Democrat Elvi Gray-Jackson quits U.S. Senate race


Democrat State Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson is dropping her run for U.S. Senate in Alaska after just one month, and instead will seek reelection to the state Senate. 

Gray-Jackson told sources that fundraising hasn’t gone well. The first quarter fundraising period ends next week and she can’t raise funds while she is a sitting senator in the Legislature, due to state law that intends to prevent corruption.

The Alaska Democratic Party had courted Gray-Jackson for well over eight months, begging the public to send the Anchorage Democrat a note of support to run. She had always appeared to be somewhat reluctant. At 68, she is also a bit on the old side to start a six-year Senate career.

A factor is also that Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the sitting Republican, has a $6 million war chest. The Republican challenger Kelly Tshibaka is thought to have raised about $2 million.

Gray-Jackson is the only Democrat who has filed to run for the U.S. Senate seat, which has been held by Murkowski since 2002, when she was appointed to the seat by Gov. Frank Murkowski.


    • And likely, this was exactly the plan – to NOT take any votes away from Lisa, the Rino. Thus, Elvi HAD to quit.

  1. “due to state law that intends to prevent corruption.”
    Are you telling me a state law actually succeeded in preventing corruption? OMGoodness, a ray of hope.

  2. That leaves Lisa Murkowski as the only “democrat” in the race. She was stripped of her Republican Party membership.

  3. The democrat party didn’t want her splitting the democrat votes that traditionally go to the nepotism candidate. Of course, the RINO called the dems to get her entitled way….

  4. Why do democrats get it and republicans don’t? Elvi Gray-Jackson knows if she’s on that ticket with another Democrats (Murkowski) they’ll split the democrats votes and Tshibaka will win. Republicans never seems to have figure this out. Always running against one another from the same party splitting the votes. Gots to admit it, democrats are better at this politics games than the republicans.

    • I wonder what monetary or promises of a cushy position are thrown at any rino to do exactly that.
      Claim to run on ethics and morals but really only there to split the vote.
      Tell me that hasn’t happened.

    • @Kfinh:
      Democrats are better at cheating, lying and stealing too. They have no inner moral compass or conscience to guide them. And the mainstream media gives them 100% cover, because they are one and the same.

  5. There is no prohibition on raising funds for a federal race as a sitting legislator. If Elvy can’t raise funds…there isn’t a Democrat who can. Democrat money must all be headed to Lisa.

  6. Nancy and I are so embarrassed by Lisa getting her support from the Democrat Party. Our entire lives and being are hitched to the Republican Party. She is ruining our own reputations and our very souls. I don’t know where we went so wrong with her.

    • It’s a very awkward position to be in. Our daughter has turned so many of our friends against us. We get hate mail and emails telling us to relinquish our Alaska residency and move to a blue state. And it’s getting worse everyday. I never did trust any of the Democrats, but they keep telling me that those are the only friends we have left.

      • Frankie and Nancy are MIA, praying their daughter just goes away. Poor Murkowski name is not looking like an Alaska winner.
        Legacy on shaky ground

  7. Again, another example the white Democrat base prefer Murkowski over a trusted black Democrat woman whose got a proven record being loyal to the Democrat party. She never had the supports of democrats, or her public image would had appear equally strong alongside lisa and kelly.
    I think age doesn’t matter here in Alaska when we continued electing don young without making an age an issue, nor is it a fundraising issue. I think this is racial issue on the democrats’ end, their white voters base support is weak for Elvi.

  8. Lisa’s Democrat backers had to pay Elvi a significant quit fee. But Lisa said it was worth it for her campaign. Her advisor, Scott Kendall, told Lisa the matter would be taken care of by the National Democrat Committee to re-Elect Lisa Murkowski. I can’t really complain because it keeps me from having to find a job.

  9. ‘

    Ranked Choice Voting has been implemented and 100% statewide, unverifiable, mail in voting. Perfect for the demo cheaters to reelect RINO Murky who was appointed by her governor father frank the bank and backed by democrats in every election…..

  10. Love the family squabbles! Conservatives need to rank Lisa dead last – If you are a Republican or a undeclared/non-partisan conservative, she has clearly demonstrated through her actions over the past few years that she does not care about you or your vote. Let’s give her what she deserves – a last place finish!

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