Dave Donley: School district persists in keeping secrets from parents



At the Anchorage School Board Sept. 19 meeting, over 20 community members and parents testified for parental rights and against current the district guidelines that discourage the district staff from advising parents when their middle or high school students decide they want to be called by a different name or gender pronoun.

In response to this public concern, I submitted a school board resolution to the School Board president to adopt a board policy that overrides existing administrative guidelines by reversing the current presumption against notifying parents of secondary students regarding pronoun and gender status changes.  

At the Oct. 12 meeting, I sought co-sponsors for this resolution. So far, I have had no support from other board members. Current Anchorage School Board rules are that for a resolution to be considered by the full board it must have at least two board members supporting it. My resolution currently has just one sponsor -– myself.

Federal law prohibits school districts from not providing parents with accurate and full information about their students. In Anchorage, the guidelines recommend just not telling the parents when it happens. If a parent does happen to ask, the district must tell them the truth about student names, pronouns, and gender selections. 

It is important not to refer to the current Anchorage School District administrative guidelines regarding gender identity as “policy.”  Only the School Board can adopt policy.  

Additionally, all administrative regulations must be based on board-adopted policy and be published under the policy they are based on. These gender “administrative guidelines” are neither and have never been voted on by the Anchorage School Board.

Specifically, the current administrative guidelines in regard to secondary students, Section XIV B. reads: “Generally, notification of a student’s parent about his or her gender identity, expression or transition is unnecessary.”  

These guidelines can be found on the ASD Website / Departments / Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement / Students-Title IX / More about Title IX / Transgender Guidelines / Administrative Guidelines: Working with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students and Employees. 

Simple to find? They are not. You have to dig through many layers to get there. But now you have the direct link right here.

The ASD administration created a new department entitled: “Office of Equity and Compliance.” At the time, I opined that it sounded more like a bureau in the Soviet Union than an American school district.  It has since been renamed multiple times and is now called: “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement.”  It this within this department that these “administrative guidelines” exist.   

Some supporters of the “guidelines” have asserted they are consistent with board policy against discrimination.  This is an erroneousjustification, as these guidelines against notifying parents have no direct relation with even potential discrimination. In fact, other sections of the “guidelines” unfairly discriminate against biological girls in sports in direct violation of the Board’s anti-discrimination policy. That policy (BP 0410) clearly calls for “equal opportunity” and having biological boys competing against biological girls is scientifically not “equal opportunity.”

As a Board member I have inquired whether the administrative guidelines regarding working with transgender and gender nonconforming students and employees are inconsistent with current court decisions. 

As a Board Member I have inquired whether the administrative guidelines regarding working with transgender and gender nonconforming students and employees are inconsistent with current court decisions.

Based on its current legal guidance the Administration stated it will continue to await anticipated changes to federal Title IX guidance before proposing adjustments to the guidelines.

Dave Donley serves on the Anchorage School Board. This communication is from Dave Donley as an individual member of the Anchorage School Board and is not on behalf of or intended to represent the School Board or the Anchorage School District.


  1. They persist in having a belief in their own infallibility inherent in their own personal right to rule over families. Who taught them their rejection of an actual Christ made each and every one of them a shiloh with a God-given right to rule over Anchorage families?

  2. ‘ Federal law prohibits school districts from not providing parents with accurate and full information about their students. In Anchorage, the guidelines recommend just not telling the parents when it happens. If a parent does happen to ask, the district must tell them the truth about student names, pronouns, and gender selections. ‘

    Every parent should file a letter with the school their child is attending, as well as the school district, that states any such issues that arise will be immediately communicated to them, the parents. I wish all parents had the financial flexibility to just pull their kids out and homeschool or enroll in a private school. Times have sadly changed so drastically and too many have to work double incomes just to put food on the table. It is unconscionable to me parents have to deal with this. Neighbors and friends past child rearing years should also try and make time to step up alongside parents of school age kids and demand transparency and parental rights.

  3. You are absolutely correct Dave. That is why I no longer work with them! Things are at a breaking point! Thank you for caring.

  4. Please fellow Anchorage voters:

    With the exception of Dave Donley, vote every other ASD School Board member out at the next opportunity. Each of the others are imposters committing fraud against families and students at every meeting and stealing opportunities for students and parents to know the truth. Please remove them!

    • Problem is WE have been “Trying” to remove the “team”, but somewhere the vote gets over ranked and we loose every time..It’s the machines or “someone” somewhere is illegally counting the votes.

      • Sorry kc, no RCV in school board elections.
        Here are some free Democracy lessons:
        1. The candidate that gets the most votes is elected.
        2. “Removing” an elected official occurs when that candidate receives fewer votes than their opponent.
        3. If a candidate consistently wins, it’s because more voters agreed with that candidates positions than the positions of their opponent.
        4. If you consistently support losing candidates, it’s because your values are not shared by the majority of voters.
        5. If you only interact with others that share your minority view (say, on pseudo news internet sites), you’ll be convinced you’re in the majority, and you’ll be constantly amazed that your candidates can’t get elected.
        6. When you’re in the minority, winning elections requires convincing voters that don’t already agree with your positions to change their minds. Contrary to many posts on this site, that is rarely accomplished by asserting they are (stupid, Marxist, atheists, anti-democracy, sheep, etc.).

  5. There’s an easy fix for this problem…Parents, pull your kids out of the Anchorage School District’s schools (government indoctrination centers). It will require sacrifices on your part, but your children will be better for it

  6. “So far, I have had no support from other board members.” So, if her Ladyship Margo B. allows for additional support Dave, it will move forward. She is a tough old buzzard don’t you know.
    Nothing moves until she blesses everything for all her lemmings.

    Keep your chin up Dave, someday the Board will operate in a fair and honest manner. Get rid of every one of them EXCEPT Dave and we would be in good order.

  7. How is it that the woke school board allows Dave Donley to even serve on the board.
    It seems as though they would just replace him with another worthless talking head just like the rest of the worthless pathetic rulers that have plans for the children of families who cant afford private school or care enough about their ability to learn the important information to get them on the path of success in life.
    Its just a Belamy BBryanTT s**t show.

  8. School vouchers seem like a very reasonable approach at solving this delima. Maybe(?), even put it up for a public vote, let the Tax Payers decide. Then, also allow the Tax Payer who doesn’t have kids, to have the ability to direct that portion of of Taxes set aside for education to be directed towards a vouch system. Action is desperately needed now as the status-quo is “not” producing meaningful and significant ‘positive’ results!

    • Rob. I am in complete agreement with vouchers.
      However to my knowledge there is still the Blaine amendment stuck in our AK constitution (the Supreme court ruled it unconstitutional). Since our constitutional convention vote failed, our legislature isn’t inclined to take steps to change that. The teachers union and the alphabet soup activists simply have more lawyers, lobbyists and money to maintain the status quo or expand laws to favor their particular cause. On top of that now that legislators have access to the PFD, individual taxpayers have even less say.
      Education is a community responsibility and taxes are collected for that purpose. The state allocates equal amount of funds per student to each school district in the Base Student Allocation. Those funds should follow the student as vouchers. Taxpayers in Anchorage and many other incorporated areas pay property taxes on top of what the state pays, along with bonds. Voucher are a good solution, but our current leaders are not interested in changing the rules.

  9. We need school vouchers so parents can vote with their feet. NEA hates vouchers as they are forced to listen to parents or they take their kids out of a sucky school and put them in a better one.

  10. It seems to me that the Board’s legal counsel may have an obligation to brief the Board as to the ASD’s legal risk from this approach. An idea, perhaps already considered by Mr. Donley is to request such a briefing in an open session of his available forum: An open Board meeting. That way, the potential risk would be a matter of record. The ASD’s independent auditor should also identify the risk and financial exposure in the annual audit.

    Maybe these ideas are impractical, but worth considering.

    I hope the ASD employees involved are aware of and have weighed their own legal risks in acting without support to be found in a Board policy.

    • My guess is they know the makeup of the courts and are comfortable they will never be held to account.

  11. As a lawyer Donley should understand that the Alaska Constitution privacy clause extends to students who have Parents that do not understand gender dysphoria

    • Oh”Frank”…

      As a lawyer Donley likely has forgotten more about state law than you could ever learn.

      Probably never entered your brain it’s because of his knowledge of the law he’s got a basis to challenge this.

    • Gender dysphoria is a serious psychological condition best treated by qualified professionals. Is the ASD providing professional assistance to students with GD? If not, they’re negligent. The assumption that parents are incapable of dealing with this is another example of the elitists thinking that government knows what is best for your child. They don’t.

  12. The ASD board already has a track record of paying to cover up when administrators fail to follow laws such as mandatory reporting of child abuse. It’s all out there in the public record if anyone looks.

    ( cashed checks are hard to talk your way out of)

  13. It sounds to me that until this policy can be changed, parents need to have a statement, typed out in advance of Parent Teacher conferences, which states something like
    ‘I________ have discussed with ___________, my son or daughters teacher, whether or not MY child is wanting to change their gender or their pro-nouns.
    Parent____________ xx/xx/xxxx

  14. When a student confides in a trusted adult in the school setting, but asks that their parent not be told, that student is confessing that their home environment is a hostile one. Parents who have created such a hostile home environment that their kid is afraid to come out to them are the ones to blame, not the teachers or other school staff who seek only to support students. If you, as a parent, really have no idea that your student is being bullied for being trans, or that they are experiencing difficulty with adhering to traditional gender stereotypes, it is YOUR OWN FAULT for creating a hostile home environment. So stop blaming the school district, and start looking at your own responsibilities towards your kids.

    • Interesting rationalization SA.
      So you assert that any student, who comes out to a teacher but not a parent, is essentially at danger at home. Since school personnel and especially teachers are mandatory reporters, aren’t you require to make a report to the authorities regarding this student, if you suspect?
      Yet it sounds like you think teachers should manage the potential gender dysphoria, even though they are not trained clinicians to properly diagnose and make a treatment plan. It seems overly hostile and agenda driven, to categorically demonize parents instead of allowing them to give their insight into students behavior at home and to deny them the right to knowledge of what their child is experiencing.
      These are life-changing decisions that families will deal with for the rest of their lives. It is unacceptable that clinically untrained teachers, who see students only for that school year, meddle instead of allowing appropriate professionals to work with all individuals involved.

  15. Secrets, Dave?
    In the March 2022, MRAK edition we find: “The Anchorage School Board voted (–unanimously–) to create a construction monopoly controlled by labor unions, limiting competition on construction projects over $1 million to those companies hiring union labor.”
    In other words, all School Board members, Dave included, sold their souls to trade and teachers unions, all of whom seem okay with institutionalized child grooming, molestation and mutilation… law, guidelines, and policy be damned.
    So, Dave, you’re one of the Team, except when your not? Internal stench got so bad it had to be vented outside, downhill, because that’s where education industry sh… (oops!) always seems to roll?
    Secrets from parents, secrets from taxpayers, secret kickbacks from padding contracts, meeting child-mutilation quotas
    … or maybe, just maybe, secretly filing RICO complaints, qui tam lawsuits, testifying to the federal grand jury, referring institutionalized child molestation under color of law to S. Lane Tucker, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Alaska.
    Care to fill us in, Dave? Promise not to tell anyone.

  16. Remember, the ASD only has “guidelines” for handling the transgender/gender ID issue. Because it is only guidelines the ASD staff does not have to follow them. The ASD staff only has to follow policy issued by the ASD board and its following regulations. So, teachers and other ASD staff members, simply ignore these “administrative guidelines” and let the chips (aka Superintendent Bryantt) fall where they may. And you are backed up by the Family Education Records Act (FERPA) from reprisals.

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