Democrats double down on abortion with new t-shirt proclaiming it is ‘health care’


Democrats who want to fight the Texas “heartbeat law,” which prohibits abortions after the baby is six weeks old in the mother’s womb, now can voice their opinion on their shirt.

Six weeks is when the baby’s heartbeat can first be detected by ultrasound. That’s the new cutoff date for abortions in Texas.

The National Democratic Committee is now hawking a shirt that proclaims abortion is “Health Care.” There are sizes through 3X are available, just in case a pregnant mom wants to sport the Democrats’ message.

For $30, you can sport a shirt that is sure to offend half the people you meet. According to the Rasmussen Report’s more recent poll on the matter, 46 percent of likely U.S. voters support the new Texas law banning abortion after six weeks in the womb, while 43 percent oppose the law and just 11 percent are undecided. The survey was conducted Sept. 5-6 with 1,000 Americans. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

The shirt is a fundraiser for the Democrat Party and proceeds will be used to support candidates who support abortion, the DNC said in a fundraising letter.


  1. Well, isn’t it health care? If you require a trip to the clinic after a miscarriage, isn’t that health care? Or how about making it crime care? If you are raped, must you carry the spoor of the miscreant to term? How about if you are raped by your uncle, or father, or brother, what then?
    How about mental health care? Who among us wants to deal with the aftermath of rape? Or incestuous rape? For you religious fundamentalist types, does God ordain this? If not, why not? How do you explain omnipotence? Does God support adultery, incest, and rape?
    I’m really interested in the answers to these questions. I don’t know the answers. I can see a woman wanting to keep a child to term, even if the result of rape, but isn’t that a personal decision? What about a woman who is so horrified by the event that she is unable to provide for a child? And why is the baby (fetus) sacred until born and then solely the responsibility of the mother? Where is the support for the new mother so she can raise a healthy, capable human being?
    I’m confused. Every sperm is sacred, every baby, once out in the world, is the onus of the mother.

    • No, abortion is not health care, it is the intentional killing of a human being, primarily for the benefit of the sperm donor who wishes to avoid child care payments or other responsibility for his actions. Abortion is especially convenient for the rapist, and a prime way to avoid responsibility for a violent act. An abortion does not unrape a woman, to suggest so is demeaning and promotes consequence free rape for the perpetrator. How rare would rape be if the rapist was tracked down and killed instead of the innocent child? Women have told me that the rape was a trauma that the abortion only made worse by participating in a trauma that felt like a second rape. Do you really think women just forget about their rape as long as their baby is dead? No, they agonize over allowing their own child to be killed more than/ longer than the rape in most cases of women I’ve talked to. Historically, when a girl became pregnant, she was removed from the abusive situation or her abuser was removed. Since abortion has become common, many men have posed as a father and brought girls in for abortions. It’s a sick way of thinking to think abortion fixes rape. Millions of couples wish to adopt, some of whom participated in abortion and became sterile and millions more would take in babies if there weren’t such a shortage of them. Many of my friends went to other countries to adopt but not everyone can afford the extra expense of international adoptions. There are pregnancy help centers in most communities which help mothers work through and navigate difficulties for their benefit.

    • You don’t know or haven’t read the bill passed that contains some exceptions but all you see is that they are banning all abortions which in fact is false.

    • Abortion is another way for people to take God’s place deciding for ourselves who has the right to live and who doesn’t by wrong thinking Who has more value and deciding which pregnancy is thought of as worthless, an inconvenience, by our judgment of what we think about the mother and father.

      I am under the impression Democrats will like more welfare recipients, so why not add more single mothers with babies to use state family Medicaid plans, family housing vouchers, snap, wic vouchers, greater enrollment for public schools. Your political party can profit more from the continual birth of babies than killing what it judges as undesirables.

      Only God knows which lives we killed and what their impact on us would had been, and what their purpose would had been adding their contribution. Every baby conceived has their own DnA, and plan for their life, never to be replicated again. If you believed in God, every conception pre-destined by God.

      • Once again you’re wrong Jenny. Not everybody who gets abortions are on welfare. How many rich people get an abortion, how many abortions are performed out in Hollywood on the Stars? You can’t say that one political party is for or against abortions. Just like you can’t say that one political party is for or against gun control. I know lots of Democrats that own guns and I happen to know several Republicans that have gotten abortions.

      • That’s not true Jen. What about all the miscarriages and what about all the babies that are born that don’t survive very long? They were all conceived. According to you, God must have made a mistake and changed his mind. Probably best to leave the theology to those who actually know the Bible then to make up your own version but keep the faith.

    • Well Erection, you should have stuck with commenting on climate change and Covid issues. Under the Texas law if a woman is raped, regardless of the offender, she’d have six weeks to find out if she was pregnant and ‘do’ something about it. An actual woman being raped, as opposed to your non-existent hypothetical, would certainly be motivated to find out if she was pregnant within the allotted time. I’m well aware that a rape WILL cause mental health issues and I’m an advocate for better mental health services. You seem to be unaware of the support services available to women with children. There was a program called “Aid to Families with Dependent Children” (called something else now) which, along with parallel programs, made sure if you are a woman with a minor child you were NOT going to be hungry, homeless, or without actual ‘health care’. The terms are so generous that it’s quite clear to me that some women have children just to secure an 18 year long ‘meal ticket’! So you’re just saying non-nonsensical BS. Let me tell you the outcome of abortion…most of the world isn’t using abortion as birth control, they’re using to select for genetics…for MALES specifically! The end result is a male dominated world where women’s wombs will truly not be their own. You asked questions about God that you think are unanswerable and therefore you can ridicule any answer. I KNOW the TRUE answer to your questions, but let’s clarify what you are really asking. The question of the ages: “Why does God allow this suffering?” The Christians will tell you “sin” caused this mess…and they’re right…but there is more to it than their current understanding. Jesus said to his disciples “Lazarus SLEEPS”, it was only when they could not understand that he used the term ‘dead’. Jesus kept saying that a certain “dead” girl was “sleeping”. He said this for a reason…WE have ALL been here walking “to and fro upon the Earth” SEVERAL times! We are ‘reborn’ along blood lines. Which means you WERE your own ancestor! Which means WE MADE THIS MESS, now we have to live in it! That IS your answer. We are here to learn, and if you think you get to kill babies for birth control…well then you haven’t learned anything.

        • For me it depends on the motivation. If it’s just because somebody didn’t want to go through the pain of birth or some other kind of social excuse then I say no. But mental illness can do a lot of things, and I’m not so sure we can hold somebody who’s mentally ill accountable.

          • Problem is, when you make exceptions, people will exploit them. Rape exception…women will falsely claim “rape”. Medical exception…rich women find corrupt doctors. I propose: Med exception with two doctors signing off, If it turns out to be false, the woman and doctors all charged with murder. Rape exception, it must be a reported rape and if it turns out to be false…murder charges. If abortion for birth control cannot be entirely eliminated, then it must be accompanied by sterilization. If “pro-choice” people think this is extreme and would be illegal…Scott Peterson was sentenced to death for killing his UNBORN child! A hundred years of legal precedence already exists.

  2. Democrats are the party of death. They support killing about 3400 innocent babies a day in the United States. They will answer for this some day.

  3. It most who support abortion are against the death penalty for murder, go figure. About 600,000+ abortions performed every 12 months in the USA. Covid has claimed about 600,000+ in the USA in the last 18 months. But for some reason we are upset about the covid deaths. Do you understand how stupid and ignorant this is?

    • Haven’t you read that most on here are not upset about the covid deaths? They merely write them off as some sort of a 0.02% and would rather focus on everyone that has lived rather than all those who have died and the 100,000 people that are going to die between now and Christmas because they didn’t get the shot in America.

  4. I’ve often wondered how they get away with being “the party of” blacks and women when they treat blacks like serfs and kill how many girls (future women) via abortion every year?

    But it’s in the nature of leftists to say yes and no in the same sentence

  5. I wonder how woke Alaska Airlines will handle this?
    A horribly offensive message displayed on apparel that could lead to confrontation on the aircraft.
    My guess as to how the woke crew will react? …first class upgrade for the person wearing the shirt for being so brave and expulsion for any complainers.

    • They wouldn’t like it for sure. They don’t want anything on their airplanes that might give some wacko and excuse to go crazy and it looks like plenty are looking for that one little item that can set them off.

  6. Government has no right to tell people about their bodies! But now you bring in people that pay federal taxes! That fund certain groups! That’s were the say comes in !

    I don’t support abortion! ( personal and heart felt reasons) but!? As a person,
    My government! Shouldn’t and shall not tell me what too do with my body!
    As commen sense! If you want to mess around? Theres! enough preventions measures! That are very free!

    That we the people pay for!

    Keep our freedom and choice! We will not have discussions if we don’t!

    • I’m glad we agree. The unborn baby would be saying my body, leave it alone. In fact, you can do the search yourself but look for that video of the sucking tube trying to abort a baby and the baby actually trying to get away from it to preserve its own life.

      • You are for my body, my choice, for everything other than the vaccine. Makes a lot of since, except it doesn’t. Must be a challenge to live with your principles. I pity the fool who has to listen to your reasoning everyday, unless of course you are just using your internet privileges to air out your thoughts from a psych ward somewhere in Florida.

        • You got it. You’re just confused what your small roll is. Turn right all the time to get back on track. Don’t trash Florida. You’d be surprised about its relationship to folks on here, but that’s just more of your cancel culture attempted. You can’t cancel me bro. Move on.

        • I’m not sure why you have such a hard on for me but thank God you believe in the 1st amendment. If you don’t then your just troll stalker on here looking for a fight. Your continued insults show that you are indeed a troll, and as such I have no further use for you. Flame away, I will not respond.

  7. I’ve never understood why abortion is the top priority for these people. I’m pro-choice under certain circumstances but its not the holy grail. Abortion or nothing, its weird. Women’s health? How about proper birth control so abortions (except for extreme circumstances) aren’t needed. Women’s health? I have known several women in my time who could not have children because of sloppy abortionists they went to as young teens. I’m sure this continues on today.

    • Abortion is a top priority for leftists because it is a stepping stone toward their ultimate goal. It is difficult for leftists to remove/execute those who disagree with them if people actually cherish human life. Every genocide in recorded history starts off with the people in power dehumanizing the “undesirables.” Abortion is just one more tool in their toolbox. If a fetus is not a human, then a newborn is not quite a human either. And, when society becomes OK with destroying children for convenience, how much longer before adults end up in the crosshairs for “convenience?”

  8. Health care for who?
    Medical stem cell researchers and pharmaceutical scientists?
    It sure hasnt proven itself a very good health care option for the woman, man, child, even the medical staff internally suffers providing the abortion service, nor is good for the general public whom must endure living and working and interacting around men and women with untreated psychological, emotional, spiritual, and behavioral problems due to the loss of a pregnancy.

  9. Haven’t you read that most on here are not upset about the covid deaths? They merely write them off as some sort of a 0.02% and would rather focus on everyone that has lived rather than all those who have died and the 100,000 people that are going to die between now and Christmas because they didn’t get the shot in America.

  10. Abortion is not health care. It is, in fact, the opposite of health care.
    What is more healthy than carrying a baby to term? Doing so indicates health on the part of both the mother and child. Pregnancy is natural, and poor health can (and does) prevent pregnancy. Poor health can result in miscarriage. Good health supports a pregnancy, and delivery of a healthy child.
    Terminating a pregnancy for convenience is no more healthcare than removing a limb for convenience is.

  11. Abortion is a quick fix for an irresponsible act, all other excuses are minute compared to that. And as repulsive as I find abortions, I am pro choice but with a twist. It took two for it to happen and the responsibility falls on both parties. As much as I agree with CBMTTEK about how abortion is just a step towards desensitizing people to even more horrid behavior, I believe people will be held responsible for their actions when their time comes. Abortions are just another indicator of humanity‘s ever so rapid slide away from God. The only true way to decrease the number of abortions is to raise our children with more respect for themselves and more respect for life.

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