Document drop: GOP Chairman candid report on District 15 race



Must Read Alaska got ahold a copy of a report written by Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock, which we understand was sent to the State Central Committee this evening.

In it, Babcock relays the party’s denunciation of Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, and his full-throated support for one write-in candidate in November: Jake Sloan, the David who is taking on Goliath LeDoux.


The race for State House District 15 was the most remarkable primary result of 2018.

Aaron Weaver, the Republican candidate, did not campaign.

He spent no money; no radio, no mailers, no signs, no social media, no forums and no door-to-door.

Gabrielle LeDoux, the incumbent, spent $73,000 plus.  She walked relentlessly door-to-door.  She had paid campaign staff (her legislative aides).  She hired a mysterious operative Charlie Chang.  We say mysterious because he is at once a Fresno California Democrat Party official and at the same time a registered Republican in District 15. She paid him $10,000 dollars to work the absentee vote and provided plane tickets for at least two trips to Alaska from California.

She lost on election day. She lost, despite spending $250 per vote to $0.

She “won” only after absentee ballots were counted.  She somehow managed to lose on election day, but win the absentee count by 81 percent.

The absentee ballots in District 15 are tainted by what appears to be pre-meditated, possibly criminal, fraud.

-Seven (7) dead people applied to vote absentee.

-At least two people have confessed to the Division of Elections that they did not vote an absentee ballot (but someone voted for them because ballots in their names were mailed in).

– Twenty-six (26)  “irregular” absentee ballots.  Those ballots were counted separately  — every one of the suspect absentee ballots were for LeDoux.

A KTVA reporter asked one owner of a Muldoon trailer how they could explain a half dozen registered voters at that address who did not live there.  The owner of the trailer answered, you have to ask “Gabrielle.”

An ADN reporter asked a different person at a different trailer in the trailer park, how could he explain the more than half a dozen phantom voters registered to vote at his home? The man replied that you just have to ask “Gabrielle”

This may turn into the worst election scandal in Alaska history.  The fraud looks bad enough that someone could go to jail — if law enforcement can pinpoint who is responsible.

Whomever is responsible; two people benefited.  Charlie Chang, who Ledoux hired and paid $10,000 and LeDoux herself who “coincidentally” received 100 percent of the suspect votes.

She lost on Primary election day despite spending $73,000 to $0.  Lost.  And that was before the scandal over irregular absentee ballots broke.  Gabrielle LeDoux is finished, politically.

There is a far-left, environmentalist, income tax, “Stand for Salmon” Democrat in the race who has never run for office before.

On the Republican side, Aaron Weaver decided to pass the baton to Jake Sloan. Jake Sloan is running an active write-in campaign and just in a few days has raised more than $4,000.  He is committed to run hard and many neighbors are clamoring for signs, and actually calling him to ask if they can join him going door to door in their neighborhood.  Unheard of.   East Anchorage is apparently very eager to replace the disgraced LeDoux.  We are committed to replacing LeDoux.

The final insult from LeDoux may have been the derogatory comment she made about the Hmong in her own District.  When asked by a KTVA reporter to explain why the owner of a trailer in Muldoon would say ask “Gabrielle” about phantom voters, Gabrielle LeDoux replied,

“I have no idea why she (homeowner Laura Chang) would say that, and I’m really not even sure, considering that so many of the Hmong people’s English is not truly excellent whether she truly understood the question,” LeDoux said in response.

Unfortunately for LeDoux, anyone can listen to the KTVA tape: Ms. Chang understood the question and answered clearly.  To save her own skin, Gabrielle would throw the Hmong under the bus.

There are many respectable individual Alaskans and PACs, including the Alaska Republican Party, that have supported LeDoux financially in the past.  However, I can assure you that Alaska Republican Party will not be associated as a donor going forward and in any way be possibly connected with the scandal that has engulfed Gabrielle LeDoux.


  1. I hope the Hmong community sees that she has used them – plain and simple – and she has been for years. Swooping in as some savior for them or something. God knows what promises she has made to them. “Ask Gabrielle” as the pat answer for questions…. It is sad. Charlie Chang will be singing like a canary. No way he will go down alone Gabby. While you toss the Hmong under the bus, put on your knee pads girl… you’re about to get tossed under yourself.

  2. Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux
    should do.the honorable thing (yes, I know that would be a first for her) and drop out of the election. She should also fess up to tampering with the election process and do her time in jail.

    Furthermore, she should – in addition to her jail time – be required to do a statewide lecture tour (at her own expense) acknowledging her wrongful actions and the damage she has created in the public eye. If she is allowed to get away with tampering with the election process how can voters ever have confidece in our electorial process.

  3. I sure wish that the guy in charge of this mess would say something, anything about it. How can anyone have any faith in the election process as a whole while the Lt. Governor, the guy in charge of this mess, and his boss the Governor say nothing about it? Especially with an election right around the corner! Are they a part of rigging elections, or are they ok with looking the other way if it serves their purpose?

    How is it possible that the current administration hasn’t made a statement on this issue?

    • Exactly Steve. Where is Byron? Not one word from the Lt. Gov. Nothing. When Kevin Meyer is Lt. Gov., I hope he scrubs the voter rolls down to the nubs and rebuilds it. Makes the entire thing legit. Require I.D. Get rid of the cross-pollinating with the PFD application crap. Loaded with felons, dead people, illegals, multiples, and not to mention when I went to my polling place during the primary, the ladies had NO IDEA what ballot to give me. I ended up calling the Division of Elections and demanded they send a field agent out to train them up! (not sure that would do any good but it felt good calling). It’s nuts!

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