Dark Brandon drops into Detroit, shows strikers sympathy for 12 minutes before heading to Hollywood


The trip to Michigan was like a visit to In-N-Out Burger, a drive-by as President Joe Biden flew to California to campaign for reelection.

Biden flew on Air Force One to Detroit and, after carefully descending the stairs of his Boeing 747, spent just 12 minutes at the picket line of the United Auto Workers strike. They are asking for a 40% wage increase and a 32-hour work week.

Biden spoke for 87 seconds, took some photos, and then went back to his motorcade and sped to the airport, where he carefully walked up the short stairs installed for his aged abilities, and jetted to California for fundraisers with Hollywood celebrities.

It was a “Dark Brandon” move, showing the fighting, edgy and slightly sinister side of Biden. Dark Brandon is a term the Biden Administration coined a year ago to describe Biden’s alter ego.

Biden was stealing the thunder from former President Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner for the 2024 presidential nomination, who has plans to attend a rally with the strikers in the auto industry, long planned for the same time as the Republican debate on Wednesday evening.

Biden fist-bumped strikers for the cameras and told the crowd, “You deserve the significant raise you need and other benefits,” joining the list of elected officials who choose to put their thumbs on the scale of worker-management disputes in an age of spiraling inflation and worker shortages.

Biden has called himself the most “pro-union president” in history, and indeed, this is the largest strike to ever get the explicit support of an elected president.

But the people of Instagram were not particularly impressed with his PR push in Detroit. They pointed out his policies killing the oil industry and propping up electric vehicles, and how high the cost of living is in America under Bidenomics.

The three factories the UAW has targeted for strikes are the ones that are most profitable for the American auto industry: General Motors’ plant in Wentzville, Mo., makes Chevy Colorado and the GMC Savana. Ford Motors’ plant in Wayne, Mich., makes Ford Rangers and Ford Broncos, and the Stellantis mothership in Toledo, Ohio, makes Jeep Wranglers and Jeep Gladiators. The strike did not call attention to the money-losers — the electric vehicles that are being made but are not being sold.

The supply of EVs in stock has swelled nearly 350% this year, according to Axios. The surplus is now more than 92,000, representing a three months’ worth of EVs sitting gathering dust as their batteries drain. It’s nearly twice the industry average for traditional cars. An average EV costs more than $64,000.

“What do all these vehicles have in common?” asked the Washington Examiner in an editorial that called attention to the strike’s focus on the profitable traditional vehicles. “Unlike electric vehicles that lose money, these vehicles are among the Big Three’s most profitable products. They are also exactly the type of vehicle President Joe Biden wants to eliminate by 2032, when his new regulations mandate that two-thirds of all cars sold in the United States must be EVs.”

EVs have fewer parts than gasoline models, which means fewer jobs for auto workers. And all the manufacturers for things like mufflers, catalytic converters, and fuel injectors will have to close, the newspaper pointed out.

Vice President Kamala Harris said that auto workers’ fears over a shift to electric vehicles is a “perspective that some people have [that] is grounded in a very old, false choice.”

Former Vice President Mike Pence, running for president, told CNBC, “American autoworkers know that Joe Biden has chosen Beijing over Detroit and that is a key factor driving the UAW strike.” Former President Donald Trump called it a “PR stunt.”

Biden, however, was not on the picket line so much to support the workers as he was to get the UAW endorsement — well worth an hour of his time, and hundreds of thousands of gallons of jet fuel. According to GoBankingRates.com, during the Obama Administration, which ended in January of 2017, it cost over $206,000 per hour to fly the president on Air Force One. For the hour and a half trip from Washington, D.C. to Detroit, the cost of the flight alone for Biden was well over a quarter million dollars — just for the Detroit leg of his trip, a campaign junket paid for by U.S. taxpayers.


  1. So he flies in in on a electric plane? And takes a electric car to a unionization of auto workers protest? And yes! I’m being a smart ***

  2. Interesting that the left is now walking the picket/strike lines. Fetterman, and now Biden. Why the distraction? What is really going on?

  3. You know the ones like they used to teach at UAA summer night school at Iggle River. To you Johnny-come-latelies to reading espousal: You missed the boat, everyday.

  4. This is part of the plan. The unions make ridiculous demands forcing a long strike. This idles the production of gas powered vehicles, which will eventually lead to layoffs and closures of the plants. People will be forced to buy EVs as we won’t have a choice. That is if we can afford them at all.

  5. Well 10% is for the big guy who is getting paid for striking with them? They need to work 40 hours a week to get 40 hours of pay. The non union workers need to go on strike for the same benifits.

  6. “I am here to speak in favor of the Communist plan to destroy this country and the liberty of its residents. I’m Dark Brandon, and I approve this message.” -not a direct quote but it fact checks

  7. I am so sick of hearing about BIDEN STUPIDITY.
    Impeach Biden
    Bring Hunter Biden before the grand jury and move on with
    brin g Hunter Biden to trail. If the chips fall and Joe Biden is
    a partner in Hunter Crimes. Remember Nancy Pelosi words
    ‘ NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW” But Democrats and liberals are

  8. What’s most interesting is Biden needs to go to California to prep for re election.

    Trouble in progressive paradise?

  9. Biden is an icon of the worst possible definition of a politician. All you have to do is watch the debate between him and Trump when Trump brings up how the Bidens got millions from Russia and watch how he lies. It is glaring and revealing. And it’s right in front you.

  10. Unions aren’t smart enough to figure out that Brandon is the cause of them needing more money. If Brandon wasn’t running up inflation (for Ukraine), their paychecks wouldn’t be worth 20% less than two years ago. The unions wouldn’t need the 40% raise if they wouldn’t have voted for Senile Joe. The auto companies need to hire new employees and fire the strikers for their stupidity.

  11. Stupid sheep voting for stupid Sheepherders.
    Lets head for the cliff and get it over with.
    Their real future is at the bottom of the cliff but all they can see at the moment is the blue sky pay increases.
    Come on, Thelma said to Louise….Let’s hold hands and go together!

  12. Biden walking the picket line with the people his policies actively harm.
    That is ripe. Hope no one was even remotely fooled by this stunt.

  13. Biden could give a rat’s a– about union workers. He only wants the endorsement, given by the union bosses. I’ve been a union man for 45 years and never voted for a Democrat.
    Same goes for most of my Conservative buddies, also union workers.

  14. Driving up the labor costs on real cars and trucks is a desperate attempt to get people to buy an battery car. Wouldn’t anyone enjoy a payed day off every week with a giant pay raise as well. Maybe they can make the competition do the same. After all, to make a profit is just not fair. As for me, I will stick to my 1968 Chevy truck. At some point, it might be feasible to fuel it on homemade methanol. This is progress, I suppose.

  15. GM CEO was paid thirty four million dollars in 2022. Do you think she earned it? Is it fair to the workers that while she got a forty percent salary increase, workers got squat.

  16. Try “Darth brandon”. His agencies hold up CBA approvals in violation of labor laws to enslave folks working under government contracts. I agree with the above posts that the stop in Detroit is to force more EV sales.

  17. not a lot of difference between organized crime and unions……Give them their raise and the cost of living goes up for all of us……

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