Covid vaccine added to list of shots students must have to live in UAA dorms


Move-in weekend just ended for the University of Alaska Anchorage dorms, and there was a new item students living in university housing need to pack — a Covid-19 proof-of-vaccine card.

The decision to mandate the vaccine for campus housing was made earlier this year. Students must have other vaccines also:

  • Meningococcal vaccine (required for students under 21 and highly recommended for students 21 and older)
  • MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)– 2 doses
  • Tetanus-Diphtheria– must have been within 10 years

Students also must show a tuberculosis test with a negative result within six months prior to moving in.

UAA has three large resident dorms, each of which can house about 200 students. There are also apartment-style options for students who are 21 and older.

Although Gov. Mike Dunleavy has said there will be no mandatory vaccinations required for state workers or facilities, he does not have oversight over the University System. That rests with the Board of Regents, and chancellors at each individual campus.

Students in the allied health sciences programs at UAA have an expanded list of vaccines with which they must be current:

School of Allied Health students are typically required to show proof of immunity either at the time of program selection or show proof of immunization prior to registration for:

  • Rubella/Rubeola/Mumps Vaccine or Titer
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) Vaccine or Titer
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis Vaccine
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Series AND Hepatitis B Immunity Titer
  • Hepatitis A Vaccination Series
  • Proof of freedom from active Tuberculosis
  • Annual Influenza Vaccine

Covid-19 vaccines have not yet been added to the list posted on the university’s website for that program.


  1. So the university is above the law? They can ignore the governor and they are not a public entity? They certainly don’t say that (they aren’t a public entity) when they demand more money from the state (public) for their sophistry and propagandizing of students. It sounds like time to tighten their purse strings for them. If they aren’t a state/public entity with included oversight to some degree by the state, they deserve no funds from the state or public.

  2. People will or will not get the shot or extra shots unless they are compelled to. Our government needs to STFU about mandates and do some PSA on these statistics! What,..95% of patients for delta are unvaccinated. Go figure.

    • Funny how the USA is the only country with that statistic while all other countries are reporting the exact opposite. Things that make you go hmmm.

    • “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the White House and most mainstream media, what we have now is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” with 95% to 99% of COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths being attributed to the unvaccinated.

      To achieve that statistic, the CDC included hospitalization and mortality data from January through June. The vast majority of the U.S. population was unvaccinated during that timeframe.

      By Jan. 1 only 0.5% of the U.S. population had received a COVID shot. By mid-April, an estimated 31% had received one or more shots and as of June 15, 48.7% were fully ‘vaccinated.'”

  3. I just want to know cause there is so much ambiguity!… I got one shot of pfizer in March. I honestly would like a booster cause I’m 42, without significant health problems but I never got 2nd shot (my choice) so that’s the problem… if I show up for booster, are they gonna scrutinize my shot history!?

  4. Papers, please.

    Truth is, I wouldn’t mind this so much if the authorities hadn’t been abusing their powers so much.

  5. “Government” derives its authority from the consent of the governed. I do not consent. How do you know anyone else consents. What poll did you conduct to see if Alaska wants that barrier erected to education of our students. You are not ruling monarchs. You are CHristmas temps.

  6. What about AIDS? Do students have to disclose if they are HIV+ and currently taking the AIDS cocktail of drugs to survive? AIDS is highly transmissible, especially in the gay community, or by transexual men who pretend to be women so they can have anal sex with straight men. Proof of sex and sexual preference disclosure cards, please. Another’s life depends on it.

    • Never going to happen, Julia. LGBTQ will raise holy hell with law suits involving HIPPA violations and 14th Amendment rights infringements.

    • It’s pretty hard to even respond to such BS. AIDS is not something that is controlled by a vaccine so there would be no shots involved.
      And please give your background in how it is that AIDS is transmitted “by transexual men who pretend to be women so they can have anal sex with straight men.” You must get this stuff in your dreams Julia. By all means keep this garbage coming as it’s good to know what’s out there in the crazy world.

  7. Your average Democrat seems incapable of wrapping their mind around the concept that if your vaccine and/or face mask works as intended, then you don’t need to worry about whether or not I am vaxed or wearing a mask……

  8. Suzanne,

    “Although Gov. Mike Dunleavy has said there will be no mandatory vaccinations required for state workers or facilities, he does not have oversight over the University System. That rests with the Board of Regents, and chancellors at each individual campus.”

    You are correct that the University does not fall under the Governor’s oversight-besides appointing Regents.

    However the University of Alaska facilities are State of Alaska facilities and University of Alaska employees are State of Alaska employees.

    What other State of Alaska facilities and employees are not under the Governor’s oversight?

    Does the Governor only have oversight over the office of the Governor?
    and perhaps the department of administration?

    A flow chart would be useful.

  9. Ah I found an organization chart.

    looks like the University is the only independent state body “under” the Governor.

  10. Totally unwarranted and illegal. You can’t compare COVID-19 to the other diseases and there are very effective treatments to cure COVID-19. Take your pick, Regeneron, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine etc. You can’t mandate a vaccine upon a free people, especially an experimental one where they are suppressing the reported deaths and terrible side affects from it. Students and parents can report this to America’s Frontline Doctors who are sponsoring a Class Action Law Suit against colleges who do this. It is against the Nuremburg Accords and other Federal Laws to make this kind of mandate. Fight back Alaska. Do not let them inject this poison in your Sons & Daughters just to get an education. The Governor is a coward for allowing this in his State. He needs a backbone to stand up to Big Pharma! He needs to learn from Don Desantis in Florida!

    • Please take note that on August 23, 2021 the FDA formally authorized the Pfizer vaccine.
      This official authorization replaces the previous emergency authorization.

      • No it doesn’t Catherine. I authorizes the “new” version of the vaccine called “Comirnaty”, which is not available in the United States.

        The old switcheroo. Naturally all the libs fall for this as that’s exactly what they want.

  11. Absolutely ridiculous! A trial vaccine and they are now gonna demand it for their students? Number one, this vaccine is a failure, and will not prevent you from getting anything. Number two, IF it were a vetted vaccine, who cares who isn’t vaccinated?? Your act of taking the jab prevents you from getting it. So why does it matter? Then number three, if people are not waking up to the big question, why is this being pushed so hard by the feds, when the virus has a 99% recovery rate?? Nothing makes any sense… Your vaccination choices are no ones business. Remember that when some smart mouth woke idiot begins their barrage of scare tactics on you. It’s NONE of their business!

    • They must push the jab as hard and as fast as they can before the deaths from it are no longer able to be censored. There are estimates right now that were approaching a million deaths caused by the vaccine. That mean death within 48 hours of receiving it. The CDC Counts People Dying Within 14 Days Of Jab As “Unvaccinated”.

      • dated July 2, 2021 :
        Flawed paper on COVID-19 vaccines, deaths spreads widely before being retracted by the journal that published it.
        Experts say the analysis misinterpreted data and was flawed.

        The « facts » you state are incorrect.

    • Please note that the FDA officially authorized the Pfizer vaccine on August 23, 2021.
      This official authorization replaces the previous emergency authorization.
      Terms such as « trial vaccine » or « experimental vaccine » no longer apply.

      • You lie, Catherine. Or are too stupid to realize the bait-and-switch propaganda from the political establishment and corporate media.
        The current Pfizer “vaccine” (it is nothing of the sort) was merely granted an extension of its previous EUA status. Go look it up, rather than relying on the misinformation and propaganda of the corporate media.

    • Just out of curiosity, what are your preferred hiring credentials if you refute the graduates of this educational institution?

  12. School of Allied Health is saying the University does not require the Covid shot, but…..if you are enrolled in one of their programs and your clinical site is at ANTHC or Providence, you will be required to get the jab. Especially ANTHC as there are no exceptions . Providence at least offers medical or religious exceptions. This seems to be the school’s way of avoiding being the bad guy. Just like Biden, who is pressuring private companies to mandate the jab so he keeps his hands clean for now.

  13. Only required to live in the dorms? It’s almost always cheaper to rent an apartment off-campus, anyway.

  14. Pretty clear violation of anti segregation laws / civil rights act 1964 . Especially regarding religious exemption but also violates the intent of civil right law . Which is not to segregate or discriminate based on identity or strongly held beliefs. religion and belief go hand in hand . If a man can identify as women and get equal protection under the law and a person can identity as any of the various religions then legal recognition of identity and strongly held belief has been handed legitimacy under law . In effect the law has given credence to not infringe on your rights based on who you are or what you believe. Therefore any employment discrimination, public housing discrimination, discrimination regarding publicity available services, food employment, transportation, ect is clearly illegal if its based on discrimination for what you believe if what you believe is related to religion or strongly held belief that touches your inner self like religion. Therefore discrimination against those who don’t believe in being vaccinated for legitimate reasons must not be discriminated against. Those that discriminate should punishable under the law per civil rights act of 1964 not to mention our constitution. Biden did not uphold his duty to protect the constitution and the furtherance of our human and peoples rights ordained by natural law and outlined in our constitution. When he told buisness to discriminate against the unvaccinated he violated the constitution and civil rights acts of 1964 therefore Biden deserves impeachment and removal from presidential position.

    • This is a public health issue and has nothing to do with discrimination.
      If you wish to benefit from the university’s services, you must accept their rules.
      Since when do vaccines, masks and social distancing fall under RELIGIOUS choices?
      As my parents would say, « What do you not understand about the word NO??! »

        • Your accusation is as disgraceful as it is historically insupportable and morally rehensible.

          • Catherine,
            You missed fires point. Your cultish adherance to your gruesome ideology “ its a health issue therefore human rights are null and void” is similar to the adherence of Irma to Nazi Ideology. “ we do it for betterment of the race or humanity” Fire is accurate in her understanding of your morbid excuse . “ Its a public health issue” Catherine how can you ?
            Im sure most of the Nazis didn’t understand the the moral depravity of their actions either. Thankfully you are not physically taking it to irmas level. Get out while you still are innocent.

  15. It’s almost as if vaccines and requirements to have vaccines have been around for a long time and there is settled case law that has gone before the Supreme Court in support of such things. Who knew keeping disease and contagion at bay would be such a contentious issue?

    • Steve-
      Yes . Settled case law . Called civil rights. Constitutional rights. Not the mutating decisions of a handful of biased judges and their ideology. Case law ! Its past time to go back to base law ! Called sovereign people. Sovereign citizens. Constitutional rights . Just civil rights acts ! Government gets its power from consent of governed . We dont consent to your tyrant mandates that are illegal as they come . Stop spreading anti American coolaide . ooh we must all obey ! Ooh a mildly dangerous flu bug . Yeah good greif . You really have bought the propaganda nonsense and are fully indoctrinated. How about common sense law not decided for a high density new york or big city. If your town wants to mandate something about health then perhaps they know their specific circumstances. They don’t know mine or my neighbors. Contentious? Beyond! Actions have repercussions . Steve you are welcome to practice bending over to develop the habit of being ruled. As for me and my freinds, Liberty Or Death!

      • Just what we need, yet another sovereign citizen with no actual understanding of what the constitution is or means, let alone what a constitutional right is. Just more blindly repeating the same old same old empty recitations of liberty, freedom, and rights without understanding that where any and all of these are present so are the responsibilities involved with each liberty, each freedom, and each right.

        • Steve ,
          How on earth would you know I don’t understand what the constitution means or what a constitutional rights is ? Who died and made you judge jury and executioner?
          Saying i have no understanding? I take it your qualifications surpass all ? Yes yes ! Bow down to mighty steve. God complex anyone?
          Seriously, im as qualified as you to read whats in the constitution and Declaration of Independence. Im a citizen like you . Created equal.
          Like i said before- if you feel the need to give away your rights for a little bit of false security , feel free . As for me I shall stand up for the liberty of future people as was expected by the constitutional authors. I shall not join your false anti America position, Dr.O

          • If you are a sovereign citizen, as your writing suggests, then you clearly do not understand the US Constitution or what rights are guaranteed by it. Speaking of rights, which constitutional rights do you feel are being violated here? I’ve asked it many times in many ways and the closest we’ve gotten is that there are no constitutional rights being violated only rights that aren’t actually listed in the constitution, but as of yet nobody has said what those rights are. Give it a shot and tell us which constitutional or other rights are being violated here….inform me, please.

          • Your honor,
            Your question is mundane.
            Is it worth the courts time ?
            Why do you feel the need to make it personal? You know me not from Adam.
            To answer your question for the people of the United states I request you examine the civil war and and whose rights were violated. I present a multitude of civil rights laws that evidence of themselves that someone’s rights were violated. I present your sacred case law as evidence as rights violations. I present Snowden documenting the violation of an impossible number of Americans privacy being violated. Your honor, i ask that your charges of rights never being violated dismissed for lack of viable argument. Was there no reason to enumerate yet not limit our rights as spelled in the constitution? Why are our rights to bare arms as we choose being regulated by federal law if they shall not be infringed? Where is your automatic rifle? Your honor, i plead guilty of being an American whose rights are infringed upon often violated. Your honor is it not a waste of time to force the court to hear innumerable documented violations when a common man can name many?

          • So you can’t come up with even a single constitutional or other right that is being violated here? Really, not one?

          • Your honor,
            You just received a list over a hundred years long of civil/ constitutional rights violations. To many to outline on this format. If you cant take a hint and read above,then why would i waste my time holding your hand ? Are you unable to see how slavery violated constitutional rights? Are you unable to see how the federal government putting restrictions on what arms or rifles you may possess is a violation of the 2nd amendment- shall not be infringed. Are you unable to see how government spying on your e Mails without warrants is violating rights? ( secure in personal papers and effects unless a warrant is aquired under reasonable cause) Do you need it carefully spelled out like a child? Can i ask your age ? If you are under 10 years old I will happily document and explain what rights are being violated. Just let me know. For now im going to assume you are a child . Do you understand the definitions of infringed, secure , citizen, or the concept thst enumeration of certain rights does not limit those not expressed? If you are really this young , im impressed. Great job being involved! Let me know if you cant understand those words and how to look them up . I will try to help if you are still in grade school. Again- great job kid ! Im sorry i was factious. Whats your preferred handle or name ?

          • No worries, many have tried to claim their rights are being violated but do not have the ability to name a single right that was violated when asked which actual right was violated.
            The bad thing is that it’s like the boy who cried wolf. After so many people falsely claim their rights are being violated others just stop paying attention when the wolf shows up and the little boy cries wolf. You can’t name a single right that was violated here, cry all you want just don’t expect others to listen to your false cries.

          • Steve,
            Just because you say something does not make it so .
            I spelled it out for you . Yet you cant seem to see it . Hopefully it’s because you are very young. No one is trying to fool you or cry wolf you just honestly appear not to understand what’s being said.
            I would help you if I could. Perhaps you should find a good teacher or mentor to discuss things with. Im sure they can help. I want you to know you are doing a great job and will do the world a great service when you mature. Im impressed with your desire to be involved. Good Job ! Im interested to hear your ideas in the future!

          • You, of course realize, that this article and entire conversation is about required vaccinations and the adding of the covid vaccination to the required vaccinations for staying in the dorms at UAA, right?
            You, and a few others have made a point of how your rights have been trampled upon…yet when asked specifically which rights you are incapable of naming a single one.

          • You create this strange role playing scenario where you pretend to be in a court of law and then go on and on about presenting things, without actually presenting them, and not a single one has to to with required vaccinations. What does the civil war, Snowden, broadly stating civil rights, the second amendment, or spying on emails have to do with requiring vaccinations to live in a dormitory at UAA

          • Steve,
            You broadened the discussion beyond a narrow scope . It was an easy step to broaden because all constitutional right effects the others. As to humorous style of writing- I thought you would think it funny as i was making light of your declaration that you were qualified to say I didn’t understand the constitution. Even a judge could be said to be unqualified to make such a statement without very broad analysis. Since you couldn’t get the joke or the play on your hoity toity stance of being a know all about rights and who has had them stepped on the discussion was a loss .
            To return to the original narrow base of how forcing a vacine on another human is a violation of rights I shall attempt a breif outlay . Also for now I shall assume you are honestly curious and not just wasting my time.
            So to begin- The Declaration of idp- suggests we have personal autonomy and rights given be our creator. It implies many rights but says certain ones are unalienable- which means cannot be separated from us or are rights that are as intregal as skin . Those rights were life liberty and persuit of happiness. Liberty is very broad an implies we may choose our course and have autonomy over ourselves. Life means the life we choose and physical existence. Pursuit of happiness means we have the right to direct our own course. Now it’s important to note that the declaration pre dates the constitution so therefore has equal or greater weight when considering a contract or premise. Everything was hinged upon it . Every thing. Now Certain poorly educated scholars don’t understand its gravity but that’s their problem not mine. Historical law says it came first and assisted with how we must interpret the constitution. The declaration also says its our duty to throw off tyranny and change government when it doesn’t meet our human rights. It doesn’t say specific how to do such but by saying government gets its power through consent the declaration implies we have the right not to consent or really the responsibility not to . That would mean our power and rights supercede all others including judges and implies distinct autonomy.
            Now to shorten what would take years and face to face discussion with diagrams and reference papers / books and documents ,letters ect – lets jump to the constitution.
            The constitution shortens or condensed a very extreme broad situation. I will skip most of it . Remember the declarations preface- power to government is only given by each persons consent individually. Consent cannot be taken or forced morally if you have liberty and right to govern your own life as the declaration states .
            So the bill of rights says in my abridged writing-
            Congress shall make no law prohibiting the exercise of religion. Which means congress can make no law that enables religion to be unable to be used in a personal liberty format. So religion is very broad . Religion is whatever the user says it is . This interpretation is reasonable because the first amendment does not limit which religion. Partially because religions in colonial America were very very diverse from the typical founders religion of a version of science as god ( creator and not specifically god ) to atheism as religion- no god to the religion of primitive people and their existence beliefs on how they must live .
            This applies to vaccines because first – certain religions don’t accept vaccines and don’t accept their questionable ingredients. Also religion is distinctly a method of choosing how you want to live your life . Which means if you think vaccines are bad then choosing not to falls under religion
            A government that forces you to do something against your religion has violated your right. Now university usually takes public money. Well the constitution says no laws can be made to effect your choice and usage of religion. So if a government made a law that protects private entities or semi public entities/ sheilds them from following the constitution then the government has broken the constitutional law and infringed on your rights through extension of creating a law that enabled others such as a university to trample on religion- life path choice- liberty/ personal choice. Remember amendment 9 clearly says the enumeration( spelling out) certain rights does not deny or disparage others retained by the people. This means says here are certain rights does not mean we give up the rights solidified in Declaration of Independence. Our right to consent , liberty, life , happiness.
            Perhaps i cant adequately explain this all to you as there are books more I would need to write that would clarify my factual position. Thats why I suggest you find an educated mentor or teacher and utilize them . I am not a good teacher by any stretch. Lots more to be found.

          • Sounds like you are going with a 1st Amendment Rights violation, I don’t know for sure but I suspect they have a 1st Amendment exemption for issues like this. Of course I’m also sure if there is an exemption it’s not based upon saying ‘I don’t want to het a vaccine and I’m using religion as my out.’
            I knew a guy once who thought he was a pirate, any relation?

          • Not sure what you are trying to say ? No im not going solely with first amendment exemption though that applies. The first amendment is only rider that strengthens the freedoms determined in the Declaration of Independence. The ninth makes it clear that its unnecessary to clarify specifically and to refer to freedoms declared . Enumeration of some does not limit others retained by the people. Which means requiring vaccines violated liberty , happiness and life, consent even for those who don’t prescribe to a specific religion. Also you should read from the start and re note that i said case law is fake law and its time to return to base law . The law of the land which is the Declaration of Independence. As well as constitution. Just because a flippant judge decided to remove liberty around health does not make it so . Given enough time his activist ruling will be struck down. Its not a law that should stand as its just a few people’s opinions and we dont give consent for the few to remove the freedoms of many . As to pirates ? Are you speaking of a relative of yours ? Bit confused what you meant ? Im old but not old enough to know pirates unless you mean somali pirates? Don’t know them either.

          • Thanks for confirming what I first thought.
            The case law wasn’t decided by a flippant judge, but by many judges up to and including SCOTUS numerous times with numerous different judges spanning decades and indeed centuries.
            If, as you now say, it’s not a 1st Amendment right (since there are exemptions) but an unenumerated right and furthermore a right from the Declaration of Independence (which does not determine, grant, or enumerate rights) and you are going with your rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness being violated please let me know if you think there are limits to your rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the rights of others…because it is a hallmark of and from the founding of our nation that the end of your freedom stops at the tip of my nose. Rights come with responsibility and they in fact have limits.

            As far as the pirate part, I knew a fella named Westley. You and he share similar words, mannerisms, grammar, and opinions…perhaps you shared a mentor once upon a time and that’s why you both share the same incorrect opinions?

          • Steve
            You have devolved into a nonsense discussion. your version of truth is Based upon your opinion. Not thought out reason.
            Its a verifiable fact that judges opinions ,decisions and interpretation of constitutional law change with time . Therefore their ruling is flippant or transitionary. A significant example is . The constitution said all people had liberty. It didn’t discriminate. Wheras it took judges a hundred years plus and a war to free the slaves. Believing in case law as a factual determination is folly .
            Wheras as base law / law of the land or the wording of the constitution is going to be closer to truth than your worshipping various judges personal decisions. Which are factually transitional as they are repeatedly struck down and changed. True or not true? Now A qoate from ronald Reagan comes to mind. “Its not that the other side- democrats liberals are ignorant its just that they know so many things that just are not so “. Reagan also mentioned sovereign citizens. Is he right? Time will tell . Is the constitution our base law ? Yes it is . Have judges interpreted in in varying ways throughout our history? Yes they have . Have their judgments been struck down? Yes . Repeatedly. Are they required to go back to the beginning? Yes . Judges are flippant. It’s their personal opinion, interpretation and preference that comes out . Other Supreme Court judges rule differently based on majority. Is that true or not ? . Think it through before you dig yourself a deeper hole .
            You mistook what I meant as to pleading the first . Yes All American citizens can plead the first against medical tyranny. ( or reasonable tyranny if you prefer to think safety which is a very reasonable thought)
            So what i was trying to say is pleading the first is unnecessary due to wording of the Declaration of Independence and the wording of the 9 th amendment.
            As to whatever else you were referring to it’s beyond me .

          • Steve
            You are incorrect as to what Declaration says . It does an extreme example of enumeration. It says rights are given by creator and not government. Thats a factual concept our society and government is based upon. It was an enlightened concept of the era . In effect it is an enumeration of all human rights not limited. Do the research and you will see the founders were reluctant to add the bill of rights because per their letters and speaches feared people would interpret their rights as limited and government would use that against them . Years later Enumeration in bill of rights won out for fear future future government would infringe without stronger more direct protection. The 9 th was put in to strengthen further. It’s barely helped. Government has trod all over us .
            Yes i agree my rights end where yours begin . There must be a balance. Its hard . But givening up your rights as a group to let government decide will not help you personally have stronger rights. In the end you will loose them as well . A person must look far ahead. Lets take loud music. Its best left to local government a more direct democracy to decide for their specific area . ( or people in that specific room ) now if its a person spreading a virus on purpose it’s another story. Thats like murder and we already have laws against it . Putting something foreign into my body when the company and government have absolutely no liability? Thats silly . Wait for the studies to determine best course . Don’t mandate. Then use a rational decision. Forcing a vaccine into my body violates your stated concept of right. Your rights end where mine begin. Mine are not waived for you without my consent.

          • It’s probably worth repeating, that this article and conversation is about required vaccinations to live at a dormitory at UAA. You haven’t provided any information on how your rights or anyone else’s rights have been violated by this requirement. You do not have a right to live at the UAA dormitory, you don’t even have a right to go to UAA, to suggest otherwise flies in the face of what a right is.
            So while you get wrapped around the axel and spin off in a dozen different directions while crying wolf, you’re rights still have not been infringed upon.
            If you’re going to quote someone atleast do it correctly…what Reagan said was “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

          • Steve
            You are definitely right about everything you said. Especially in your own mind. Thanks for looking up Reagans qoate. It’s been a while since i heard his speech. What was that speech called? I think it was about 4 years before his presidency. Back in a more polite era . He didn’t really demonize or belittle his adversaries any more than was needed. He did a fair job most of the time.

          • It was called “A Time for Choosing”, it was 17 years before he was elected President…had to look that part up, I knew it was a good while before he was elected President but I didn’t know it was 17 years.

  16. Catherine,
    Public health issue? Please.
    You want a solution that works? Go exercise and stay away from people. Eat good foods . This whole debacle is about control and you know it . “You” want to control other people! Force them to do what you think.
    Yes it’s clearly about discrimination. Those who believe in personal choice and or have religious reasons against putting poorly studied dna pieces into their bodies in an ineffective attempt to control a barely lethal virus that mutates around the false immunizations will be and are being discriminated against! They loose their jobs and are banned from certain public areas as well as face unequal unjust ostracism. Thats the technical definition of discrimination.
    As my parents would “say”what dont you understand about thinking it through? Stop forcing your ideology onto others Catherine!

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