COVID-19 update: Zero cases


In the 24 hours that ended Friday night, no cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus were diagnosed in Alaska.

However, on Saturday Sitka Borough officials announced that a person at a long-term care center had contracted the illness. The person, who lives in the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium Long Term Care facility was taken to Mount Edgecumbe Medical Center and isolated.

The likelihood is if that person has tested positive, there are others in the community that will test positive as well. The case will be included in Sunday’s state report.

All of the other residents of the care facility have been tested and an investigation is underway to identify the source of the virus, the borough said.

Health officials will isolate additional people if needed, according to the statement.


  1. With no new cases, under the Berkowitz/MOA rules, if we have a new case in Anchorage that will constitute a “spike in cases” that will justify the extension of incarceration of the entire population for an additional month. Waiting for someone to tell me this is not the case and why.

  2. “Flattening the curve” was intended solely to prevent a tidal wave of patients so overwhelming the system that many infected could not get medical attention resulting in needless deaths. The goal posts have been moved to attempt to extinguish the pandemic not just “mitigate” it. I am waiting for the “if even one life is saved it is worth it” when explaining why destroying the nation is needed.

    The term “essential worker” … after the “flattening of the curve”… really means every worker now. Every worker is now vitally essential to bringing the country back from the abyss. Will there be new cases? Yes. Will there be additional deaths? Unfortunately, yes. Will the morbidity and mortality of Covid-19 (Wuhan Flu) be greater than mortality and morbidity from the impending “Second Great Depression”? Very very doubtful. Not only is the USA at peril but Western Civ as as whole when facing off against Red China.

    As Mark Steyn has pointed out, the West hoped that bringing China into the global economy would turn them into something like the West, but now the West is turning into something like Red China. We haven’t gotten to the point of tossing body bags into crematories with live patients… yet. (Think Gov. Cuomo requiring infected patients returned to nursing homes).

    • Many of the “even if one life is saved” folks are using this sound bite for their own purposes. It is wonderfully powerful and allows the user to stake out a moral high ground against all others and particularly free enterprise. Nevertheless, Sweden – usually an example for the Left – has chosen a different path and the may be able to avoid the widespread economic destruction of a lock-down.

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