COVID update 6: Juneau closes facilities, ski areas open, Apple stores closed


 This is a series of coronavirus updates relevant to Alaskans. For previous updates, check the “All Stories” tab on the home page.

Juneau: City and Borough of Juneau is closing public facilities such as Augustus Brown Pool, Dimond Park Aquatic Center, Mount Jumbo Gym, Downtown Public Library, Mendenhall Valley Public Library, Douglas Public Library, Juneau-Douglas City Museum, and Zach Gordon Youth Center. The closures are effective March 16-30.

CBJ has suspended Senior Open Gym, but not the Juneau Hike Program. Reservations at CBJ facilities impacted by the closure will be cancelled and refunded.

Eaglecrest: Eaglecrest Ski Area is open, and has had a terrific year for snow, and the kids are out of school for the rest of the month. “We recognize that this situation may change quickly and may not be under our control. We ask for your patience and understanding if we need to make adjustments.” The ski area has reduced seating capacity in the Great Room and staff is regularly sanitizing surfaces. All after-hours special events have been postponed, including the Powder Keg Cup race series. The ski area asks all guests to reduce time spent in the lodge and wash their hands. “Enjoy the outdoors and this beautiful weather.”

Fairbanks: Tanana Chiefs Conference has been postponed. It had been scheduled for March 16-19. Alaska Festival of Native Arts has been cancelled.

Anchorage:  Special Olympics Alaska Winter Games has been cancelled.

Apple: Apple has closed down all of its retail stores outside of China. The Apple store in Anchorage is among those that are closed:

Alyeska: Alyeska resort is open and ski conditions are good.

Hilcorp: Hilcorps is working on rotation, with many workers working from home.

Spain: The Spanish government enacted a nationwide lockdown on Saturday, ordering people to stay in their homes.

Israel: Israel has banned all gatherings of over 10 people. The prime minister has closed schools, the restaurants are now closed. All “leisure” activities are postponed indefinitely. Grocery stores and pharmacies remain open.

France: Prime Minister Edouard Philippe ordered all nonessential businesses to close, including all restaurants and cafes. Banks, grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and newsstands may remain open


  1. Since this is in keeping with a standard news media tactic, namely running multiple stories pursuing as many angles as possible on a particular topic, where’s the followup to the Don Young handshake story of approximately a year and a half ago? Since many people have become reluctant to shake hands within recent days or weeks, surely Young must be affected enough to warrant a separate story on that basis alone.

    • SPR,
      I don’t recall seeing your comments before. Of course, I’m a newcomer on this site but I usually remember commenters like yourself. Many stories are written with an intimated answer built in. Obviously, Don Young’s handshake didn’t result in world shaking consequences. I barely remember the story. It wasn’t interesting enough for me to pursue. I do know this site is not “standard media” or tactically tilted in any particular direction other than reality and truth. Instead of insinuation, how about inspiration on how you would fix/run it. Remember what your mom said; “You catch more with sugar than vinegar”. Be nice.

      • Ben,
        Speaking of “world shaking consequences”, how come no news sites in AK are reporting of the latest missile attack on a US base in Iraq?
        It appears that Iran has retaliated once again…
        “On Wednesday, the birthday of assassinated Iranian Gen. Qassim Suleimani, a barrage of rockets slammed into the Camp Taji airbase north of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.
        The attack killed two Americans and a Briton, while wounding 14 others.
        A day later, U.S. forces in Iraq hit back, carrying out airstrikes against Kata’ib Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Iraqi militia that it blamed for the attack. It is a safe bet that the violence between the United States and Iran will not stop there.”
        (Reported by the Intercept)
        Americans need to keep focused on the bigger picture and not pigeonhole in on a virus where the overwhelming majority of those who catch this disease recover just fine.

        • It is indeed an interesting state of circumstances. Iran is blaming US for their Covid problem so they are lashing out in an attempt to save face and retain power in their homeland. Some of us are blaming Trump for his response, in an attempt to smear and remove power so they can take power. China is blaming US for their handling of their response in an attempt to save face and retain power in their homeland. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia and Russia are playing chicken with the oil markets, and we are busy buying all the toilet paper off the shelves of our local grocery markets. Is this the beginning of the dystopian future we’ve been warned about…

        • If you’re convinced Iran is the “bigger picture” then you’re choking on the Kool Aid. Wake up. We can handle Iran without breaking a sweat. Our trillion dollar deficit should have you concerned. Our diminishing middle class should have you freaked out. Our benign leadership should have you losing sleep. Iran? Stop it, dude.

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