Democrats call diversification of Martha’s Vineyard inhumane; island community deports 100% of illegals


Vice President Kamala Harris accused Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of “dereliction of duty” over their decisions to help migrants move to wealthy Democrat-led communities such as Washington, D.C. and Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

Two more buses full of illegal immigrants arrived on Saturday in front of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., where the vice president lives, with yet another several dozen illegals from Texas, compliments of Gov. Abbott, who has bused thousands of border-crashers to Chicago, New York City, and the nation’s capitol over the past few months.

“I think it is the height of irresponsibility … frankly, a dereliction of duty, when you are an elected leader, to play those kinds of games with human life and human beings,” Harris told Vice News. “If you think there is a problem, be part of the solution.” Last week, Harris told NBC’s Meet the Press that the border with Mexico is “secure.”

Meanwhile, Martha’s Vineyard used 140+ military personnel to move the approximately 50 the immigrants from the exclusive island, and in less than 48 hours, they were gone, taken to Cape Cod, Gov. Charlie Baker’s office reported. They were taken to Joint Base Cape Cod in Barnstable County, Mass.

“We are grateful to the providers, volunteers and local officials that stepped up on Martha’s Vineyard over the past few days to provide immediate services to these individuals,” Baker, a Republican, said. “Our administration has been working across state government to develop a plan to ensure these individuals will have access to the services they need going forward, and Joint Base Cape Cod is well equipped to serve these needs.”

One commenter on Facebook noted the intersection of irony and hypocrisy on Martha’s Vineyard: “In less than 48 hours the extremely rich, predominantly white, predominantly liberal island of Martha’s Vineyard managed to deport 50 illegal immigrants that they claimed the island was I’ll suited to help because they had no housing or jobs available. Do they really think border states like Texas or Arizona are prepared for the two million illegals the Biden administration has let invade over the past two years? Funny how liberal ideology collapses in the face of reality. The hypocrisy displayed in Martha’s Vineyard has exposed these rich open border liberals for exactly who they are.”

Another said that while Martha’s Vineyard has 17,000 permanent residents and 200,000 summer residents, locals say they have no infrastructure to support the 50 illegal immigrants that were given free trips there by Gov. DeSantis. And yet, there were 60 available rentals on the AirBnB rental site on Friday.

Ben Shapiro, conservative commentator, said, “This has been an excellent strategy to not only expose the hypocrisy of the Left to themselves, but more importantly to the immigrants coming here, who bought into all the propaganda and virtual signaling, assuming the Left were their special ally. That should speak volumes during voting time.”


  1. Ah, compassionate liberals. It’s humane to encourage people to walk 1000+ miles and overwhelm border towns. But it’s inhumane to fly them to a rich resort town with low crime.

    Karencrats are the best NIMBLYs.

    We love illegals! Elsewhere.

  2. We can’t let the Third World in and not become the Third World.

    Biden Harris have opened our borders for a couple of reasons. First, they want to replace American voters with voters who will support socialism, i.e. Democrats. Second, China has provided millions to the Biden Crime family, and the Chinese want America ravaged by millions of illegal immigrants who have little work skills, don’t speak our language, or respect our customs. Biden and Harris are really, truly traitors. It is mandatory Republicans take the House back so we can impeach these corrupt, traitors, for cause.

    The beauty of what Desantis did is to expose the socialist Democrats for the lying, moron, hypocrites that we know they are. In El Paso, Texas, thousands of illegal immigrants camp out on the streets. Crime has soared. Urine and feces befouls the sidewalks. The liberal elites couldn’t even stand dealing with 50 illegals. Imagine if we sent the bastards 5,000 criminal aliens.

    Some believe it is time For Americans to defend our borders with arms. We are being invaded. A few warning shots will change the calculus of the millions thinking of invading our country. A few dead MS-13 gang members who are trafficking humans through our border will send a clear message. We don’t want you here, stay the Fxxx away. If Biden – Harris are going to allow us to be invaded, then citizens will need to do what the traitor- president refuses to do.

  3. “The hypocrisy displayed in Martha’s Vineyard has exposed these rich open border liberals for exactly who they are.”
    Yes, it does, and in a way that none of those foul, arrogant and worthless excuses for humanity can negate or deny, try as they will in their wildly hypocritical, divorced-from-reality way.
    But one correction to the quote: those hypocrites are radical leftist extremists, NOT “liberals”. There is not one thing truly liberal in the radical leftist extremist social and political agenda.

  4. Bunch of spoiled rich snobs. Send more fly and bus as many that want to go . Rich with lots of land and money will set you up.

  5. What’s good for goose is good for the gander? I haven’t been too the border! Lately! Wasn’t good in the bygone days!
    Hearing it’s not a Gud thing!

    Send more illegals to the Democratic/rhino/elites! Fun towns! They like chess! Gots some pawns for you!

  6. 1. Martha Vineyard residents did not use troops to remove the asylum applicants who DeSantis flew there from Texas. The governor of Massachusetts, who is a Republican, used National Guard troops to move them to a federal military base. Only a governor or the federal government can activate the national guard.
    2. The asylum applicants were waiting at a refuge center in San Antonio to have their asylum applications heard. They are not illegal immigrants, and they were in Texas, not Florida.
    3. The availability of Air BnB rentals on Martha’s Vineyard is not relevant. The asylum applicants are not free to go wherever they want, or stay wherever they want, when they are waiting for their hearing. Typically, migrants who are allowed to stay in the country and make asylum claims are released to shelters run by religious and nongovernmental organizations after they are released from CBP custody. From there, the migrants pay for flights and bus transportation to cities where they go before immigration judges who will rule on their asylum claims. There are no immigration courts on Martha’s Vineyard, which DeSantis knew when he used state funds to fly them there. So staying on Martha’s Vineyard was never an option for them.
    4. Other than cancelling the border wall, there has been no major change in the federal laws, regulations, or policies relating to immigration since Biden took office. Nor has there been an increase in the number of persons trying to enter the country illegally since he took office, There has been an increase in the number of apprehensions of immigrants attempting to enter the country. That is because we now immediately deport immigrants who are apprehended attempting to enter the country, rather than jailing them. That policy was adopted by the Trump administration. Many of the persons sent back to Mexico are desperate and try repeatedly to sneak across the border, The phenomenon of increased repeat crossings created a distorted picture of the total number of people crossing the border. For example, through the first nine months of FY 2021, when CBP recorded a total of 1,119,204 border apprehensions, vthe number of “unique encounters” (people who have not been taken into custody in the previous 12 months) was 690,718. By comparison, over the same period in FY 2019, when atrump was in office, CBP recorded 780,479 border encounters, of which 721,328 were unique encounters—over 30,000 more than in FY 2021. So more immigrants were caught trying to sneak across the border in 2019 than in 2021.
    5. So why are DeSantis and Abbot sending bus load and plane loads of immigrants to Vice President Harris’s residence and to Martha’s Vineyard? It has nothing to do with solving the immigration problem. Rather, it is about positioning themselves for the 2024 Presidential election.
    6. Trump is the subject of both federal and state investigations for multiple crimes. If these investigations result in indictments, trials or convictions, he may be so politically damaged that he Will lose the support of Republicans. And if he is imprisoned, he will not be able to run. Immigration is a hot button issue for conservatives. Abbot decided to make a name for himself by busing asylum seekers to blue cities and blue states. This caused DeSantis, who would likely compete with Abbot for the nomination in 2024, to decide he needed to ship some asylum seekers to a blue state enclave so he could brag about doing so during the Republican primaries leading up to the 2024 election.
    7. But DeSantis faced a dilemma. Florida has no border across which migrants are currently being apprehended. He therefore chartered two planes to fly asylum seekers waiting at a refuge shelter in San Antonio to Florida, where the planes landed and refueled. The planes then flew them to Cape Cod.
    8. DeSantis’s agents duped the asylum seekers into boarding the plane by falsely telling them they would be flown to Boston, where they would have their asylum hearings and would be able to work while waiting for their hearings. Of course, none of that was true.
    9. And DeSantis used Florida state funds that were dedicated to relocating migrants in Florida to other states to charter the planes, even though the refugees he flew to Massachusetts were not even in Florida.
    10. So this whole thing was political theater by DeSantis, hoping to raise his stock and his profile among conservatives, for whom immigration is a hot button issue. His ploy worked, as he has gotten a lot of publicity and delighted conservatives. He has already said he will keep doing this, so we can expect more theatrical drama of this type in the months ahead.
    11. In my opinion, this is just another example of politicians wasting public money to further their own political prospects. They are exploiting and manipulating voters, by playing to their concerns about illegal immigration. Nothing Abbot or DeSantis has done will improve things. Nor does it change the fact that there is very little difference in the approach that Biden and Trump have taken to deal with the flow of refugees on our southern borders. The most notable difference is that Biden stopped construction of the border wall, but very little of the wall was actually constructed during Trump’s tenure, and the sections that were built did not stop people from entering the country illegally.

    • It’s funny to hear a leftist explain what Kabuki Theater is. It’s good you are starting to familiarize yourself with it at least.

    • In answer to “Political Theater” who claims:
      4. Other than canceling the border wall there has been no change in the law, regulations or policies relating to immigration. Nor has there been any increase in the numbers of people trying to enter the country illegally from before he took office.
      Those comments from “ Political Theater” are so wrong in many ways. And the author knows it.
      The issue is not whether the laws etc have been changed. It is whether the Biden crowd is enforcing the laws. That’s the big “lie”. Because they are NOT being enforced. Period!
      The next big “lie” is the claim that there is no increase in the number of persons trying to enter the country illegally than there were when Biden took office.. Maybe not. Under the Trump administration perhaps there were similar numbers trying to illegally enter. The DIFFERENCE is that they were STOPPED from entering. The Biden / Harris duet are doing little to nothing to stop people from entering. Political Theater is “too clever by a half” in making his claims. And to be disregarded!

      • 1. You’ve been misled by politicians who are using illegal immigration as a political football to gain your vote and perhaps your money. The statistics regarding apprehension and deportation of illegal immigrants in the southern border are available for anyone to see on the Customs and Border Protection website.
        2. U.S. policy has little to do with migrant surges at the border. They are driven by political instability, crime and economic problems in central and South American countries. You may recall that there was an immigrant surge when Donald Trump was President, driven by families trying to escape the breakdown of civil authority in Honduras. Those people tried to enter our country because they were seeking a safe haven from criminal gangs who took over their country. Certainly nothing Donald Trump said would have led them to think they would be welcomed here.
        3. Our border enforcement has actually become much more effective over the last 20 years, as we have become much better and detecting and apprehending persons trying to cross the border illegally. According to the Wall Street Journal, as of mid-August 2022, CBP has apprehended 1.8 million immigrants trying to cross the border illegally in FY 2022, which is a record. So the Biden Administration is in fact enforcing the immigration laws along the border,
        4. I am not sure whether it’s true that states along the border are being overrun by immigrants. But if it is true, I agree that they should not be asked to shoulder the burden of hosting all of them. But so far as I am aware, other than Florida, I have seen nothing to suggest that they are not welcome to live in on-border states, such as Massachusetts.

        • Theater person. Don’t want to misgender you. You are a theater after all:
          Wow. You have kept yourself well informed on how to avoid just a basic simple thing. Have you ever just looked at the bar graph of illegal immigrants and said “hmmm that’s a huge increase and a very large daily average”.

          I personally much rather have legal immigration and to discourage illegal immigration efficiently and effectively. Pretty easy to see that democrats are indeed pro illegal immigration with “no human being is illegal” yard signs. Much rather have at least an 8ft fence that has a multi lingual sign directing people to the right channels than nothing at all. Which IS what we got. Nothing at all and only more encouraging rhetoric or lack of discouraging rhetoric from the democrats who, as you say, use it as political football. Now they have to hold on to it or pretend they were never holding it which is exactly what you are trying to do with a lot of the rhetoric that you have picked up.

    • None of what you said is true. Go get a real education and sue your school for failure to teach you about the immigration laws.

      • Geez Mark, along comes a detailed, informative description of the DeSantis and Abbot blunder and you balk. Anti-intellectualism at its best.

    • Political Theater,
      Wow, 3 pages of explaining to obscure the obvious optics. DeSantis kicked your fascist butt with this little stunt of his. Abbott too. Got that?
      Go ahead and have a pity party but your hypocrisy has been exposed.

    • Kabuki – under Trump we had the “stay in Mexico” policy for immigrants awaiting asylum status in the USA. This dratically cut down on the amount of illegal crossings, but if you only get your”news” from NPR or CNN you wouldn’t know that.

  7. I hope it was filmed at Martha’s Vineyard. Some great color footage of all those ultra rich, snobby Democrats shoving the illegals back into the bus and getting them the hell out of their little paradise. What great political campaign TV ads it will make for the November midterms.

  8. “They were taken to Joint Base Cape Cod in Barnstable County, Mass.” (MRAK)

    “While some Democrats are blasting DeSantis for sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, a county official said less than a year ago that he would “love” to see the area become a home for immigrants.
    Keith Chatinover, a progressive county commissioner for Dukes County, Massachusetts, where Martha’s Vineyard is located, made the statement in response to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who was pushing a bill for Democrat-led areas like Martha’s Vineyard to become ports of entry for processing migrants coming in from the southern border.” (Fox News)

    Texas DPS and National Guard troops working together on the border near Roma, Texas, July 2021.
    AUSTIN, Texas — In a dive into new political and legal water, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has initiated the first-ever border security operations in which thousands of National Guard troops — newly imbued with civilian arrest authority and given 40 hours of traditional police training in the use of deadly force — have started handcuffing illegally entering migrants on state trespassing charges.
    Small-scale soldier arrest operations began quietly this week as an unprecedented addition to the state’s ongoing “Operation Lone Star” in close physical coordination with a pre-existing border surge of some 1,000 Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers concentrated in Val Verde and Starr counties, but also expected to happen elsewhere. Abbott has been signaling for weeks that he was preparing a more aggressive use of the National Guard. (By Todd Bensman on October 20, 2021-Center For Immigration Studies)

    Biden cracked the seal on Pandora’s Box: His open border policy has provoked new laws for state national guard gaining police powers to arrest and detain (outside of military property) without needing state police presence.

  9. The USA has over 11,000,000 unfilled jobs, many service industry low barrier entry that immigrats have always performed. We need health care providers and agricultural workers if our economy is going to grow. Between Dobbs, Trump rallies and now DeSantis and Abbott shenaigans, the Republicans will get a huge backlash in the November elections IMO.

    • What does that have to do with anything even remotely associated with this article?
      There is a massive difference between allowing anyone without any demonstration of their ability to earn a living cross into the nation, and allowing immigration that benefits the country. Are you of the belief that every one of these people crossing the border are doing so to get a job? Because they cannot get a job serving, cleaning, or factory work in their home country?

      • Frank is spot on. We have a labor shortage. Who knows what skills they bring? They’re not stupid, they can learn relevant skills.

        • We would know what skills they are bringing if the Remain in Mexico policy was still in effect. The number of criminals, drug dealers, and human traffickers would be reduced to near zero, and the number of people wanting to work would increase exponentially.
          Want to immigrate to the US, demonstrate you will not be a burden on the country before you enter it. Even a leftist can see the logic behind that.

        • Just so long as you don’t have to rub elbows with native chicks at your job eh Lucinda? Anybody but them, right?

    • Why do “you guys” always do this? There is a very clear difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration. People can beat you over the head showing you the clear difference, and you just keep parroting the same thing.

      • Justin, reread Kabuki’s comments. Those pawned off to Massachusetts are asylum seekers, not illegals. They are in an administrative process.

        • Lucinda: They are illegals because they came in to the country illegally to seek asylum. That’s why they end up in Texas. They crossed the border illegally and are encouraged to do so by democrats even though the system is truly bulging at the seams everyday and can’t keep up. A small border town will see 1000’s a day. How are they supposed to deal with that accurately, effectively, and efficiently? If the Biden administration is sending record numbers back, why keep encouraging it with arguments that we need the workers and that this is a nation of immigrants when talking about Republicans wanting to discourage illegal immigration?

          Yes, Ted Cruz excuses Trump and doesn’t like illegal immigration at astronomical numbers because of skin color. You pegged us.

          You are the worst Lucinda. Your lashing out, hatred, and hypocrisy really knows no bounds. There is no way to have a civil conversation with you, and that’s they way you like it because you give zero f’s about how you sound, your integrity or about anybody that opposes your point of view. So why should I even acknowledge you? Why should anyone?

          • So how about answering my question about which illegal you support?

            My question was civil though provocative. It was not lashing out. Nor was it hypocritical. And I asked not out of hatred though there is one thing I DO hate: willfully ignoring or distorting evidence to form opinions and decisions.

      • Justin. Let’s compare two people committing illegal acts: a refugee from El Salvador sneaking across the border and Trump taking government property (potentially national secrets) that did not belong to him.

        You support one of those illegal acts but not the other. Why? Skin color.

        • Lucinda – it can’t be because of skin color. Obama took thousands of pages of documents when he left the White House & still has documents in his possession today, ostensibly for review & possible inclusion in his presidential library. Unfortunately, Obama was a lazy President & his review is taking years, so the National Archives probably won’t get these White House papers back anytime soon!

        • Skin color?
          You have developed the ability to read minds? That is amazing! Why do you choose to waste it here on MRAK instead of using it for something productive?

        • Lucifer, don’t you have anything better to do then come on here and try to stir the pot? Don’t you have some crack to smoke or inject or something? You don’t know what Trump had and you don’t know the classification of it. All you know is what you’ve been brainwashed to believe. You don’t get to come into this country and then claim you were seeking asylum. There’s a process for that. You stay the hell out of this country until we say you can come in. Of course I wouldn’t expect you to understand any of this because of your impairment.

    • Frank, try to stay on point. When someone is asking us what time it is, there is no need for you to tell us how to build a clock.

        • Actually, it is what leftists, please do not call them liberals, there is nothing liberal about their actions, do when they cannot tell the time. It is a diversionary tactic, and it alters the discussion from a debate the leftist will lose and turns it into one they can win.

    • In short, Frank, you want low wage serfs to do things you won’t lower yourself to do

      How very, truly, liberal of you.

      Not only are you not very good at this, you’re actually getting worse at it.

        • Low wage jobs exist. But, the leftists are clamoring for a $15/hr. minimum wage, which is not low wage. It is, according to the leftists, a living wage.
          What do you want? A high minimum wage, or unfettered immigration because there are low wage jobs? Can’t have both.

        • That might actually work Lucifer, if they relinquished all voting rights from now until the end of time for themselves and their offspring and any of their family that they sponsor anytime in the future. Because this isn’t about voting this is just about coming up here and doing work and getting a roof over your head right? I’m not sure what low wage jobs you’re talking about since you can now make $15 an hour dropping fries at McDonald’s. You get four or five people in one household doing that as unskilled labor as they are, before long they could be driving a Cadillac. The other disclaimer would be that if they ever are involved in a crime meaning they committed one, then they are out and their entire family is out. Again because it’s just about being able to eat hot dogs and hamburgers instead of bugs right? So chew on that Lucifer we welcome your twisted methodology as always.

          • If they become citizens, their right to vote can’t be taken from them. It’s in the constitution.

            Why shouldn’t they earn 15$ an hour if that’s what the job is worth?

            Your little bug comment reveals your true bigoted attitude.

    • They obviously swam across the Caribbean Sea all the way from Venezuela. Because leftists who are all claiming this is human trafficking (thanks CNN, good sound bite), cannot fathom that the Biden Admin did EXACTLY the same thing flying/bussing illegal immigrants from TX, NM, AZ, etc… to Florida.

  10. I dont understand.
    Can not the richest place in America just …. air b&b these poor communist refugees? Why did they call in the military? …. maybe the affluent liberals just …. didn’t like their skin color? It appears that there are several properties available to purchase on that island …. are they not a “sanctuary city”?
    I doubt these diligently accountable government agencies wouldn’t LIE to me.

    • 0bama had no problem setting up a tent that could shelter hundreds for his birthday bash.
      Cannot understand why they could not do the same for these 50 individuals.

  11. I am so disappointed in shuck & jive Obama. He threw a birthday bash for himself at his beachfront estate for several hundred friends during the Covid lockdowns, but he couldn’t accommodate 50 illegal immigrants for a few weeks?

  12. I would have thought the faith community in Martha’s Vineyard would have immediately and easily stepped in to assist the migrant illegals. Particularly the Episcopalians and Methodists. There are two churches for each of these denominations on the island. That is about a dozen for each of these churches. But maybe the churches were too busy with their critical race theology and theory classes. It just seems very odd.

    To shift gears a bit, the episode draws my attention to a more basic question: How much do we here in Alaska actually have in common with people on Martha’s Vineyard? Maybe we speak the same language but the words may have very different meanings and implications. Most of the people on MV do not work in any way that Alaskans would recognize. And we know that most on MV would like to make Alaska a park with no resource development. The notion that Americans represent, or should represent a single people is unraveling. Just some stuff to think about. Part of me does care about the Northeastern United States. And many in the Northeast don’t care about problems outside of their region. We all need to quit pretending.

    • JMARK, agreed. Let’s never forget that passing the Legislation to clear the path for the Trans Alaska Pipeline almost didn’t happen. While it passed in the house it took Spiro T. Agnew casting the deciding vote in the Senate. Yes, Northeastern Leftist even back in 1973 were opposed to development in Alaska.

  13. Martha’s Vineyard had 50 illegal migrants deported from their shores in 48 hours. You can bet that many of these residents have the governor’s number on speed dial and told him to take care of it. If the federal government acted as swiftly as the MV residents to remove illegal migrants, we would not have this debate.

    • What they should have done is load them back on the plane and had them about 3,000 mi South where they belong. That’s what we used to do. If they won’t get out of the plane strap a parachute on them and shove them out the door.

  14. How can it be “inhumane” to bring them to a safe community where abortion is somewhere between legal and mandatory?

    I would have thought this a true leftist utopia. Abortion everywhere, almost no non white people.

      • So, where is the condemnation for the hundreds of flights and busses the Biden admin sent all over the nation?
        Please, step on up. Demonstrate that you are fair and balanced and not some leftist shill.

        • CBM, you know that you are not going to get any kind of response, least of all an honest and intelligent one, from Luciferinda on this one. You should, and you deserve one, and if she had an ounce of intellectual and moral integrity she would give you one, but it simply is not going to happen — because in all honestly she cannot. Her hypocrisy and dishonesty has bound her up in a Gordian Knot of delusion and confusion that even Alexander the Great could not untie.

      • Lucifer, what did you want done with the people? Did you want them turned loose out in the desert to scrap around and drink water out of hoof prints and eat rattlesnakes and scorpions? Just what did you want done with them? These people got put on an air conditioned airplane and flown to a resort destination only to have the door slammed in their face by the very people that said that they would welcome them with open arms. If you will post your address on here I will personally guarantee but I would deliver 25 refugees to your house by the end of the day.

        • Your version of reality is deficient. They were lied to by the state of Florida; those at Martha’s Vineyard had no idea they were coming. It was all a nasty juvenile political stunt by a cruel little despot wannabe. I don’t know what the solution is to the immigration problem, but it should be left up to the federal government to find a solution.

  15. There were no jobs on Martha’s Vinyard? Ironically, the Vineyard Gazette’s classified section listed no less than 50 jobs in their classified section. Those position included positions for laborers, custodians, landscapers, bakers, cooks, dishwashers, technicians, library assistant and several retail positions, the Epoch Times reported. And there were plenty of empty rooms and inns after the tourist season. Ask anybody that’s been there.

  16. Imagine if you will the 1000 vagrants who are NOT getting services before winter in anchorage… having them moved to … lets say Goldenview or Hillside .. talking about the ones who did not camp at centennial and signed up for treatment. Heck, see if you can stand even a week of them rummaging thru your yards and stealing your kids bikes every . single. night.

  17. Whatzamatter with all you rich, White folk dumbocrats up norte’? Cant stand a little brown skin in your neighborhood? Where’s your diversity?

  18. Border Town Puts Up ‘Martha’s Vineyard’ Sign In Hopes Government Will Come Pick Up All Their Illegal Immigrants
    Sep 20, 2022 ·
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