COVID update: 9 new cases, no new deaths


Alaska had nine new cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in the past 24 hours, bringing the case total to 235 across the state.

The total number of people hospitalized during the pandemic is 27, although not all of those are currently in the hospital, and no new deaths were reported during the past 24 hours.

Seven Alaskans are known to have died of causes related to the coronavirus that developed out of Wuhan, China last year.

The new cases were in Anchorage (4), Fairbanks (2), Kenai Peninsula (1), and Mat-Su (1).

Nationally, 452,582 people have been infected with the coronavirus, and 16,129 deaths have been attributed to or associated with COVID-19.


  1. Of those less-than-27 who were in the hospital, are we to assume they have gotten over the virus and are now cured?

  2. “Seven Alaskans are known to have died of causes related to the coronavirus that developed out of Wuhan, China last year.” I would prefer that to “seven deaths are reported in Alaska to date”, when two or three of those deaths are reported from OUTSIDE Alaska. How many of the infected aren’t even in Alaska? Why are we being misled? I’m not big on conspiracy theories but when basic’s like where a person was when they died is being misrepresented that is not good. Our government lying to us is not good.

  3. Robert Kennedy Jr is right; the CDC is nothing but a Vaccine Company and puppet to Bill Gates.

    • In the 21st Century, any politician that helped a country YouTube itself into allowing the unnecessary deaths of many children due to many very easily preventable measles outbreaks does not get to give advice to or about anyone else’s health policies or practices.

  4. German study shows Covid mortality to be 0.37%. Time to end the fear mongering and restore Liberty and Freedom.

  5. Where is all this testing capacity we are promised?

    We can’t determine who is healthy and who is sick unless we test.

    Why aren’t we rolling out testing on a large scale so we can safely decide who can go to work and who needs to be quarantined?

    Social distancing works to slow the spread of contagion, as long as people keep doing it. The stricter the mandates the better the outcome. That part is proven.

    The other part that’s proven is we can’t stop social distancing until we can complete wide scale testing.

    Where’s the plan, where’s the testing sites necessary to complete the testing we need in order to take the next step

    What little testing we do shows a steadily rising number of positive cases.

    Limiting testing so the numbers don’t look so bad is a very shortsighted and unintelligent policy.

    We were told that the governor was ready for the virus to arrive here. If that was true, we would be testing on a large scale and that is not happening at all.

    • Unfortunately, since we were the last to get sick, much of Alaska’s care package has been rerouted to hot spots. Mike is trying to tamp down many fires including being recalled. …..Trying to slow down panic and impatient peeps with cabin fever. He needs time. More time.

  6. First of all Thank you Suzanne for this site. I would also like to applaud the Doctors for their thoughts.
    One question has been bothering me on the Herd Immunity issue. From Mid January to early Feb over half of my staff was out sick at different times during that period. I got it towards the end of that period and am rarely sick. I upped my Zinc and vitamin regime, slept a lot of for 2 days of the days and was better.
    The interesting thing was everyone had a dry cough, was over tired, and a few had diarrhea. I had a slight temperature (99.8 at the highest though I usually run no higher than 97.6). All of my staff received doctors notes to return to work and none were diagnosed with flu.
    I was wondering how many others experienced similar issues either themselves or their family and friends?
    Could it be that it has been in Alaska earlier?
    I also noted the following article “Chicago Phlebotomist: Coronavirus Antibodies Found in 30-50% Tested for COVID-19” I thought there was no antibody test or at least that is what they are telling us.

    • I agree with you! The news kept saying the flu was rampant back in December and January. Both my adult daughter and I went to urgent care at different times and we’re told oh it’s just a cold and no testing what so ever for even the flu. I had my flu shot way back in September but like you I had a normal temp but usually run 97.4-97.6 and it was reading 98.6-98.8 and like you stayed low and slept a lot. My daughter who smokes got a horrible cold and her 17 year old son and husband both did to but she was worse! I believe in herd immunity. Exposure strengthens your immunity of course unless your compromised in some way!

  7. “Those who would sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither” Ben Franklin.

    All it would take to defeat this pandemic would be some common sense and a little concern for others. Since both are in short supply in the world and the US, and – hopefully – to a somewhat lesser degree Alaska, government feels compelled to protect the masses from their own ignorance. Unfortunately many lawmakers discover just how much power they can have through fear – and it’s even more infectious than coved-19.

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