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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Craig Campbell: Are we witnessing a coup d’état against America?

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We are one week away from the most significant election since the Civil War. The sides are clearly divided, with stark differences in their vision for our nation.  

If Donald Trump is re-elected, liberties will be protected. 

If Joe Biden wins, we take a radical turn towards socialism. Why? Because within a year, Biden will either retire due to his very obvious developing dementia or be impeached, elevating Kamala Harris, and her California hard-left vision for America, to the presidency.  Leftists achieve the goal they have been working towards these past four years.

Are we witnessing the first revolutionary coup d’état overthrow of a constitutionally elected government in the United States of America?  

No matter your political persuasion, these past four years should scare the hell out of you. No, I don’t mean the presidency of Donald Trump. Rather, I mean the outright subversion of our national democratic republic by those who seek to gain absolute power over every aspect of our lives. 

The path to self-destruction is both internal and external.  It’s the actions of five distinct players who are conspiring to destroy liberty, freedom, and diversity of thought in America.

The first and most dangerous conspirator is our own deep state federal government. The Justice Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and National Intelligence community conspired to allow law enforcement agencies to pursue a false “Trump Russia Collusion” narrative to undermine and attempt to remove a duly elected president.  

The Obama Administration’s director of National Intelligence, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James Clapper, and Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan, conducted a subversive domestic spying campaign that collected information on Americans, some of which was later tied to their inquisition of President Trump.  

In 2016 CIA Director Brennan briefed President Obama on presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s plan to implicate the Trump campaign in a false Russia election interference scandal.  

Instead of ending Clinton’s illegal scheme, President Obama allowed his team to continue this unconstitutional attack on our election process to try and wrongfully tie it to the Trump campaign.  The public was never informed.

Clapper, when testifying before Congress, stated that the National Security Agency did not collect data on Americans.

He lied. The NSA collected communications on over 120 million Americans.  While publicly admitting “I never saw any direct empirical evidence that the Trump campaign or someone in it was plotting [or] conspiring with the Russians to meddle with the election,” (National Review, May 7, 2020), Clapper never intervened to stop the bogus investigation of Trump.

Then we have the FBI, which used a fake dossier, never verified, to illegally obtain Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court warrants to spy on a duly elected president and his team.  The highest, and formerly most respected, law enforcement agency in the nation used misinformation and lies to pursue a political objective of taking down the United States president.

The Justice Department appointed Robert Mueller as special prosecutor to investigate a knowingly false Russian collusion story.  It ended after two years with no findings, despite the Mueller Report being written by staff that was openly hostile to the president.  This was the Deep State, our supposed public servants, trying to get rid of President Trump.

Congress has also been an active player using false and discredited information in their relentless quest to remove Trump from office.  Unable to find any evidence of Russian collusion by the Trump Administration and with only a year to go before the 2020 election, Speaker of the House Pelosi turned her guns on another concocted allegation: Ukraine.

Allow me to recap that allegation: President Trump attempted to illegally coerce Ukraine into providing information about possible illegal actions of Joe Biden that might be damaging to his potential presidential campaign.  

This should not be confused with former Vice President Biden directly threatening to withhold a billion-dollar U.S. foreign assistance loan guarantee to Ukraine unless they fired the state prosecutor looking into illegal actions of Burisma, the company on which Joe Biden’s son was seated on the board of directors and paid as much as $85,000 per month.  

In rapid time, the Pelosi House of Representatives voted, along party lines, to impeach President Trump.  

Two participants in the conspiracy are now aligned; government bureaucrats aggressively trying to remove a sitting president with a trumped up Pelosi impeachment kangaroo court. 

They were supported by an unethical national media that broadcasts the bureaucracy’s lies, suppressing any evidence of truth, and trumping up false narratives against the president and conservatives.

The ethos of journalism is honesty, independence, and fairness.  Once respected as an independent voice, journalism has been corrupted by uber-liberal socialists no longer providing information for an informed citizenry, but rather, providing a forum used to push liberalism and progressive objectives. They are silencing opposing viewpoints. The media is the third conspiracy participant.

The mainstream national media; NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, the Anchorage Daily News, and a raft of others (excluding FOX, One America News, NewsMax, Breitbart, and Must Read Alaska) have spent four years trashing President Trump while being silent, or even worse, dishonestly reporting on potentially illegal and negative liberal activities of Leftists and Joe Biden. 

We were bombarded by their anti-Trump coverage and the prediction that the Mueller Report would end Trump’s presidency.  

When that failed, crickets.  There was no mea-culpa.

Media coverage has been 95 percent negative about President Trump.  For four years we were inundated with degrading and disgusting commentary about President Trump on a daily basis, but when actual evidence surfaced of potentially illegal acts and even possible illegal money laundering by former Vice President Biden and his son Hunter…in the words of the Simon and Garfunkel 1964 song, The Sound of Silence, “And no one dared
disturb the sound of silence.”  

Yet the economy boomed; dramatic manufacturing increases; historically low unemployment rates for Blacks, Hispanic, and women; a much improved Mexico – Canada trade deal signed; tax cuts for the working class; securing the historic Abraham Accord; restoring a crippled military; Al-Qaida virtually eliminated; Iranian commander General Soleimani terminated; energy independency for America; and for Alaska, ANWR opened.  

But from the main stream media…more crickets.  

Joining in as the fourth member of the conspiracy….social media.   FaceBook, Twitter, and Google actively suppress free speech of conservatives. While freely permitting lies and distortion of facts generated by the uber-left to populate their sites, they block, shut-down, or suspend conservatives voicing any wrongdoings about social democrats in an intentional effort to skew facts and influence voters to vote socialist.  

How about all those peaceful protests this past summer?  No violence from the left, only white supremacists trying to stop peace loving leftists from taking over America? If you believe that lie, I have some ocean-front property for sale in Arizona.

All this financed by the fifth conspirators, billionaires that want to retain control of America’s wealth and gain total political control of your life.  Donald Sussman, George Soros, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, to name a few, funneled millions into advertisements and campaigns to trash President Trump.  

Hidden from view, their financial investment in anarchy, the political drive to the left, and restricting your right to free speech and gun ownership being just the beginning to their forming an impenetrable Bernie Sanders style socialist government. 

Conspiracies do not have to be coordinated. A conspiracy can be any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result. The combined actions of these five players, all aligned for the same general objective, working simultaneously, has created the greatest crisis this nation has faced since the Civil War.  

Nikita Khrushchev, a former Soviet premier, predicted the United States would fall to Communism without even firing a shot.  Here’s his quote:

 “You Americans are so gullible, you won’t accept Communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you.”  

Looks to me like that is exactly what the socialist left is doing to America right now.

Next Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, you have the opportunity to stop, or at least slow down, these conspirators’ efforts to destroy liberty and turn America into the next great failed socialistic state. 

It’s now up to you.  Don’t let Khrushchev’s prophecy become reality.

Craig E. Campbell served on the Anchorage Assembly between 1986 and 1995 and later as Alaska’s Tenth Lieutenant Governor.  He was the previous Chief Executive Officer and President for Alaska Aerospace Corporation.  He retired from the Alaska National Guard as Lieutenant General (AKNG) and holds the concurrent retired Federal rank of Major General (USAF).

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Latest comments

  • Wow! Powerful. That message is enough to either inspire an American citizenry or cause a great fear to arise. The author, who I imagine to be as reliable as anyone in Alaska , doesn’t mince words. My vote is long planned and my values are well established but with some fear and trepidation I now look to the outcome. Could Alaska independence be a future outcome?

  • The truth is so inconvenient. And in this case down right terrifying! MAGA

  • It is obvious that this is occurring but a large segment of the population doesn’t remember, or hasn’t been taught, how horrible WW2 was and how the Third Reich came to be. The lack of opposition to the suspension of the Bill of Rights here in Anchorage was very telling about the mindset of the population. Government is the slave, not the master and that is what has to change. And only the population can change it back to what is outlined in the US Constitution, the rights of the individual are paramount, the government subservient to the individual.

  • Kind of wordy but absolutely correct. Obama hated America. He sold us out, gave terrorists money, went on the grab your ankles tour around the Mideast, conspired with Russia, and was the co-conspirator to overthrow a duly elected president of the United States. I’m just about fed up with it myself. The army and the military itself is on our side. We have the supreme Court and the Senate . I can’t see us blindly standing by and allowing this to happen.

  • That devastating cluster of truth bombs illuminated the actual plague on America and destroyed the false narrative targets.
    Fire for effect with your votes on Election Day.

  • Let’s look at another scenario.
    Trump loses the election, popular vote and electoral vote, but challenges vote totals in every state where he loses and appeals to the Supreme Court, saying the election was rigged.
    SCOTUS, with the help of newly appointed associate justice Amy Barrett, votes to decide the outcome of the election itself, ala 2000, or turns the process of selecting the electors over to the states, thus allowing gerrymandered GOP run states to pack the electoral college with Trumpettes.
    The GOP happily obliges and turns the electoral college into a “tremendous” Trump victory, the greatest ever, in spite of Trump losing the popular vote, once again, by several million votes, thus proving the election really was rigged.
    The newly re-elected President Trump immediately begins to replace any remaining cabinet members, their assistants, their assistant’s assistants, NIH, NSC, FBI, CIA, PTA, and WTF officials, and anyone else who refuses not to pledge their allegiance to His Magnificence instead of the Constitution of the United States. Confirmation by the Senate is either achieved or not required.
    Once totally ensconced in the White House, surrounded by groveling toadies, the President immediately begins to turn the United States of American into the United States of Trump, LLP by installing his sons, daughter (only one real daughter now), and daughter’s husband into positions of power, along with Mark Meadows, Steve Bannon, Rush Limbaugh (if he’s still alive), Bill Barr, Alfred E. Newman, and a host of others (not to include Jeff Sessions). Mitch McConnell is given a special place of honor, so long as he does what the boss tells him.
    The coronavirus runs wild.
    The economy tanks. The stock market reaches new highs, thus proving that the stock market truly is not the economy.
    Medicare, medicaid, Obamacare (sadly misnamed, it being a warmed over Republican health care scheme) are all repealed and replace by…nothing.
    Social Security is examined for repeal and…replacement.
    China becomes the predominant power in the East. Russia engages NATO and the EU for dominance in the West. The US does nothing. It is touted as a tremendous success according to administration officials.
    99.44% of the wealth of the country accrues to the President For Life and a chosen few, with the remaining 0.56% being spread through the President’s tremendous generosity to the remaining 180 million white citizens. Brown, red, yellow, and black people are not eligible.
    Who wouldn’t be proud to be an American?

    • Obviously you know a little bit about the law and that states do appoint their electoral votes.

      If shenanigans are proven, like we know the left is capable of, then that won’t even go to the Supreme Court. The states will just do it on their own. All the Supreme Court is going to do, if they decide on anything, is decide on what is constitutional. You don’t have much support of the Supreme Court of the United States, do you comrade?

    • What an active and interesting imagination you have there Greg. About the only thing you said that is even close to reality is “…proving that the stock market truly is not the economy.”

      The rest of it is…. well…. little more than a diatribe about Orange Man Bad!

      Seriously, you should either write comedy, or reconsider effective use of your time.

      • I appreciate the comment about writing comedy, but, unfortunately, everything I supposited has already been mooted by others, therefore, it appears plagiarism is my forte. Mr. Campbell’s rant also seems to have been gleaned from other resources, so I propose that my reality is about as good as his. Or, perhaps, his is as good as mine.
        Let’s hope neither one comes to fruition.

    • To her credit, Suzanne publishes my rants.

      • And, I fully support her doing so.

        Old adage. When your enemy is making a mistake, do not stop them from continuing.

      • Because you are our comedy section.

    • I’m more afraid of the socialist agenda in this country with AOC and that Arab chick from Minnesota and Soros and Bloomberg funding everything and with the media so brainwashed and Facebook and Twitter cow towing to every one of them then I am a Russia or China. China already is the power in the east and Putin doesn’t fear anything about NATO unless Trump is in office then he walks a fine line because we give rockets to all of his neighbors. Remember it was Obama they gave the Iranians three plain loads full of American Cash so that they could help fund the war in Syria. It was Obama who overthrew complacent muammar Gaddafi and game of some of our good stuff to terrorists in order to accomplish that. All that led to bengazi. Now the world treats us with respect and walks a fine line because they don’t know what Trump’s going to do next and that’s a good thing. You act like you forgot Obama when he was caught on that hot mic telling that guy to tell Putin he was going to bend over after the next election and Putin can have his way with him. Remember all that stuff comrade?

    • Greg R, reading your comment , I am wondering how much Kool-Aid you’ve been guzzling?

      • Bourbon. Or Scotch. Like Art Chance.*

        *In all fairness to Art, I don’t know what he drinks. Maybe Kool-Aid?

  • Yes, Craig, we are.

  • Here’s the thing, don’t be fearful or intimidated by Thug Lives Matter. Kamala Harris said they will be out there, win los or draw, after the election. If Biden wins, then nothing will be done to stop them. If Trump wins, they’ll be out there in full force trying to burn down neighborhoods and get their free television and Nikes and all that crap. That’s what Thug Lives Matter does — use some cause to beat up on innocent people and burn them down and intimidate. This isn’t the 1960s anymore, if they come around where I’m at, these rednecks down here will take care of the issue pretty quickly.

    • My, my! Take a deep breath. The republic isn’t sunk. Yet.

      • If you listen to yourself you’d think it was.

        • Well, I did say “yet.” There may still be hope.

  • And simply amazing the fake was all the rave in the media, yet the truth is silently ignored by the same media.


  • Best column to date by this author. I wish that none of which he writes was true, but, alas, and to my knowledge, it is all true. Most perplexing to me has been the extent to which otherwise thoughtful people have so willing to abandon their critical thinking skills. Many actually believe the Koch brother(s) wants to rule the country. Many believe that White supremicists are causing all the violence and looting. Many, many take everything that is said on NPR as the absolute and essential truth. And finally, many accept the Left’s efforts to pass off clearly Marxist ideas and conduct as normal, justifiable or benign. Khrushchev may end up being only partly right: Marxist socialism may come to America but the Russian Communists have not fed it to us — we have fed it to ourselves.

  • Thank you again Craig Campbell. I’m old now, but I remember working with you at least 20 years ago, in a different time. You speak the truth; the truth is really what matters. I will always admire your wisdom and your honesty May God bless you..

  • The media, the mainstream media, is controlling the narrative. How can the media become what it is supposed to be ? Because without an honest narrative we cannot be the democratic republic that we are supposed to be. I was under the impression that the Patriots elected Donald Trump four years ago, much to the dismay of that Media and the Left believing globalists, and now this article puts together the depth of the problem with the entrenched bureaucracies upon whom we supposedly depend for our liberties. We will elect Trump again as our President. The question then becomes what is his response to the current national tragedy which is running rampant throughout America, and I don’t mean a virus… Unless the message of the mainstream media becomes what it is supposed to be, an unbiased and balanced message, we will not succeed in overcoming the the press toward socialism and the continued loss of our Liberty. Craig Campbell knows whereof he speaks…

  • So now that we understand that our country is filled with cover ups saturated with corruption, let’s move on to the questions not being asked.
    We have institutions throughout our man made system to supposedly keep us in check, right? Why then is our Attorney General Bill Barr hiding the Durham report? Haven’t they had Hunter Biden’s computer since last December? Barr can request any documents he wants from the FBI and get them within hours. Why are we now relying on a military man whose name is being ruined by the Bidens for inside information that Barr already has? It’s getting hard to discern who is involved in these disgusting coverups!
    Time for a revolution

    • If Barr was to release what he knows there would indeed be a revolution. He’s hoping the election will take care of things and solve it naturally. If they arrest Biden before the election then we have war. If they arrest him after the election and he wins we have Harris as president and we still have war. If we go by natural occurrences and announced that Trump wins, more than likely this all goes away just like it did with Hillary. They had her dead to rights she was a crook and a thief but when she lost a lot of the country just didn’t have a taste for blood anymore. No matter how much the media and Hollywood fan the flames of thug lives matter, this too will go away for another 4 years until they can come up with something else.

  • What an accurate and forceful article. Congratulations, Craig.
    It is difficult to comprehend the folks on the other side who ignore the ideology, the corruption and the outright disinformation from the left.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for the article General. Hope to see you again sometime soon

  • So, do we have a potential Governor or a potential U.S. Senator in the making here?

  • Call it crisis fatigue, General.
    When we’re up to our butts in alligators, we might be forgiven for forgetting our original job was to drain the swamp.
    With all due respect, a full-fledged coup d’état has been going on nationally against America and Americans –for the last four years!
    A full-fledged coup d’état is going on against Alaska, Alaskans, and Alaska’s governor since Governor D. was inaugurated!
    A full-fledged coup d’état succeeded against Anchorage and productive Anchorage residents, locked in place by Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in ballot system!
    Good news is, in the words of another fighting General, “…they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us. They can’t get away this time.”
    Your orders, General?

    • “Bend over and kiss your patriotic behindicus sayonara.”

  • “If Joe Biden wins, we take a radical turn towards socialism.”

    This is propaganda and a lie. It is meant to divide us as fellow citizens of this country. This is totally irresponsible on the part of the author who is a bald face liar and should be ashamed to lie so brazenly to citizens of this country in an effort to divide. Sad!

    I’m not for Biden and a lot of what is written here about how Trump has been treated is true and horrible but accusing Biden of taking a radical turn towards socialism is a stupid and absurd lie.

  • I worry not only for the United States but the world, China is now on the move!

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