Constantly disheartening



The level of political pettiness on the Anchorage Assembly is disheartening.

Take, for instance, Downtown Assemblyman Chris Constant’s quick move Friday to have the Assembly finally remove Anchorage’s controversial and burdensome mask mandate.

Why did he do it? Why, to head off Eagle River Assemblywoman Jamie Allard’s amendment, already on the table, to do just that. Allard battled the mask mandate for months, often alone, and Constant, working for months on the Forrest Dunbar for Mayor campaign, made the move to ensure she could not take credit for the mandate’s demise, reports.

Constant was caught on a hot mic saying, “I just didn’t want to give Jamie the power,” the website reports.

He did not offer the motion because it was the right thing. Or because the public was lining up to pressure the Assembly. Or even that the Centers for Disease Control was abandoning mask mandates. Nope. He offered it to deny Allard any credit.

We get the government we deserve.

Disheartening, indeed.


  1. While Allstar Allard Popularity soared higher, Dunbar’s reach into other Anchorage communities decreased because of their PRIDE.

  2. I wonder how many 1/2 pints he bought to get the homeless to vote for the Constantly annoying Assembly member?
    How long is Anchorage going to keep electing communists?

  3. Rich, are you sure the homeless are registered voters? You’re bias against homeless people is showing. In many cases, being homeless is not the victim’s fault. Yes I’ve seen the homeless and Anchorage defecating on the sidewalk, and in that grassy area at the midtown Walmart, I saw a needles being shared and an orgy in progress. These people are not mentally stable and can’t be held accountable for their actions. They need help instead of criticism.

  4. Can’t this is all that surprising coming from such a petty little man such as Constant, doing typical Democrat things.

  5. Has anyone obtained a Mason’s Manual to follow in city public meetings? No? Alaska has agreed to follow Masons’s. DC is following Jefferson’s Manual. Washington state follows Reed’s Manual. Our public servants are obliged to: execute our uninfringed stated direction. They are our servant and not our monarch. If there is disenfranchising if the community there is specified LEGISLATIVE lawful process described therein. It is NOT judicial process. Are we following our lawful process? No? Why not? Are we ignorant of obliged process? Why are we ignorant? We don’t have the book? Is it taught to Anchorage adults as children? Have we abandoned our rights on purpose?

  6. On the Next Election, vote out these, Loser assembly men and women. Who won’t listen too the people.

  7. Constant do you really think we don’t know that it is Jamie that gets the credit?
    This just heightens your pettiness, trying to take credit for something when someone else is responsible.

  8. Is an assembly even needed? What is it these people do exactly? Seems like a lot of childless homosexuals outsiders passing laws on how Alaskan are allowed to raise their children, busybody carpet bagger redefining words to be able to dictate the way you get you groceries home, collectivist political climbers installing an unelected mayor with unchecked absolute power, puritan scolds deciding what you must wear when you leave your house, A group of moral supremacists telling you that if you don’t hold their beliefs and values that you’re a racist white supremacist homophobe, a body of twits that make wild claims that their lockdowns work without any scientific evidence to back their misinformation, A cancerous mass of authoritarians who at the drop of a hat have no problem with destroying your god given rights. Maybe it’s time to move past politicians, Again I ask is an assembly even needed?

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