind unto the populace of Alaska.

    Palin only represents her own best interests, the rest of us be damned.

    • Between the childish “Star Wars” icon and the emotional attack language, you come across like a lefty telling conservatives how they ‘ought’ to be. In other words, about as effective as the smug PJ-clad millennial advising traditional Christians how to correctly interpret the teachings of the Bible.

      RCV is the real enemy here. But why Palin?
      Hard fact is 50% of Begich supporters willingly spoiled their ballot or voted Democrat when the chips were down. We don’t have to surmise, or suspect this. This is fact. If elected, he’d owe much of his support to these moderate ‘I swing both way’ voters and legislate as such.

      I do not want my Representative to cut deals with Democrats – on anything, and I do not care how much pork barrel spending is on the table. Democrats might be nominally Americans, but they really have become the enemy. Yes, its personal.

      Why? I was a single Trump-appointed federal judge away from losing a career I’ve held for 14 years over forced COVID vaccine policy. Murkowski was OK with it. Don Young was OK with it. I no longer have the luxury of tolerating Democrats or the piggish moderates that want to smile and shake hands with them.

      When public mood shifted against forced vaccines, Nick said the right things – but Palin went further and remains proudly unvaccinated, sharing the risk of government sanctions and punishments with the rest of us. Its called walking the walk. She has Trump’s support, and isn’t ashamed of the MAGA hat. I’m willing give her two years to see if she has the stomach to fight on our side in the cultural war Obama started over a decade ago.

    • Where have you been, Harkins? We are now in the 21st Century. Hell, we haven’t been living in either the 18th or 19th Century for a while! Washington, D.C., is now but a cesspool of “goodwill” and “public service!” Why do you think the Begichs’s are fielding a new, family frontman? It’s all about the lollipops, gumdrops, and gobstoppers!

      Conservatism used to be a state of mind, but the party hacks have spun it into a political sales pitch!

      I’ve heard all I want to hear about selecting Begich as #1 or #2. Look how Sarah was treated by the party in Fairbanks. The operatives already picked their inside man and he isn’t for “We the People.” But if you’re thinking that you’ll get your skids greased, good luck after you’ve been had! It’s all about the treasury: you fill it, they raid it. What do you think modern-day politics is about–you and the good of your family?

      I’ll go with Palin as my only choice! I won’t be played for a fool by the Begich neoconservatives and his deluded operatives! The “candy store” is closed!

    • Ask Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley, Rand Paul etc. If they agree with you, Plus 38% of a three way race. Your Hatred is REPULSIVE TO US.

  15. Unbelievable! The mental gymnastics some establishment RINOS will go through to explain Peltola’s win & Begich’s humiliating loss. Pure & simple – if Republicans had voted for and ranked their strongest candidate then Peltola would not be going to Congress. Begich was, and still is, a third tier RHINO candidate. Get over it already! RINOS and Democrats are birds of a feather. They have both grown used to power & corruption and see no need to change anything.

    • “…….RINOS and Democrats are birds of a feather. They have both grown used to power & corruption and see no need to change anything.”
      Hear, Hear!
      I’ve become, not comfortably numb, not fascist, but a conservative anarchist, and Donald Trump is my weapon. He obviously scares the Swamp to death, so whoever he endorses gets my vote. The Establishment can suck amanitas.

  16. “…conservative voters need to unanimously demand that Sarah step down”

    This is just silly as SP is a GOP hater & an egomaniac. She would never step down.

    The real solution: beg conservatives to vote for BOTH NB & SP, #1 or #2, in whatever order they can stand.

    Look, I hate SP, but I held my nose and voted for her as #2 to avoid MP. But the bottom line is that many people simply like MP over a loser like SP. She really is hated by many for a reason.

  17. This is amazing. Credible evidence (not conclusive, but credible) has been put forward Palin herself didn’t “rank the red”.

    She appears to have chosen Mary over a republican, however squishy.

    And the Cult of Palin refuses to consider Sarah might be less than holy.

    This is why the GOP up here is in the toilet. Mary is gonna be there a long, long time.

    • “……the Cult of Palin refuses to consider Sarah might be less than holy……..”
      This is as completely wrong as the attitude toward Trump. When I voted for him, I held my nose, byt would do so repeatedly. Ditto Palin. The only reasons why one would cast a vote for either is reading the other offered names on the ballot, and the fact that both parties hate both candidates with great passion.
      The RINOs/Whigs need to die as a party as much as the Demonrats do, but as history shows, terrorists like the Demonrats/Taliban/KKK/et al never go away. They must be crushed for a while.

  18. Instead of focusing on the liberal Peltola, and why she will be a disaster for Alaska, the author offers more silly nonsense having to do with personalities. The author then compounds her errors by suggesting the liberal Begich, who supported Berkowitz, and who finished in last place in this election should be the only candidate.

    Begich needs to drop out, and at a bare minimum adhere to Reagan’s edict- the 11th commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” (Advice this author should take to heart.)

    Reagan was probably the best, most effective Republican in history. He won two presidential elections by a landslide. He knew a thing or two- and if Trump had acted like the Gipper, Biden would not be the president.

    Future articles need to focus on the socialist Peltola. The one who will ban semi automatic firearms. Peltola will also be voting for the insane policies of House Democrats that are massively growing our deficits driving inflation to record levels, and destroying our economy.

    • “…….The one who will ban semi automatic firearms……..”
      She won’t ban semi-automatic weapons any more than J Edgar Hoover banned sub-machineguns or 14″ shotgun barrels. They’ll make sales of such weapons “infringed”. Registered. Difficult. Subject to additional taxes. Subject to onerous inspection.
      Maybe it’s time, considering the woeful cultural conditioning of our population, especially our young men. The know-it-all type of “conservatives” young men who support abortion because they can’t make it as a father and don’t want to pay to support a child to adulthood.
      If this culture can’t elect competent leadership (or such leadership doesn’t exist), it shouldn’t be armed………unless the individual can pass personalized background examinations, testing, licensing, and storage regulations.
      I’m not talking about military veterans or the shooters you find at regulated ranges. I’m talking about the scum whose idea of “a range” is public property where they can dump a refrigerator or stolen car, shoot it up while drinking liquor, then drive away. The kind the Troopers are afraid to confront because if they have to shoot them, they might lose their job.
      I watched Peltola say that they have over a hundred guns in their home. Can Pelosi twist her arm to vote for some gun grabbing scheme? Yeah, I bet she can, and frankly, I don’t care what they do in NYC, Chicago, LA, etc. The CHICOMs can nuke those dumps, for all I care. I have mine, nobody is going to come take them away. and most of the young men I see out there can go without, as far as I’m concerned.

    • You are so far behind!! If you were up to date you would know that was many years ago and he admitted his mistake . The corrupt Begich family here is only in name to him. He was not raised here and is not one of them. He is a navy and qualified business man. He was raised in Florida by his mother’s parents. His grandfather was a Pastor.

      The Begich family here supports Constant and Dunbar, and had a fundraiser for Peltola. Look up on Google and learn something

  19. This is as clear as it gets. I’ve decided to switch my vote to Begich. Palin can’t beat a generic Democrat. Begich can. Simple.

  20. I’ll vote the same as I did the first time
    Palin #1, Begich #2. I can only hope that the rest of the voters will do the same and list both Palin and Begich, in whatever order they prefer.

    And maybe spend more time dogging on Peltola than Palin, if you want a different result.

    • Thanks Ceak.

      I’ll vote the same as I did the first time also.
      Begich #1, Palin #2. If everyone would just quit being “never-Palin” or “never-Begich, RCV would work great for conservatives. Everyone please swallow your hate and vote #2 the next best choice.

  21. I read an interesting statement the other day. I’ll have to check more into to determine its veracity, but it’s interesting if true, that Alaska has the largest percentage of folks that don’t vote either republican or democrat. I know when I first registered to vote so many years ago, it seemed that the option was an ‘independent’ party, and I didn’t feel like belonging to that club either. Most folks I run around with voted Ms Peltola because they want someone in Washington DC that represents them and Alaska in the national interest. Someone that does their homework, and tries to listen to the voices of all. They want someone that isn’t going in for the one issue that they want to hear about. They want someone who has their heart in Alaska. They don’t want boot-lickers and coattail grabbers, but someone that KNOWS, LIVES, and wants to represent the interests of the majority of ALASKANS as American citizens.

  22. You could have stopped writing after this:
    “These people aren’t voting pro-life, pro-Trump, or pro-conservative. These people are voting anti-Palin. We need to take this message seriously. ”
    Nothing else you wrote was anywhere near as important.
    Because the Democrats understand that. They understand what it takes to manipulate human nature to get the desired outcome. Leftists always do.
    How many democrats supported Nick Begich to turn him into a viable candidate, solely to undercut the national recognition the name Palin carries? Of the 53,000+ first rank votes Begich received, how many of them were Democrats that knew there would be a second round if they voted Begich first? 10%? 25%? Enough to ensure the RCV second ranking happened.
    It is an easy choice to make, if the general election ballot has two Republicans running against a single Democrat. Keep one Republican viable, and the Democrat wins.

  23. “I wasn’t foolish enough to rank Mary Peltola behind Nick Begich, which is what 15,467 Alaskan did.”
    Did they? Are you sure? Because it seems to me electronic ballot counters were used, were they not? How many of us, I wonder, have the skills, the access and the time to examine the code for shenanigans?

    It is almost always the case that when something simple is remade into something complicated, it is to hide shenanigans from view. Project Veritas revealed Murkowski was in on it, that the entire scheme was created by cheaters for the purpose of cheating.

  24. Next, how do we actually factually get rid of the jungle primary and rank choice voting?

    That is the real question, and we need to get on it.

  25. Her loss is the best news I’ve read in some time. She QUIT as govenor and paraded her “family values” for all to see, embarrassing the State with the ensuing behavior of her kids, husband, and self. She clearly wants another shot of prestige and book deal more than she wants to serve this state. I voted for her once, but never, EVER again.

  26. Here’s a thought! Let’s do a full-fledged AUDIT. Not a RECOUNT! Let’s open up the Machines to Real Auditors and Electronic Voting Machine Experts not hooked to the Machines to analyze them and determine that there are no algorithms, network connections, Routers on the Motherboard etc. We are never going to trust our votes again until we have one day voting on paper ballots (no machines), ID Required, Hand Counting with a camera and two opposing election workers watching the count. And NO MORE RANK CHOICE VOTING!!!

  27. Let’s wake up and start considering how so many republican politicians are fighting to destroy democracy, minimize your right to vote, eliminate or commercialize social security retirement and Medicare and inciting violence. Once they lose the mid-terms, they will soften their stances against the working people of America.

    • “Fun watching the republicans fight…….”
      Well, if you can’t get them to fight the Demonrats (because the party is so full of RINOs), then enjoy watching them fight each other. After all, that’s when you see the most fight that they’ve got.
      Ultimately, though, Trump proved that they still can’t fight their way out of a wet paper sack.
      Whigs. All of them.

  28. Sarah, Mary, Don, Nick are\were endearing politicians. Easy for ordinary public to have\had an
    affection toward them. Nicolas iii, could work on learning what he can do soften his public image that appears alluring and endearing or he do what rep josphson and thompkins do. Voters just like food vote with their eyes. But also! If one doesn’t want a democrat one palin supporters will have to bite the bullet vote for nicolas. He is the only republican in the race if one looks at
    palin’s alaska history not her maga history and alluring talking points and beautiful face.

  29. Easy answer is: Rank the RED. All pettiness aside, by not ranking the red, you voted blue. Period. Don’t hate the players, hate the game!! Right now, we have to play by the rules of the hated game. So play!!! It’s an ideology we vote in, not a person.

  30. The Palin phenomena is proof that too many voters have no clue what their candidates stand for, or who they even really are. Name recognition and media hype are all that matter.

    Look at how many voters simply hate Nick Begich because his family’s background is within the democratic party. Speaking as someone who regrettably paid for his children to become indoctrinated as progressives by the university systems, the party affiliation of one’s children, parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, etc. have NOTHING to do with an individual’s personal politics.

  31. Why is it that people think that if you vote for Nick Begich, your second choice has to be Palin. Palin and Begich got a combined 60% of the votes in the August election. But republicans only make up 39% of registered voters. So a lot of voters who ranked Palin or Begich first were not republicans. Those votes likely came from independent voters who may have like Begich, but who do not like Palin. No amount of pleas for party unity among republicans will likely make them switch their second place votes from Peltola to Palin, because they like Peltola better than Palin. Palin is a poison pill for Republicans. They can’t win if she stays in the race.

    • Just because someone is not a registered Republican does not mean they are not Republican, and do not support the Republican agenda. The option to not declare a party affiliation is available to anyone registering to vote in AK. I am registered as nonpartisan, and I know a lot of other Republican voters that are the same.

  32. Real solution is that the loser candidate steps down…Begich.
    Seriously, telling the winning candidate(between two republicans) to quit so that the losing candidate can “win” is hilarious. By the way, you gave NO idea how Palin’s voter will vote on choice number 2 so you have NO idea if Begich would win.

    • Everyone I know who voted for Palin first ranked Begich second. Unlike the toddlers…. errr… I mean the Never Paliners, they were adult enough to realize a flawed conservative, regardless of last name, is preferable over a dyed in the wool socialist.

      • I just read through the feed. Maybe my friends and neighbors are just brilliant, but RCV did not perplex, confuse, confound, or make them participate in these crazy bouts of paranoia about the process. IT is not rocket science (if you believe in science) or brain surgery nor an evil plot paid for by the dark deep state infiltrators. My viewpoint is that flailing against RCV smacks of desperation, but will provide a buffer when “your candidate” doesn’t win. There are names for that.

  33. Begich, his voters, and MRA can help by not personally attacking Palin anymore. Keep attacking Palin and that guarantees a Peltola victory.

    • Peltola beat Palin because she is a better candidate. Republicans are a minority of the voters in Alaska. Most voters are independents. A Republican as crazy as Sarah, or Kelly for that matter, will not win a majority of the votes because most Alaskans believe they are too extreme and would prefer someone who solves problems.

      • “……would prefer someone who solves problems.”
        That’s rich. When was the last time you saw anybody associated with the Demonrat Party solve any problems? If they’d stop wasting time creating problems, they might have a chance pulling off the impossible, but don’t hold your breath waiting for that. Creating trouble is their stock in trade and has been so for a couple of centuries now.

      • While I don’t disagree that Republicans are a minority in Alaska, Republicans are mostly shooting themselves in the foot by attacking each other. Peltola didn’t need to do anything to win. The two R’s are destroying each other. Enough Palin voters would probably vote Peltola 2nd, and enough Begich voters voted Peltola 2nd because Palin and Begich hate each other.

  34. A question I keep asking and no one in Palin’s camp will answer.

    What, exactly, did she do to court Begich voters?

    No one is deserving of a vote. Not a person. Not a party. Not even Sarah.
    Votes must be earned.

  35. The Clear winners of this election are…

    Hatred, & Self-righteousness

    These 2 characters are easily subdued when confronted by

    Rightness and Reason must be kept in balance
    Need to work this out in our Heart, not the Spleen!

    Rank the RED

    • DunFaden, you have my attention: hatred and self-righteousness “easily subdued when confronted by humility!” You hit the mother of load of something or other! Elaborate and don’t be bashful about it.

      • Edit: “You hit the mother load of something or other! Elaborate and don’t be bashful about it.”

  36. So with RCV I get to vote for someone I don’t want to win to keep someone else I don’t want to win from winning.

    Ok, I will ‘rank the red’ as Porcaro has been screeching into his mike, but still prefer one legal voter, voting one legal vote, during one legal day, at one legal voting place.

    • I agree.
      At least this was a good trial run for ranked choice voting.
      After seeing how it works, we are the wiser.

      • Ah, yes! “Had” but now wiser, eh? It’s nicer to grow wiser without having been snookered and used! But look, life too has its “tuition,” and the better schools come at a finer cost. Beware of the will of the people!

  37. Don’t forget, Palin helped bring Alaska Bill Walker and crew, instead of backing her own former Lt. Governor. So she backed liberals and will probably do the same in the future. Think long term and put someone in Congress who will be there for awhile and build up seniority. And in all cases, rank the red. Walker and Gara will be teaming up and conservatives and republicans must do the same. After seeing RCV in action, I must conclude that it is too easy to manipulate and therefore wrecks the system. But do NOT fall into that category that “I’ll only vote one candidate and that will show them.” That is what Walker and Gara want you to do. Play their game and rank red so they won’t get away with their manipulations.

  38. Your hatred or disgust of Sarah Palin came out in every one of your articles for “Must Read Alaska”. You only have your hatred to blame to try to sway voters to a person who will most definitely be a career politician. Most Alaskan’s don’t want politics as usual.

    • Oh my. What kind of career does Sarah have?

      Certainly not one of devoted public servant.

      Begich is conservative enough and experienced enough to actually achieve something with people.

      Palin has radical rhetoric and does nothing except alienate and belittle anyone who dares disagree with her or stands in the way of her ambition.

  39. QUESTION: is there any evidence about who would have won in a hypothetical Begich v Palin race (nobody else)?

  40. Sarah’s demand that Nick from out of consistent with her words during the now famous family brawl back in 2014. DON’T YOU PEOPLE KNOW WHO WE ARE!
    Yes, Nick needs to learn how place in Queen Sarah’s world.

    • Haha. You don’t know the half of it when it comes to her and her family’s dealings with the Troopers…

      Just another reason she won’t get my 1st or 2nd choice, she’s poison.

  41. When Sarah was first elected as Mayor in Wasilla I saw her acceptance soeech on the local tv news that night. I just knew she was going to be a major player and so I wasn’t surprised by her being elected Governor and then chosen to be the Vice President candidate. Frankly being Alaska’s representative in Congress would not be the end of her story either. Sure it was a gut feeling but I’ve come to trust my gut feelings and no amount of hate for this lady will change my feelings.

  42. Sarah Palin showed all of us her Ballot when she voted right before she submitted it in person❗️Sarah Palin’s Ballot CLEARLY shows everyone that she filled in one Bubble ONLY for SARAH PALIN ONLY❗️End of stories, rumors & speculations‼️ ? ✋ ?

  43. The comments I see is the Dem will win again. Why? Republicans will split the vote. Palin n Begich need to flip a coin on who will bow out. Personally Begich lost round one and should bow out and support Palin. The real fools are the ones that voted for this new voting system. Need to scrap it. Remember who want this new system Lisa Murkowski and the DemonRats. It was supported by liberals n her campaign. Project Veritas proved that.

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