Dan Sullivan, on ‘Clay and Buck Show,’ says Americans are done with the unconstitutional mandates

Speaks about Freedom Convoy in Anchorage over the weekend


Appearing on the popular Clay Travis and Buck Sexton radio show on iHeart stations on Wednesday, Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan continued his theme of standing up for American workers who are being fired because they won’t take the Covid-19 vaccine. He recounted some of his experiences over the weekend bonding with the truckers of Alaska A partial transcript:

SEN. SULLIVAN: Well, look, people are very motivated to support not just the truckers but this whole issue of this illegal, unconstitutional vaccine mandate. I think, you know, the rally that I was at back home over the weekend, this is bringing out people who don’t always protest. This is bringing about average Alaskans, average Americans ’cause people are tired of this.

And I will tell you, the one thing that I tried to emphasize in my remarks is a lot of people right now have amnesia. Think about it, you guys. The truckers and other front-line workers during the pandemic two years ago when things were just hitting our country, they were telling everybody, “Hey, you gotta telework.” Well, guess what?

There’s a lot of people in America who couldn’t telework: The people who are keeping the shelves in our stores full, the people who are producing oil and gas, the front-line police and first responders, our military. So I was saying, “Hey, it’s not just the truckers who we want to support, but we gotta remember these are the people who kept us going during the pandemic,” and now they’re being forgotten or being told they’re gonna be fired if they don’t get a vaccine. It’s outrageous.

CLAY: What are you hearing, Senator Sullivan…? I appreciate you coming on with us. What are you hearing from your constituents about supply chain issues all over Alaska, I would imagine, maybe even more pronounced than in many other parts of the country given how difficult it can be to ship things and move things around? And what are you hearing about this massive, I feel like, outpouring against covid restrictions in general? I know Alaska has got a great affinity for freedom. What are your constituents telling you in the state about both those issues?

SEN. SULLIVAN: Well, they’re interrelated, and it’s a great question because, as you mentioned, we in Alaska are very vulnerable to supply chains. A lot of what the Canadians say is their policies directly impact us. I was talking to a trucker at that rally who said for months and months he was driving through Canada to deliver supplies to Alaskans. He had actually gotten a vaccination, but now he said, “I’m being required to get a booster, and I can’t supply the people of Alaska.”

Literally one of the guys at the rally who I was talking to. So to me, they are very interconnected. But again, I will say that my constituents are just tired of this federal overreach. Here’s something that I think was really important, and it hasn’t been discussed well. When we put together the CARES Act — and look, nobody knew what was really gonna happen.

That was the first big relief bill. The overriding principle that we put in that bill — Democrats and the Republicans, Trump administration, all of us working together — was if you’re a business or an airline or something that’s getting federal aid, you actually have to keep your workers. You have to keep them. The whole point of the CARES Act was keeping people together, keeping people working.

Joe Biden comes in, you guys, and takes a sledgehammer to that principle and flips it on its head and says to employers, “If people don’t get vaccinated, you gotta go fire the very people who are keeping us safe when there was no vaccine.” Think about the illogical nature of that. So I think the average Alaskan is viewing these mandates as something that we’re just not tired of but that the government, the federal government has no right to enact.

And the one thing I said at the rally that I think a lot of people wanted to hear was that we’re actually winning. We are winning. When these unconstitutional and illegal vaccination mandates have been challenged, we won in almost every court, including the U.S. Supreme Court. – Sen. Dan Sullivan

That’s a resolution that has the force of law in the Senate. It passed with bipartisan numbers of senators — (chuckles) Democrats voted for it, too — to overturn Biden’s illegal mandate. So we’re winning, and I think the people are behind us, and I think there’s just a weariness here, but also a sense that the government has gotten way out of its lane in terms of its constitutional and legal authorities.

To read more or listen to Sullivan on the “Travis and Buck Show,” follow this link.


  1. Way to fight after the fact Dan. Now that the majority of folks, health care workers, slope workers, have been forced to get the jabs. Just another disgusting display of miserable leadership out of the Biden administration and no one stopping him.

    • Exactly!
      Reminds me of Alfrid in the Battle of the Five Armies: “Coward!?! Not every man’s brave enough to wear a corset.”

    • Dan Sullivan, rushing up to join the tail-end of the parade, declares himself the parade master.
      I think that is what is known as “leading from behind”.

  2. Dan Sullivan is on a great many ‘watch lists’ kept by Alaskans. He has greatly tarnished his image of being a conservative. A truly conservative thinking senator would have looked at the so called Biden “Infrastructure Bill” and declared that it was bad for Alaskans because it is hugely inflationary and would add trillions more to the national debt. Whatever ‘baubles’ were offered to Alaska from that bill, cannot justify its fiscal irresponsibleness to America. So, by all means, Senator, try to restore the tarnish on your conservative image. But Alaskans are wary and watching what you actually do.

  3. Aaawh Lieutenant Dan…“You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” …backing up Murkowski, voting for Haaland, Jones Act, Pebble Mine….pretty swampy kinda guy ???

  4. I like how Sullivan thinks that popping out of the shadows to give a nice speech about how much he supports freedom as soon as it’s politically convenient is fooling anyone. That being said, better late than never.

  5. Dan Sullivan, leading from behind! Can’t cover up your love for Murskullski and your irrational votes from a true conservative’s perspective. You, Murskullski and Young all need to go. You didn’t support Trump. You are a true wimp. Regardless of your military “career”.

  6. Dan said something, never leads or gets anything accomplished. Day late and a dollar short. I called months ago asking Dan to protect our military from the covid shot. China meanwhile has not given its citizens or military a single mRNA shot.

  7. Dan the marine corps communist
    “I’m all in until I’m not “
    Send him to Ukraine to fight and see who he fights for!!!

  8. I think that is goes deeper than just “Unconstitutional Mandates.” This is just the latest of many offenses on an endless list of that which is repugnant to The Constitution.

  9. Dan, when can we expect to see you demanding the border open up for everyone to freely travel to and from Alaska instead of giving campaign speeches? What are you actively doing every day to open that border up without restrictions Dan? Actions Dan…Actions! Or just do us a favor and resign.

  10. Infrastructure Bill Dan is out trying to gain conservative notoriety again. This guy is such a bafoon and fake. Very disappointed that C&B would entertain such a RINO on their show. Perhaps, Lisa M. will arrive there soon I guess.

  11. Quit pretending that you are some big Marine, You embarrass an Honorable Branch of the Service. You are a coward afraid of taking a stand. You are a coward, pretending that a bunch of Unarmed middle aged Americans were going to come in and harm you. You are a coward because you are not forcing Pelosi to release all videos of Jan 6 th. What do those videos show that you All are so scared of? The fact that it was ANTIFA and BLM that were already in the building that started any trouble? Capital Police opening doors and inviting people in to Their House, we own that not the dirty politicians in DC. We have seen the videos, hard to argue with video evidence. You have done Nothing but Harm Alaskans. Retire and go back to where you came from, we are Embarrassed to have you Pretending to represent Us when all you are really doing is lining your pockets. Please Retire so we can get a Real Brave Alaskan to Represent us.

    • Who the h— are you, tough guy, to impugn anyone’s honor?

      Dan’s service is a matter of record. I’d like to see yours. I’m no fan of Dan’s but I respect the h— out of him wearing the uniform and serving the nation.

      Are you running for office, keyboard hero? Which one?

      Stop acting like Chris Constant.

      If you actually own a Bible, go get it and look in the mirror.

  12. I hope he is equally energized by all the other unconstitutional mandates; having to take off my shoes and belt to board an airliner, let alone not being able to have a pocket knife; not being able to have a sound suppressor on my .22 rifle even if I make it myself neither sell it nor take it out of state; etc. etc. Being required to get a vaccination and/or wear a mask is a very small matter to me compared with so many encroachment on my personal freedom.

  13. Based on about 100% comments I see listed above, Sullivan will no doubt understand the frustration many of us feel towards the “lack of” … leadership and performance he’s delivered, and ultimately the disappointment of Alaskans. If at any point he dismisses and.or minimizes this frustration, it will only add fuel to the fire that is building within Alaskans. The entire team of “Ski, Sully & Yung” must see and recognize this for what it is.
    The question becomes, what changes will they make personally to provide real leadership, the leadership that Alaskans demand and expect.

    • Don’t frustrate yourself by putting more owness on your fellow citizens than is warranted. Most are selfish morons who don’t care and are not engaged. They don’t train their children up the way they should go and they don’t hold politicians accountable. Look at the voting turnout and then have a conversation with any one of your neighbor’s friends etc. all they care about is their groceries media liquor and prescription drugs. In the end when they all cry “what happened” it will be too late.

  14. Interesting how the new program censors comments. I look at my earlier posts and it’s interesting how they’ve been altered.

    I would have expected better from a conservative site, but this is Alaska where conservative is another word for Democrat.

  15. Nothing but another Beta. Marine Corps or not there’s a ton of them in all branches of the service now. If you don’t know what a Beta male is look it up. Need evidence? He plays the game well by swamp standards and he supports Lisa M. Dan is a weak bio male with no true sense of right and wrong. Just another example of a so called male letting liberal female thinking control his every move. He has either sold out knowingly or is too dumb to know what hes doing or what has been done to him. Typical groomed politician in the end.

  16. Mr. Discernment,
    Taking the time to research a myriad of information from a plethora of “facts” I have come to the conclusion that it will have to be the Center Cut of society that will have to bond, bringing a lot of rational conclusions to the table that will ultimately unite and defend our nations. That being the Left of center and the Right of center of societies. These two creative and distinctively powerful mindsets have more in common that we care to acknowledge. Only with the unity of these two examples of human excellence will we witness a cumulative self-reflection that will challenge their own perceptions of Right and Wrong first, before any co-creativity built from unifying consensus can gain momentum enough to challenge a well-established consortium of power that has dictated for a while now the terms and directions of our current livelihoods. This means in simple terms challenging one’s self to consider how really open one’s mindset is and to intellectually absorb the possible as not to overlook the probable. When there is an immediate closing of the thought process to information, it I hypothesize is either a defense mechanism due to self-imposed ignorance based in a reality of not having the “time” to research and connect a correlation to one’s personal experiences or being as basic as choosing a side that one believes will win in the end. Our presence in society in the grand scheme of things is relatively short at best. Coupled with the non-stop barrage of programming we receive throughout our lives (whether or not one can accept this) it is no wonder that the HUMAN condition has and will continue to prevail. I summarize by saying that in our current state of affairs, that those whom at any time feel or perceive as if an intellectual personal aggression from another has presented itself (noting the differences between intellectual and physical harm) to accept this moment as a gift to practice the ancient art of communication. It is uncomfortable and awkward at best when these moments happen. We have all had those moments when we think of what we should have said later rather than what we said in the moment. Thus, using that moment to develop the confidence that will undoubtedly change one’s perspective from a defensive mindset to and more offensive stand for whatever principle is currently being protected. When I witness a verbal attack on a fellow citizens character, I immediately desire to learn and discern with my own research and conclude why that person is to be silenced. Unfortunately, in this day and age it has become more apparent to me that the FACTS and TRUTH are a threat to a well-oiled machine that wants to continue to run rough shot over societies rather than be a part of the development of a collective bond that we lovingly call humanity. I can with my own experiences convey to anyone that has the fortitude to really challenge themselves intellectually and spiritually (disclaimer, I’m not affiliated w/ any church, religious beliefs or any organizations) that this is by far one of the most difficult adventures (that being an intellectual confrontation) that I have ever embraced and from my own experiences that have included a lot of humility, pride checking and humorous self-reflection (making fun of myself) that I and hopefully my loved one’s have grown as critical thinkers with the burden of the human condition acting as a sea anchor. Accepting those times that I have been deceived by a cleaver presentation of “facts” is but a reminder that we as human beings are a part of a lifelong developmental process that only ends when our physical presence is no longer here. Being ok and I mean REALLY being ok with one’s self is the most epic fight one will ever have in a lifetime where everything around us is only as factual as its creators present it to be. A moral reality verses a procedural perception, choose wisely. These thoughts are from the mind of a 9th grade dropout and eventual GED graduate whose beliefs were cultivated from the challenges of “superior people”. Oh ya, criticism from another is a big tell to their soul, if they haven’t already sold it. Later

  17. Yay! “Mr. let’s make it mandatory for girls and women to sign up for the draft, we won’t ever really use the draft again, uh-yuck!” Well, if we won’t ever use the draft again, then why not just do away with it instead of adding women? Yes, he signed on to the defense bill which included women in the draft. Two republicans stopped it dead in its tracks, Josh Hawley and Chip Roy, our Dan Sullivan wasn’t one of them.

  18. Again, beta male Dan, thanks for your candor. Tells us everything we need to know. Yet enjoy your status as a so called senator now because history will not treat you well. You embarrass real Marines.

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