Daniel Smith: Predictions for 2022



This is the time of year when one is inclined to reflect on the events of the past 12 months or more. From those reflections, it is possible to learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. If accomplishments and victories appear in your reflecting pool, by all means, take a moment to enjoy those memories as well.

The other exciting opportunity we have is the conversion of both recent and distant past experiences, milestones and events into predictions of what may be in our future. With that in mind, I offer the following predictions for 2022 for your consideration.

  1. Current and soon-to-be former Anchorage School District Superintendent Deena Bishop will occupy the lieutenant governor’s seat and will probably do a good job working with Gov. Mike Dunleavy in his second term. Bishop submitted her resignation as ASD Superintendent and served under the employ of the Anchorage School Board, the majority being undeniably ignorant, afraid, and Marxist. She came face to face with leftist ideology and tyranny and did not like it. Bishop will now be free to unleash her repressed conservative principles and make the State of Alaska voting system the cleanest and most transparent system we have ever seen. Unsolicited mail-in ballots may even be outlawed statewide.  
  2. Chief Medical Officer for Alaska Anne Zink will resign. Confidence in many federal agencies and others such as the CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO has been undermined by their unconstitutional assertions of authority. The heads of these agencies will continue to resign in disgrace and the agencies themselves will crumble. This will occur just as soon as the American taxpayer stops funding these entities or allowing Big Pharma companies to fund the agencies that are charged with overseeing their products and operations. But before that happens, those medical institutions, professionals, and bureaucracies that have embraced medical tyranny and mandates will be publicly shamed.  Increasing evidence of injuries and death caused by so called Covid vaccines will be revealed by even the mainstream media. The medical profession will begin the long journey back to healing patients, as its top priority.  Real vaccines will continue to be OK.
  3. The Green New Deal will be commonly recognized as the Communist proliferation tool that it is. We only need look as far as our own backyard to see how these types of misguided central planning attempts have failed.  While not directly energy related, reflect for a moment back upon the Point Mackenzie farms, the Delta Barley project, the abandoned grain silos in Valdez, the failed fish processing plant in Anchorage (sold and converted into a church), Matanuska Maid Dairy and the Palmer Meat Plant, just to name a few.  Whether they are created by or “nationalized” by State funding, they are destined to fail. Centrally planned redistribution of wealth either through taxes, carbon credits, simple seizure of assets or the Green New Deal is a recipe for a totalitarian-style disaster. Reflecting on other government “deals,” Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and government regulated economy of the 1930’s was on the verge of failure only to be saved by the rapid industrialization and events of World War II.  

Wind and solar power are the center piece manifestations of Green theory.  They falsely promise the elimination of fossil fuels as if oil and gas are a bad thing. Realization that these alternative sources of energy are entirely weather dependent and at best are a science project, will take a few more years. Do they produce electricity? Yes. Are they available when you need them in the dark of an Alaskan winter or a crippling ice storm on Fire Island? No. Storage of alternatively generated energy is a necessary missing link that has yet to be resolved in commercial quantities so that alternate energy might make a meaningful contribution to the power grid. In Alaska we will see more public utility-sponsored and rate-payer-funded wind farms and solar arrays brought on line. They will predictably fail to live up to their promise as a replacement for fossil fuels. They will bring with them the baggage of central planning bureaucracy and at great expense.      

  • The State legislature will finally realize that they too must follow the statutes and pay out Permanent Fund dividends as required by law. Enough State representatives and senators are guilty of thinking they know better how to spend their constituent’s money. They allow the Bill Walker-organized crime theft of our money to continue. I’m not sure if any State legislators will be arrested, but those who do not allow the legally required PFD disbursement to occur will be voted out of office. A constitutional convention will force their hand and not-so-gently persuade them toward a large-scale cut in wasteful State spending. Ultimately, the State will be forced to live within its means and without the theft of the people’s Permanent Fund dividend.  
  • Manmade global warming will finally be exposed as a farce. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not poison. If I remember correctly from high school biology, plants need CO2 to grow. More CO2 equates to more trees, more rain forest, more crops, and less famine. Trees and plants produce oxygen. Most humans enjoy oxygen when it comes to things like breathing and such. CO2 will be declared a miracle element and advocates of reforestation will rejoice in its abundance. The sun and its cycles will be acknowledged as the driving force behind longterm climate and temperature fluctuations on the planet.    
  • The Anchorage Assembly will turn over and the people of Anchorage will vote out the Marxists’ everywhere we can.  New to the Assembly will be Stephanie Taylor, Kathy Henslee, Randy Sulte, and Liz Vazquez. Balance will be restored to the currently tyrannical political situation in Anchorage. The actions of the current leftist assembly have left a rancid path of destruction in their wake. House cleaning will not be limited to elected officials. Those appointed by Marxists will be asked to box up their personal effects and thanked for their service as they are shown to the door. This is the part where we learn from our mistakes and never let our guard down again. 

I think we have a lot to look forward to in 2022!

Dan Smith is a lifelong Alaskan and Anchorage resident who writes for Must Read Alaska.


  1. Predictions are great! They don’t even have to be based on facts – just wild-eyed projection of political dogma. It’s really more of a wish list from Dan. In the future when none of this comes true you can just say the conspiracy won again.
    What is up with the prediction numbering? The treatise on green theory seems to have disrupted the entire sequence and left predictions 4, 5, and 6 with only measly bullet points.
    Happy New Times People! I predict the sun will rise tomorrow and I haven’t been wrong yet!

  2. Great predictions Dan! Fingers crossed that every one comes true! One fly in the ointment is we’ll have a second assembly seat come out of District 1. Doubtless Chris Constant & his liberal chums already have another commie lined up. However, Meg Zalatel is supposedly stepping down to avoid a conflict of interest, Kathy Hensley should be a shoe-in. What became of AQD being called up to DC to work for the Biden Administration?
    God Bless and keep us all safe during 2022.

  3. My predictions are that we will never get back to a society that existed before the hippie summer of love 1969. There were no Swat Teams or Citizens buying guns by the millions for self protection or Car Jackings or Home Invasions or Drive by Shootings or Wide spread OD’s of drugs or Unlimited crime – etc etc etc. But…the left cares! Kumbaya.

  4. Dan Smith, very well written and with a strong positive attitude on our future. These changes take more time than most of us have patience for, but things do seem to be changing for the better finally. Mayor Dave Bronson for one. We will always have the misguided and uninformed lefties to contend with though. There is clearly some chicanery in our elections and we need to clear that up before all these things can come to fruition. We have to start by us conservatives following closely our very local elections for school board and municipal assembly. We cannot let these elections go anymore to a few zealot left-wing voters that tend to scavenge ballots and otherwise play games with our voting system. And the likes of Barbara Jones and Suzanne LaFrance must go. Along with the rest of the nut bag left wing assembly. Kameron Perez-Verdia for one. And the rest, here on Gilligans island.

    • Define “far right”, Evan.
      Also, give us your factual basis and proof of that random number of 17% that you clearly pulled out of your butt.
      As a lifelong libertarian, I neither identify, nor can identify, as either “right” or “left”. Indeed, much of my political principles originally derive from what USED to be considered “the left” (which is far from what is called “left” today, which is much more purely fascist in fact). But having said all that, and even with having had more than my share of arguments and disagreements with so-called “conservatives’ over the years (particularly during the Shrub/Darth Cheney era), I have to say that nowadays it is you radical so-called leftists who have completely run off the rails into self-loathing nihilism and outright insanity.

      • Jefferson: I enjoy your comments. I especially liked the one about drawing flak the other day. You write well.

        I suppose the far right consists of ridgid ideology. No sense of nuance or compromise. And since Trump fouled out footpath beginning in 2015, the far right is quick to anger and quick to condemn And now violence in thought and deed is being encouraged in some circles. Christianity for sure. Hallmark is hypocrisy. Nothing defines the far right better that that term.

        I’ve learned a lot from conservative commenters here, like how to lie and feel comfortable about it. Like that 17% figure I quoted. Totally made up! So good on you for your perception.

        • “I suppose the far right consists of ridgid ideology. No sense of nuance or compromise. And since Trump fouled out footpath beginning in 2015, the far right is quick to anger and quick to condemn And now violence in thought and deed is being encouraged in some circles.”
          Worst definition EVER!
          Nothing was clarified by this “definition.” In fact, I have even less of an idea what you think “far right” is.
          If I were to take your definition of far right, then Antifa and BLM are far right. They have some of the most rigid ideologies I have ever seen, their politics and actions have clearly fouled the footpath of the USA, and they are quick to anger, violence, and hateful thoughts.

        • So, Evan, you define the far right as being rigidly ideological in nature. How, then, do you view the even greater ideological rigidity of the contemporary (so-called) left, particularly the highly intolerant and cult-like wokesters?

          • My correct asssessment of the contemporary authoritarian, highly intolerant, and rigidly ideological so-called “left” is based on innumerable observations that all dovetail with each other.
            There is in fact no such thing as “the left” any longer — there is simply the authoritarian/totalitarian/fascist pseudo-left.

          • Jefferson,
            You are pushing the deviant left into their cognitive dissonance zone!! By simply mirroring their comments back at them, you confuse and anger them. Well done and keep up the good work.
            Interestingly, these wokesters love to troll these conservative sites as their deviant lib sites do not allow comments so they come here to attempt to justify their deviant views fully not expecting to be completely outed by simple reasoning.

        • (Sorry for the near-duplicate posts, Suzanne — I don’t know why this keeps happening, as I had made my typo corrections before hitting “Post Comment”.)

    • To you John F. Kennedy would be far right, but in fact he would have been a good ol’ regular American today AKA Conservative. My Lord these people!

  5. Well done Daniel
    I’m not pleased or convinced though that Bishop/Dunleavy will be together or successful. Bishop has $$$ as her great motivator, she is not principled. Dunleavy had a chance, but blew it. Ann ZinK , Kevin Clarkson, election integrity, Wasilla crap show, university funding reduction/maybe not, and hidin like Biden, essential vs not, nurses forced out nurses bribed in. This guy is incompetent and yes it’s now officially his legacy, SPINLESS.
    Go Kurka

    • How is it unconstitutional. WE voted for it to be law here in OUR state.

      I consider it to be unconstitutional that the republican primary was seperate from the the rest of the primaries. Hence why im registered as undeclared.

      Murkowski for the win!

      Oh and btw Trump lost fair and square, 60 plus lawsuits ALL failed many with trump appointed judges. Why? Because there was NO actual evidence of voter fraud and the big lie is dying.

  6. I would be so pleased if these predictions come to fruition. The Anchorage I see today has no resemblence to the Anchorage I saw 40+ years ago. It is bigger, yes. It is so very vain and ignorant, at the same time. To have it grow for the better would be a welcome site, for sure.

    • Let’s not go back 40+ years ago. The point of life isn’t to be stuck in the past, but to be cognizant of the future and accepting of change.

  7. Wow thats a way to start a new year. HOPIUM !!!
    If the imposter inchief is replaced with the rightful winner of the last presidential election that would be a good start to the year.
    Let’s go Brandon!

    • Biden was the rightful winner. 60+ fraudulent lawsuits thrown out by many Trump appointed judges because they failed to prove their cases. No evidence of voter fraud will do that.

      The person we choose isn’t based on one person’s vote, but rather by all the voters in every state.

      Pretty sad that we didn’t even have 100% voter turn out. So perhaps work on getting people to the polls rather than citing an insurrection.

      • “60+ fraudulent lawsuits thrown out by many Trump appointed judges because they failed to prove their cases.”
        Not why they were thrown out. Please try to get your facts straight.
        The reason the bulk of them were thrown out were lack of standing on the part of the plaintiffs. No evidence was ever brought before the magistrates in the majority of those dismissals.

  8. Can I get some of what Dan is smoking, please? 🙂 It may not be 2022 (otherwise known as 2020 two point O), but a financial collapse that will make the Great Depression look like a picnic is inevitable. The US has such massive debts and created 10’s of trillions in fiat money with 10’s of trillion more overseas and Europe is even much, much worse shape. The 1929 crash actually started in Europe and now China also has massive financial debts and so many other problems it’d take a book to list—not to mention they and maybe Russia will likely start a war. And like more and more countries including Islamic nations, they’re also manufacturing more and more nukes. In the US and Europe as well as probably most of the entire planet, the fascists cartels outright own the political system and elections, the entire banking system, all major corporations (except Tesla), the so-called justice system, 95% of educational institutions, all of the major media, Hollywood and social media, all of the 100 alphabet soup Federal agencies like the FBI, EPA, IRSS, the CDC—definitely the CDC and so on. As we speak, these fascists are successfully purging our military of anybody with even slightly conservative values as they know 100% that when the crash does come they’ll need troops willing to shoot Americans—especially you “hate-filled, right-wing, Nazi, homophobic, racists, capitalist pigs” as they actually, truly believe we are. Liberals will believe ANYTHING the media tells them to and the total psychosis of it has gone through the ozone all the way to Pluto.

    Just to mention; despite all of it, I’m the ultimate optimists as I know Jesus is coming back, justice will be served and I’ll live with Him forever.

  9. Daniel Smith is a man of conviction and high moral standards. He has fought the battle with the School Board as a singular warrior in the night

    He deserves our greatest respect and unending THANKS
    There are a lot of parents out there who do not comprehend how hard Dan has fought Margo and her team Marxist pals on the School Board.

    A second parallel in Anchorage is Jamie Allard and how her battle is being waged against the Marxist Anchorage Assembly members Dunbar, Constant, Rivera, Davidson and the rest of the scallywags. Jaimie is a true warrior.

    IF Anchorage had an honest and trustworthy School Board and Assembly — we would have a great place to live just like it used to be.

    SMITH AND ALLARD. —- Thank you

  10. This list seems to be more of a wish list than a roster of predictions, and while I share the same wishes, all I can say is, I admire your optimism……

  11. I predict that deviants, Marxists, liberals, Communists, progressives and oppressive swill lose their composure, react and respond negatively to this article.
    Would you look at that, my prediction already came true!!
    Happy New Year fellow patriots and conservatives!!

  12. When David deletes all your comments because they disagree with his views.

    Apparently healthy debate isn’t their strong suit.

    • Stephanie, your comments here are cryptic if not nonsensical.
      Who is “David”, and why do you think that he (whoever he is) is deleting your comments?

      • David wrote the article you’re commenting on. They put them back up, well some of them after I sent them an email. The reason they were being deleted was because I don’t share the same view as David did, nor the same view as some of the commentators. But apparently explaining that only allowing those who agree to comment magnifies the fact that this ain’t news but propaganda specifically the owner of this opinion site, as what they present the most of is just opinion, not factual news without bias.

        My comments are not cryptic nor nonsensical, they are my replies to either the article or other commentators.

        • Stephanie, your comments, like all others, go into the holding bucket until they are given a quick review for language, libel, coherence. You are not being singled out. It’s just the process. The ones being deleted usually are because of bad language or name-calling.- sd

        • Stephanie, the article above was written by Daniel Smith, not by anyone named “David”.
          Moreover, are you really not aware that Suzanne Downing is the editor and moderator of this site, and that the authors of all the articles not written by Suzanne herself have no ability to affect the posting of comments here?

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