Doctor-assisted suicide becomes government-suggested suicide in Canada, as Trudeau’s death culture expands


Canada’s Veterans Affairs office offered to assist a veteran in committing suicide after she asked to have a wheelchair lift installed in her home, the woman told the House of Commons Veterans Affairs Committee last week.

Christine Gauthier, a retired corporal and competitor representing Canada at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janiero, testified to lawmakers that a VA official had offered in writing to provide her with an assisted suicide kit, which contains medication for someone to end their own lives. Gauthier had been fighting for a wheelchair lift for her home for five years.

“I have a letter saying that if you’re so desperate, madam, we can offer you MAID, medical assistance in dying,” Gauthier said in a hearing before the House of Commons veterans affairs committee, as reported by the CBC.

The case officer remains unnamed but reportedly made similar offers to at least three other veterans, Canadian news outlets reported over the weekend.

The head of a wounded warrior group that supports Canadian veterans says he was horrified to hear of the incident, but it’s not an isolated story. In August, officials confirmed to CBC News that they issued an apology to a veteran who called for counseling, only to get a recommendation by the counselor that he could get assistance with dying. 

As many as five Canadian military veterans seeking help for post traumatic stress disorder were offered option of MAID by at least one Veterans Affairs Canada caseworker, and the matter is now in the hands of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for investigation; the caseworker known to have offered the suicide program is on leave.

MAID is the acronym in Canada for medical assistance in dying. Earlier this year, the practice was legally expanded to be available to those with mental illness; it has been available to terminally ill people since 2016, after in 2015 the Canada Supreme Court ruled in Carter v. Canada that parts of the Criminal Code would need to change to satisfy the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The parts that prohibited medical assistance in dying would no longer be valid. The Supreme Court gave the government until June 6, 2016, to create a new law. Read about the history of the MAID laws at the official Canadian government website.

In 2017, researchers in Canada said that doctor-assisted suicide could reduce annual health-care costs by as much as $136.8 billion, according to a report in the Canadian Medial Association Journal.

The savings would far exceed the estimated cost of the MAID program, which was then estimated to be up to $14.8 million a year.

“The take-away point is that there may be some upfront costs associated with offering medical assisted dying to Canadians, but there may also be a reduction in spending elsewhere in the system and therefore offering medical assistance in dying to Canadians will not cost the health care system anything extra,” said Aaron Trachtenberg, an author of the report and a resident in internal medicine at the University of Calgary.

The use of medically assisted suicide keeps expanding in Canada, where health care is socialized, difficult to access, and costly to the public. MAID deaths now comprise nearly 5% of all deaths in Quebec and British Columbia, while in 2020, the doctor-assisted suicides were only 2.5% of all deaths.

It gets worse: Canadian fashion retailer Simons began promoting the Canadian euthanasia program with an ad that focused on the beauty of self-deletion.

The video ad, “All is Beauty,” featured a woman who opted for the program in advance of ending her life. After she starred in the ad, she killed herself, according to her plan. The ad is being criticized for glamorizing suicide and indeed makes it look like a very lovely choice.

A still shot from the ad “All is Beauty” by the Simons fashion retailer in Canada. The ad has been replaced with a Christmas-themed ad for the holidays.

The euthanasia program is now is being recommended by some doctors for disabled babies up to one year of age.

Dr. Louis Roy, of the Collège des médecins du Québec, or Quebec College of Physicians, told the House of Commons’ Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying on Oct. 7 that it’s an appropriate alternative for infants who have “severe malformations” and “grave and severe symptoms” and whose “prospect of survival is null, so to speak.”

Krista Carr, executive vice-president of Inclusion Canada, a disability rights group, said infants cannot give consent and doctors’ predictions are “far too often based on discriminatory assumptions about life with a disability.” She called the killing of babies “murder.”


  1. Just a short jump to the state making the call on who is a useful citizen and who is a useful one.

    Canada is a sick nation and Trudeau is evil. Not demented, misguided, or wrong. Evil.

    • Exactly. This Canadian MAID is wicked, evil, abominable.

      “The West has finally achieved the rights of man, and even to excess, but man’s sense of responsibility to God and society has grown dimmer and dimmer.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    • Canada isn’t the only sick nation. Just a matter of time before the evil ones in the US and every other country run by the global cabal follow suit. They will not only offer the services, but instead demand them for individuals no longer capable of working as their slaves.

  2. The Cabal elitists only want strong healthy people alive who can work and be productive. Those who can generate tax dollars so they can live as “kings”. And for those that only “take”, in the form of social “needs”, shall be gotten rid of.

  3. I read up on this yesterday. It’s encouraging the mentally ill to kill themselves as well as anyone else who is tired of being here. The evil part? The little letter of dignity they give them, talking about God etc.
    Suicide is against God and humanity. Period.
    Just the fact they are encouraging people who are not all there to “off” themselves is straight up evil.
    Canada is the highway to hell!

  4. Mandatory “MAID” here too if the “Thought Police” had their way. Mandatory for wrong thinking military personnel for those not forced out.

  5. …and they all laughed when Sarah Palin (who is NOT my favorite political gal for sure) talked about death panels. That’s next folks. A group of government egghead overlords assessing whether or not YOU are still useful to the collective. Soylent Green anyone??

    • My first thought, also. We need to show this to all those who laughed at the idea of ‘death panels’. Well, here they are, big as life (big as death? . . . )

  6. Watch the video all pay attention to the demographics. This world is getting nuttier and nuttier. On one hand death penalty is bad on the other suicide is beautiful and everyone just has to be brave enough to see it.. lord help us

  7. The irony is they also want all the guns. Even hunting rifles.

    Canada doesn’t want you to kill anything-the government to do it themselves.

  8. We’re going all different directions. Killing unborn babies must be the rule of the land. Millions have been spent on the new suicide prevention hotline. Now we have assisted suicide that can be recommended by a doctor. Will we digress to the point of doctor ordered suicide? Very possible.

  9. I can’t believe they made it do simple. Having a bad day, bad week, no money can’t pay bills etc. Here is a kit for you to take home and directions on how to kill yourself. This is absolutely mind boggling and liberals are falling over themselves promoting this…

    • Please.
      2 things (among others) can make people happy – work & love.
      I have always worked (& enjoyed it) and had health care through my job.

      Do you feel people that don’t work are happier?
      Doubt it.

  10. Trudeau is a good little Globalist who is only doing his part in their goal to depopulate the world to about 1 billion souls.

    • Funny thing, Fishing. Pierre didn’t seem to have any problem populating Canada with little bastards.

  11. Will all those in parliament be MAID to participate?

    Agenda 2030 alive and well.

    If they can’t clog your system up with the mRNA, they’ll just push for you to off yourself.

  12. Hey, cut Canada some slack. MAID (government euthanasia of undesirables) is still voluntary. You don’t have to get killed just because you’re a disabled vet.

  13. I will say, there is one instance where I would be interested in MAID.
    Alzheimers; living for many years w/out any brain or conscience.
    Although it is against my religion, so I wouldn’t choose it.

    • George – Joe Biden is proof positive that you can live for many years without a brain or conscience and can even become President in our present corrupt society!

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