Dog attacked by otters at Taku Lake is injured, but OK


A family of river otters seemed playful when observed Oct. 8 frolicking in Taku Lake, along C Street just north of Dimond Blvd, as seen in the video below.

But two days later, an Anchorage couple walking their dog were shocked when the otters attacked their dog as he fetched a tennis ball in the water.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game posted a sign next to the lake the next day, warning of the incident so people will keep their dogs out of danger. The dog that was attacked needed medical care, but survived after her owner jumped in the water to save her and fend off the attacking otters.

Fish and Game spokesman Rick Green said it is unclear if it’s a family of otters, with adults protecting the young, or a gang of juvenile otters. River otters are smaller than sea otters, and are members of the weasel family. They generally feast on fish and small mammals. But there are instances of river otters ganging up on dogs.

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  1. Simple Solution … Offer a class at the Jr & Sr High School level titled “OPEN SEASON on Otters.” Teaching the kids valuable life lessons such as: Outdoor Skills, Hunting – Trapping Skills, Gun Safety, as well as the complete outdoor experience, something besides a phone app and/or video game.

  2. A pair of sea otters with pups almost killed our two-year-old standard poodle twice this summer. Once they had him by the tail and were dragging him into a pond behind our house in Halibut Cove. The other time they actually pulled him from our floating dock in salt water. Fortunately for the dog someone was around on both occasions to save him, but the second time required a trip to the veterinarian in Homer

  3. It’s not just Dogs that otters gang up on. Ive witnessed Otters killing mink, just for fun. Once a mated pair went after my 8-year-old son while we were fishing along a stream. I was charged by a whole family once as I walked down a rocky beach. Nature is not your friend!

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