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Democrats mum on Anchorage’s lifted mandates, but deplore that the statewide disaster declaration was ended by governor

Democrats in Alaska’s Legislature expressed disappointment that the year-long state disaster declaration was ended on Friday by Gov. Mike Dunleavy. They said so in a press release and on Twitter late Friday.

“With thousands of potentially unvaccinated individuals traveling to Alaska and many unknowns about the impacts of COVID-19 variants, I pray this decision will not have disastrous consequences,” said Rep. Bryce Edgmon of Dillingham), adding he was ” dumbfounded by a unilateral move to eliminate tools we may need during a busy tourism and fishing season that will attract thousands of visitors.” Others, such as Rep. Liz Snyder and Rep. Zack Fields echoed the sentiment.

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Even the Republican crossover Speaker Louise Stutes of Kodiak said she was unhappy with Gov. Mike Dunleavy ending the emergency, saying that he “opted for politics over policy and decided to gamble with the health of Alaskans and with our economic recovery.”

Also last week, the Anchorage Assembly voted for a surprise ordinance to remove nearly all restrictions on Anchorage residents, a move seen as a political “Hail Mary” for mayoral candidate Forrest Dunbar. There was no outcry from Anchorage Democrat legislators. The move ended restrictions for gatherings and businesses.

The Democrats are following the fearful scenario set forth by Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, who with academic friends from Stanford University and other organizations last year predicted that 35,000 Alaskans would die of Covid-19 by fall of 2020. The information he provided has been used to craft policy in Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbanks. About 350 Alaskans have died from Covid, according to official records.

According to Rep. Fields of Anchorage, “Good news: We’ve captured federal Covid SNAP relief. Bad news: Gov nixing declaration means no mandatory testing for incoming travelers, increasing risk of dangerous variants.”

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Oh, the timid little titmice shiver in fear in their basements while wearing ten masks. Oh my, we’re all going to die some day! And 350 is almost like 35,000. Really, we all need to be afraid. If for the likes of them we would be speaking Japanese today and living under the descendants of Tojo. Why bother to go out? Why even bother to live if you might die of COVID? Oh my, never let a crisis go to waste. These progressive buffoons disgust me and I am ashamed that we call them leaders.

  2. They all got their covid goodies bags. Be happy with what they all recieved. Alaskans suffered enough, now its time for Alaskans start rebuilding their immune system after living under such sterilized conditions: masks, 6ft isolation from others germs, surfaces you can lick, and over washed and dry chaffed hands. Hahaha

  3. Governor Dunleavy made a decisive decision. I fully support it! I wish this was done sooner. The assembly needs to roll back the mandate and give the people the choice to wear a mask or not. Wearing a mask or being fully vaccinated will not protect one from being exposed to COVID-19.

  4. Democrats want to be mad about easing restrictions but it’s really hard for them to be taken seriously when they do the same thing in Anchorage. Makes me chuckle watching them try to squirm out of the optics. Only one tenth of the deaths they predicted in Alaska. We should ALL be happy about that.

  5. The only difference between Democrats and raw sewage is that the sewage at least has the potential to be useful for something.

  6. To bad about the testing. There is no doubt that Alaska will experience a spike in cases as visitors increase.

  7. Well of course they are disappointed. Today’s Democrats are tyrants, and they abhor personal choice and responsibility, and lust for iron fisted, 24 hour control over you.

  8. The Anchorage Assembly lifted Covid restrictions in line with updated CDC recommendations. The timing is convenient for the continuing falsehoods promoted by conservatives.

    • Lol.……………..that’s BS and you all know it. It was only lifted because Dunbar needs as much help with his campaign as possible but in the end, even this won’t help him. Conservatives aren’t as stupid as you believe them to be.

  9. Democrats can’t help themselves. Got a taste of ruling like kings and queens and now they are disappointed at losing that powerful grip on their subjects. All in the name of safety, well I’ll tell you what, it’s not the government’s job to keep me safe. I’m glad the governor ended the Emergency declaration.

  10. Anyone that took the vaccine is going to have this thing bite them sometime into the future. The antibodies your body makes are not going to prevent your body from fighting off other variants of this virus, the vaccine will prevent such a natural reaction.This is a huge cash business and anybody getting this vaccine is a guinea pig to allow for the CDC, and Fauci to move billions of dollars into the NIH and NIAID. I find it telling how completely not of leadership quality these people in Juneau are that are making decisions for our state.

  11. Many Alaskans will never vote for a democrat again after this last year of tyranny in Anchorage.
    Governor Dunleavy should follow Florida’s lead and suspend all local mandates & get on from the MSM psych op that has been pushed on society.
    Over 80% of all hospitalized were obese folks & those that died had several comorbid factors which contributed to their downfall.
    Focus on regaining the population’s health & fitness….not returning to fascist mandates.

  12. Our “leaders” can trot right out, get their experimental gene therapy shots and “protect” themselves against infection from the rest of us with their completely ineffective social distancing and masks.

    Then they can leave the rest of us alone…we’ll take our chances because that is our right and our responsibility.

    Remember back to what all this BS was actually about…flattening the curve to prevent overwhelming our medical resources. It was NEVER about preventing the spread of the virus, no one thought that was ever possible and it isn’t.

    And remember back when we were being told to not touch surfaces, that the virus was going to infect us through our eyes, to douse our hands in disinfectant, to not use money, etc., etc. All of that “the sky is falling” fear mongering turned out to be ridiculous hand wringing by scared and ignorant people.

    Time and empirical evidence has proven that the very old and the sick are at risk from this virus…but a small subset of the seemingly healthy population is also at risk – JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER VIRUS!

    Our medical resources were never seriously threatened by this virus. The big pandemic never materialized.

    It’s past time to end this “disaster” posturing and to get back to living our lives like free Americans.

    Will more people die from this virus? Yes. Just like the flu.

    But remember, the entire lockdown package was sold to us as a way to prevent overwhelming our medical resources…it was NEVER about preventing the spread of the virus…that IS going to happen and nothing is going to stop it.

  13. Karin Snyder, it wasn’t “one tenth of their predicted deaths” in Alaska, it was ONE HUNDREDTH.

    When predictions are off by two orders of magnitude, there is something seriously wrong with the source data (confirmation bias anyone?) or the methodology.

    Both render any results as less than meaningless… they are destructive.

  14. So, democrats. A simple question: why was it bad for Dunleavy to end the disaster declaration, but it was NOT bad for the Anchorage Assembly to do the exact same thing?

    I’m sure there’s a good reason to have your panties in a twist. Please. Explain yourselves. I’m hoping for something more substantive than “he’s a mean republican”.

  15. How many were stampeded into accepting the lock-downs, the masks, the social distancing, and the Covid shots purely out of fear, and no other reason?
    It is written that no cowards will enter the kingdom of heaven. Believing unto redemption is a risk … that there may not be a real god, that it’s just a fairy tail, that you may not measure up, that you may be persecuted, that your may not be “friended” you anymore, that you may have to give up your favorite vices … some risks that cowards won’t take.
    The real risk is all the things your cowardice stampedes you into accepting or doing. The lessons from history are everywhere. Nazi Germany, Communist Russia-China-Cuba.
    America is the closest it’s ever been to a communist takeover and your fear is facilitating it. Do you read the sense of impending doom by so many commentators? A sense of impending disaster such as not reached in the days after Pearl Harbor?
    It takes courage to live in freedom … by reason, common sense, and ethics. Cowards are ruled by fear.

  16. Perhaps Democrats should remain in their safe places rather than venturing outdoors. I’m sure stores will be happy to bring them food – for a fee, of course – for as long as they desire. But really they should keep all the window shades tightly closed to prevent the sun from burning their fragile hides. There is no lockdown needed to allow those who so choose to hunker down in terror.

  17. So according to the CDC if a person is 45 or younger the survival rate is 99.98% survivable. NOW with that said and if my math is correct, the contagion rate here in Anchorage is about the same risk percentage of drowning any given day here in Ak. Hmmmm.

  18. Dang, the risk of an STD is substantially higher in Anchorage than contracting Covid, so I think all males should have to wear a prophylactic in public, and it must be worn in a fashion so that everyone can see you have it on, you know,… virtue signaling and all….

  19. Anyone who’s bothered to check out the death stats, for the past three years, will see, plain as day, that those [so called] 500K COVID-19 deaths aren’t showing up………. the numbers are basically flat, no 500K spike. #theyweregonnadieanyways

  20. The SARS respiratory problems subsided in the early 2000’s. This episode was really well supported by media and everyone else. Many may wear masks as a precaution for years. I wonder if Alaska’s economy will bounce back. Life in Alaska always includes some risks. Glad they are openinging the Capitol. Optimistic signs.

  21. Using the pandemic to push for agendas that have nothing to do with the pandemic was stupid. How does hotels for homeless help when they had they lowest number of cases? How does closed meetings and drag queens reading to kids help in a pandemic help?. How does funding the arts help people survive in these times. Covid relief should have been used to offset property taxes, help landlords who can not collect rent etc.

  22. Frank Rast, ohhh, the CDC, timing the ‘restrictions’ and press releases to maximize gains in their portfolios. Yeah, the CDC is trustworthy today and 180 tomorrow if Fauci stocks can gain.

  23. Karin Snyder, I think it’s 1/100 of the catastrophe they predicted. If you are under 55 you have a higher risk of death from falling down than COVID. But don’t tell progressives or they will outlaw walking.

  24. Well, Murkowski has taught them well…grovel, grovel, grovel for federal money. It’s embarrasing. How about they all just shut up and get out of the way. We know what to do.

  25. Thank you all, for these comments.
    Yes it’s are Freedom are Rights to act on, what we think is safe or not safe.
    Get over it, End of Story Period
    Wearing a mask I make the rules on that bull, not some Fake mayor.

  26. My body, my choice – right?
    When are we going to hold accountable, public officials, for the devastation they’ve reaped in our community?
    Closed schools, shuttered business, increases in suicide / domestic violence / incest&rape / overdoses – all under the guise of public health.
    I’m an adult and will make my own decisions about my health.
    These bureaucrats have not demonstrated they are, in any way, competent to make the decisions they’ve made – they have FAILED ALL OF US!

  27. It’s hard to deal with the fear. I live with someone who when I pointed out the new cases in anchorage are averaging well below 50 a day (last weekend one day was 18) her response was it’s still spreading and people are just not getting tested. How can argue with that mentality?

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