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Monday, October 26, 2020
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Don Young fundraiser crushes it; biggest in history


Over 200 people crowded into the Turnagain home of former Gov. Bill Sheffield to welcome Congressman Don Young back to Anchorage.

Alaska’s only congressman had just stepped off a plane from South Africa — a 10+ hour time zone shift — where he and his wife Ann Young had been on safari.

But he was far from tired. Rather, he was in classic Don Young mode — greeting people by name, shaking hands, chatting with old and young, and happy to be with a lot of longtime friends.

Longtime supporters of the congressman said it was one the biggest turnouts for the Young “Taste of Alaska” campaign event — or for any of his fundraisers in Anchorage history, for that matter.

Young, who is the 45th Dean of the House of Representatives, has passed more legislation than any other congressman, noted Julie Fate Sullivan, spouse of Sen. Dan Sullivan, who introduced him.

As the longest serving member of the U.S. House of Representatives, he has filed for his 25th term. He’ll be competing against the person he beat last time, Alyse Galvin, who is running in the Democrats’ primary.

Attendees who were Republicans, Democrats and those in the middle spilled out onto the patio in the warm August evening overlooking Knik Arm and the Coastal Trail. Young stayed until the last guest was gone, which was well after the appointed ending time of 7 pm.

In addition to Gov. Michael Dunleavy, Sen. Lisa Murkowski attended, as did her Chief of Staff Mike Pawlowski, Sen. Sullivan’s Chief of Staff Larry Burton and his wife and son Will, and Sullivan policy adviser Amanda Coyne.

Also spotted were former Lt. Gov. Steve McAlpine, Grace Jang, former communications director for Gov. Bill Walker, Chad Padgett, Dianne Kaplan, Ed Rasmussen, Jim Udelhoven, Ashley Reed, Larry and Ann Baker, Brandon Spoerhase, Lindsey Whitt, Les Parker, Miles Baker, Ben and Elizabeth Stevens, Carl Marrs, Joe Marushack, Mike Szymanski …

… Linda Leary, Rebecca Mahaney, Carole Ashlock, Curtis Thayer, Tom Barrett, Greg Hambright, Jamie and Dave Donley, Al Fogel, Win Faulkner, Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, Liz Vazquez …

Alaska Republican Party Chairman Glenn Clary, Jerry Prevo, Frank Bickford, Sarah Erkmann Ward, Art Hackney, Justin Matheson, Joseph and Marrie Ann Lurtsema, Jeremy Price, Ken and Pat Thompson…

… Mead Treadwell, Wendy Lindskoog, Pamela Day, Tom Boutin, Stacy Stone Semmler, Mayor Dan Sullivan, C.J. Zane, Daniel George, James Armstrong, Adam Schwemley, Seth Church, Dana Pruhs, Christine Hill, Wayne Anthony and Virginia Ross …

… Rick Fox, Lisa Herrington, Ron and Mary Ann Norris, Rep. Sharon Jackson, Yolanda Clary, Kara Moriarty, Bill O Leary, Rita Sholton, Alyce Hanley, Bill Odem, and Clai Porter,  Deb Brollini, and Randy Ruedrich were among the crowd….

…Also, Sen. Sullivan’s communications Director Mike Anderson, Gov. Dunleavy’s Press Secretary Matt Shuckerow, and Don Young’s current Press Secretary Zack Brown. All three have worked in communications for Congressman Young. We spotted Kevin Sweeney, Mayor George Wuerch, Jennifer Atwood, John Carman, Judy Brady …

… David Gottstein, Rep. Delena Johnson, Keith Comstock, Paulo and Josiane Ballin …

Organizers were were not yet able to release a total, but said over $70,000 was raised, and they were still counting.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • RINO Murkowski should be banned from anything to do with Alaskan politics!

    • What a thoughtful and insightful and insightful comment on the part of Mr. Barnard.

    • You are correct

  • What? Arliss Sturgelewski was a no show? Wish she could have introduced “Yawn Dung.” As an aside, $70 grand is a pittance for Don. He’s been known to pocket millions from shopping center moguls in Florida when he was US House Transportation Committee Chairman.

    • Off ramp to nowhere.

      • Actually, the offramp was built on Florida highways……leading right to billionaire’s shopping complexes. Pays BIG to be Transportation Chair and in charge of doling out federal highway funds. That’s why Don is the Dean. He knows how to “________” public money.

  • Anyone but Young… Murkowski, can’t seem to make up her mind …

    Term limits is needed.

    • No there who understands/practices FAR/DFARS/Commercial determinations. Do not need term limits if people of knowledge vote. The States need humans that can straighten out financial issues and marketing problems. All States will benefit from some capitalistic treads rather than the social values Americans are being spoon feed.

      • Huh???

    • Don Young is immune to term limits. We’ve been trying this for the past 45 years. Don is still grinding. It’s sort of like being 75 years old and loyally waiting for your inheritance, only to learn that your parents just purchased a new RV and are on another vacation to Europe.

  • Think of how many more would have attended if the event wasn’t at Sheffield’s house…

    • Yeah, WTF is that about? Uniparty?

  • I wonder what exotic wildlife Mr. Young was killing on this trip to Africa?
    “Young says the only way to save the elephant is to hunt it.”
    “As a hunter we pay the concessionaire, the government, $55,000 to shoot an elephant, we take the tusk and they get the $55,000,” Young said.

  • I always thought that Don Young and Joe Biden should quit politics and co-host a radio show. A gaffe delight. The two biggest dunces in politics doing 2 hours of utter nonsense for the elderly, infirm and demented.

  • I support Don.

  • Given the assault on the Second Amendment, instead of the evil that produces the mass shootings, and the idiocy of the attempt to ban the AR and similar weapons in the face of “. . . keep and bear arms . . . “, that’s arms, which was a term referring to military weapons, Young is certain to hold the line.
    Same for Alaska’s sovereignty.

  • They don’t call him “The Don” for nothing!

    He is “The Godfather” of Alaskan politics.

    All while Murkowski hangs on like a Fredo.

  • I wasn’t there but I’ll guess Don did his “compromise” speech as the republicans are trying to find a way to cave to the democrats on gun control.

  • I was a high school senior when I first voted for Don Young in 1972. Now I’m a senior citizen on Medicare and I’m still voting for Don Young. Not many people can say that they’ve had the same US Rep their entire working lifetime.

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