Daily update: 22 new cases for total of 213 in Alaska


A jump in cases in the past 24 hours brought the total cases of COVID-19 in Alaska to 213. On Monday, only six new cases had been reported, but also there had been a slight drop in testing. Today’s number is one of the largest reported since the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in Alaska on March 12.

No additional hospitalizations were reported in the past 24 hours; that number still stands at 23 — and some of those have been released from the hospital. No additional deaths due to the Wuhan coronavirus were reported since the ones announced over the weekend. The total of COVID-19- related deaths in Alaska is still six.

Alaska, as of April 6, had the smallest number of COVID-19 cases in the nation, followed by Wyoming.

The new cases are mainly in Anchorage and Fairbanks, but the Bethel area has reported its first diagnosis.

The current count:

  • Anchorage area: 98, a gain of 10
  • Kenai Peninsula: 13, no change
  • Fairbanks/North Pole: 65, a gain of 11
  • Southeast Fairbanks Census Area: 1, no change
  • Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area: 1, no change.
  • Palmer/Wasilla: 4, no change
  • Juneau: 14, no change
  • Ketchikan: 14, no change
  • Petersburg: 2, no change
  • Bethel Census Area: 1, first case reported

Across Alaska, 6,913 Alaskans have been tested for COVID-19, less than one percent of the population.


  1. With the new ABT lab test units now though the State the testing and same hour results it should help greatly in finding those yet out there with the Virus.

    • Today’s test total listed was 308 tests today, zero tests done by the state, all 308 attributed to private labs..

      Only 740,000 or so tests to go.

      If you go to the state’s dashboard, their testing sites locator shows one site for Anchorage, one for Wasilla, and one in Whittier.

      Two sites in Seward and no other testing sites anywhere on the peninsula.

      Seriously, have a look at the dashboard and see what we have for testing capacity.

      It’s not encouraging.

  2. Destroy the state’s economy through Fascists’ Medical Tyranny for what amounts to 0.0003% of the population. Yep, that makes sense only to the fearful sheeple.

    • I saw the IMHE model revised upward today. This was with a projected shutdown through August. After seeing the Mat-Su my money is on them taking the lead in the State.

  3. Note to Governor………………Be more like South Dakota’s Governor. SD has a real conservative Republican running the state.

      • Mongo has a point. The economy is being intentionally compromised to save retired, geriatric, life long smokers. The stats clearly indicate that there’s a predictable component to Covid-19 and that’s that it doesn’t appear to bug the young and healthy much.

        That Camel straights granny that plans to go visit old friends stateside that aren’t getting around as well as they used to? Put an ‘x’ by her name.

        • Except that isn’t the demographic who is dying.

          Actual statistics from the thousands who are dying don’t support your claim.

          The virus doesn’t care if you’re healthy or old, it’s killing all ages and more middle aged and younger are dying in the USA.

      • Worse, the Governor is killing the economy and my small business along with it. You’ll change your tune once we are in a Deflationary Depression Hell.

        • Oh, it’s effecting Mongo’s rice bowl. That’s why he’s working on his scouting badge in epidemiology.

  4. A lot of these folks (governors, the president) were all, put in the same Catch 22. Do nothing and ignore the “experts” and if it’s a health crisis and you made it worse that gets hung on you-or kill the economy and own that. Beyond that, many just want to do the right thing by their people. The real measure of the men and women making the decisions is when and how they pull out of this and attempt to restart their respective economies. You can already see true colors shining through in who and how they Are. The ones to trust are the ones you can tell are fighting back the urge to open back up tomorrow, they know it’s the right thing to do but they are sincerely trying to save lives. The ones to be very afraid of are the ones that seem to enjoy this, that are even now suggesting stricter and longer term measures. I think our governor falls in the former category. I think the media/left, largely falls in the latter.

    • Nobody knows because we don’t have testing capabilities to confirm any statistics at this point in time.

      We’ve only tested a very small percentage of our total population.

      Scientists make assumptions that change with evidence as it evolves.

      The real world doesn’t work according to on demand assumptions.

    • No. It is based on optimal social distancing and public health measures through August. It doesn’t factor in economic fallout, civil disobedience, civil unrest and people generally flouting the guidance of public health officials.


      When you go out on your essential errands observe how many people are still taking the whole family plus their pets out into businesses (and without face coverings). The IMHE model is idealistic, people aren’t ideal.


      How long before we start getting planes full of Chinese tourists again?

  5. The second half of the little Cole dwarfs has weighed-in on the Corona beer virus (see Fairbanks News Miner, April 8, 2020, page A4). The self-appointed Ernest Hemmingway of the North has castigated Don Young for his amusing comments regarding the Coronavirus. Little Cole Troll, whose writing is third rate, knowledge of History is dubious at best, and objectivity to the Facts is based on which Republican or conservative is within his gunsite hate-list, is no fan of Don Young. A little sense of humor during these times goes a long ways and tends to provide some cure for the soul, unless you are a little dwarf with apparent immunity to humor. And the Immortal One who can’t control his hate, still gets into print, even when no one cares anymore. An irrelevant dwarf has no real friends.

    • Terrence Cole and his twin, Dermot, have been playing the public with their vitriol and hate politics for over 40 years. Neither of them are photogenic or articulate public speakers, but their writings have found their way into media circles via the Far Left route. Terrence and Dermot Cole have played out their usefulness long ago. Their material writings and comments are generally considered obtrusive and early 70’s-ish. The fact that they are still in print, anywhere, shows the high level of desperation by the extreme aging wing of the Democrat Party of Alaska. The Coles are irrelevant and obsolete.

      • ……..And Don Young will easily win his 186th term in the US House of Representatives, while sipping Corona beer from the Speaker’s chair. Cole should be profusely commended for his endorsement of Don Young, and the DNM for carrying Cole’s diatribes.

  6. I haven’t seen or heard much on how social distancing, mouth coverings, reduced crowd situations, and etc., may have extended many lives …. by their not getting killed by the ordinary flu, in a car wreck, or any of the other “usual” ways.
    I’m thinking that at years end, we may possibly see an overall reduction in total American deaths.

  7. South Dakota has almost the exact same Covid-19 stats as Alaska, but with 25% more population and no shutdown. The so-called “Bureaucratic Experts” have been proven wrong at every turn.

    • Just lined up South Dakota’s dashboard with ours.

      South Dakota claims about the same number of tests.

      South Dakota claims nearly twice as many cases in the same amount of tests.

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