Document drop: Tshibaka gives MRAK copy of letter showing federal complaint against her was unfounded

Kelly Tshibaka

When Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka worked as a watchdog for the federal government’s spy community, in charge of rooting out fraud, waste, and abuse, she might have made a few people uncomfortable. She may have made someone lose their job, even.

And so a complaint was filed against her a decade or more ago, when she was doing her job keeping a lid on fraud.

Now, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is trying to use that to destroy Tshibaka’s reputation as a candidate for Senate, even though she is a fellow Republican and whether she or Sen. Lisa Murkowski wins, it will not change the actual Republican makeup of the Senate.

The Senate Leadership Fund super PAC tied to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell started running television and radio ads that accuse Tshibaka of committing fraud while working for the counter-terrorism agency — a serious charge. McConnell is supporting Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who lost the support of the Alaska Republican Party after she voted against the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Tshibaka gave Must Read Alaska a copy of the document she says shows the entire matter of the complaint against her for “false time” reporting was looked at, and closed. There were no credible claims.

After the complaint was found wanting, Tshibaka was promoted from being adviser to the Inspector General of the National Intelligence Service to senior adviser to the Inspector General.

The office of the Director of National Intelligence is a senior-level agency that provides oversight to the Intelligence Community. ODNI is primarily involved with counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, and other spy work, including protecting elections from foreign interference. Being the watchdog of the intelligence community is not without its work hazards, especially if a spy is found to be acting contrary to protocols.

While the letter from the chief management officer for the Director of National Intelligence is not conclusive without what is likely privilege employment-related backup documentation, the fact that Tshibaka received promotions after the date of this letter provides substantial support for her claim that the allegations were baseless.


  1. Thanks for putting this out Suzañne, l didn’t know Kelly’s resume was so deep. After Mitch soiled the airways so bad, it will be hard for her to get her GOOD NAME BACK, especially amongst voters that don’t come to this site or listen to Porcaro.

    • Sarge, this is America! Any political hack running on a “clean” name is a phony! Frankly, I am now hoping that Ms. Tshibaka wins and comes out of the Senate as a multi-millionaire: this country needs good shellacking, not just a Nigerian cleansing but another Trump hustle, and she can do it with a sweet kiss puffed into air for folk like you! Hell, I will vote for her just to hear you cry about falling for a good lie! You’ve won me over, Sarge! You’ve won me over!

      • Edit: “[T]his country needs good shellacking, not just a Nigerian cleansing but another Trump hustle, and she can do it with a sweet kiss puffed into the air for folk like you!”

        • The above posts by Damn, were authored by someone who spent the better part of the day smoking weed at the local pot shop and forgetting who and what they were talking about.
          Suzanne, isn’t there a way to screen these druggies who pop up on MRAK, half loaded and pretty much non-coherent? Seems to be a lot of this, lately. Total verbal garbage, powered by extremely low IQ. Probably another unemployed Democrat.

    • I don’t listen to Porcaro. It was clear by the way they did the ad it was merely a smear job. “Most likely committed fraud.” Please! If she HAD committed fraud, would she not be charged? So, yeah, McConnell must think Alaskans are really stupid.

      • Kindly old grandpa Mike P. is beholding to his business interests and union friends in this town but you’ll never hear him say that. He’s trying to walk the Fenceline. Most of us now see through it. It’s really sad because I think he’s basically a nice person, he just sold out. It’s too bad he thinks he needs a radio side kick that goofy crash person on his show in the afternoons. We quit listening. It’s become juvenile foolishness most of the time. Crash needs to go back to hippie pot smoking FM radio.

    • Porcaro has no control over which ads are run but he did promote the vote for ranked choice voting. Money talks

  2. How about Senator McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, and her profiting from communist China in the shipping business? Vanity Fair: ” her father, James Chao, founded Foremost Group, a shipping, trading, and finance company now run by Elaine’s sister Angela Chao. While the company is based in New York, its fleet is, per the Times, “overwhelmingly focused on China,” with roughly 72% of the raw materials it has shipped since early 2018 going to China, cargo that “helps feed” Beijing’s “industrial machine, which manufactures steel products that are a point of dispute in the deepening trade war between” China and the U.S. The company reportedly constructs almost all its vessels in state-owned shipyards in China, some with loans from the Chinese government.

    • I think his wife is a legit business woman and I don’t fault her for that no more than I did Onassis. I do believe McConnell is dirty though. He got in hot water a few years ago and I don’t know how he squeaked through but he still here. The time for him to leave is now. He’s shown what payroll he’s on, and I don’t know what payroll that is but it’s not one that’s beneficial to the United States of America.

      • Chao was Secretary of Labor under Bush and Secretary of Transportation under Trump. She did nothing in either position. These were strictly appointments to appease Senator McConnell and get access to the US Senate boss. Elaine Chao was a feckless zero. Her only job was to prepare a Chinese meal for Mitch and friends.

        • It’s cheaper to buy at House Husband’s noodle stand. Mitch stops in from time to time for take-out on his way to visit with his trusted Democrat friend, Lisa Murkowski.

  3. Just remember – there’s a difference between Innocent and Not Guilty. For the full story, read Dermot Cole’s factual article yesterday. This gal’s a far-Right carpetbagger, and Lisa is going to clean her clock on Election Day.

    • Reaching harder than usual. Next you gonna debate the meaning of “is”?

      Princess probably will win, because she was savvy enough and Porcaro was stupid enough to inflict RCV on us.

    • Your calling Kelly a carpet bagger compared to Lisa?! Ha, that’s rich. Lisa is a liar and a fraudster using the name of the Republican party when she does not adhere to the planks of the party. I wonder why she does that? This is proven by her voting record and comments she’s made. I don’t know what Lisa’s deal is other than just a lust for power, fame or fortune or maybe all three. But she is not Republican and she is dishonest for saying she is. The state party basically disowned her and refused to back her but she still persists. The woman is reprehensible.

        • Billy, Your girl Lisa is the product of a hereditary title having been granted to her by her daddy, Frank the Bank. My Grandfather immigrated here in ’06 from ” Der old country ” to escape this kind of nonsense. William Schenker went back to France in ’17 wearing a Doughboy outfit and fought his former countrymen and earned a purple heart in defiance to the old hereditary system.

          I suppose though you’re cool wid Dat? ? ( hereditary titles and all Dat cool stuff)
          I know you lefties like that sort of arrangement as long as they, ( Lisa) hate on Trump and Trumps SCOTUS candidates. Especially so if Lisa later votes to confirm Justice Jackson. ⚖️. Jackson will doubtless bring new energy to the Supreme Court since Jackson is unable to define what a woman is? ( what gender are you Billy?)

          Know this Billy Boy, I have supported Kelly and will continue to do so despite Trumps endorsement , because I find a Carpetbagging dyed blonde with a Harvard Law degree a vast improvement over Daddies lil’ princess. ?. Got that Billy Boy?

          Take another hit off that bong and git back to me. I know you will do both!

          Heh heh

          • You have evidently been doing “bong hits for Jesus” Bobby Boy, to come up with such a collection of nonsense.
            At least you admit the carpet bagger here is Kelly and not Lisa. But what made you need to comment here in the place of Ray? You thinking Ray can’t pass muster. Heheh!

    • You are correct Whidbey, there is no law against being a government freeloader.

      I trust Lisa and will be voting for her 😉

    • I thought Dermot Cole was long dead and pushing up daisies. Did the Dems channel him by seance? They couldn’t have picked a meaner spirit to perform their writing.

      • A couple of the Coles did die. Triplets, I think. All nasty, beligerant Democrats loved by the radical Left up in Fairbanks. Pretty much gone now, except their stacks of stupid books that never sold.

    • A screen print without a cited source is like an expense without a receipt.
      She was not convicted. She was not even indicted.

    • Tshibaka was born in Alaska and grew up in the cities of Wasilla and Anchorage; she graduated from the Steller Secondary School at the age of 15.[2] She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Texas A&M University and a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School.

        • JMARK, Your observation above is timely and likely quite correct, however in life one often is faced with seemingly undesirable choices like our candidates for U.S. Senate. Here is how I see it.

          First we have Patricia Chesbro who according to her Campaign has devoted her life to serving Alaska. After reading her position paper I think Patty needs some time off, she has already done far too much.

          Next we have Kelly, you’ve noted that she evidently is somewhat of a Swamp Creature and it occurs to me that she may see serving as Alaska’s US Senator a sort of Triumphal return to the Swamp. One cannot rule out that possibility. Kelly is poised, speaks well and has knowledge of her subjects and despite having graduated Harvard Law she connects with differing groups of people in Alaska. Kelly may be a reptile as you assert but it is my observation that she is a warm blooded one then. Further on her positives include not being named Lisa and that her Daddy was an Electrician who didn’t gift her a U.S. Senate seat.

          Then there is Lisa. Her sense of entitlement and her apparent cluelessness to the valid concerns of many Alaskans is nothing short of breathtaking. Lisa is an Iguana crossed with a Chameleon who left Alaska for the swamp a long time ago.

  4. Case closed does not mean exonerated. A letter from a friend 10 years after the IG documented 596 hours of pay for not working which did not include all of the office time spent proselytizing

    • It does not mean the charges were valid either.
      Would you say the same thing if a leftist was accused, then had their case closed in this exact manner? Please be honest.

      • Correct, just like everyone knows Trump won the election but we have no proof of that. We know the radical left cheated Lou have no proof of that. Had we proof, then heads would roll for sure. But Congress is quick to stifle any of that by saying you were a traitor or insurrectionist if you pipe up. It happens quicker than Oprah Winfrey screaming that every white person is a racist. And you’re a racist, and you’re racist, and you’re a racist.

    • Frank, if you’re not even gonna try, don’t bother to post.

      Based on your position, I assume you fully support a full investigation into Hilary Clinton on a wide range of topics? After all, she’s never been exonerated.

    • Frank, So a false charge means that the defendant is guilty, especially if she is a Republican. Am I getting that right? Meanwhile Comey’s exoneration of Hillary was the final word?

      BTW, these incessant negative ads run by McConnell tell me one thing, Princess Lisa is in deeper doo doo then I thought possible. McConnell must have good polling data.

  5. “She may have made someone lose their job, even.”

    Haha. Now pull my other finger.
    More than likely they were promoted.
    But good on Kelly. She’s what Alaska and the country needs in a representative.
    Someone that knows the system and their subterfuge.
    That’s why they are fighting her so hard.
    Gotta keep the grift going and she threatens it.

    • “Gotta keep the grift going and she threatens it.”
      Love this statement.
      When a leftist accuses you of something, you can bet every dollar in your 401(k) they are the ones doing it, not you.

  6. The enemy of my enemy is my temporary friend. Tshibaka likely can not be worse then Murkowski and her friend Cocaine Mitch.

    If you rank Murkowski at all then you are for the status quo and go along to get along corrupt Alaska. You are part of the problem. Don’t be that person. Things are so bad we need root and branch housecleaning.

  7. Gotta wonder why Kelly didn’t release this much sooner. She could have cut the Turtle off at the pass if she had.

  8. “whether she or Sen. Lisa Murkowski wins, it will not change the actual Republican makeup of the Senate”.

    BIG difference between a conservative Kelly and Leftist, Pro Late Term Abortion, spendaholic Lies A Lot (sic).

    • Interesting question. The dates on each document will show the number of years apart, which would identify the approximate number of bar exam failures she had. Could it be more than ten?

    • Are you serious? All you’ve got to do, ChrissyB, is go to the website of the Alaska Bar Association to verify her credentials. Your pathetic attempt to demean Lisa hardly even deserves a reply.

      • Can we see her law school grades too? How many classes besides Constitutional Law, Ethics, Evidence, Civil Procedure did she flunk? Based on her old man getting her admitted to the environmental law school in Oregon, and paying for her bar prep tutors (who cheated for her), maybe Lisa was never qualified to practice law. She is certainly not qualified to be a Republican US Senator, but for, her dad appointing her.

    • Barry, you are spot on. The disciplinary action was quietly undertaken and she was ultimately shipped off to work at the FTC and then the US Post Office. Not very glamorous jobs.

  9. Yeah, but cannot be ignored that the Director the agency at that time was one of the more evil actors in recent American history – James Clapper. The full context is important.

  10. Like to see why a job was created for Kelly’s husband in the Alaska Department of Education. He quickly moved to being the Municipality’s HR Manager. Guess no one currently working in State Government or the Municipality has his unique skills.

    • John Lund, good question isn’t it? And yet we see this kind of thing happening all the time in favor of the Democrats, especially in the U-A system. Sort of stinks and yet… when the leftist commies (democrats) do it it’s not news of even mentioned by critics. Weird huh? Kind of like Frank giving Lisa his US Senate seat. Despite Lisa’s limited skill set she gets a pass from the commies (democrats) because she hangs out with the other commies (Democrats) in D.C. and votes for the BIG PORK bills and horrid appointments they send to the floor.
      So let’s honest and put Kelly’s husband’s appointments in perspective shall we?

      • Puk. You’re just griping. Provide some examples of democrats doing what dunleavy did for niki Tshibaka. Bet you won’t.

        • Lucinda, recall Tony Knowles appointing Margaret Pugh to be commissioner of Corrections because she was married to John Pugh, chancellor of UAS and democrat operative. Other than that, she had experience with being on the board of Girl Scouts. Niki Tshibaka has a Harvard law degree, was a senior lawyer with the Department of Justice. Qualified beyond measure.

          With the democrats, those in government are already married to someone else in government, because that is how they do it. If not married to someone in government, then married to someone running a nonprofit, which is the same thing in Alaska. But since we haven’t had a registered Democrat as governor since Knowles, did you mean Bill Walker?

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