Conspiracy polling: 20 percent of Americans think the Covid-19 vaccine comes with micro chip


A full 20 percent of Americans believe it’s likely the U.S. government is using the Covid-19 vaccine to microchip the population, according to a YouGov/Economist survey of 1,500 respondents. The poll showed that 65 percent of respondents said that the scenario is probably or definitely false, and 14 percent were unsure.

Broken down by political leanings, 8 percent of Biden voters believe it, while 29 percent of those who voted for Donald Trump believe somewhat or definitely in the microchip theory.

When asked whether the Covid-19 virus threat was exaggerated for political reasons, Biden voters overwhelmingly said it likely was not. 82 percent said it was probably not or definitely not exaggerated, while 13 percent said it was likely or definitely exaggerated.

Trump voters took a different view: 76 percent said the threat was probably or definitely exaggerated, and only 17 percent said it probably or definitely was not exaggerated.

That same poll found that liberals are quite familiar with the QAnon phenomenon. In the poll, 23 percent of respondents overall had heard a lot about QAnon, 43 percent had heard a little, and 34 percent were unfamiliar with the concept.

Liberals were much more familiar with QAnon, possibly because of the fixation of mainstream media on QAnon trends. 40 percent of Biden voters were very familiar with QAnon, 42 percent were somewhat familiar, and 18 percent were not familiar.

For conservatives, 15 percent of Trump voters were very familiar with the QAnon trend, 52 percent were a little familiar, but 33 percent had not heard of it.

QAnon is a message board on the internet that is described by Wikipedia as a discredited far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of Satan worshipers and pedophile/cannibals run a global sex trafficking ring and conspired against President Donald Trump. The mainstream media used the online message board as a boogeyman during the 2020 election cycle. No one knows how many people pay attention to the various QAnon theories that are occasionally spun.

Associated Press describes it: “Loosely tying these movements together is a general distrust of a powerful, often leftist elite. Among them are purveyors of anti-vaccine falsehoods, adherents of Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and believers in just about any other worldview convinced that a shadowy cabal secretly controls things.”

Taking the QAnon question further, 88 percent of Biden voters had a negative opinion of the QAnon trend, while only 46 percent of Trump voters held a negative position on the matter.

73 percent of Biden voters didn’t know anyone who adheres to QAnon, but 14 percent of Biden voters know someone who does believe QAnon. 78 percent of Trump voters didn’t know anyone associated with QAnon, and only 8 percent said they know someone who is.

When asked the question if they believe millions of illegal votes were cast in the 2020 general election, 90 percent of Biden voters said probably or definitely not, while 83 percent of Trump voters said probably or definitely yes.

YouGov describes itself as an international research data and analytics group.

Read the entire YouGov/Economist poll results at this link.


  1. What a worthless piece of drivel. If you were a competent journalist or had any integrity you would refute the ridiculous notion that microchips were in the vaccine. Your clickbait is pathetic.

    • Even the minority needs reported on, unless you feel that your opinion is the only one that counts. How do you know there are no microchips in that vaccine, can you prove there isn’t? I’m pretty sure there might not be any microchips, but I also don’t put anything past our government anymore either. So there could be, I have no way of proving or disproving it. I do however believe the vaccine isn’t good, microchip or not, and I am currently still allowed to think that even in a not so free nation. Of course maybe you are of the people that believe in censorship and crushing all independent thought.

      • Because I was injected with a 25 gauge needle. That .28 mm. A tracking chip (which requires a scanner to pass directly over it) is more than 2 mm thick and 11-14 mm long. You might as well ask me to prove I’m not an alien. Reporting on the beliefs of people is legit but the MRA article does it with out context and furthers the agenda of destroying the US economy and undermining the US health care system. I wonder what foreign adversary might want to do that? May the same one that stoked racial animus and interfered in our past two Presidential elections.

        • Oh I’m pretty sure our very own government needs No help in destroying our US economy and health care system. They are currently doing a bang up job of it on their very own.

      • I believe that for everything used in your body, never take anything that has been in use for less than 5 years (unless your life expectancy is less than that). Too many times ‘miracle’ chemicals proved to be nothing but hype and danger. Time will tell on this one, but neither I nor my family are part of the trial.

    • Christopher, you are an idiot. Don’t you understand that the author is simply reciting statistics and not providing an opinion. Your mean spirited comment has no redeeming qualities.

      • Not necessarily but activism is the death of journalism. I received a BA in journalism from UAA about 10 years ago and activism was just one of a handful of methodologies. However it would seem to be the current rage.

    • Christopher, Speaking of Drivel, why this ” Treatment”? You Sir as an astute person should know that the Experimental Covid Jab is not a “Vaccine”. So then what is it? What is in it? What are it’s long term symptoms? Microchips aside, there remains enough serious questions for any reasonable man to question why you would blindly rush out for this Treatment. Unless of course you subscribe to the endless drivel and “propaganda” from sources beyond Must Read Alaska?

      • I certainly do rely on sources beyond MRA. The mRNA vaccines have been in development for many years. The mechanism teaches your RNA to produce cells that can combat the covid 19 virus. Millions took it before I was able to, including the scientists who developed the technology and the public health professionals who were delivering the vaccination.

        • At least 50 percent of health workers have decided against taking the vaccine.
          This is the very first time an RNA vaccine has ever been used on humans. This is an experiment.

          They haven’t even thought to draw blood before vaccinating a person to see if that person might already have the antibodies. Do they know whether or not if this vaccine might adversely affect a person who already has the antibodies, throwing their bodies into some sort of autoimmune or worse, such as heart trouble.

          Before you go trusting these vaccine and drug makers look into the Bayer scandal of HIV tainted blood clotting medicine that Bayer knowingly left on the market as to not have to take a financial hit, and in return killing thousands of people that unknowingly used Bayers tainted medicine.

          Almost 40 years later the peoples law suit was won with mostly only the surviving family members receiving part of the dollar payoff, because the recipients of the medicine were dead from the tainted medicine.

          Most do not know about this, because it was kept pretty quiet over here, and don’t think there aren’t other incidents such as this one that have been covered up successfully.

    • Where’s your proof that there isn’t. RNA is equivalent to biological computers. Injecting a vaccine that alters the programming of your RNA is close enough to computer chip that people should be concerned. That alone is great cause to be hesitant about receiving the vaccine but certainly not the only reason. Being an experimental vaccine, being the first mass produced MRNA vaccine, being a vaccine that hasn’t had long term trials before being distributed, being such a short creation time and being something that the Government is pressuring everyone to get by threat of losing freedom are all good reasons to not receive the vaccine. And that’s not even mentioning that the math and facts don’t add up to the Government induced fear course of action they are taking. If you don’t have “Spidey Senses” tingling over all this, you are just scared sheep waiting for the wolf, dressed as a sheep dog, to show you where to go, mean while, refusing to see the zipper in the suit. The Nation is being trained to obey without question.

    • Christopher,
      Pretty rotten thing to say. Whether its fact of fiction, its a good thing that other ideas are thrown out there to see what sticks. Its up to us to decide what’s BS or not.
      I’m of the tribe that really appreciates Suzanne’s efforts and journalism.

    • Seriously? The article was simply condensing information from a survey entity. It likely was NOT intended to be an OpEd. Perhaps you read too much of the left leaning news that is mostly opinion pieces masking as news. News reports information with as minimal bias as possible.. Sorry, I read no bias above.

  2. I think there is a lot of other bad stuff for your body in those shots. Then! There is talk about injecting willing participants a third shot! Am I the only one who noticed my aged friends over 60 whom I know recieved the covid shots are looking 5-10 years older and frailer looking, and subtly their mind and speech is sounding slower to me. Even the fully vaccinated younger millennials I know are subtly “slower” in thought, behavior, and speech than the way I remember young adults, and my aged elders.

    People aren’t as “peppy” as I remember unless they hadnt recieved the shots then their reflexes are quicker and they still have the same attention and enthusiasm for the people and activity around them.

  3. There’s a lot packed into the AP poll that is reported upon above. One item that caught my eye “Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ that the election was stolen.” Audit results in Fulton and Maricopa Counties are indicative that something very wrong sure did happen. That would be AFTER investigating and finding the evidence. Is it right to characterize concerned as “believers” in a “Big Lie” when the local governments, political parties, courts, and most importantly the MSM did all they could to BLOCK the investigation?

    Why not let the facts, evidence, and sound reasoning stand for itself. Why be so threatened by people’s “beliefs” when the TRUTH is self-evident?

  4. Graphene oxide (go) nano materials (nm) reportedly is a component in all brands of this experimental gene therapy. The microscopic wave of this nano material is stronger than diamonds and is the strongest material on earth. Reports indicate it has sharp jagged edges which shear into all (gene) cells. The net results will be determined at some point. The amount of a toxic graphene oxide released into the environment by this United Nations, WHO, CDC initiative may take miraculous, superhuman intervention to heal. I have no doubt the Heavenly Father will repair the damage wrought by God deniers. “The earth itself is standing to times indefinite even forever”. “I have created the earth to be inhabited”. These are two quotes by God in the Holy Scriptures.

  5. The better questions are:
    1. Why do I need to be in a National/International database to get one?
    2. Why are the powers that be (looking at you Kamala) discriminating against those without government ID or access to a local office center with a photocopier. Surely all those minorities without officially recognized ID are unable to get vaccinated by design.

  6. Thank you Suzanne, excellent delivery of a major survey of opinions. Seems to have hit a nerve of many conservatives who look towards Must Read as validations of thier views (at least in the comments). But seriously, if you want to learn some truth about bio tech and the origins of mRNA vaccines, therapies and medical miracles to come, read this book I just finished about the winner of the 2020 Noble prize for Chemistry “the Code Breaker” by Walter Isaacson.

  7. Interesting heated back and forth here, much of it way off topic. We have censorship all around us these days, and more requested from the WH daily. Be vigilant. Do your own research. Don’t judge others. Read all sides and keep your eyes open.

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