Don Young’s remains flown to Washington, D.C.


On a flight from Seattle this morning, Alaska’s lone congressman made his final trip to the U.S. Capitol. A regularly scheduled Alaska Airlines jet transported the casket carrying Congressman Don Young’s body.

As his casket was brought out to the jet for loading into the cargo hold, members of the Port of Seattle Fire and Rescue lined up and saluted as he passed by. Anne Young, the congressman’s widow, placed her hand on his casket just before it traveled the ramp into the hold.

Alaska Airlines swapped out aircraft and used a patriotic-themed jet for Young’s voyage on Sunday. In Washington, D.C. a flag flew half-staff over the White House. Arrangements are being made to have Young lie in repose in Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol.

A memorial for Young that includes family members and members of Congress is being planned, and a second D.C. event is also being organized for friends and associates, and for anyone from around the country who wishes to fly back to Washington. A church memorial service in Anchorage at Anchorage Baptist Temple is also in the works for when his remains are brought home to the state he served since 1973. Members of his staff and previous members of his staff are involved in the planning of these events.


  1. Once Again Alaska Airlines goes above and beyond taking care of Alaskans. Thank you from so many people.

  2. My deepest condolences to Anne and family. My sincere appreciation for Alaska Airlines using the patriotic plane to honor Don Young. God bless.

    • Second that, Craig –
      Whether you agreed with him or not, Don Young served his state as he saw it and remained on duty until the end. I don’t think he would have filed to run again had he thought this might happen. RIP Don Young. I still say it’s too bad his last vision could not have been the Alaska mountains. Deepest sympathy to wife Anne and the family. At least he had Anne with him at the end. May God keep all of you safe and ease your pain. And thank you, Suzanne for your wonderful coverage.

    • In my opinion Don failed to leave the United States better than he had found it 49 years ago.
      He could be a poster boy for term limits. I recognize he had some bright moments in his career, I can’t think of any in recent memory. ?
      I love this country as founded and the documents that protect our rights.

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