David Boyle: Will Fairbanks become another Anchorage this October?



Fairbanks, if you believe Anchorage is on the right track with its runaway taxes, increasing homelessness, and radical leftist policies, then vote for the leftist candidates this Oct. 3. They will bring this nirvana that is devouring and destroying Anchorage. 

Many people in the Fairbanks area tend to stay home and ignore local elections. This is not an option for you this time around, as the leftists are planning to push their agenda on you.  

There is a lot at stake this time and if you value lower property taxes, a more competitive procurement process, private property rights, and schools with an academic focus, you should get to the polls on Oct. 3. 

The budget process is a complicated one that takes experience to know where the fat can be cut.

There are some bright spots on the ballot: During their time on the borough Assembly, Tammie Wilson and Jimi Cash have worked diligently to reduce the cost of government, and Aaron Gibson voted similarly when he was on the Fairbanks City Council. 

In contrast, the left-leaning candidates supported by the Putting Alaskans First Committee (AFL-CIO) have no governmental experience and they would have a steep learning curve in the budget process. Here are the APOC reports on the Left candidates funded by Putting Alaskans First Committee:

Note that the NEA-PACE teachers’ union and the Alaska State Employees Association are the funders of the left-leaning candidates.

During the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce debate, it became clear that these left-leaning candidates did not understand basic budget elements. That can and typically does have terrible consequences for taxpayers.

Wilson, Cash, and Aaron Gibson will vote to limit the powers of the borough. Wilson and Cash voted to withdraw the borough from the Alaska Municipal League, an organization that promotes big-government policies and that costs the borough thousands of dollars in annual membership dues.

In addition, Wilson, Gibson, and Cash voted down the “Climate Action Plan,” in order to limit the growth of government. The original Climate Action plan had the borough joining the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, a United Nations entity that would have cost the borough more than six times more than membership fees in the Alaska Municipal League. 

ICLEI’s agenda would require infringements on private property rights and would put the agenda of the international entities ahead of property owners in the borough. 

Wilson, Cash, and Gibson will ensure school funding is focused on academic subjects. In the supplemental funding for schools, Wilson and Cash made it clear to school board members that academics should be the primary focus.

In contrast, the Planned Parenthood-funded left leaning candidates have indicated they would fully fund an educational program that focused on a social agenda not supported by most property owners.

Because the borough Assembly funds the school district, Planned Parenthood has pumped substantial dollars into borough assembly candidates who will support their radical school board candidates — Tim Doran, Bobby Burgess, and Meredith Maple, all school board candidates endorsed by Planned Parenthood.

Tammie Wilson’s opponent, Liz-Reeves Ramos says, “I would hope to be able to fund our school district more.”  She doesn’t say it, but reading between the lines, it means more money for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), social justice, or gender identity issues.

Wilson says, “We had one of the lowest budgets ever this last year, even with a six and a half percent increase in wages but by doing efficiencies.”

Conservative Aaron Gibson wants to take care of deferred maintenance and pay off the borough’s debt.  

His opponent Scott Crass says he wants quality services to include, “The maintenance of our wonderful borough facilities like our parks and our pools.” 

Jimi Cash said his top issue has always been property taxes. He is saddened by people losing their homes because they cannot pay their property taxes.

Cash’s liberal opponent Nick LaJiness has three core pillars — education, jobs, and animal welfare. He says, “I embrace a profound commitment to the well-being and safeguarding of our cherished animals.” He wants to “guarantee the provision of care, compassion and the utmost respect that our furry companions rightfully deserve.”

It has taken three election cycles to get a one-vote conservative majority in the Assembly.  Fairbanks, if you value lower property taxes, property rights, and schools with an academic focus, you need to go to the polls.

The conservative candidates are Tammie Wilson, Jimi Cash, and Aaron Gibson for Borough Assembly. 

Or if you like the leftist candidates, Crass, LaJiness and Reeves-Ramos, then just move to Anchorage, where you can witness the results.

Here is a link to the Fairbanks Borough Assembly election on Oct. 3.


  1. Probably. Conservatives often are too lazy to vote in local elections.

    How does the left consistently win? Simple:

    -they mobilize and turn out votes.
    -they work harder on the ground.
    -they learn (usually push for) the latest voting trends and use them.

    The right complains then watches Wheel of Fortune.

    • The conservative candidates are Tammie Wilson, Jimi Cash, and Aaron Gibson for Borough Assembly.

      Everybody needs to spread that on all Alaskan forums.

      The left wins by cheating & or confusing the public.

      Ranked Choice voting is a perfect example. Anchorage for example, voted majority for Conservatives.

      Ranked Choice voting confused the City, the majority of Anchorage voted for Republicans. It came down to 3 contenders left. 2 Republicans and 1 Democrat.

      The Democrat won even though the majority of votes went to the Republicans.

      Tell me how that makes ANY SENSE. Rank choiced voting destroyed Alaska.

      People need to get out and make sure they don’t left the corrupt left continue to destroy Alaska. Anchorage is a sh!thole now thanks to left policies(Anchorage Assembly is working Day and night) to make Anchorage extremely unsafe. I have a group of homeless living in my backyard thanks to them.

      I’ve called the cops so many times because of nonstop screaming and partying by this group. The cop replied “We have been ordered to stand down, they(Anchorage Assembly) has demanded that they do not want to see ANY more homeless people in court. We can’t even ask them to leave”. I asked then is it because of politicians and he shook his head up and down at me.

      This is what they have in plan for Fairbanks if people don’t get out and make their voices heard. Take action of Alaska will ultimately follow San Francisco.(right now only Anchorage is like that).

      Fight for your state, or risk losing it to radicals & Globalist.

      Their is a reason Bidens team has flown to Anchorage so many times this past year.

      You can look that up to.

      • Mikokun- as much as Anchorage needs homeowners as you staying on helping those of us do our own little works pushing back. If you must sell your property for the top dollar since Anchorage is experiencing a Sellers market you might have to go that to protect your investments before buying property in a place less lefty. My radio KATB 89.3 been advertising its Real Estate corner that this is a seller’s market when homeowners in Anchorage are receiving more than their home’s value. I came from Juneau I remember when my family was trying to sell their condominium, it took forever and longer for a full size house to sell for a friend. I am guessing by where anchorage is going following Juneau, this sellers market it’ll wane to few people will want to buy the homes here in Anchor-towns future. I am sorry you dealing with homeless behind your house. Last summer and this summer I have to deal with homeless outside my window across the street under a tree. Thankfully they are quiet which I give credit to the order the Gospel Mission maintains, so the homeless around me are more orderly. Still I have a minor I don’t like her being around poverty nor her seeing homeless sleeping across the street under a tree in her view.

        I am doing my small part trying to help those keep an order about the homeless through my support. You be happy my newest coworker is hanging in there at work still working, and I encourage her daily, so she and her boyfriend recognize working is a much better way to live than being homeless and continuing to rely upon the generosity of others and government. They are at least two homeless adults off the street and one is employed while the other is still got some more work to do before heading over to a local franchise. What is going to get more homeless people off the streets out of parks and backyards and into work is prayer by the Christians with their support to the missions starting with our supportive hand giving aid and service to our local faith-based shelters, recovery missions, prison ministries.

        • You’ve alleged been praying nonstop, and Anchorage has slipped deeper into a cesspool.

          Perhaps less praying and more actual acting might help.

          But conservatives are lazy.

          • If conservatives were lazy, the homeless and other useless eaters would have starved years ago. Working 65 hours a week tends to dampen one’s ability to collect signatures, go to Assembly meetings, and harvest mail-in ballots after hours. Its tough being indispensable when the younger generation would rather smoke weed, rather than learn a trade. Cut off the welfare and grants, watch a big chunk of Democrats’ ground game disappear.

  2. The only jobs programs the left can ever conjure up is all financed by the taxpayers. Bureaucracy grows to actually employ more people than the private sector every single time

  3. The Climate Action bafoons in Fairbanks, especially out near the University, will be campaigning with their signs at the major intersections. I vote against every one of them.
    And I just love the warmer winters in Fairbanks.

      • Exactly. Climate change isn’t bringing up warmer winters you boob, it’s bringing ice storms, unseasonable heat that is killing our salmon and making the fireweed not even bloom.

        Go back to California, Naomi, we don’t want your kind of stupid here.

          • I was born and raised in Alaska and experienced many very cold winters. I like the warmer winters here. The problem with climate activists is that they are all brainwashed little Democrats with no common sense and no economic intelligence. But almost all of them love their government jobs, a courtesy of Alaska oil production. Democrats are such mindless, spiritually lost souls. Too much alcohol and drugs, especially psychedelics, have warped their minds. And that’s a fact!

    • Agree with Julia and Naomi. The old hippy climate action idiots, over 70, we’re druggies in the 60’s and 70’s. Warped minds. Their antecedents have inherited their brain cells, which means low IQs. No wonder this country has so many idiots in control. Man made climate action is total BS and a tool of control over the weak minded.

      • If all the Democrats and radical left-wingers left Alaska for good, Alaska would be such a better, friendlier state. Most of them aren’t from Alaska anyway. Transplants.

        • Democrats are nasty people and big POS. I’m ready for them in 2024. I’m normally friendly, but not anymore. The gloves are off.

  4. Property taxes in Alaska are minimal compared to lots of other states. If the temper tantrum of Jimi are headed to who will plow the roads, his corporate donors?

    • Jimi is a moron. He got elected because everyone got him confused with an older Sourdough that used to live here, thought they were related.

      Jimi is a louse. He kicks and yells, oh yes, but he doesn’t get a thing done. Show me anything he’s done and I’ll chagre my tune, but he didn’t even have signs made. He had a few corporate buddies pay out $5,000 a piece for his campaign, he doiesn’t feel like he has to work.

  5. Well, if you know anybody up there share Jim Minnery’s voter guide (‘https://akvoter.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/2023-fbx-values-voters-guide.v2.pdf) and a link to this article as well. I shared it with many conservative friends up there and expressed my notions about Los Anchorage after having moved down here over 30 years ago.

    • Jim Minnery is a charlatan, who has been nursing heavily at the non-profit teat for years. Jim’s voter guide isn’t based on morals, demonstrated hard work, but rather on how much money they’ve been able to siphon into his big, fat non profit that he cooked up 20 years ago. Smartest thing that man ever did was convince everyone to just trust him and hand over the money.

      He said Bronson was the best of the best, his actual words. Bronson has cost Anchorage voters literally millions of dollars in litigation, and they are just getting started on his administration. The corruption was from the very start, not just free gas for “church family” but also $400K contracts too. Disgusting.

  6. Elected officials are not judged by experience and merit anymore. It’s about checking the right boxes. Alaska is in the Lib’s crosshairs, we’re the last west coast state standing. Juneau and Anchorage are gone, Fairbanks is next. Mail in voting and secret tabulation centers are the weapons. Sad to see.

  7. Thanks for crapping on Mayor Dave Bronson while standing up your own conservative candidates–Mayor Bronson also had no government experience when he was elected, and that was a selling point! Why is this a negative in Fairbanks and a positive in Anchorage? But, Maybe Doyle is right, Mayor Bronson’s lack of political experience has cause some serious issues with governance and maintaining a staff.

  8. This article doesn’t make sense, and maybe that’s because David has an axe to grind and no real knowledge of the Fairbanks region.

    Anchorage is run by a conservative mayor, Bronson, who has not stopped being a clown for even a moment since he was elected. He is cost our city literally millions of dollars due to his nonsense litigation, and now the details of his corruption are coming out, and who is implicated? All of his conservative christian buddies, why they all go to the same church!

    Meanwhile in Fairbanks, we have a couple lazy conservative-ish people who apparently are up for election, but I haven’t seen a single one of them running a campaign. Did they really think they could just sit back and we would donate to them?? I accidentally donated to the liberal candidate for borough assembly because he had such great, intelligent things to say about property taxes. As far as I’m concerned, we don’t really have any conservatives worth voting for in Fairbanks.

    • Christopher, I do not have any axes to grind. And I am not as familiar with the Fairbanks region but I am very familiar with Anchorage and what the very, very liberal Assembly has done to a once beautiful, flourishing city. And I can read what the various candidates say about the public policies they support. My article reflects what the candidates have said they support and do. If you support candidate LaJiness focusing on “guarantee the provision of care, compassion and the utmost respect that our furry companions rightfully deserve.”, then vote for him. That is what makes America great–we still have the right to vote for the candidate of our choice.

      • You give the Assembly so much credit David, it seems like maybe you don’t really know how the World works? See, the Assembly doesn’t control the City’s population, or the National economy, they more take care of roads, schools, parks, and budget allocation. Does that make more sense, David? I know government is confusing, but Anchorage has always been pretty dirty, and full of crime and drugs. It’s because of the high population, it has lots of low-paid folks, a lot of transients (military, retail workers) and that creates a lot of crime.

        Let me know if you have any more questions. Alaska is a great place to live, and I am excited to see it swing towards a more liberal culture. Fairbanks has always been a liberal hotbed, lots of farmers, union workers and families, it’s great to see it stay that way.

  9. By the type of hoopla of leftist readers compelled to defend and mock Boyle, I say Fairbanks is teetering between Alaskan values and the imported leftist values, which would make this a critical election for Fairbanks Leftists as well as the more Alaskan-Fairbanks Independent not no board by all the Leftists ideas determining its future

  10. By the type of hoopla of leftist readers compelled to defend and mock Boyle, I say Fairbanks is teetering between Alaskan values and the imported leftist values, which would make this a critical election for Fairbanks Leftists as well as the more Alaskan-Fairbanks Independent not on board by all the Leftists ideas. The results Determining its future

  11. Apply the Cure: RED🎯
    Remove Every Democrat & fake community organizer.📌
    Grow the Economy – Not Government‼️

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