Democrat files against Gross for Senate primary



Ketchikan (KINY) – The Democratic primary for U.S. Senate has a new face in the race and the candidate, Christopher Cumings, hails from Southeast.

Cumings, who works for a non-profit organization in Ketchikan, has filed as an Independent to run against Dr. Al Gross, a registered nonpartisan who has the Alaska Democratic Party endorsement, and Independent David Matheny in the primary election.

“I feel like Congress is missing that kind of ‘normal person’ perspective,” Cumings said. “I’ve fallen down to rock bottom and pulled myself back up and I think Congress needs those kinds of like resilient, resourceful, and tough people. I guess I’m running to kind of stand up for us poor people.”

Cumings, who describes himself as a progressive, spoke to what he sees as the difference between his candidacy and that of Gross.

“I think we’re on opposite ends of the spectrum,” Cumings said. “He’s pretty moderate, he’s older and well-off and he’s lived out a pretty privileged life. I’m really progressive. I’m young and I think outside the box. I’ve struggled and I pulled myself up and I think that gives me a different perspective and some wisdom on the problems that regular people face.”

Cumings also ran as a Democrat for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018. He came in fourth out of four candidates with 8.1 percent of the votes cast.

This story appeared first at KINY News.


  1. I saw Don in Church on Sunday and he looks just fine to me and I think I will vote for him again this year for either the 24 or 25th time…

  2. Anyone who thinks Al Gross is a moderate is an extremist. Al Gross is for open borders, single payer government run healthcare, raising the minimum wage to a “living wage”, and against industry. No doubt Christopher will get a good number of Democrats to vote for him if he’s running to the left of the extreme left positions of Al.

  3. It is very telling that Democrats feel the need to run as Independents so as to avoid the stench of their party’s corruption & ineptitude! Hillary Clinton killed the Democratic Party & until she is in prison the Party will struggle.

  4. So, one guy makes bad choices and hoses his life and goes to work for a non profit. Another guy goes to work in his own business, commercial fishes, pays his way through medical school. So the first guy has a belief system to infer the second is “privileged, old, well off” and somehow makes Gross less qualified to represent people in the Senate? Is this some alternate universe thinking or is this what we have to look forward to in politics? How about Cumings get of the government tit and go get a job in the for profit world and find out about earning money that doesn’t come from us entitled, old guys that work for our money and have to live on a budget? Then he can gain some insight into the value of being self supporting in the world.

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