Dan Fagan: Joe Biden’s hidden tax is hitting Alaska hard



If you live in Anchorage and it seems like things are getting more expensive, it’s not your imagination. 

Inflation is expanding faster in Anchorage than the waistline of a customer piling on extra helpings at the Golden Corral buffet. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of consumer goods rose in Anchorage in the past year more than they have in 30 years. They’re up almost a full percentage point over the national average. 

When the villain currently occupying the White House ran for president, he promised no new taxes for those earning under $400,000.  

But as Biden and his special interest catering swamp creatures continue to spend at unprecedented levels and then print money, the value of the dollar you earn shrinks. It’s a hidden tax.  

Biden ironically campaigned as a champion for the little guy, and yet his highest-in-30-year inflation explosion hits the poorest the hardest. 

It will cost you an additional 42% to fill your gas tank in Anchorage than it did a year ago. For a low-wage earner working in Anchorage’s service industry, that’s a devastating blow to a monthly budget.  

It is now considerably more expensive to get around in Anchorage than it was this time last year. Transportation costs overall are up 27%. 

If you need to buy a car in Anchorage, you’ll really feel the pain of the Biden-induced inflation. The cost of used vehicles in Anchorage skyrocketed 47% in the past year. 

The price of meats, chicken, fish, and eggs rose more than 7% in Anchorage in the past 12 months. 

Overall, the cost of buying all things in Anchorage shot up an average of 6.2% in the last year. 

“The 6.2% is the highest we’ve seen since 1990, over 30 years ago. It’s pretty significant,” said Neal Fried, economist with the Alaska Department of Labor.  

China Joe Biden, like most Democrats, is laser focused on destroying the private sector and growing government dependents. This is how they will usher in a government-controlled, socialist-based economy where they can punish the successful and reward the lazy by redistributing wealth. They do it all in the name of equality. 

Hyperinflation caused by out-of-control government spending is one of the fastest ways to kill a capitalist-based, free-market oriented economy. 

“As Joe Biden’s inflation crisis rages, he just can’t stop fueling it with more reckless government spending, “ said Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott. 

“On the same day that the consumer price index report showed that inflation has grown every month under Biden’s presidency, Democrats are out with a new plan for a $4.1 trillion spending spree,” Scott said.

Biden’s assault on Alaskans’ paychecks through hyperinflation is bad enough. Then he launched an all-out war on the state’s resource development economy by appointing rabid anti-oil and gas zealot Deb Haaland as Secretary of the Interior. An appointment oddly enough approved by Alaska’s two senators, Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan. 

One of Haaland’s first act as secretary was to shut down all activity in ANWR. Haaland then closed off development on 28 million acres of federal land in Alaska. 

Unlike Murkowski and Sullivan, Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy fought back and sued Haaland and the federal government over the move. 

“This is a methodical effort by the Biden administration – more than just the bureaucratic foot dragging to leave these lands locked up as de facto parks,” said Dunleavy. “This is another federal attempt to deny Alaska the full realization as a state promised under our Statehood Compact, and it should not stand.” 

Dunleavy has been very vocal in criticizing Biden’s anti-Alaska ways. He hit back hard after China Joe recently ended the federal government’s exemption for Alaska to the roadless rule, a move that will end any potential revitalization of Southeast Alaska’s timber industry. 

“The Forest Service has already conducted a thorough analysis and determined that an Alaska-specific exemption from one-size- fits-all roadless rule was fully justified,” said Dunleavy. “Narrow election results and political donations from environmental groups do not justify this federal agency policy flip flop.” 

It’s important to note we went from one of the most pro-Alaska presidents in history with Donald Trump, to China Joe Biden. The cost to Alaskans of this dramatic change in the White House is considerable and growing each day. 

Dan Fagan hosts the number one rated talk show in Alaska weekday mornings on Newsradio 650 KENI.  


  1. The State needs to tell the Feds get off our land and enforce it with State Police. The time has come to end the Federal government as a land owner. The only land the Feds should own is the 10 square mile patch known as District of Columbia.

  2. You ain’t lying Dan! And what is even more criminal, as you point out, is Murkowski and Sullivan’s support of the job killing president! Thank goodness for the boldness of Kelly Tshibaka to step up and challange Murkowski!

  3. You have to be a fool to not see that this administration is intentionally taking massive steps towards the destruction of our current economic system. And the replacement effort will completely destroy the middle class leaving in its wake a Marxist two tier system of the rich and the poor.

    • It’s simple,

      Trump fixed problems. America became energy independent. Black unemployment hit historic lows and their wages improved. The Middle East saw peace treaties. Record time to develop a vaccine. He responded to things with rational solutions.

      The current administration is preoccupied with Critical Race Theory, Spending money we don’t have, Woke nonsense and a socialist agenda.

  4. There is no mystery as to why Murkowski, Sullivan and Young fully support the Biden administration’s policies, in various plausible denial manners.
    The Ds and Rs political identity symbols mean nothing substantial, the policy disagreement antics are as real as world wrestling entertainment.
    They all are beholden to the Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, CCP paid influence and public sector unions. The proof is simple, vote the GOP into control of presidency and congress and evaluate the performance of the GOP. In favor of actual legislation reform to protect free enterprise capitalist policies, individual liberty, economic opportunity and religious freedom. The GOP efforts were limited to passive/aggression against the president and preserving the decades of transformation their Democrat brethren have tirelessly engaged in. Both parties support policies to enhance corporate fascism and elimination of private enterprise, competition and individual liberty. The joint venture of US funding of CCP facilities and labor developed the Covid-19 which somehow “leaked” and provided multi use benefits. Large corporations saw massive profits and consolidation at the expense of small private business. Otherwise obscure health departments gained total control of the entire American population.
    The GOP will go along with some variant of the “infrastructure” bill, divying up portions of federal spending for their donors and families is the entire purpose these specific individuals hold the positions they are in.

  5. Look, I’m all for calling a spade a spade, but you can’t put all this in Biden’s lap. Take, for example, used car prices. The WSJ was reporting on the explosion of prices last year, well before Biden was in the White House. There is a lot more to this than just inflation because of monetary policy. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on supply chains everywhere and most of it is not caused by the current President.

    • Cars are more expensive because of the chip shortage, that’s a covid/ America out sourced chip making problem, not a Biden problem. In turn, this makes used cars valuable because people are to impatient to wait for a new car to have enough chips to be made. The car lots everywhere are sad with how empty they are. It’s actually cheaper to buy a brand new car and wait a few months for it then to buy a used car for the right now.

  6. I was amazed to see that at Fred Meyers the price for a loaf of Campagna from the the European Bakery had gone from $5.49 in June to $6.49 in July !! This is a delicious full grain bread which is the only type I eat so I track the price carefully. I am on a retirees income . John H Slone

  7. Make no mistake, everything the Biden Cabal is doing is on purpose. We were warned by the real President Trump this would happen. Biden can’t remember how to tie his shoes much less make these decisions. Obama and his cronies are pushing these policies on the U.S. to destroy our way of life and remove our freedoms. There is no conspiracy theory here, it is playing out before our eyes. They will stop at nothing to have full control over our lives. This fight we find ourselves in is for keeps, win or forget any future! Alaska must do the following. Replace our swamp politicians, Kelly is a good start. Audit our 2020 elections, there is deep corruption here that needs to be rooted out! Measure 2 must be repealed! I believe they pushed through measure 2 by voter fraud. Pass strong election laws that forbid voting machines, enforce regular reviews of the voter rolls and mandate voter I.D. We need to press Kelly to make Election Fraud an election issue that needs to be remedied. She needs to run on it and point out what happened in the 2020 election as the supporting evidence is pouring our of Arizona & Georgia.

  8. Joe Biden:

    The overwhelming incompetence of Jimmy Carter combined with the raging corruption of Bill Clinton. Plus a large dash of Bush family globalism.

    You sorta voted for this, America.

  9. Fagen,

    You are a hack. I’ll just refute one point here but the rest are just as ridiculous. Auto prices have gone up because of a lack of microprocessors. When the pandemic began, the auto industry put the brakes on their orders for microprocessors while the manufacturers of laptops, home routers, deck cams, and other products used for work and school from home went through the roof. Microprocessor manufactured filled those orders living the auto industry short. The auto industry is using the resources they have to make the most profitable products (high-end cars, trucks, and SUVs) this shortage of products drives up the cost of goods (as well as creating a shortage of used cars).

    Further challenges that shipping companies have faced have led to further reduction of supplies of other goods.

    The actions you criticize the Biden administration for may (or may not) be bad decisions but they have nothing to do with the current inflation we are experiencing.

    It’s Capitalism man. You’re supposed to understand that when you are a conservative commentator.

    • What really happened was the auto industry put a halt to the type of microprocessors that were used in gas and diesel vehicles because they already knew that biden was going to kill oil and gas production in favor of electricity run cars and trucks. Who in hell wants to wait for 2-4 hours to charge up your batteries?

  10. Here the Legislature is being greedy, not wanting to give a $3,200 PFD. That’s a lot for a family to pay for their (hopefully) basic necessary items like food, mortgage, utilities, gas, car payment and monthly car insurance.
    I’d say ordinary Alaskans are needing the $3,200 dividend a little more than Von Imhof’s buddies.

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