Do Americans trust their federal government? It depends on their political affiliation


Do you trust the federal government? If so, you’re in an increasingly rare, and decidedly Democrat-voting category. According to the State Policy Network’s latest poll, just 15% of Americans greatly trust the federal government. And 33% of voters somewhat trust the federal government.

That leaves the majority of Americans who say the country is heading in the wrong direction, with satisfaction with the country’s direction falling significantly since July, according to the poll of about 2,000 voters, conducted by Morning Consult through online interviews.

Democrats are 27 points more likely to trust the government than Republican voters. Sixty-one percent of Democrats trust the government, compared to 34% of Republicans.

Some other differences:

  • Trust in Congress: Democrats – 52%, Republicans – 36%
  • Trust in Supreme Court: Democrats – 42%, Republicans – 63%
  • Trust in Electoral Process: Democrats – 64%, Republicans – 42%
  • Trust in Own State’s Government: Democrats – 59%, Republicans – 54%
  • Trust in Own Local Government: Democrats – 62%, Republicans – 60%

Baby Boomers are the most likely to trust the federal government, at 49%, while the youngest voters polled, the Gen Z, trust it the least, at 38%.

In the Morning Consult poll, only half of Americans trust the Electoral process for the United States.

To see all the charts and data from the poll, visit Morning Consult at this link.


  1. If Government Officials Want To Prevent Rebellion They Should Stop Committing Treason
    This article sums this situation up well.

  2. Try it from a different angle. What has the government done to earn our trust?

    -spied on us.
    -meddled in our elections.
    -co op-ed or collaborated with media.
    -lied repeatedly about Covid.
    -ran as one thing then voted as the opposite.
    -thrown open the southern borders.
    -stood by as riots engulfed the nation.
    -got us into a near endless war in Iraq with no idea what the end game is.
    -abandoned 1000s of US citizens in Afghanistan.

    And on and on and on.

    So what, exactly, ha the government done to earn the trust of anyone?

    • Well stated, TMA.
      The US federal government is clearly and literally at war against us, its citizens/subjects. Any Americans who STILL put any faith in the federal government, after all that has happened in just the last three years, is dangerously ignorant and woefully naive.

      • I am miserable because of the sheer number of gullible, ignorant and conformist lackeys to our rogue and illegitimate federal government, such as you, who are apparently in thrall to their own growing enslavement, in classic Stockholm Syndrome fashion.

      • Dog Lick, are you miserable? No? Then perhaps you are like me and simply tune out the insane blather that comes from our so called leaders. These leaders include Richard Rachel Levine, Biden’s assistant secretary of health who likes promoting the fact that “it/ he/she”” is a Four Star Admiral in USPH. Levine was found calling upon Big Tech to crack down on “medical misinformation”. Presumably Levine is concerned about children not having access to sex modification amongst other things. I note that Levine began life as a Dick and now believes that he is a Rachel.
        What is concerning isn’t that this confused person is in somewhat of a position of authority, but rather that Levine (Personal Pronoun Free Zone from this moment forward) is calling upon Big Tech and the media to provide censorship and to restrict medical information. We’ve seen much of this lately and it isn’t helpful in keeping a free and open society informed. Some might compare it to a Fascist State, especially since Levine loves to be adorned in a uniform. Say, wouldn’t Tony Fauci look great in a Black SS git up!

  3. Anyone who hasn’t seen the total lies and corruption in our Goverment progress over the last 20’years has been living on another planet, especially the last 6 or 7 years something has even gotten far worse, I’d say most of us allways knew there was always some dis trust, but the levels of deceptions and lies has really surfaced more recently and it’s pretty shocking how quickly our country has declined. With out some major overhauls and cleaning out half of these frauds in political power, corrupted media outlets and big tech, the people will have no choice but to eventually rebel, many of these Loons running our Country now know exactly what their goal is, and that goal is to totally change our Country. With out swift and decisive change , it doesn’t look good at all, it’s really disturbing how deep the corruption has become !

  4. Anybody that trusts either party or any government involvement in anything is in need of a true education. Show us anything the government has done right and legal.
    If you be leave the government I want to sell you a bridge or some land.

  5. Big government is the religion of the left. No wonder they trust it. I learned long ago, during the Vietnam war, you couldn’t trust what they were saying. It’s only gotten worse.

  6. When Democrats are in control of the election and ballot tabulation process, Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. These cheaters and liars have no scruples or respect for democracy, or the rule of law. They only want control and power. And they will eventually get a civil war as a result. It’s coming!

  7. It starts at the entry level. Look at the infestation of liberals on the Anchorage Assembly.

    Are you a homeowner? Less than 50% of us are homeowners and 60% of the MOA budget comes from property tax. In 2022 the city assessor said that the average home value increased by 8.6% (that would be commensurate w/ the value Mr. Biden has taken away by inflating the volume of currency in circulation and giving that away). Coincidentally commercial property went down in value significantly at the same time. Factor in that the resi market will catch the commercial market downturn as the number of Alaska jobs shrink in 2023/24 and factor in that there will always be more voting for free stuff than there are those that pay for that same free stuff.

    Unless Anchorage develops a very conservative base soon this will be a city full of grifters before you realize it and much of it based on the deviants and self serving liars that infest the Anchorage Assembly. Watch their covid mask / bum support / LGBQT / sexual deviant Loussac reading hour nonsense overshadow the important aspects of local government and know that you’re watching those idiots defecate on the Anchorage you used to love. They’re defecating on your future.

  8. So democrats still trust government. We’ll see how they feel about that as the SADS situation plays out. It’s one thing to virtue signal when you pay no personal price, quite another when you have to pay the piper. Let’s ask them again in 24 months.

  9. Democrats will always have more trust in the government than conservatives! The dems can’t afford to bite the hands that feed them!!!

  10. Sad sign of the times that we fully trust our government to do the opposite today
    of what we trusted it to do when borders, language, and culture meant something.

  11. I trust my government to ensure basic public safety, such as law enforcement, fire protection, road maintenance. Not much more, and even these should be put out for bid.And of course a military to protect us from foreign aggression at the federal level. I never would trust the government to make personal decisions for me. Or anyone for that matter. People who want a powerful government to dictate everything obviously lack structure, and desire parental control because they never had it growing up. This should not be our burden.

  12. Do I trust the Federal Government?
    Do I trust my average co-worker to make critical decisions about my physical and financial health? Nope. Do I trust the average person on the street to make those decisions on my behalf? Nope.
    The Federal Government is made up of people. People just like your co-workers and neighbors. If you would not trust the average person you pass in the grocery store to make vital decisions about your life, why in the world would you trust any government body to do the same thing.
    Does the Federal Government want to tell you what to do, and how to live? Of course it does, because that is what people do. Is anyone living in a world where friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers are not always offering “advice?” How is that different than trying to tell you what to do? The difference is the Federal Government will enforce their “advice” with the barrel of a gun if needed.
    And, when someone gets caught doing wrong, or simply making a mistake, they will try to hide it, minimize it, or blame someone else. That is simply human nature. It is a rare person who will admit their mistakes, or fess up to doing wrong without being forced. How is that different than actions taken by Government agencies? It isn’t.
    Do I trust the government? Nope. Not without a lot of verification.

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