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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Delta variant: Airlines asking competitors to share their ‘no fly’ lists so those customers can be banned across companies

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Delta Air Lines has asked competitors to share their no-fly lists of passengers who have caused disturbances on planes or who have been removed for not following instructions of flight attendants.

Kristen Manion Taylor, senior Vice President of inflight service, and Eric Phillips, senior Vice President of ACS and Cargo Operations, said in internal memos that there are more than 1,600 people on the company’s no-fly list, and the company has submitted 600 names to the Federal Aviation Administration in 2021 as part of the Special Emphasis Enforcement Program.

“We’ve also asked other airlines to share their ‘no fly’ list to further protect airline employees across the industry – something we know is top of mind for employees as well. A list of banned customers doesn’t work as well if that customer can fly with another airline,” the company wrote.

The memos were sent as the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure held a hearing on unruly passengers and the growing problem of air rage.

Since the beginning of the year, the FAA has logged 4,385 reports of unruly behavior by passengers. The vast majority — 3,199 — are those “refusing to comply with the federal face mask mandate.”

The FAA has issued more than $1 million in proposed fines to those passengers.

According to Fox News, in January there were over 880 banned from Delta Air Lines, 500 banned from Frontier Airlines, 432 banned from Spirit Airlines, 303 banned from Alaska Airlines and 615 banned from United Airlines.

By February, an estimated 3,000 were banned from U.S. air carriers.

The sharing of Alaska Airlines list with Delta could lead to Sen. Lora Reinbold having no practical way to go back and forth between the Capital City and her home in Eagle River. Delta provides summer service to Juneau, but the primary carrier is Alaska Airlines.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Just let TSA handle it.

  • Flying Marxists.

  • I’m so tired of hearing that this surge is due to the unvaccinated.
    North Slope policy is if you’re vaccinated you are not required to test before returning. Unvaccinated are required to test and sent home if positive. Vaccinated employees are also not required to wear masks at camp while unvaccinated employees are required to mask up.
    How does that policy make any sense. That backwards policy is responsible for the surge on the North Slope. Anyone with half a brain would foresee the outcome of their COVID mitigation plan.

    • Especially since vaccinated people CAN and DO get and spread covid. I caught it from a fully vaccinated person!

      • Right, so ALL of us need to mask up!

        • Nope. Just the ugly folks. Like you.

  • Yep, and they are talking about the “No fly, no buy” list as well. If someone is on the no fly list, they will also be banned from purchasing firearms. Add the “no shot in the arm” list to the no fly list, and whole lot of people could be stripped of their 2A rights in an instant. Disarming Americans has been on the commie “wish list” for a long time.

  • Good. People shouldn’t think they can misbehave on one carrier and be able to get a do over on another.

    • Greg, I pray karma catches up with you one day and makes you eat your words.

      • I bet you. You’re part of the problem. One who thinks that they can defy authority. I bet you still speed too don’t you maybe don’t wear your seatbelt if you’re just going to go around the block. Why should those rules apply to you because you’re special aren’t you?

        • You’re such a good little sheep, make sure to listen to .gov and do everything they ask of you, afterall, it is for the good of the collective. Baaaaaa.

          • Hunter, Greg is the one of those sheep who is not content to remain locked behind the fence, obeying his master, but who also demands that EVERYONE ELSE act and live (sic) as he does, automatically obeying whatever dictates come down from on high, and never questioning those in power over him (or us).

        • Hahah Greg,

          It is a good thing Covid messed up your smell and taste. Makes licking those boots so much easier.

        • I don’t speed, I wear my seatbelt, and I got my covid shot. Shouldn’t I be rewarded, Greg? Maybe a PFD bonus? You and I are the last of the truly great guys. We deserve more, no?

      • KAREN: In Hinduism and Buddism praying for Karma against another person turns the Karma on the one who prays. Good luck with that!

    • You aren’t big on the US Constitution are you. You must not have had any time at all to study it. More’s the pity.

      • If you’re talking to me, actually I know the Constitution quite well. Do you?

    • They shouldn’t be able to get groceries, either. No gasoline. No natural gas for their homes. Ultimately, such a person doesn’t need a job, Greg. There simply shouldn’t be any corporate or government forgiveness. Straight to homeless starvation for them.

      • There’s always welfare if they choose to defy the rules and laws of our land. The thing is they choose to do this to themselves. You brought it all on yourself.

        • Oh heck…pretty soon welfare people will be forced to get the jab! Try to keep up.

        • Nah, get it by your hands. Depending on welfare leaves you susceptible to manipulation by the ones who provide welfare.

          What we bring upon ourselves is personal responsibility. Yes, it is hard work. Too bad you know nothing about it. Sheep.

          • There it is right there, how many of the liberty, freedom, and constitutional rights folks understand this nugget right here? From the comments I’ve seen here on this site there are precious few that actually understand it. They demand they can do what they want, when they want as long as they are allowed it and as long as they think they have a right to it. Nonsense.
            “What we bring upon ourselves is personal responsibility. Yes, it is hard work. Too bad you know nothing about it. Sheep.”. Well said, well said indeed!

        • Welfare for outlaws? Why not just starve them like the Nazis did to Jews in eastern European cities. Just keep them indoors, don’t allow them to come out, and when their carcasses begin to smell, send in a cleanup crew.

          • Perspective is a powerful tool, one that you obviously do not possess. Just absolutely so horribly lacking in understanding. Comparing this stupid bullshit to the Holocaust is beyond absurd.

    • What’s misbehaving in your mind, how about tee-shirts with messages (or worse still, crop-top tees):
      TRUMP 2024.
      Joe Biden is the BIG GUY
      Any one of these tee-shirts will get you banned if you meet the Alaska Airlines gate agent Lora Reinbold had a run in with. Now you’re potentially banned from flying, period.
      It’s a slippery slope, just as banning people on social media was.

      • Well there’s a lot of definition for that, but whatever the corporation sets as their mandates is the ones that you have to follow if you’re going to be a patron of theirs. I would suspect that the reason they don’t like mega or any kind of disturbing message that would tip the scales of some snowflake and to becoming hostile on the plane, is because they’re trying to have a nice calm flight. It really doesn’t matter what it is or says because there’s snowflakes out there that can get pissed at the drop of a hat. So they’re just saying please where are plain Jane shirt if you’re going to fly with us. Put on your rainbow warrior shirt or whatever the hell else you want to wear once you exit the plane. Basically they’re issuing a dress code. But I still wear my mega hat from time to time always when I’m armed of course.

        • Greg, you are utterly deluded, as well as morally and intellectually depraved, like so many others. You simply fail to recognize and understand that these power-hungry and out-of-control corporations are JUST as evil as power-hungry and out-of-control government, and for the same reason: because they effectively are AGENTS and EXTENSIONS of the government.
          Corporations are fictional entities created by government, but their abuses of power are very real. It is wrong and disingenuous to claim that they are merely “private” entities, as they are most certainly not. They are NOT natural manifestations of the free market, but a perversion of it.

  • Seems rather draconian. And wrong not to allow them a second chance by flying another airline. In Alaska there are no alternatives.

    • Yessir Dave, we need to coddle these yahoos that refuse to follow Federal guidelines about airline travel. IMO, these airlines have gone overboard to keep from banning a bunch of goofballs that refuse to wear masks, etc. and you think they need another chance?
      They should enjoy staying home in their basements. Heheh!

      • I’m with you Bill. Makes sense.

        • Do you guys do poppers together?

  • FAA and TSA do not make laws therfore their announcement of its against Federal Law is Bogus. The only institution that makes law is Congress and there have been no such laws made or signed by any President. STOP with the lies.

    • Steve,
      Nobody said FAA or TSA made laws. Our constitution spells out who can create laws and which laws they can create. Basically Congress makes laws but so do state legislatures, depending upon which laws and powers are afforded. There is a thing call the Judicial Branch that decides if laws are constitutional, based upon the constitution of the US and state. The “government” both federal and state can, and do, make laws that create various alphabet government institutions that as legislated carry the weight of law granted to them by the federal or state legislation. None of this has anything to do with private companies sharing information about people who have been refused service for being unruly passengers who demand others bend to their will and allow them to put other peoples lives in danger all because they had their feelings hurt.

  • Cult!

  • Behold:
    Birth of the Leftist Fascist State.

    • Naw. Just a bunch of people defying authority. Nothing new here.

      • Greg, do you mean the Civil Rights activists of the 1960s led by Martin Luther King? Or are you referring to our Revolutionary heroes who defied King George?

        • I’m going to type a little bit slower so that you can comprehend better. I’m talking about people on a plane that willingly defy mandates. The kind of people who disrupt air traffic and slow down people’s departure and create an already stressful situation worse than it need be. These people need to know that in that situation if you go up against someone in a position of authority, you’re going to lose. You’re going to be watching that plane take off from the back seat of a police car. Why rewarding someone like that with a do-over opportunity with another carrier just so they can do the same thing all over again? The outcome will be the same. I told everybody over 2 months ago that this was coming and that these people were serious and some people don’t listen and choose to take the law in their own hands. That’s something that can’t be allowed especially on an airplane.

          • Greg, it is obvious that you are simply a compliant boot-licking Quisling who cannot comprehend nor tolerate ANYONE who stands up for their rights and defies unjust and corrupt authority. Authority should ALWAYS questioned, and in this corrupt day and age, frequently defied as well. That you think otherwise says a great deal about you, and none of it is good or complimentary.

          • Jeff,
            Is there any room for the possibility that Greg just thinks that people shouldn’t attack others at 30,000 feet in a pressurized tube screaming along at 600 mph? Or is everything a grand conspiracy?

          • Steve,
            1) No
            2) Not everything, but increasingly a great deal

  • Does anybiddy have a Constitutional right in this town anymore? Ask your elected “Leaders” if they aren’t hiding from you about these matters. Hint, corporate bylaws or unfunded administrative process are not interchangeable or bio-identical with unalienable US Constitutional rights of freemen (valued at $300,000 per infringement).

    • Yeah you can’t even carry a concealed weapon into a movie theater anymore. What is the world coming to? Has kids we used to play war on the streets of my neighborhood between parked cars and in neighbors shrubbery. I had a perfect place set up for a machine gun nest. Can’t do that anymore. Times change as more and more people become snowflakes. Got to protect the snowflake at all cost cuz if we don’t they will have a meltdown.

    • I love bananas

  • The Soviet Union was big on controlling who could travel, and under what conditions.

    You got scared and gave away your freedoms, America.

    Sue them into oblivion

  • If you were to examine the people that landed on the no fly list and a correlating list of airline employees that interacted with those people, there is probabaly a significant cross section of the two. A fair number of airline employees have been overly abrupt and tyrannical in their “enforcement”.

  • Well, it was just a matter of time. The question though is the purpose of the ban to protect their employees or to restrict travel? “”A list of banned customers doesn’t work as well if that customer can fly with another airline,” the company wrote.””

  • America 2021!

    The land of the cowed and the home of the fettered.

    How are you liking the new two-class society you voted for?

    What two:

    The Ruling Elite and all others.

  • Wow and here I was dreaming that I was a citizen of the land of the free, only to wake up in 1950’s USSR…..

  • Well, of course Delta is asking other airlines to not sell Airline tickets to these passengers.
    If they can’t get the revenue from them they don’t want other airlines to get it either. Almost an anti trust violation maybe? Huh?

    • It’s not about that but perhaps if passengers learn something after getting kicked off the first flight then they wouldn’t do it anymore. Problem solved. Sometimes people just need a little spanking to straighten them up.

      • Or maybe, Greg, we need MORE people to defy this corporate fascism and these corporate infringes on our rights, and their power over us would crumble. But unfortunately, there are far too many spineless cowards, and subservient and compliant sheep, like you for that to likely happen.

  • Good luck getting to Juneau Senator Lora Reinbold, and every other conservative they don’t like from this point forward!

  • I remember a time when those on the no fly list were bona fide terrorists who were thought capable of bring death and destruction to an aircraft. My how times have changed in a short 8 months.

    • Yeah, those passengers that go postal on today’s flights and try to open the door at 35,000 ft are a piece of cake. Let’s bring back cigarette smoking on the plane too. After all, those planes have the best air filtration system on the planet. What’s a little cigarette smoke?

      • Greg, what would you say bout those airline passengers who disobeyed the airline rules for stying in your seats and nonintervention in the event of a Hijacking who decided to not allow their flight to become.a Human bomb and caused the crash of an airliner in Penn. during 9/11 ?

        • John H Slone: Winner of this week’s Patriotic Pandering Prize!

          • Effervescencing: This year’s winner of the World’s Worst Troll. 🥳🥳🥳 Way to go, my fancy lad!

        • The terrorists had no authority to make such a demand. Nice try though.

      • “…….What’s a little cigarette smoke?……..”
        Filtered, unlike marijuana smoke. With all the pot stores now, when will we see people smoking pot in the designated smoking area?

  • When they go broke from being woke then they will want a taxpayer funded bailout.
    Also, Alaska Airlines needs to drop the name Alaska because they are far from being Alaskan.

  • The charter carriers are gonna make a killing. Cheers –

    • Do Charter flights also have to exclude those listed on the no-fly lists?? Just a thought..Just asking for information.

    • Charter carriers? Which one?
      I know– CON-AIR!

  • It’s really simple. Don’t be a jerk and don’t make everything about politics.

    • “……..don’t make everything about politics………”
      Ummmmm……….isn’t it the other way around? The federal government injected itself into the amount of water you use when flushing a toilet or taking a shower. It’s probably a federal crime removing low-flow restrictors from new plumbing fixtures. They have their long fingers into everything under the sun. We aren’t doing it. They are.

      • Subvert the man and remove the flow restrictor, I don’t think it’s actually a federal issue so much as it’s a Californication issue. 1/5 of the US economy goes through CA, they demanded low flow restrictors and they controlled the market since it’s easier to make one product for everyone than two different products for two different regulations. Anyways, remove the restrictor in your products. Most can be removed by simple disassembly of the product, a simple internet search should help remove the overly excessive government regulations. Inform yourself, be free man, be free!

  • One could be forgiven for fervently hoping –The List– is corrupted with names of every person who’s ever flown commercially.

  • Before Covid-19 if someone on a flight with you started disobeying the flight crew, hitting and spitting on people, and such you folks would have been the very first to scream about locking up the miscreant slobs!! Because so many altercations are started by people not wanting to wear a mask (a public health issue, especially on a plane!), you’re all crying foul!! STFU & put up or stay on the ground!! Hypocrites!!

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