Department of Obvious: CDC changes mask guidelines — cloth not enough for Covid


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday updated the mask and respirator guidelines that will better prevent the transmission of Covid-19. While any mask is better than no mask, the CDC now says cloth masks are not really good enough.

It’s something that many in the public have pointed since early in the pandemic mask-wearing phase that began in 2020, but the CDC has played along with pushing inferior masks until now. Early on, the agency didn’t want members of the public to hoard the better quality masks that are needed by health professionals.

On Friday, the health agency said that fitted N95 masks, sometimes called respirators, are now preferred. If used correctly, they can filter out 95 percent of airborne particulate matter.

The public does not typically wear any masks correctly, however. The respirator masks, just like cloth or surgical masks, need to be changed frequently — several times a day, and need to be removed and disposed of with extreme caution if they are to be effective. If they do block the virus, that means the virus will be on the mask. That difficulty in use for average citizens was not mentioned in the CDC advisory, which gave no guidance on the touching and disposal of masks.

The CDC summarized its new guidelines:

  • Masking is a critical public health tool for preventing spread of COVID-19, and any mask is better than no mask.
  • To protect yourself and others from Covid-19, CDC continues to recommend that you wear the most protective mask you can that fits well and that you will wear consistently.
  • Masks and respirators are effective at reducing transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, when worn consistently and correctly.
  • Some masks and respirators offer higher levels of protection than others, and some may be harder to tolerate or wear consistently than others. It is most important to wear a well-fitted mask or respirator correctly that is comfortable for you and that provides good protection.
  • While all masks and respirators provide some level of protection, properly fitted respirators provide the highest level of protection. Wearing a highly protective mask or respirator may be most important for certain higher risk situations, or by some people at increased risk for severe disease.
  • CDC has a list of mask recommendations.

Surgical or “procedural” masks, commonly used in commercial settings, come from boxes with labels that say they will not protect against viruses.

In 2020, the CDC said that cloth masks help prevent the spread of Covid-19 from those without symptoms. The agency said that cloth masks block respiratory droplets that leave a person’s mouth while coughing, sneezing or talking.


  1. It’s sad that people need a government entity to tell them what is best for them and they cannot figure this out for themselves.
    What’s worse is those who have fought the obvious for years. Once again common sense isn’t so common.

  2. This advice might actually be supported by the science. That said, the switch at this point will be a nightmare to implement. Much of the fault rests with the CDC. They knew from the beginning that less-than-N95 masks do not work. Start with poor advice and in the long run you will reap what you sow. Chaos, mistrust and anger.

  3. I see… the Fauci wants more attention so he can get his jollies manipulating the public with fear. Well guess what – N95 masks do nothing if you have a beard because you breathe around the mask edges. This old man is NOT shaving, and will wear only a cloth mask when I absolutely must – which is very seldom. What about Afghanistan, Brandon? What about inflation, Brandon? What about the border, Brandon? What about the supply chain, Brandon? I live in rural Alaska, U.S.A. – NOT Cuba or even China, Brandon – and I cherish my freedoms – including the freedom to breathe.

  4. Masks don’t work. If you can smell cigarette smoke through a mask, it’s not working. I’m sure the CDC is in bed with some company (3M) to make more jiggle out of the scamdemic. If this was a real pandemic with 80% infection death, it would be MOPP4 and M9 NBC protective masks. Until then, this is just a charade.

  5. Talk about a no brainer, if you listen to anything the CDC says, you have no brain. The reason there is this scamdemic is because too many brain dead sheeple believe everything they are prescribed.
    The reason the world is going through so much chaos is because they fear their own shadows and everyone and everything. Mass paranoia. Have you had your share of covidioucy today? Hurry, your daily vaccine will soon be available. Get them while you keep making them hot.

  6. I thought it was settled science considering the size of virus particles and the pours of cloth masks. Anyway I’m going to continue wearing my cloth mask because I only wear it to give a false sense of security to everyone around me. The sooner we all get it, the quicker the population of susceptible folks get so low there’s not enough hosts left to facilitate continue spread of the virus, and we get a break and a chance to come to the conclusion, it’s something we need to live with.

    • Right. Separate the wheat from the chaff, or, as Dickens put it, “…decrease the surplus population.”

  7. An N95 is just as ineffective if not worn properly. I have been professionally fitted for an N95 and during testing, to keep out the test gas, I had to have it on so tight I couldn’t breathe. Any small head movement let the gas in. Forget about talking. Masks are the modern day Burka.

  8. Masks are about control, nothing more, and will last as long as you are wearing them.

    Prior to this whole charade, there were a total of 13 separate studies spanning 15 years conducted on mask wearing, albeit primarily for the influenza virus (which is a larger viral particle than the rona, so the “science” says), yet not a single one showed any efficacy in reduction of transmission.

    Enter the Rona, then a CDC sponsored study using mannequins, not live people or control groups of course, cuz that was already done…and voila, masks stop the spread. Strange how science works when there are conflicts…

    • Excellent points, Nick!
      Indeed, the universal medical and scientific consensus before the manufactured Covidian hysteria was that mass mask wearing by the public was virtually if not completely ineffective in preventing or lowering the risk of viral disease contraction or transmission, for all the reasons mentioned here — because the public cannot in any practical sense wear them or use them properly, i.e., properly fitted, for very limited periods, without being touched or adjusted while being worn, etc. But come the Wuhan Virus, and we were all supposed to through that knowledge out the window and down the memory hole, and blindly follow “the (political) science” and do what common sense and learning told us was nonsensical and wrong.

    • Sure Nick. That’s why no one wears surgical masks in hospitals. Because clearly masks do nothing….

      let me know if you can pick up the sarcasm or not.

      • John, you continue to compare a hospital setting with the general public. A hospital setting is a place were people are ill and germs are concentrated. Infection control is a big deal in a clinical setting as cross-contamination of germs that are resistant to meds or chemicals is a real problem. Furthermore you are dealing with a vulnerable population of immune-compromised or injured individuals, whose bodies are already stressed due to the reason for their hospitalization. Surgeons wear masks, gowns and caps during surgery to avoid contaminating the surgical field with sweat or breath, hair etc, all things that can cause a post op infection.
        To facetiously compare clinical settings with the general public is disingenuous or deliberately misleading. If you want to wear a mask no one is stopping you, but at least be honest in your comparisons. There is no need for the general public to continue the charade of mask wearing, as it never really did anything anyway and the CDC just admitted it.

  9. This is still all from the perspective of protection for the mask wearer. Masks, most that people might be wearing across Alaska, are only really effective as a shield, protecting others from the wearer. The wearer is.not protected. Even an N95 is foolproof protection for the mask wearer, but does afford protection to those around the mask wearer. Most effective though would be if you stay home if you are sick. Not sure why that is made to be so complicated.

  10. Simply standing before one of these magnificent Maskettes, and watching them constantly fiddling with the masks filtering surface (covered in days/weeks of contaminant) is reminiscent of watching a primate scratching its butt before eating that Banana. ?

    • And their Karenesque nagging and haranging of those who do not rigidly conform to their hysteria and paranoia is the equivalent of lower primate poo-flinging.

    • Greg, how do you know that?
      Masks do not work for covid! Covid is a one and mask membrane is a 30. The entire point is that the 95 does more harm if worn for extended periods. Since when would less oxygen be called for?
      Don’t be a sheep, we all need to pitch in and stop all mandates.
      Wear Masks and get boosters if you like, leave me out of that!
      I’ve read that 400 athletes are now dead in the prime of their lives. The VAERS report is terrifying, The shot works less now for covid prevention then it may have, in its first release. STOP the madness. Step in front of a train to stop the spread of covid, at least that works.

    • Greg: I would suggest you do some research.on KN95 Chinese masks and N95 (American made) They tell you to wear those masks however, do not tell you to not wear one with a one way exhalation valve . Using one with an exhalation valve can continue to spread the virus.Of course as a professor told me years ago( Regarding research and studies: ) Figures don’t lie but liars figure so go the studies. (Just as a side comment one article researcher stated it will take 450 years for the Oceans to get rid of all the world masks dumped into them.)

  11. Either way, This person will wear what ever she can wear. I cannot wear masks that loop around the earlobes. My glasses and hearing aids have priority on my earlobes, so until they provide a better mask, so be it. These are made of cloth, but if people wash their masks, there shouldn’t be a problem. I KNOW I am not the only person with this problem.. Yes there some that is worn around the neck, but they make you look like someone getting ready to do some criminal element.

    • Besides that, these blue throw-away masks are sprayed with chemicals and you’re breathing chemicals which are made in China..Who trusts China with their chemical made masks?..

    • N95s use elastic head bands, not ear loops. They are the most effective masks you can get on the general market. Still, they need to be properly fitted.

  12. USDA Prime … BS! These masks do nothing related to Covid-19, they never have and never will.
    However(!), the best use of these masks:
    – Cover up an ugly face.
    – Hide terrible dental and tooth hygiene.
    – Cover up bad breath (ie … garlic, onion, cigarette, Copenhagen, etc.)
    End the mandates now, let’s get on with restoring normalcy and living life.

  13. Have used cloth masks that are fitting thru 2020-now. I wash my masks and have not had any issues. CDC can pound sand with their control bs. Only place I consent to a mask is when Iam having to fly on a plane every year. I will continue with what is working for me and to hell with the CDC!

  14. I sure wish more people would come forward with their Covid experiences. I went to the doc today because I feel like I have the flu. Headache, stuffy nose, chills. I was given a covid swab along with a flu swab. I have Covid it seems and there aren’t any medications available due to shortages. Just go home and deal with it for ten days. No monoclonal treatment, No ivermectin.
    Why is Brandon sending At-Home Covid tests to the public? He should be sending the ivermectin.
    It ticks me off that two years later and trillions wasted, the answer is to go home and deal with it.
    I wanted a zpac cause I feel like poo.

    • You see, there’s no profit from cheap therapies like HCQ or human ivermectin. You had a chance this past year to get your “free” jab(s) and you chose not to. So, instead of helping you, we’re going to make you pay by suffering the wrath of the ‘rona. We don’t care if you die as your heirs will spend your savings like drunken sailors, fueling inflation. Good luck buttercup. Signed, Uncle Sam

      • HCQ and ivermectin cost more than the vaccines. So why wouldn’t big pharma be selling the more expensive treatment options? Oh right, because they don’t work. Gosh darnit. That always trips us up.

        • Sounds like you’re tripping AND tripped up.
          Ivermectin is less than 3.00 per pill. Oh ….. and IT WORKS.
          Taken soon enough
          Remdesivir is what’s contributing to filling the lungs.
          You get to that point , one’s lucky to not die.

    • I was put on steroids to minimize the inflammation in my lungs from my immune system over reacting and damaging good tissue. Then zpac to knock down secondary bacterial infection from the roids. My O2 saturation was at 89 percent. Took 3 days to get out of the woods. Lost smell, taste and energy for months. This was with Delta.

    • Here you hit the nail on the head. All the hyperventilating over so-called “misinformation”, the shaming, the banning, the Fauci “my way or the highway” etc. was somehow more important than actually finding and using medications that reduce the impact of this disease…..and no the vaccine does not count, as numbers have exploded AFTER the introduction of the vaccine, in complete contrast to what usually happens when a population is vaccinated. This is not 1918. We have antivirals, antibiotics, gene therapy and lots of other medical innovations. It is pathetic that after 2 years there is still a ban on stuff that may work and no urgency to find or study other meds already on the market, to see if they would impact this illness.

  15. Anyone who believes anything that is coming out of the CDC (Center for Despotic Control) nowadays is a freaking idiot!

  16. In other news, the CDC has officially declared flatulence to be nothing more than a “far-right conspiracy theory”, as THE SCIENCE has conclusively demonstrated that cloth is an effective filtering agent for all airborne contaminants and diseases.
    However, they still recommend that everyone wear an N95 mask at all times, including while showering, swimming, having sex and sleeping. Lacking that, they suggest that everyone between the ages of 0 and 150 wear a large copper diver’s helmet at all times.

  17. Oh good!
    We now know how to stop COVID!
    Now that we know that masks don’t work, and then they do, and then the vaccine will stop it, but it doesn’t, so we have to go back to masks, but they don’t work, so let’s name one that will!
    I feel truly safe now. Except for the fact that the grocery store shelves continue to be bare and prices will only increase as China Joe continues to destroy our economy and our oil independence.

    COVID is working, people. It’s working overtime and has a highly successful career. Just like its handlers: CDC, WHO, Fauci, Gates, Zink, Soros.

  18. Alridee then, what if our little buddies at the CDC, WHO, UN wrote us a little letter on their city of London stationery and we were commanded to to cover our breathing orifices; you would just do it? Wouldn’t you at least say “No taxation without representation” like our founding fathers the Lee’s of Virginia did in their Declaration of Independence? Lame.

  19. The CDC/FDA badly mismanaged the expectations on this whole “vaccine”. This was partly due to “Fearless Leader” declaring early on, that you get the vaccine and everything will get back to normal and you will be “safe”. Since covid is in the flu virus family, it should have been handled the same way. You get a flu shot, you may still get the flu, but it doesn’t make you as sick. Why? Because most of the time the flu shot virus combination is an educated guess, as to which strains will be prevalent. It is hit or miss. It would have been more honest to phrase it in the “flu shot expectations” especially since there was a new vaccine technology involved. However that would have killed the narrative and need for mandates. So it became the cudgel to beat everyone into submission and the distrust and division it created will wreak havoc for years to come. Ironically DC just went to mandatory Covid passports WITH ID, but hey we don’t need no stinking ID to vote…….

  20. My daughter wanted braces this year.
    I told no one see your teeth any more so I bought a new Honda motorcycle.

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