Don Young: Josh Revak has my support


Congressman Don Young gave his full-throated support to his former staff member Rep. Josh Revak, who was appointed by Gov. Michael Dunleavy to Senate Seat M:

“Josh Revak is not only a great patriot, but he is a man of great character. During his tenure in my Anchorage office, Josh’s dedication and service to Alaskans was evident. Josh is an exceptional Alaskan, a combat veteran, loving father and husband, and an important member of the community. I am confident that he will continue to be a valuable asset to the State of Alaska,” Young said in a statement.

Rep. Josh Revak, third from left, with Sen. Dan and Juliie Sullivan and Congressman Don and Anne Young.

Alaska House Minority Leader Lance Pruitt added his voice of support for Revak.

“Representative Revak is another extremely qualified combat veteran that has served his country and his district honorably,” Pruitt said. “The residents of District M have gone more than 50 days now without any representation in the Senate. I hope that the Republican leadership will end their ill-advised holdout and confirm Rep. Revak so the legislature can move forward with the people’s business.”

The man who was spurned by six Senate Republicans, Rep. Laddie Shaw, also said he was pleased with the appointment:

“Josh won a Purple Heart for his service to our country, and I know him to be the kind of selfless leader that any Alaskan should want to represent their interests,” Shaw said. “There is absolutely no good reason on this earth that he should not be confirmed for this seat, and I look forward to calling him ‘My Senator’.”

Revak enlisted in the U.S. Army shortly after Sept. 11, 2001. He was deployed to Iraq deployed to Iraq in May, 2003 with 1-37 Armor, 1st Armored Brigade, 1st Armored Division, under the leadership of Major General Martin Dempsey.  He was again deployed to combat in January, 2006 and was severely wounded by an enemy mortar attack June 26, 2006.

In 2009, he was hired by Congressman Don Young as a military and veterans affairs liaison. In 2016, he was hired by Senator Dan Sullivan to work in the Anchorage office, where he was assigned to issues relating the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans affairs. 


  1. I wish the new appointee luck in being affirmed, but I just gotta say with no disrespect to the appointee…Don Young is nuts.

  2. Dan Sullivan tweeted his support as well. I’m getting that from his office and will post here once I get it.
    We need to hammer John Coghill like crazy. We also need to use the Veteran card, hard, especially with Cathy Giessel.
    I am waiting to see if my AMAC chapter can endorse, we are a 501(c)3, thus can’t endorse candidates running for office. However, I don’t believe this falls under that. So, will see what my AMAC HQ folks say.

    • I would have personally been very proud to call Laddie Shaw “Senator,” and the same goes for “Josh.” Two outstanding men.

  3. Now we will find out whether Sen G will stand her ground. I do not support her decision on Rep Shaw. Nor her opposition to the PFD. But she made her decision based on her position on the amount of the PFD. That is her right and a valid reason. It now appears that Revak might feel the same way as Shaw. The difference is that the public and now Don Young have weighed in. Is Sen G a person with the guts to do what she believes is right or will she cave? I have little respect for her as it is. I will have none if she now votes for Revak after trashing Shaw. She will show that she is either fickle or has no moral compass. Both bad character traits in a state representative!

  4. I worked for Don as an aide in congessional committee, which he chaired. He is nuts! And he drives Left wingers nuts, which is always a good thing. And he’s never lost an election in over 45 years……and never will. Anyone who has worked with Left wing kooks for over 45 years is by definition……nuts. Just ask Starlus Urgalewski.

  5. If they do not confirm Revak, what will it be this time? “We know things that others don’t”? Or will it REALLY be his stance on the PFD as well that sinks his confirmation? Come on Giessel, say what you REALLY want to say but don’t have the guts to say.
    If you had any guts whatsoever you would face your little video camera and just be honest and say it. I dare you! Since you operate on playground rules, I double-dog dare you!
    Shaw and Revak are both honorable, pragmatic, free-thinking men. Both have risked their lives to give Giessel the freedom to speak her drivel. Both will tell you that she has the right to speak what she wishes. However, the truth will be what is exposed in the end Senator Giessel. And, it is the truth that not only sets people free but will sting those that do not speak it.

  6. I like that Dunleavy has gotten inside of the Senate Leaderships decision cycle. Pure Boyd! I hope he keeps thinking this way.

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