Dan Fagan: Did Rasmussen fake outrage over sexism to make her new ‘woke’ friends happy?



Want to make sense of the “woke culture” that’s infected our nation like a cancer? 

The key is to understand purveyors of wokeness are forever looking for new people to crown as victims. Without victims, the joyless “woke” can’t get their holier-than-thou fix as the hero for the severely oppressed. 

Most members of the woke cult are unhappy, and miserable. Without new, fresh woke victims to brag about helping, their lives are meaningless. 

Case in point. Republican Rep. Sara Rasmussen was all giddy and smiling ear to ear when Democrat Rep. Zack Fields complimented her body on the House floor. 

The video shows Rasmussen not the least bit annoyed but instead woozy over Fields’ flattery. 

Fields said Rasmussen created a traffic hazard in her district when she wears short skirts. He then offered to buy her a pair of sweatpants to make the streets of her district safer.

The idea is Rasmussen’s body is so smoking hot, drivers will take their eyes off the road and crash.  

“When you watch Ms. Rasmussen’s reaction to Fields in the heat of the moment, she smiles, she’s giggling,” conservative activist and never afraid to speak her mind, Bernadette Wilson observed. “She’s just, oh thank you, oh my goodness, and she takes it as a compliment.” 

After the woke crowd made a big deal of Fields’ comments, Rasmussen went from giddy and all flush to aggrieved and oppressed.

Hear the Dan Fagan Show clip at this link.

“There’s still a lot that needs to be done to change our culture and respect women at the same level that men are already respected naturally,” said Rasmussen about Fields’ remarks. 

The beauty of Fields’ comments is they came following Rasmussen giving an “I am woman, hear me roar” speech quoting none other than the queen of wokeness and abortion, former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  

Rasmussen’s speech also announced the leggy legislator was forming a women’s caucus with uber leftist and fellow House member Ivy Spohnholz.  

Wilson says Rasmussen got it right the first time when Fields’ remarks clearly didn’t offend her. 

Wilson, like Rasmussen, is easy on the eyes and obviously gets her fair share of compliments and not just about her giant brain.  

“The question I have for women is this,” asks Wilson. “Get over yourself when someone makes a comment about how pretty you are, or you look nice in that outfit. Quit thinking there is some sexist motive behind it.”

Wilson argues a man complimenting a woman on her appearance does not mean he thinks she’s stupid.  

“Why is it when someone comments on your appearance you suddenly get so self-conscience to think they now don’t value their brain,” asked Wilson.   

But this is where we are now. The Leftist steeped in wokeness continually manufacture new victims. Compliment women? You sexist pig!   

“I’m sorry, ladies, but there is something very admirable about the feminine side of you, “said Wilson. “You don’t need to disown it. You don’t need to think the feminine side of you is not as worthy as the intellectual side of you.” 

In the big picture, Fields’ innocuous comments about the attractiveness of Rasmussen’s legs is nothing more than a distraction and yet another example of how humorless and judgmental members of the woke cult can be. 

The real story here is Rasmussen’s full turn to the dark side joining and enabling Democrats.

Offended or fake offended, Rasmussen has betrayed her constituents after running as a conservative. She has become anything but. 

Dan Fagan hosts the number one rated morning drive talk show on Newsradio 650, KENI. He splits his time between Anchorage and New Orleans. 


  1. Again, I say; “ much ado about nothing” and I have to wonder why MRA is wasting ink printing this insignificant trash. Remember retelling the story makes you (MRA) complicit in furthering the event ( or nonevent). I expect better!!

  2. Thank you, Bernadette, for seeing it for what it was: A mostly harmless creative compliment received well by Rasmussen. Done. And we move on sharing a smile (well, those who show their faces) and an acknowledged chuckle.
    No harm until someone had to remind her to be offended. Geez. I don’t like either one of them. But enough of the Left ruining yet one more thing.
    The “Woke” does eventually inevitably eat their own, and in fact, are starting to do so. I do enjoy watching that. I just hope more people realize what a rotten society they are creating in their attempt to create a utopia before it is rotten beyond recognition.

  3. She’s acting like a democrat, never let a crisis go to waste. What makes it look bad is the delay.

    • Wow, Zack is playing the Field. I thought he was courting Kelly Merrick around the backdoors of Juneau. Rasmussen too?

  4. Sara’s best physical features would be her effervescent smile and bubbly personality. She is a delight to be around.

  5. The one needing help we will not acknowledge focus toward is Rep. Fields. He needs the most help. I am betting in his home he isn’t the head of home. He is like lots of men who are head of house in presence only, but the arrogant feminist wife as the upper hand.

    My question is why are his eyes wandering on another woman’s legs while he has another pair of women legs at home? Why would he make such a big deal about her clothing preference, which is more likely more comfortable to her than a long skirt reaching past her knees and can have nothing to do with advertising her body.

    If a woman wears short skirt or short shorts, they should be sure it is worn appropriately for the time and is the size for it.

    This is why first wives start dressing young, when they seen their husband was pleased and likes looking at younger women.
    But husbands do and say unpleasant things when they married to unpleasant woman. Or the opposite sometimes the good wife his just married to a weak and selfish man.

    You know there is a reason why Ruth allowed herself marry an old man as Boaz, not because of he made boyish compliments and ogling at her, but because he respected her as he respected his field and household workers and everyone around him.

    This is how we should be raising our Alaskan boys, modeled after Boaz in Bible. The boy learns to take care of his life and the people around him, and eventually in time his Ruth-wife will enter into his world. If not, then at least the people around him can speak about him he is the most honorable man of the town.

    • “First wives”… is that a Mormon reference to hierarchy?

      Also, much like Mr. Fields I’m an outstanding ogler but I’m not certain I have the boyish compliment angle nailed yet. Your help would be appreciated. I’m seeking guidance here.

      All in all it looks like Fields did a stupid… and wants to.

  6. The #metoo/woke/feminist gang wonders why female promotions to middle management have slowed, and especially to the top floor, which have all but disappeared.

    Within the last few decades you went from something to be desired, to something to be feared.

  7. I’m pretty sure it all started with those women who weren’t getting the compliments and wolf whistles. Sexist! Judging a woman by her looks! We can’t have that! By the way guys, I loved the wolf whistles I received back in the day.

  8. Yawn. When will the teeny boppers get down to business? Old Mel Brooks movies were more entertaining in their day.

  9. On the job…why is it necessary to comment about anything other than your work on the clock thus contributing to the situation that didn’t exist in the first place.
    If I complimented a man or a woman by saying: “Nice Legs!”…
    I should have been doing my job instead of gawking at the goods to form an opinion in the first place. I have not yet met a person whose actual job is to contribute while simultaneously making it uncomfortable for everybody to do so.
    “High-School World” is more wretched than actually being in high school.

  10. Every once in a while what goes on in Juneau during the session becomes visible to all, and I believe that is why MRAK is entirely correct in letting the rest of Alaska see this. As soon as MRAK wrote the story we saw it across Alaska media. We have current legislators who have fathered bastard children on staffers. There’s a lot of boinking going on, and it appears that will now show up in the Covid statistics. No legislator is going to let a mask hurt his chances. And believe this: If Fields was a Republican we would have seen demands that he resign.

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