Don Young gets endorsement of Donald Trump Jr.


Donald Trump Jr. today endorsed Congressman Don Young for U.S. House. Trump Jr. is the eldest son of the president, is a businessman who has a large social media following, and someone who is known for authoring the best-selling book, “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.”

Trump Jr. is also an avid hunter and outdoorsman and has been an advocate for hunting and fishing sports.

He’s an active and a fearless commentator, calling out the hypocrisy of the Left on Twitter and Instagram, as well as on television and radio news and talk shows.

“We’re really proud to receive the support of Donald Trump Jr.  It’s just another acknowledgement of Don Young’s effectiveness and respect in the halls of Congress,” said Truman Reed, campaign manager for Alaskans for Don Young.


  1. Wow, I have dealt with don young and found him to be a liar and non responsive to written requests for investigation. So this really concerns me. I trusted the President Trump administration but this endorsement brings me great reservations as to who I will vote for this time around.

    • So sorry you had that experience. Many, many people (including one of my kids) found him very helpful when they had a problem with the federal government. He might not vote how you like on some legislation, but if you need some red tape removed, he is excellent at that. He’s done stuff like that for so many years and he isn’t stuck on only helping Republicans either. It’s probably why he gets re-elected. Almost everybody knows somebody he’s assisted.

  2. Don may bring home the bacon, but he sure is an embarrassment to Alaska at times. The Republicans should be grooming someone to take over from Don when he dies in office.

  3. Love keeping track of whom Trump or Jr. endorses. That way I know their picks should not get my vote.

  4. Donald Trump Jr. rocks. Twice as smart as Andrew Cuomo (10 times more handsome). 50 times smarter than Biden’s kid (maybe 100 times). And 1000 times luckier than Gavin Newsom, (whose wife left him for Donald Jr.) Trump passed along a healthy inventory of good genes.

      • All true, Leonardo. Trump Jr. gets to go home to Gavin Newsom’s ex-wife every evening after work. She’s a huge supporter of Trump and a registered Republican. Gotta hand it to those Trumps. Great infiltrators.

        • Yes 12 years after Newsom divorced her. After she had already remarried some other guy. I am pretty sure her two ex husbands could care less. Don Jr. showing he inherited a penchant for infidelity from senior. Or do we just ignore the fact he was dating her while still married to his wife of 13 years.

  5. Don Young will get my vote and I have already sent a contribution to his re-election fund.

    Don has done a great job in my opinion

    • Glad you’re finally onboard, Leonardo. John Kerry married the billionaire ketchup queen who stole all her money. Biden married a woman who can hold him up and que him when he forgets where he is and what he is saying. Clinton married the bit*h from hell who though she could rule the world while Bill was philandering with young girls. Donald Trump married beauty queens who stand beside him and make him look like the tycoon billionaire president that he is. Enjoy your supper, Leo.

  6. I will vote for Young. I cannot bring myself to vote for the commies that run against him.
    Any democrat will be a rote vote for a Pelosi agenda which is anti-America.

  7. There’s a reason Don is consistently voted one of the top ten most effective Congressmen. He works across the aisle and he gets things done. Kinda’ what you want in an elected official.

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