District 9 straw poll: Dunleavy 100 percent


District 9, one of the most independent-minded areas of the state, is never a sure bet. But activists who attended a fundraiser for the district on Wednesday voted in the Must Read Alaska straw poll, and they were unanimously in favor of Mike Dunleavy for governor.

The choices on the poll were Mike Dunleavy, Michael Sheldon, Mead Treadwell, Mark Begich and Bill Walker.

District 9 is clearly Dunleavy country. It’s represented by Rep. George Rauscher, who is competing in a three-way primary that includes Pam Goode and Jim Colver. Rauscher has been officially endorsed by the party, however.

Dunleavy sent a message to the group of over 40 who gathered. that reiterated themes of the night, saying it has a greater purpose:

“It’s a purpose to restore hope and heart to our entire state. It’s a purpose to strengthen the sense of safety that has been lost over the past three and a half years. It’s a purpose to build an economy so that our children can have a bright and prosperous future,” Dunleavy said in a message that was read aloud.

“I wish I could be with you tonight. I’d rather be with you tonight! It would be like a family reunion for me! And yet, right now I’m taking the message to the rest of the state, a message you already know: Alaskans are are ready for some ‘can do spirit.’ We have a generational opportunity before us. Right now. Most of all, this is a team effort. We are a strong team. I think we have the best ideas for the future of our state,” he said.