Democrat pollster Ivan Moore says Bronson stole election, suggests it’s time for city hall vandalism


Ivan Moore, principal at Alaska Survey Research, posted on Facebook Thursday that candidate Dave Bronson stole the election in the Anchorage mayor’s race.

“Well Bronson clearly stole the election. What say we go smash some windows at city hall?” Moore wrote.

Was Moore kidding? That’s hard to say, because he is often tart and unreserved in his pronouncements. He didn’t say “LOL” at the end of his post, nor did he use any emojis that would indicate he’s kidding.

Ivan is calling for vandalism, and that may be difficult to explain.

Moore is a pollster who conducts surveys for primarily Democrats. He has a reputation for doing polls at a critical point as a method to raise money for his client.

Moore continues to build on his record for being consistently wrong. In October of 2014, he predicted then-Sen. Mark Begich would win over now-Sen. Dan Sullivan; in 2018, he said then-Gov. Bill Walker would win over now-Gov. Mike Dunleavy; and in 2020 he predicted that Alyse Galvin would win over Alaska Congressman Don Young.

Moore also picked Forrest Dunbar to win over Congressman Don Young, who he called an “old fart,” in 2014.


  1. I’m astounded there are so many liberal voters in Anchorage. Do they really want another Portland or Seattle.

  2. I would hope that those of you that will still go twitt will do what is right by reporting this to the authorities of TWITTr !!!

  3. @ APD arrest Ivan Moore like Berkowitz had Maria Athens arrested because of her threatening to kill him. Let him spend 24 hour before arraignment in Anchorage Correctional Center thinking over what he violence he promoted.

  4. I suspect he was being sarcastic in his comments and loosely referencing the Jan 6 incident at the capitol. Funny how he doesn’t reference any of the violence perpetrated on the mostly liberal cities by ANTIFA, BLM, etc. etc. etc. Ivan – I used to just not answer or hang-up on your pollsters, but in the future I think I will answer your pollsters calls and just give a bunch of randomly erroneous answers… to help keep alive your streak of being WRONG…

  5. Agian this why people especially community leaders such as Ivan Moore need to delete themselves off Social Media tools. Saying stupid things you will regret later is too easy.
    Now APD round him in handcuff, send him to ACC. Follow the law for those inciting and threatening violence agianst humans and property.

  6. Ivan’s playing on the events that happened Jan. 6 when the President incited a riot at the Capitol. It hits the two main points of that day, Trump’s claim that the election was being stolen and the rush on the Capitol building. Trump is great at saying what he wants without actually saying it, so Ivan has a ways to go to compete at the duplicity level Trump occupies. Maybe next year.
    Whether or not this constitutes encouraging vandalism, Ivan could use Trump’s favorite excuse and declare he was “making a joke,” or better yet, have his secretary say it for him. Looks like it will be hard to prove Moore is serious.
    ‘Course, it depends upon whether he gets a bunch of people riled up who then hop in their Priuses and head down to city hall with a couple dozen eggs in hand. Now, THAT could get messy.
    BTW, with all the discussion about the suspicious activity going on at the election center, maybe Bronson’s observers were doing more than just observing. Maybe someone should look into that.

  7. Who is Ivan Moore? Another liberal sycophant. The left are always angry because their life and belief system is a lie. In order to make people feel like them they try to impose their beliefs on other people to try to make them as miserable as they are. They really don’t like conservatives because we are self reliant, believe in god and know killing babies is cruel and inhumane. Most on the left don’t understand this except the ones in power and they use the “useful idiots” to disrupt society to further their anti-constitution agenda. I would say that Mr. Moore would be catagorized with the “useful” idiots.
    Those who can’t think are always afraid of those who can.

  8. The only thing Bronson stole was the hearts and minds of the intelligent people who voted for him!

  9. Ship this slimy limey back to the UK or whatever other “dominion” he is from. I’ve had some very unpleasant interactions with him, a most sarcastic, “sarcaustic” individual. If it doesn’t line up with the left, he decries it as invalid.

  10. LAL wrote:
    “I’m astounded there are so many liberal voters in Anchorage. Do they really want another Portland or Seattle.”

    Apparently there is nearly half of Anchorage that lives in fear, loves taxation, loves control. Not the independent Anchorage I grew up in.

  11. LAL, socialists always reach for that just over the horizon utopia no matter how many lives are lost in the struggle. Always there just out of touch.

  12. I really try to be non-partisan but people like Mr. Moore are making it harder and harder every day. I hope Mr. Bronson can help you folks get this turned before it’s too late. We often refer to your fair city as Los Anchorage but it’s not funny anymore. Good luck.

  13. Ivan Moore, king of (completely wrong) polls. Not surprised in the least, he has built his reputation on the ashes of the many failed campaigns he has assisted.

  14. He just proves what many of us think about the liberals. There is no end to their stupidity and lack of good judgment. Dunbar and the Acting Mayor should disavow his comments immediately before their supporters take him seriously and actually commit acts of violence and he claims he was only kidding or using satire.

    Even President Trump didn’t say anything that direct before Jan 6th!

  15. I have never heard of this guy before.

    At any rate, if individuals are being held accountable for inciting violence – lets all learn a lesson and start with Ivan.

  16. Wait! Let me guess. Is Ivan Moore a good friend of Berkee!
    What an idiot to say “Lets go smash windows at City Hall! “
    Ivan, your predictions speak for themselves. Maybe you should try and get a real job!
    You are embarrassing yourself!

  17. Ivan Moore is a few fries short of a McDonalds happy meal. From the looks of that big triple chin of his, he’s been loading up on more than just french fries. I wouldn’t believe anything coming out of this quacks mouth.

  18. Well what will he do when Anchorage citizens, business owners and people who are tired of having their socialism shoved down their throats confront them?

  19. He’s a long time Alaskan, just another Loser from the left
    Good bye Ivan
    Like I said before, if Dunbar were to win
    Burning of buildings in downtown Anchorage to be the new Normal. Just like his family and friends rioting in Portland and Seattle, both blue states. Keep Alaska Red, Go Bronson

  20. Ivan Moore is a cry baby and wants to call “opposers” together to attend a vandalism rally. Enough of him.

  21. Clearly a lame attempt to draw a parallel to what happened in D.C. in January. Where, by the way, the only direct casualty was an unarmed women killed by the Palace Guard.

  22. @Greg R.
    “BTW, with all the discussion about the suspicious activity going on at the election center, maybe Bronson’s observers were doing more than just observing. Maybe someone should look into that.”
    Absolutely agree 100%. Suspicion of fraud MUST be investigated.

  23. I just reported Ivan Moore’s post to Facebook. Inciting violence is supposedly against Facebook’s policies.

  24. Here is a suggestion: after Bronson gets into office (if he survives Dunbar’s people stuffing the ballot box), direct APD detective to investigate Ivan Moore for incitement to violence and make an example of him to show Democrats that law and order is the norm from here on out! Sound off if you agree.

  25. Might be fun to find out whether “…Bronson clearly stole the election” qualifies as libel or defamation.
    Ivan the Ignorant… poster child for herd immunity against intelligence.
    If Ivan finds it hard to laugh at himself, others would be happy to do it for him.

  26. Now to delete the poll count database, keep ballots unsealed, and prepare lawsuits to prevent a forensic ballot audit. Some folks learn slow, but they eventually learn, and stealing or manipulating elections or rioting isn’t all that difficult once you get past the distaste.

  27. His words put me in mind of a four-year-old laying on the ground screaming and drumming their heels because it didn’t get its way. What an immature individual.

  28. The only TV thing stolen is the integrity of the ballots when everyone is sent home then boxes of blank ballots arrive. Anchorages voting system needs over hauled. There’s no way we have this many sociocommunists in this town.

  29. Ivan Moore is a dinosaur living in some Paleolithic Age. He’s no longer relevant in Alaska politics. Just a big slobby, White Democrat on last gasps, feigning influence on the good folks of Anchorage.

  30. ???????. I got such a good laugh from that. I would say dear Ivan that it is likely the Dunbar leftist camp tried to steal the election but failed. I am pretty sure Anchorage still has plenty of conservative voters and I doubt there were that many people legitimately voting for Dunbar. Anchorage needs to get rid of the mail out ballots! And the voter rolls need to be cleaned up. Too many misdirected ballots floating around.

  31. Hey I called the election for Dunbar just because it seemed the enthusiasm and momentum was behind him. Then out of nowhere Dave Bronson, who is described as pretty right-wing by Republicans no less, takes the lead and holds with small but steady increases. I’m certain of a last minute “surprise” but it’s looking pretty clear at this time and I’m happy to say I was wrong.

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