Democrats spent big and surged in percent of D-votes cast in August primary


Federal Senate candidate Al Gross poured big money, including Outside millions and $1 million from his own pocket, to turn out the Democrat vote for the primary. And it worked — the Democrats turned out via absentee ballot.

With $2.297 million spent to push voting among Democrats, (not including the $1.5 million from the Lincoln Project, or money from the 314 Action committee) he may have succeeded in pulling in an additional 10,000 Democrat ballots, spending over $250 per vote.

This also explains why Congressional candidate Alyse Galvin, running for the Democrats, pulled ahead of Congressman Don Young in overall votes. That is a first. In 2018 when she ran, she only pulled 21,742 votes. Today, she has nearly 50,000, thanks to the absentee ballot push.

The expenditures and their result can be deduced from the numbers posted at the Division of Elections, since about 10,000 more Democrats voted in the primary than they did in 2018.

The percentage of Republican ballots voted this August shows the Democrats surging in turnout, and how MRAK arrives at the 10,000:

  • 2020: 53% Republican ballots of 126,409 total ballots cast, 21.49% turnout
  • 2018: 63% Republican ballots cast of 115,727 total ballots cast, 20.42% turnout
  • 2016 63% Republican ballots cast of 88,817 total ballots cast, 17.22% turnout
  • 2014 61% Republican ballots cast of 193,097 total ballots cast, 39.02% turnout
  • 2012 65% Republican ballots cast of 125,937 total ballots cast, 25.34% turnout
  • 2010 70% Republican ballots cast of 164,047 total ballots cast, 33.65% turnout
  • 2008 58% Republican ballots cast of 193,533 total ballots cast, 40.62% turnout

This Democrat outcome, if it holds in November, has strong implications for down-ticket candidates for House and Senate seats in marginal conservative districts.

While Sen. Dan Sullivan and Congressman Don Young are well-regarded in Alaska among moderates and conservatives, the Democrats across the country are working hard to flip the U.S. Senate and House blue for a sweep of the elections, and these Primary results will help Gross and Galvin raise big dollars from wealthy liberals and political action committees, as the primary result gives them the appearance of being more viable.


  1. But Gross says no outside influence or money, how can this be? Oh, just another election George Soros is trying to buy. We need to work harder than ever. And as Gabby LeDoux showed us, every absentee ballot needs to be verified and challenged if questioned, then prosecuted to the fullest when fraudulent.

    • Alyse Galvin is primarily funded by small campaign donors here in Alaska, Don Young gets over 50% of his money from outside donors and large corporations. Sullivan votes with Trump who is trying to end health care for low income working Alaskans and gives tax breaks to the top 1%. The election is Nov.3 and absentee ballots are available now in case you are too busy with your job and family to go in person.

      • “Sullivan votes with Trump who is trying to end health care for low income working Alaskans and gives tax breaks to the top 1%.” Do you have evidence to support that ludicrous statement? Or is that what CNN told you?

  2. Republicans just aren’t getting out to vote. Understandably as most have jobs and families which take up lots of time. Add to this millions pouring in from outside the state to tip elections. $250 per vote, wow. Its like people are being paid to vote Democrat, which in essence they are. The other item of concern is that candidates such as Gross and Galvin accepted this money, essentially selling themselves out and now have to take marching orders.

  3. Gross is always telling half truths about Sullivan. That means he’s a Liar. He’d be Lisa all over again. Alaska doesn’t need another blue Senator.

    Just say NO! To Dr. Liar.

  4. Young is too old and way past his use-by date. Time for a well-earned rest. Sullivan is a carpetbagger and useless senator. Begich was far superior. Lisa is far superior.

  5. I have stated before that although she is horrible for Alaska on most issues, Ms. Galvin and her outside money may have learned from their 2018 experience. Beware, Congressman Young.

    • Alyse Galvin is not accepting any PAC or outside money and is primarily funded by small donations. She does accept support from single issue groups such as Planned Parenthood. Don Young’s campaign is primarily funded by outside groups.

      • Just another clueless comment from Frank. But then he is a socialist anti-American and should consider moving to Cuba or Venezuela. Move along Frank, you aren’t preaching to the CNN choir on this site.

      • Frank hates our State and our County. Frank is a non-achiever socialist who would be at home in any large Democrat controlled city in the country. He is here in our wonderful State just to spread his brand of “cheer”. Maybe he will do us all a favor and leave Alaska after November when he finds himself in the political minority once again.

  6. Trump Junior says no to Pebble Mine and a few days later the President says STOP the project now. So one more step to making Alaska great again is shot right between the eyes in broad daylight. Now I understand want he meant when he said in 2016, “I could shot a man on Fifth Avenue and my supporters wouldn’t care.” Does he think Alaskans are too stupid to realize that the champion of wealth and prosperity screwed us bad. Junior must be getting paid a lot of money to do this. If Sullivan and Young don’t reverse Trump’s decision on Pebble, they will lose big. Remember Pebble Mine.

  7. ERIC S

    Truthfully, Trump was quoting what another had stated. The original person was using that as an slur to put down Trump supporters as dumb.

    Here is when Trump said, “they say I could”. So he is repeating. not originating that statement. Reality versus repeating a false narrative can reveal truth.

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