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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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COVID-19 update: 4 cases

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Four cases of COVID-19 coronavirus were diagnosed in the 24-hour period that ended at midnight on Tuesday. The four new cases were in Anchorage.

There were no new hospitalizations or deaths reported; those still stand at 36 and 9 respectively, of the 355 cases that have been diagnosed among Alaskans. There are currently 16 people hospitalized in Alaska with the illness.

To date, 240 Alaskans have recovered from the coronavirus that started human-to-human transmission in Wuhan, China and made its way across the world, infecting Americans in January.

19,119 Alaskans have undergone swab testing for the Wuhan coronavirus, which works out to more than 1-1/3 of every 50 Alaskans.

The total count of all cases that were ever diagnosed among Alaskans is as follows:

  • Anchorage: 180
  • Kenai Peninsula: 19
  • Fairbanks/North Star Borough: 81
  • Southeast Fairbanks Census Area: 1
  • Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area: 1
  • Kodiak: 1
  • Mat-Su Borough: 21
  • Nome Area 1
  • Juneau: 27
  • Ketchikan: 16
  • Petersburg: 4
  • Craig: 2
  • Bethel: 1
  • Sitka: 1
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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • looks like we got a hold of this thing here in AK as long as people don’t let down their guard or their masks.

  • Has the curve been flattened? That was the point all along, not to have zero new cases, ever.

    Has any area, or hospital exceeded its ICU/ventilator capacity? If so, I’ve not read of it. We are not close in AK.

    It seems the impetus for all the extreme minimization efforts has been negated.

    • After generating requirements for reopening, case counts dropping over a 14 day period together with testing, tracking and tracing, no state followed those requirements.

      No state that has opted to reopen has come close to the federally recommended decline in cases over a 14-day period.

      No single state has had a two-week decline in case numbers.

      No state yet has the testing tracking and tracing necessary.

  • I don’t believer the number of tests equals the number to people tested.

    Many people were tested more than once, hence the number of people tested is far lower than the total number of tests.

  • Look up Hong Kong Flu 1968, killed 100,000 people in U.S. and over a million world wide. No Schools closed, no business shut down, little fanfare in the press, life just went on. I mean, put this Corona Crisis in a historical perspective for just a moment. I remember the Hong Kong Flu, sort of, it didn’t affect my life at least, I went to school and delivered my paper route afterwards.Life went on.
    Are you being taken for a ride?

    • Yes, let’s learn from the Hong Kong flu.

      The Hong Kong flu killed people over a two year period, with the second wave worse than the first in some places.

      We’re on track to break that record in a few short months, and we are doing everything possible to guarantee a second wave.

      • Thats right Bill, the flu will ne back until a herd immunity is established. Those most at risk need to quanantine, everybody else needs to open up full throttle. But wait, you want more testing. A moving target at best. But one that will keep the economy in the tank for certain.

  • If the goal is to stop even one death, then we will never attain it but we will lose many along the way trying to. The goal was originally advertised as to buy time to be ready. We’ve done that. People who want to stay home can. There will be a depressive effect on those afraid of spreading or catching this virus and they will stay at home and this will organically lead to less possible transmission. Strong precautions should be given to the elderly and immune compromised, and strict restrictions for areas where those people are. The young and healthy do not need to take such precautions, and so they shouldn’t be expected to. We are stealing life from them, in the name of saving it for others. Initially that is fine, maybe even noble, but past a point, it becomes something else. Agendas creep in. Fear becomes a lifestyle. People die, whether they are up walking and talking or not- when life loses meaning.

    This was sold as one thing and is becoming something else. We absolutely need to be smart, and protect the vulnerable..but The rest of us need to be allowed to get back to living life.

  • When does this end?
    Why are more restrictions being implemented with the Chinese 19 data showing positive progress? Costco announced that all people in the store must wear a mask. I find Costco’s announcement a little weak.
    Many times during the lock down period, I was amazed at all the grocery stores employees’ lack of personal protection. I had my mask on, took it seriously.
    But all is not lost!
    The grocery workers are proof that you can live through the Chinese 19. Think about it, how many times a check out clerk contacts people in a eight hour shift. With everyone else in lock down, they were running wide open. Same at many other venues that have remained open during the lock down. Only heard of one Costco employee that came down with Chinese 19.

    To many of my Relatives have Lost their jobs. Gone… Good paying jobs.
    Tenure for two relatives was 15 years. Gone.
    It is way easier for those who have lost nothing and will not lose anything, to cry gloom and doom, for that is the easy call. Keep it locked up. Especially when none of the Chinese 19 forecast have come close to true. Even with the horrible mismanagement in New York.

    To shut the door comes with little provocation, we all got on board.
    What takes courage when armed with imperial data on the Chinese 19, is to open the door, not to continue as is until nothing is left.

    • April 1:

      The US has more confirmed cases than any other country — more than 200,000, according to a CNN count. More than 4,300 people have died in the US.

      April 30:

      Confirmed Cases 1,069,534
      Americans Killed 63,087

      59,000 Americans were killed by Coronavirus in APRIL.

      It’s not like you magically can’t die just because we’re at Rt of .9 instead of 1.1 or 2.0.

    • Masks do little to protect the wearer. Masks are a politeness that suggests the wearer is altruistically inconveniencing themselves to offer you a level of protection.

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