Daniel Turner: Radical eco-left funds groups like Alaska Center to attack American energy independence



Although America’s energy producers are already under daily attack from the Biden administration, the eco-left is not content to limit their crusade to Washington DC. They are funding local groups in energy producing states to put in place endless hurdles to responsibly extracting energy. While the tactics may differ by the state, they all share the same goal: stopping domestic production and American energy independence at the source.

In Louisiana, known as one of the nation’s worst “Judicial Hellholes,” environmentalists are achieving their goals through countless frivolous lawsuits. For example, last year, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, Sierra Club, and Healthy Gulf filed a lawsuit challenging a permit for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility that exports American natural gas to reduce dependence on Russian energy abroad.

Although this lawsuit was ultimately tossed out by a state judge, the costs and headaches of the legal system create delays that can kill vital projects.

Activists in Pennsylvania are pursuing a similar strategy. The Philadelphia-based Clean Air Council seeks to “stop using fossil fuels”  by suing plants across the Commonwealth  to tie them down in endless litigation. This extreme group is funded by the national Energy Foundation, which is the largest recipient of grants from the foreign-funded Sea Change Foundation – a group whose funding has been tied to a Russian state-owned oil company.

Meanwhile, in New Mexico, activists are taking advantage of a green ally in the governor’s office to jam through reckless mandates. Radical groups like the Center for Civic Policy and Conservation Voters have been cheerleaders for Governor Lujan Grisham as she passed a “mini-Green New Deal” and crippling regulations on the oil & gas industry.

In Alaska, environmentalists are pushing to kill energy production through massive tax hikes. Despite oil and gas making up one half of Alaska’s entire economy, green groups have been working to pass  a 40% tax on oil and gas production that would devastate Alaska’s energy industry and the local economy.

To punish privately held companies that can’t be easily browbeat into their climate agenda through public pressure campaigns, they also proposed targeting these oil & gas companies with even higher tax increases.

The Alaska Center – previously known as the Alaska Center for the Environment – is one of the main drivers of this campaign, and they nearly succeeded in recent months. They are funded by national climate groups like the League of Conservation Voters and Tides Advocacy Fund and work to help elect allies in the state legislature that will do their bidding. They also work closely with the radical group Sierra Club, whose Executive Director Ben Jealous is slated to visit Alaska later this Summer.

While Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy is widely respected nationally for fighting for American energy independence, jobs, and lower energy costs for Alaskans, these extreme groups are mobilizing to kill his vital projects that achieve these critical goals. 

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In 2020, before President Joe Biden took office, America was a net energy exporter. Now, America is once again dependent on imports, consumers are stuck with unaffordable energy costs, and our President fecklessly begs Saudi Arabia for oil. This won’t change without new leadership in the White House, but that won’t be sufficient. The eco-left is fighting a multi-front war on American energy. Restoring American energy independence won’t be possible unless we engage in it at every level.

Daniel Turner is the founder and executive director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs. Twitter: @DanielTurnerPTF. This column first ran at The Daily Caller.


  1. Face it: the radical leftist extremists hate us, hate the USA, hate Western civilization, hate freedom, and are doing EVERYTHING in their power to kill all of the above.

    They are nothing but a death cult, pure and simple.

    • It’s genius in a twisted way. Kill off enough of us, the Davos elites can have all the energy they want.

    • Perhaps I’m wrong but I believe there are active military who have taken an oath to secure and defend the US Constitution who recognize exactly who the enemies to the US Constitution are by their actions and the continuation of government military following the Law of War Manual may take charge of enemies foreign or domestic and may implement military tribunals to clear these enemies from positions of American prominence and recognize those in the civilian side in support of the 1776 constitution and hand the republic back to the people per the US Constitution. Thus, current levels of corruption can cease.

  2. Their goal is to weaken America to the point a third world country would have enough power to simply walk across the southern border with enough mass to simply take over sick homeless ridden cities one state at a time.
    More and more countries will become wealthy enough through Bidens foreign energy policies to clear the path and they will all have a key to the front door of America.

    As crazy as it sounds Mars will be a safer place someday?

  3. The Alaska Center would do better for Alaska if they would lighten up on the oil industry and focus on the looming fiscal disaster boondoggles the State and AIDEA are pushing for. In particular the Ambler Road and West Susitna Access Road proposed projects. Like AIDEA’s many previous failures, these projects are based on fantasy economics. And because these speculative projects are destined to failure, AIDEA will simply be money laundering 100’s of millions of public funds to construction company cronies.

  4. The Sea Change Foundation is based in California but is funded by Russia? They give tens of millions to anti-carbon groups. I guess there are no anti-carbon groups in Russia to give the money too? It seems to me the American groups should be charged for being unregistered foreign lobbyists if not foreign agents.

  5. Daniel turner should explain how Governor Mike Dunleavy is widely respected nationally for fighting for American energy independence, jobs, and lower energy costs for Alaskans I see no such behavior or policies what I see is lots and lots of ESG policies.

    Who needs the truth when we have Alaska media

    • What IS a ‘global destructive pathway’? And please explain how fossil fuels have created them.

    • Valley Chapel, Destructive pathways must by needs include the cessation of Commercial Whaling by the New Bedford Boys, those salty rascals would surely have up and harpooned the last damn Whale if that devil Rockefeller had not come up with his coal oil! But look where we are today, since that Whaling Treaty in the early ’70s those damn whales have seen fit to enlarge their barnacle backed ranks to such enormity that their strip mining of our Oceans are creating a disaster of epic proportions! Melville him self would be surprised if he were alive today to see the destructive paths that the Whales have created in the Heart of the Sea.

      I say bring back Japanese and Norwegian Whale research utilizing Eco Friendly harvesting measures only of course.

  6. “Radical eco-left funds groups”

    Like Cook Inlet Keepers, down in these here parts…

  7. Names and pictures of these people please.
    They should not be able to walk safely down the street as it is said.
    Not advocating violence so don’t get all butt hurt.
    If folks could place a face to their nefarious deeds it may slow much of this garbage down.

  8. Not going to get any favorable positive commentary from me, the common commonplace commonsense citizen of the United States of America with such a derogatory opinion against serious exploration of alternative energy sources in favor of plumbing the limited supply of non-renewable earth resources, especially when the opinion is that of a vested exploitive supposed steward of this one earth where we all humanity and those with any sort of life exist.

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