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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Cook it out of them? Victory savored by spice company exec, who says cooks can cure conservatives


In an approach that is open to interpretation, the owner of Penzey’s Spice Company, based in Wisconsin, has penned a letter to his customers telling them that it’s time to heal the Republicans, although he says everyone has a right to be horrified by them.

Bill Penzey is not suggesting reeducation camps, but he’s asking his customers to help Republicans get past their anger and accept the new reality. He advises special unnamed treatment for those who “crafted and told and broadcast the lies that made these last four years happen,” who he says “have to be held accountable.” Here’s what Penzey wrote:

Certainly not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but most likely soon all of us will find ourselves doing our part to help heal Republicans. Seventy million Americans have been lied into voting for the most un-American administration in our lifetimes. As much as we don’t need the approval of those seventy million to get America back to being America, those seventy million are our family, co-workers, neighbors and friends and they need our help.

At this moment after all the cruelty they made possible you may well be thinking: I’m not helping that. I get it, but I also know as a cook your heart is not one that can stay closed for long to anyone in need, even if they brought that need upon themselves. What will your help look like? You have some time to plan that out. From grief there is the path of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. With just how long Republicans have been in denial, I’m guessing the anger stage we are now beginning to enter will be both long and intense. Once they start getting past the anger our chance to help will begin.

As much as we have a lot of Republican anger, and even a fair amount of denial yet, to work through we can still begin planting the seeds for what comes next. Though this administration never did make much of an effort to build the promised wall around our borders, like so many cults they were very successful in building a wall around their followers to block out any voice of reason. Breaching that wall with a simple text or email with something along the lines of: “Saw a clip of that movie we liked, thinking of you” to let them know you have not given up on them might be the first step. You are creative and have good judgement. I trust that you can figure this out.

You certainly have every right to look at the horrors of this week and be horrified by them, but this really has been the first so very needed step in getting our loved ones back. Those who crafted and told and broadcast the lies that made these last four years happen have to be held accountable. But if we can find a space in our hearts for those who believed the lies there is hope that our children and grandchildren will never again have to repeat these last four years.

Everything that has made you a cook has prepared you to heal this world. These next few years will need your healing more than you can possibly imagine.

Penzey takes off from there with his sales pitch for various spices, including cinnamon, pepper, and garlic. Those who shop with Penzey’s and load up enough on herbs and spices will get a free “victory” pin commemorating the election. But he’s warning Democrats:

“…but seriously the Republicans are entering their anger stage of grief big time right now. From the angry responses I’m receiving it’s clear this weekend’s emails will at least temporarily cost us more customers than we’ve lost in quite some time. Please don’t worry, business-wise we are doing better than ever before. But if you wanted to make up for any losses by placing an order at or by forwarding this email to a few possible new customers that would be sweet and greatly appreciated. Thanks!”

And thanks for caring, and thanks for at least considering opening your heart to those who, through their voting, have done such great damage to our country and to so many good people as well. Not everybody has your strength and that’s why everybody needs you so much. Thank you for making us possible, but thanks even more for being you…”

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • I was a repeat customer of Penzey’s for many years. After the CEO declaration of total support for anti-Trump actions and actions, I will never order from them again. Take a look at “my spice sage” for comparable products at reasonable prices.

  • Since he wants us to be more like democrats, let’s boycott his product. After all, that’s his version of being American.

  • Wow…won’t buy from his company. What an idiot.

  • How ironic! By some studies over half of so-called progressive take some type of psychotropic drug. In the 60s they took LSD to escape reality, today they take Prozac to deal with it. Of course, 100% of liberals are delusional and out of touch with reality. Arguing with a liberal is like wrestling with a pig: you both get dirty and you quickly learn that the liberal answer is always scream racism (sexism, whatever) and they really enjoy wallowing in their filth.

  • Conservatives want the Constitution to rule, the liberals want their FEELINGS to rule.

  • Why in the world do some business owners of a seemingly nonpolitical business think that their patrons care what their personal politics are, and why would you choose to willingly alienate half of your potential customers?

  • I’m amazed I read past the first paragraph… what delusional drivel – I guess I was looking for some cathartic from Suzanne. Yeah I’m angry, but not so stupid as to do anything about it but work harder at electing good Republicans in 2022 and 2024. I will resist any attempts to steal our Constitutional rights.

    • Rich, I sincerely hope you are right. I fear however that after this fraudulent election we just experienced it will take much more then just hard work to turn things around. The Republicans as an organization are as worthless as side pockets on a Hog.

    • Lol… Good republicans… The
      Last good republican I’ve seen in the last 30 years just got jobbed out of the WH..

  • I bet he uses the cookbook “To Serve Man”.

  • Liberals are conservative with their own money. It’s our money they want to spend with abandon.
    The lies he speaks about are only lies if you believe Rachael Maddow and her ilk.
    Where was he when Rep. Talib said the night she was elected “ we’re going to Washington and impeach the MF.” Bipartisan and nice in front of your 12 year old son.
    Where was he when Mrs. Clinton told Biden, “ don’t ever concede, no matter what.” Too many more examples to note.
    I say take your unity, bipartisan, can’t we just get along and this condescending offer and stick it. We’ll tough it out just like we did with Obama. The further left the pendulum swings to the left the further the arc to the right and the greater the velocity when the time comes.

  • These people really are Nuts. They actually believe getting back towards socialism is American. They throw their rhetoric out there with no factual basis, but sell it like a true believer. I’m an independent, and I would never vote for Biden, Obama, or their card carrying communist Hillary, I also couldn’t stomach McCain, but then again McCain was a bit of a Lisa. Penzey forgot to out right insult the Independents who aren’t for his sickness, but message received, I won’t be doing business with them.

  • I will never buy anything from this person or company. Nor will I ever forget his rhetoric.

  • What spices would be used to treat Nancy Pelosi (insanity), Joe Biden (dementia), and Chuckie Schumer (derangement)?

  • Which Conservatives was Bill Penzey talking about? that is a guy who doesn’t get out much. I don’t see “angry” conservatives? I do remember seeing raging liberals when Clinton lost? I understand their disappointment. The liberals sure didn’t get over their Anger when Trump was serving his four years! hahahahaha
    Maybe it’s more suitable for a liberal. Look how the liberals reacted when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. Look how the Liberals reacting to Justice Kavanough. Liberals need the spice. If Nancy Pelosi’s laptop ever shows up, The Liberals will need the spice.
    The spice would more likely give Conservatives a ill side effect making them more Spicy!

  • If I hadn’t already moved away from this company because of the constant ( and unwelcome) political commentary in their catalogue and emails, this would certainly end any further business dealings I might have with them. Obviously, they don’t want to be sullied by having anyone that isn’t part of the hive mind make a purchase from them, so I’m happy to oblige.

  • The spice house website is owned by this goof-ball’s sister. After the folks died, the kids took over the company. Sister couldn’t deal with brothers politics, so she stared own company….same spices as pennies, just not dealing with goofball.

  • What an idiot. Set up to fall from the beginning. Doesn’t know the difference between anger and love for President Trump (someone who takes care of us), constitution and country. We are angry at the fraudulent election but we come with the greatest power love.

  • People with unyielding faith say “President Trump I will see you taking the presidential oath again on 1/20/21. 😁 yippieeeeeeee.

  • Mao meets Kubler-Ross.
    Come on this guy sells spices! Either this is a marketing ploy that clearly went of the deep end or he is truly deranged enough to believe that he has any kind of influence. The good thing in all this, since I never heard of them, I won’t have to expend any effort to boycott.

  • There are many spice companies out there.
    Choose wisely….

  • I made an amazing curry last night- I really dont feel less conservative now- and the reason it was soooooo good was the fact I used every last bit of penzy spices I owned to make it- I just flushed the last of my Penzie spice down the toilet this morning. Good riddance.

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