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Monday, September 27, 2021
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District 30 begins process of fill-in legislator for Kenai

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The Alaska Republican Party has notified the public in District 30 that a vacancy exists for House District 30, as a result of the tragic death of Rep. Gary Knopp on July 31.

Governor Mike Dunleavy is required to fill the vacancy in State House District 30, said Party Chairman Glenn Clary. He is requesting resumes from any Republican in District 30 who is interested in the appointment to the seat. That application is due no later than 5 pm Monday, Aug. 10, 2020.

The application is at this link.

The interview and selection process by the District 30 committee will take place on Aug. 13, 2020, 6 pm, at Dry Bones Coffee Tea and Community, 11595 Kenai Spur Highway, Kenai. It is not open to the public. 

Knopp died in a plane crash. His name is still on the ballot and voting has already begun for the Aug. 18 primary. But whoever wins the election in November won’t be seated until January, and that leaves a vacancy for five and a half months. In such a circumstance, the governor will be given up to three names by the local Republican committee to choose from; typically he will select one of the names provided to serve an interim term.

The following Alaska Statutes apply to this process, he said: 

Sec. 15.40.320. Condition and time for filling vacancy by appointment. When a vacancy occurs in the state legislature, the governor, within 30 days, shall appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy. However, if the remainder of the term of the predecessor in office will expire or if a vacancy in the state senate will be filled by a special election before the legislature will next meet, convene, or reconvene, the governor may not fill the vacancy. 

Sec. 15.40.330. Qualification and confirmation of appointee. 

(a) The appointee shall meet the qualifications of a member of the legislature as prescribed in art. II, sec. 2, Constitution of the State of Alaska, shall be a member of the same political party as that which nominated the predecessor in office, and shall be subject to confirmation by a majority of the members of the legislature who are members of the same political party which nominated the predecessor in office and of the same house as was the predecessor in office. If the predecessor in office was not nominated by a political party or if no other member of the predecessor’s political party is a member of the predecessor’s house of the legislature, the governor may appoint any qualified person. If the appointee is not a member of a political party, the appointment is not subject to confirmation. If the appointee is a member of a political party, the appointment is subject to confirmation as provided by this section for the confirmation of political party appointees. 

(b) A member of a political party is a person who supports the political program of a party. The filing for office of a candidate as an independent or no-party candidate does not preclude a candidate from being a member of a political party. Recognition of an independent or no-party candidate as a member of a party caucus of members of the legislature at the legislative session following the election of the independent or no-party candidate is recognition of that person’s party membership at the time filings were made by party candidates for the preceding general election. 

Sec. 15.40.340. Date of office of appointee. If the appointment is not subject to confirmation, the term of the appointee shall begin on the first day the appointee is present when the legislature meets, convenes, or reconvenes after the date of the appointment. If the appointment is subject to confirmation, the term of the appointee shall begin on the date the appointment is confirmed. 

Sec. 15.40.360. Term of appointed representative. If the vacancy is in the state house of representatives, the appointment shall be for the remainder of the unexpired term. 

Other Alaska Statutes and laws may apply to the special selection. Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with all statutory and legal requirements, Clary said.

All applicants should submit a completed Alaska Republican Party application and financial disclosure, as well as a cover letter and CV, electronically to [email protected]

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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