Details: Shooting at Fred Meyer


Aug. 4 Update: 32-year-old Daire Lashae Dilworth has been arrested and charged with two counts of Assault I and one count of Assault IV. He was arraigned on Friday afternoon.

A shooting incident at Fred Meyer on Abbott Road left two people injured on Thursday morning.

According to Anchorage Police, an adult male, adult female, and their juvenile children became engaged in an altercation occurred outside the store between themselves and a man who was unknown to the family.

During the disturbance, at least two shots were fired. The second man and one of the couple’s juvenile children were each struck one time in the upper body by bullets. The person or persons responsible for firing the shots is still being determined.

The parents drove away with the children. The male parent dropped off the injured child and the female at a hospital, and then left with the other juveniles, who were not injured.

Responding officers located the vehicle being driven near the hospital, conducted a traffic stop, and took the man into custody without incident. He has been transported to the Anchorage Police Department for questioning. 

The injured male was transported to a hospital by fire department medics for treatment.  The injuries of both victims are currently considered to be non-life-threatening.  Police believe they have contacted everyone involved. This report may be updated.


  1. Oh fun, a local shooting story with racial identity of the gunman withheld by law enforcement and the press. Lets see if Coulter’s Law and Sailer’s Law apply in Anchorage Alaska…..

    • You are an absolute monster for saying what the rest of us are thinking, Apu.

      You really should turn a blind eye, spend more time in front of your television, and just let the programming sink in as intended.

      Get with the programming, Sonny. That’s what it’s there for.

  2. Crime continues to escalate in Anchorage thanks to the catch and release system advocated by the assembly. We have people shooting heroine in the street, so expect more.

  3. Oh thank God! it’s not a random mass shooting. Just three adults who provoked one another to wrath and because this Alaska don’t know when to keep silent. People today are touchy, you have to sometimes try to keep your mouth shut or be the one to humbly back down. Abbott Fred Meyer is getting weird. It has to do with some of its newest employees hired up at the front sending out weird vibes brings the whole place down. You have learn to be extra sweet to the people around you even to a grouch as well as learn to step aside for that person heading straight to you with expectancy you step aside for them. Maybe the gun owner was open carrying his gun and the family got snarky. There a lot more men these days open carrying asserting their physical right to carry while Biden and D.C are attacking the second amendment.

    • Jen,
      I’m a “silver back” (gorilla term), if someone as you say, is walking straight towards me, THEY better step aside. I’ve earned my spot on this earth through many a years worth of conflict. I don’t look for trouble, but, I will dang sure have not and will not shy away from it. I’ve been told I’m one of the most polite dude you can run into IF your polite as well. I myself distaste “open carry”, better to be discreet. The problem as I see it is two generations of man-children walking around anymore who have not had to deal with the consequences of their actions. Like Tyson said, “Too many people haven’t been punched in their face..”.

    • Lots of assumptions in that comment, but that is par for the course when there are few details provided.
      However, you are absolutely correct. People today are touchy. God forbid someone uses the wrong pronoun, or misgenders someone. A bowing and scraping apology is not enough to placate any more.
      But… that is the price we pay for diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE). When society elevates people solely because of what they are, instead of what they do, suddenly you have a generation (or more) of precious snowflakes that think words constitute a physically violent act.

  4. Catch and release is the norm! The guy that has been attacking hikers and damaging vehicles near hiking spots had been arrested for assaults and vandalism and then released! He then picked up where he had left off😡
    Now he’s been arrested again!!! Can you freaking hang on to this idiot for the public’s sake???

  5. “Maybe the gun owner was open carrying his gun and the family got snarky”.

    Just the facts, Ma’am, not speculation. Rumors can contribute to future forms of violence.

    • Marlin, “Just the facts Ma’am” would be good policy if only the authorities and media adhered to it as well.

  6. The original report does not say the shooter was unknown to the victims, it just says an unknown shooter.

  7. Jen, Don’t let your imagination run wild the the FM staff “ bad vibes” thing!! I am a regular at the Abbot FM and my guess is someone pulled their vehicle in front of the main entrance and attempted to discharge the wife and or the kids and someone came out of the store and resented the blockage. Angry words ensued and neither party would back down. Either that or a parking space violation or affront to another who wanted it thought he deserved it. Abbot FM is in my opinion a very safe place to shop and yes APD is having a positive dam0ing effect on crime in Anchorage and yes there has n9t been a shooting in town in a good long time!!

    • Nah. Your Freddie’s is finally getting some of that unlimited 15,000 illegal aliens crossing the border every day demographic replacement. The cultural diversity was jammed up in midtown for a long time, but now you get to experience it too. Better move to Hope while the property prices are still affordable.

  8. Adult male = father
    Adult female = mother
    male parent = father
    injured child and the female = child and it’s mother
    male parent ….. left with the other juveniles = father ….. left with his children

    What the heck APD! ….. stop the Newspeak for Pete’s sake ….. talk English.

  9. Well if the left wants a Wild West town then we should give it to them. All citizens need to carry a weapon for self defense. Everybody could be just like the Wild West. A free for all and judge Roy bean could oversee the laws. This catch and release system seams to be working quite well as Anchorage has become a unsafe place to live. Remember who is supporting these ideas and make them responsible for the crimes committed by catch and release convicts.

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