Cycle of delay: Biden continues war on Alaska energy projects in 1002 Area of ANWR


On Day One of the Biden Administration, Joe Biden shot the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Coastal Plain Oil and Gas Leasing Program dead.

Now, his administration is going to make sure it stays dead.

The Bureau of Land Management, a division of the Department of Interior with vast authority over Alaska federal lands, today announced a 60-day “public scoping period to assist in the preparation of a supplemental environmental impact statement for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Coastal Plain Oil and Gas Leasing Program.”

The translation for that is: The Biden Administration is giving environmental extremists one more chance to kill any oil and gas development on the 1002 Area of ANWR, the coastal plain that was set aside for oil and gas.

In June, Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland took the January moratorium and turned it into a suspension of all activities related to the Coastal Plain Oil and Gas Leasing Program, which had already been approved by the Trump Administration.

Governor Mike Dunleavy today reacted strongly:

“This announcement is another example of the Biden Administration attempting to shut down Alaska’s primary industry to appease radical environmental groups determined to turn our state into one big national park,” Dunleavy said.

“A supplemental EIS only serves to void the results of the environmental study that was already completed and found that oil and gas development in the 1002 area of ANWR, an area set aside for oil and gas exploration, can take place without harming the environment. Alaska is America’s energy warehouse and we can develop the resources in ANWR while protecting the refuge, because no one is more protective of our land and waters than Alaskans,” Dunleavy said.

All three members of Alaska’s congressional delegation were also highly critical of the move, which is designed to appease environmentalists.


  1. So why would you help the democrats pass their chicken s—— “Infrastructure bill”. Next day they screw you. The 17 Romney Republicans are saddling our grandkids with DEBT!

    • Good question! Yesterday I got a call from a guy, who asked me to support the new “Infrastructure Bill”. According to him, it was our best chance to support and save the environment. I told him that I had seen this movie before. Back under Barack it was call “Stimulus” and to my knowledge very little actually got done, but the unions walked away with the money. I suppose if the unions yet again get paid off, the environment will be saved from intrusive civilization. This is clearly a multi-pronged plan to kill our economy and make AK into a park.

  2. Time to become a sovereign nation and tell the Feds to stuff it. What can they do, invade us through Canada? Enough of this crap. And they can stuff their masks and shots at the same we will quarantine for the common cold. Come on, wake up!

    • The US government bought the roughly 375 million acres of land within Alaska’s current borders from Russia in 1867. The US federal government, without any compensation, approximately 104 million acres to the new state in 1959. Subsequently the US government returned 44 million acres to Alaskan Natives in the 1971 ANSCA. The US federal retained, and currently retains, legal ownership to about 60% of the land within Alaska’s borders. How 0do you propose to take the 225 million acres of land that legally belongs to American citizens, since they bought and paid for it. Or do you condone stealing? Or do you not believe in property rights? Are you some sort of Communist? How dare you spread your socialist tripe on this forum!

      • That’s what it is though. You don’t own anything you didn’t buy it you’re just a socialist by another name. You take free things from the government all the time. What an idiot. You don’t yet know who’s in control.

  3. This is total green extremist fantasy. Unfortunately, the BLM thinks it actually has the authority under the NEPA to nullify ANILCA – especially section 1002. SCOTUS should shred this bit of bureaucratic stupidity into so much fertilizer and restore the law, put the radicals in their place – and put the compromised old geezer in a lower place (like his basement?) than what he assumes that he is above the law. A Statehood Compact lawsuit would be a good idea also. The BLM? They’ve already shown the chutzpah to try to “manage” private land, Native land, and State land through their Central Yukon Resource Management Plan – which effectively locks up the world’s largest deposit of rare-earth minerals (the Ray Mountains) “forever” as the most extreme wilderness designation that can be done short of an act of congress. Department of Interior, we’re NOT interested in your interpretation of your authority, or your boss’ pious boot-licking of the extreme environmental left – please leave Alaska.

  4. Murkowski is going to be re-elected again. She is supporting the Biden Admin while lip-servicing Alaska.

    Alaska deserves what they get.

  5. Hind sight is always 20/20, and I hope the AK delegation in DC is taking their blinders off, (Haaland, Biden, Harris, etc ilk) cannot be trusted to have input into our state’s operation, at all. We, as Alaskans, need to step up to the bar and make our intentions known, in the voting booth. Step up Alaska!!!

  6. Its all quite simple. Biden, his handlers, Obama, and all the other cronies cancel US oil production and get nice little spiffs from foreign oil producing nations. To deflect and blame or wrongdoing, they play the climate change game and have radicals do the dirty work. Russia gets a pipeline but we (and Canada) don’t. See how it goes? The radicals are then lead to believe that only US domestic oil pollutes, the rest of the world is okay.

  7. Statehood was a mistake.
    Alaskans should have instead driven toward total independence.
    It may not be too late.
    But that would take leadership.



  8. While the delays keep coming, confusion reigns about where the money went and where it’s going. All those millions and billions and Alaska is not able to feed Alaskans. We have to import most all our food and fuel. We have more raw fuel and arable/plantable land and water than many counties, yet we rely on imports to feed our people, at a 38% increase over the cost of the food for freight to get it here. We have cattle and sheep ranches in Alaska that would take care of our own needs, if allowed into the local markets by the ‘powers that be’. We should dedicate a small portion of the permanent fund earnings to acquiring agriculture independence and, if needed, use that 38% freight we currently pay to upgrade Alaska’s agricultural production until we are food independent. When that happens, we start exporting food and supporting Alaskans with the surplus. Jobs galore. Food galore.
    The permanent fund won’t be too ‘permanent’ when the democrats get done destroying the dollar. The dollar has lost about 80% of it’s purchasing power since 2000. The loss (inflation) is accelerating like a runaway train with all the “free” money being printed. Let’s put some of the permanent fund into something “permanent”, like growing our own food before the fund gets eaten up by the financial disaster ahead. Lots of jobs and that secure feeling that comes with knowing your family will be fed.
    When I was a kid in Fairbanks, we had Cramer’s dairy. Matanuska Maid for southcentral and outlying areas. Farms were everywhere around Fairbanks and Mat Valley. Now we are dependent on the lower 48 and South America for food. Sooner than later we will need our own food. We have a ways to go before we can provide for ourselves. Better to start before we have to in order to keep eating.

  9. If a gerbil had gotten elected we’d all be better off!

    Biden is too frail and mostly controlled or at the very least manipulated by the ambiguous far left. He is in too deep with his identity politics.

    The Biden Admin is the literal enemy of the State of Alaska.
    To continue thinking that his administration has anything good in store for Alaska is absolutely foolish.
    Look what the State Texas is having to do single handedly just to protect it’s own citizens, and really, the rest of the U.S.!
    Absolute disgrace!!

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