Department of Education dumps over 160,000 of public comments on its gender-bending Title IX rewrite


Hundreds of thousands of Americans, including hundreds of Alaskans, sent their comments to the Department of Education about the reinterpretation of the laws protecting women and girls in sports, and made sure their comments arrived before the comment period ended on Monday. Now, the Department of Education has apparently ditched more than 160,000 of those comments, and says that the loss was due to a clerical error.

The Department of Education is proposing new regulatory interpretations of Title IX, which prohibits discrimination in school athletic programs based on gender. The Biden Administration is seeking to include mandates that require schools to allow gender-confused males to use locker rooms and bathrooms previously reserved for girls, and vice versa. The new regulations may mean mandates on hiring and forced use of a person’s “preferred pronoun,” such as “he,” “she” or “they/them.” The rule would ban “all forms of sex discrimination, including discrimination based on sex stereotypes, sex characteristics, pregnancy or related conditions, sexual orientation and gender identity.”

The Education Department had last week logged over 349,000 comments, but by Friday, the number mysteriously had dropped to 184,009, a loss of over 160,000.

Politico reported Tuesday that the website tracking the number of submitted comments had logged over 349,000 comments about Education Secretary Miguel Cardona’s proposed Title IX rule overhaul. But by Friday, three days later, the total number of comments had dropped to 184,009—a decrease of more than 160,000 comments. 

According to Politico, the reason for the drop in the number of comments is due to a “clerical error.” The explanation from the department is that comments unrelated to the proposed regulation boosted the number of comments by about 200,000.

Alaska State Sen. Shelley Hughes was one of the thousands who gathered hundreds public comments in advance of the deadline.

“The fact that the number of public comments decreased by 200,000 overnight – mysteriously vanished – is extremely disconcerting. How on earth will we be able to trust the tally of the pros and cons? We won’t,” she said. “On a proposed rule of such keen national interest – one that will literally impact millions of girls and women if implemented – the Biden administration needs to reopen the comment period. “

If the decreased submissions were due to a “clerical error” as they claim, “Biden should have nothing to hide and will reopen the public comment period,” Hughes said. “If he doesn’t, we can conclude Biden doesn’t want us to know where Americans stand on girls losing spots on sports teams and what we think about girls being forced to undress and share locker room showers with biological males present. We’ll conclude he has already made up his mind and our voices don’t matter.”

Hughes continued, “If that’s the case, we’ll see you in court, Mr. President. No way, no how will we stand by and let you decimate Title IX and harm our daughters, granddaughters, sisters and nieces.”

Catherine Lhamon, the Education Department’s civil rights chief, indicated to Politico that it’s unlikely the agency will extend its comment period on its proposed Title IX rule despite GOP lawmakers requesting an extension.

Supporters say the new interpretation will ensure greater equality in employment for LGBT workers. Critics have warned that it could mean new mandates on hiring, accommodations and compulsive use of “preferred pronouns.” 


  1. Amazing- They can find votes to elect a moron but cant find comments against the new rule?
    Sounds like a fraud issue to me!
    Call it like it is- If you have male genitals, you go in a male bathroom, and vice-a-versa! If you want to call yourself a bird, then I want you to fly and prove me wrong!

  2. All they had to do was ask for a keyword search for negative comments and dump them so they would not be counted. This was an easy peasy way to get the “right” comments that you want. Clerical error, indeed!

  3. They never pay any attention to public comments, anyway. At least now, we won’t have to pay the civil servants to pretend to read them.

    • MRAK (faux) Fan,
      I do indeed hate — I hate lies, I hate willful insanity, I hate delusions that pass as “science”, and I especially hate disingenuous and deceitful posters who knowingly and gleefully support the deconstructionist, demolitionist, demonic Democratic agenda.
      As for so-called “gender fluidity”, I can only repeat a famous quote by a man wiser than myself: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”. And we are well past the merely “believe absurdities” stage at this point.

  4. Request that they use your pronoun. “Vote Trump”…failure to use your chosen pronoun is unacceptable… Force it!.. What them rethink this crazy!

  5. It’s nice to point out the left’s shenanigans, but meaningless.’
    They will force what they want on us, no matter how much we comment.
    We can only change this at the ballot box & we need more then these slim margin victories
    We need to turn out big, like Reagan winning 49 states, that changed us for the better & lasted 3 decades

  6. Maybe it would be best to have the competitions in three categories, men, women, other. Would this be opening another can of worms? Same would apply to restrooms. Comments please.

    Crusty Old Grandma

  7. Maybe this is the same system that they use for votes. Loose the votes from the demographic areas that they know are not in their favor. That would also explain the “ low turnout “. Violla.

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