Cyberstalker found guilty in Anchorage

Rolando Hernandez-Zemora

Rolando Hernandez-Zemora was found guilty by a jury on Friday for cyberstalking a woman over the course of four years.

According to court documents and the evidence presented at trial, between 2016 and 2020, Hernandez-Zemora, now age 40, stalked the victim using location-tracking applications, text messages, and video calls, and other means in order to try to control her life.

In 2020, the harassment extended to some of the victim’s work colleagues and family members and included threats of violence.

Hernandez-Zemora’s harassment of the victim continued even after she obtained a protective order. As a result of his threats, the victim’s workplace went into lockdown for multiple days from late April to early May 2020. Hernandez-Zemora was arrested at the end of May 2020 after he evaded the police for two days.

“I want to commend the victim for her bravery in coming forward, and we hope this conviction is the first step in closure and justice for those impacted by this case,” said U.S. Attorney S. Lane Tucker. “Mr. Hernandez-Zemora is a serious danger to the community, demonstrated by his desire to harm the victim, her colleagues and her family. My office will continue to seek justice against perpetrators who choose to threaten violence.”

“The defendant’s disturbing pattern of conduct involved threats of violence and cyberstalking harassment, which caused substantial fear of harm and emotional distress,” said Special Agent in Charge Rebecca Day of the FBI Anchorage Field Office. “This type of conduct will not be tolerated. Today’s verdict underscores our commitment to hold accountable those who commit such crimes.”

The FBI Anchorage Field Office and Anchorage Police Department investigated the case.


  1. It is refreshing and reassuring to see an example of the FBI investigating an actual violent against a citizen.

    We have seen too many examples of the Bureau kicking in the door of a suspect in Homer, in error. Or investigating Catholics who attend Latin Mass, invading the home of a pro-life ‘suspect ’ to the horror of his wife and young children. Or invading the home of a former president of the United States with deadly force authorized. And on and on. Instead of maintaining the highly respected reputation as a world leading professional investigation organization, its current behavior under this administration cause many to refer to the FBI as being a ‘praetorian guard’ who serves the ‘emperor’ and their interests.

    It’s time for the FBI to return to serving the interests of ALL Americans. They can do a lot better.

  2. How is this different from gang stalking of political opposites especially with endless bins of federal cash that must be …ahem…plundered in every jurisdiction across the land of heathens by superior overlivers who know everything and every shred of gossip? Gasp along.


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