Congressman files bill to make vaccines mandatory for commercial flight


H.R. 4980, offered by Democrat Rep. Ritchie Torres of New York, directs the Secretary of Homeland Security to “ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives to an airport inside the United States or a territory of the United States is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.”

The vaccine passport legislation conflicts with what airlines are telling customers, which is that there is no place safer to be than on an airplane, when it comes to Covid-19.

“Flying on an airplane is safer than ‘grocery shopping or eating out,’ says experts,” the Alaska Airlines blog has said for months. “According to research, airplanes are the safest indoor environments globally, and flying remains relatively low risk.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requires international travelers to show a negative COVID-19 test before boarding a flight to the U.S., but has no mandate for vaccinations.

Some 190 million people, or about 57 percent of the total U.S. population, have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, according to the CDC. 49 percent of the total U.S. population are fully vaccinated for Covid-19. Increasingly, the CDC is reporting breakthrough cases of Covid-19, and is concerned that those who are vaccinated and later get Covid can shed the virus just as unvaccinated people infected with the virus do, even if the vaccinated are asymptomatic.

Read the CDC’s internal report here:

The vaccine passport bill has been referred to the Homeland Security Committee of the U.S. House, of which Torres and 18 other hardline Democrats are members.


  1. It’s about keeping peeps out of the hospital so that other emergency, surgery and ICU cases have a place to go. Sure, if you get the shot chances are you will catch it but at least you won’t be in the hospital.

      • Look up *obesity* — get your BMI in check, walk, get fresh air in your lungs, and sun on your skin.
        FACT, again look it up. The VAST MAJORITY of younger folks dying *with* SARS-CoV-2 are obese, and lacking in most every common sense health regimen listed above. Add into this, junk food, processed sugars, excessive salt, and ANY form of artificial sweetener and you will most likely die *with* a little push from the virus.
        Get out, get in shape, and get away from the processed sweeteners.
        #theresapillorvaccineforeverymaladyevenfatnessandlazyness. #keeppushingyoursnakeoil

      • Those who don’t take the bioweapon or those that do can only be saved by one choice.

        Choose Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and choose to serve Him.

        Vaccinate yourself with the only vaccination that counts the blood of Jesus Christ

        • Faith can move mountains, but only vaccinations can get you into certain locations. Another teacher died here today and today we are going to the funeral of a 40-year-old man that died from it. Some of the talking heads on here don’t know of anyone that have died and they should be feeling pretty fortunate of that. I wonder if they will be so spry when it hits close to home?

        • I do feel lucky and I will wait out the next two years because I am patient. I have the strength and resources to by pass all this nonsense. By then most of the vaccinated will be sick, dead or dying like they are already. Time always tells the truth and time will prove the conspiracy theorist right once again like it always does. So enjoy your perks while you got them because all you vaccinated lab rats are dead men walking. Your privileges will be short lived just like your uneducated ignorant lives. Enjoy your jab 🙂

      • Everyone who wants the vaccine has had the opportunity to get it. Why don’t you worry about your health and I’ll worry about mine?

      • Wow, hitting koolaid pretty heavy lately. I didn’t know that the common flu was so deadly. Hope you are not buying in to the cdc. Why don’t you worry about Florida where you reside? Oh I bet they don’t liken to your incompetent comments down there.

        • Greg you can’t see the forest past the trees. You are the type of person that would cut off your own nose to spite your face. Typical baby boomer. Critical thinking is obviously not your strong point. Do you even know how many laugh at you daily?…do you know how ignorant and undereducated you sound?…You really don’t, do you? That’s why you are a troll. That is what makes you so hilarious. The funny part is that by the time you realize what is happening you will beg for help and no one will be there to help you. I pity you. What a pitiful example for humanity you are. No wonder the world is falling apart, it’s people like yourself that are to blame. Do you ever look in a mirror?

      • I’m just tickled pink that you followed me for that long. You must have followed me even when I was the strong Conservative Republican guy given all the zoo valley hell until they all crawled under a rock. Nowadays I call a spade a spade and don’t worry about who’s little Bernie boy feelings I hurt.

    • Goal post shifting, Greg. Better start parroting the next narrative cause the majority of people hospitalized in Iceland are the vaxxed

  2. Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    • You actually think that’s real? Do you also think it’s real when Ezekiel was taken away by a UFO? Do you think Angels need wings to fly? Is there aerodynamics in heaven? Do you think Mary was artificially inseminated by an Angel slash alien? Do you think Jonah really lived in the belly of a whale for a few days? Do you really think Noah’s sons sodomized him after he got drunk? I don’t put a lot of faith and to some of the chapters of a book that was edited by priests with an unknown agenda.

    • It’s time to accept reality.

      The Constitution doesn’t matter anymore. Biden and co have made that clear.

      As have the so called “conservatives” like swampy Dan and grampa Don who support this crap.

  3. An effort of forced persuasion and punitive action when you don’t comply with tyranny. “The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience.”
    Albert Camus

    • If you have always lived in the US, your idea of « tyranny » is exaggerated. If you were living in Wuhan, China you would be wearing your mask and getting vaccinated without griping and hollering about « personal choice and freedom ».
      Good grief! Have a little respect for others!

      • He doesn’t know about those things because it hasn’t cost him anything. He doesn’t have any skin in the game other than be able to flap his little Bernie boy chops on here. He doesn’t pay any taxes. He actually thinks he matters.

  4. Another damned Democrat who doesn’t understand you can’t violate people’s HIPPA rights to privacy nor their 4th amendment rights. Neither does this doofus understand that these mRNA gene modification shots don’t stop the spread!

    • Or, …..just bring a Covid test that shows you were once positive. Natural immunity is proving to be a better defense than vaccination. These idiot politicians and their idiot Democrat doctors need to follow the science.

      • Or, be like me…..the most protected person on the planet with 2 Pfizer vacinations and fresh out of recovery. Good for 6 months minimum. It’s too late the get the shot now anyway. If you got it today, and waited 3 weeks for the second one, you might be fully protected from going to the hospital in 6 weeks. Most don’t have that long. They are already infected and some are dieing like the 17 year old girl here the other day.

        • Body parts are a hot commodity . Certain hospital chief executives are making a killing. Donor lists are a false hope. If you have millions they find you a body part. Who has the money these days to order a private autopsy! This started years before Covid-19. Covid just made it easier for them.

        • The walking lab rat, ant-science, medical fascist boot licker Greg Forkner…Yeah I where can I sign up to be as ignorant as you?….please I can’t wait…LOL Bwahahahahah! What a tool you are!

      • Agree wholeheartedly. So if you prove you have natural immunity will they let you on the plane? Bump you to first class!

    • Post Constitutional America. The uniparty doesn’t care.

      Hell, the AK federal officials don’t care.

    • You know, that’s exactly what I told the woman at the ‘California Agricultural Inspection Station’ when she wanted to look inside my ‘camper’! I got her to admit, on an obvious recording device, that she was NOT law enforcement. So I said “Adios” and left. About 30 miles down the road, on Route 97, I was swarmed by SEVEN CHiP’s!!! That’s a hilarious story that involves God causing four Patrolman to pull their weapons on two Patrolman and a Sargent!!! Even though God’s Patrolmen prevented me from being physically arrested, I WAS charged with an actual crime for not letting some non-LE woman rummage through my underwear! The cop wrote right on the paperwork; “defendant wishes to challenge the law in Federal Court”. Never made it there…the incompetent State Court made a procedural error about two years in! They were that serious! So, I see a lot of MRAK readers saying “unconstitutional”, yet I haven’t heard one story from any of you about how you actually fought the INTRUSION into our Constitutional rights. I think the reason that’s true is that when you’re pressed, you WILL just fold. It is VERY costly to stand up for your rights. Also, and this isn’t about you Steven or this issue, a lot of you go around saying “unconstitutional” when it’s clearly not. You muddy the waters for us who are fighting the honest fight. If you falsely cry wolf, then no one will believe Steven and I when we actually see a wolf!!!

  5. Papers, please?

    Do you have permission to travel? To work? We’ll see.

    Are you a member in good standing of the party?

    It’s a damn short step from this to yellow armbands and ghettos.

    For 50 years conservatives have sat on their butts while our rights and culture were eroded. Too busy. Can’t happen here. Somebody else’s problem.

    And here we are. Even if this POS bill dies, the issue won’t. Evil never rests.

  6. How are border wall hoppers going to escape McAllen Texas in the dead of night, continue walking?
    #theyhaveanexemption #readthefineprint

    • Greg
      Are you just channeling positive thoughts?
      99.8 % chance of surviving the man made virus without the jab. Once you’ve had it your immune from the variants.
      Not true if you’ve had the jab, good luck with that! Not only can you catch and pass along the variants, you now have to see how long you survive the jab itself. The same people who have lied about the c19 are now recommending the jab. These are the people who said boosters wouldn’t be nessasary, now they say you’ll need MORE after 6 months.
      Course I’m wondering if your just playing the part of devils advocate.
      I guess, if you get your information from the propaganda alphabet news sources, you may be a believer.

  7. Making it a law that a person has to take an experimental drug before they can fly commercially; really ? How about a law that everyone has to do 40 pushups before they board or have a college degree or be a military veteran ? News Flash, Congress can’t make arbitrary rules like this. Even our national idiot, Joe Biden, wouldn’t sign such a law.

    • Maybe maybe not. The airline industry is heavily subsidized by the federal government and maybe subject to their whims. If that doesn’t work however, watch for the airlines themselves to mandate mandatory shot records. Like I said A week or so ago these people aren’t fooling around.

      • Greg, We support your right to take the jab that has to date killed thousands upon thousands in the US alone, however we disagree with your constant calling for the rest of us to take your Zombie Jab.

        Freedom , choice, the right to property Greg, that is what we are talking about here. BTW, if you can tear yourself away from the Media Driven Propaganda , there are a legion of Medical Professional’s who have written volumes about this Jab and how it works. But then Greg that requires critical thought, perhaps you might try it out for once? Good luck with your health in the future, I do wish you the very best.

  8. Darn it. Looks like I’m gonna have to do my disneyland sooner rather than later. I am vaccinated though btw.

  9. I have lots to do at home! Where’s muh money? I wanna be just like a liberal and sit home and watch TV! Oh, but what about the biggest groups resisting the shot-PhDs? And productive working people? But welfare slugs are almost 100%. The shot (it’s not a vaccine), like socialism, is so great that it must be mandated! And so great that it likely will need to be enforced by the barrel of a gun! Let’s make America Venezuela!
    Try as I might to be tolerant, to observe liberty for others and listen to other points of view (no matter how uninformed and ridiculous), I am becoming intolerant of progressives and their eternally boring fantastic rants, when they try to impose their false reality upon the rest of us.

    • Yes, please try to take that on a plane please! Please try to get in somewhere where you have to show a shot record with that on your hip or pull it out in brandish it. It would be awesome to read about you on the news.

  10. I must say I’m not overly concerned about this; nutty bills like this get introduced all the time. The party of segregation (Democrats) has such a slim majority in congress that it would only take a few moderate Democrats to shoot this down. It also would need to survive a filibuster in the Senate.

    If there were ever a time that something as absurd as this would pass this is it, but I’m not losing sleep just yet.

  11. Tyrants and tyranny NEVER rest. They are always pushing, always planning, always working to whittle down our remaining freedoms. All with fine-crafted propaganda, and all in the putative name of “safety”, which sheep like Greg Forkner lap up without question or examination..
    Greg, you think that your meek and automatic compliance to (corrupt) authority somehow makes you virtuous. But in reality, it only marks you as a pathetic coward and conformist.

    • That’s your and the rest of your trolls opinion which I gladly accept as you’re right. You don’t however accept my right to my opinion and that’s why we’re different. You’re a hypocrite and I’m a realist.

  12. I guess Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine don’t exist any more. And where is COVID-19 isolated in a test tube? Who has it?

  13. Is anyone fighting for freedom and government over reach in Washington DC? I don’t think our delegation is doing much.

  14. How all encompassing is this measure proposed by a Congressperson from New York! It includes not just scheduled Flights but all flights! Could this mean that a private pilot taking his or her airplane for a “VFR” local sightseeing jaunt, leaving and returning from the same field, would now have to have a proof of Jab? What about those in rural Alaska? Let’s say you are in Kiana and need to travel to Anchorage and are “unjabbed” , what are your options? This isn’t about stopping the spread of a virus, it is about the use of raw unchecked power and the usurpation of your fundamental rights. What is sad is that even on this comment section we find people who are so removed from any feelings of liberty and have been deluded by the propaganda concerning this “virus” that they accept such measures and or even applaud them. “ye were never our countrymen’

  15. I can’t think of a better way to guarantee a flood of fake vax documents. And if on a jury for someone being prosecuted for using them or selling them, I will not vote to convict. Cheers –

  16. And while we’re stifling movement of American citizens and putting another clamp on a worsening economy lets open up that border some more and let more people in, lets cast a blind eye and better yet lets pull out of Afghanistan without an exit strategy and strangle domestic oil and gas production, hell lets go further and stymie all production…..of anything.

    • Actually, a judge ruled the other day that Biden has to conform to the Trump era order that says people got to stay in Mexico before they get processed across. Can’t just come on down Johnny like The Price is Right.

  17. Page 20 of the slide deck is pretty interesting where it discusses masking effectiveness:
    “• Source control 40-60% effective
    • Personal protection 20-30% effective”
    So . . . by the CDC’s own estimates masks are only about 50% effective at keeping virus in, and only about 25% effective at keeping the virus out.
    I’m surprised those numbers haven’t been highlighted by more news outlets, including here.

  18. Representative Torres, does that new law that you are promoting include all the illegal aliens who are flooding over our southern border and getting on airplanes to be surreptitiously deposited in more northern states across our nation. I doubt it!

  19. We have thousands crossing out southern border…no masks, no tests, no vaccinations. Start with these people and I’ll think about it.

  20. Alabama now has negative beds available. There are currently 11 intensive care patients waiting for a bed in Alabama. Unfortunately for them, somebody has to die.

  21. Texas is asking for mortuary trailers outside their hospitals now. All the clowns on here that said this isn’t a real pandemic, what say you now? Where are they getting all the dead people? Where are they getting all the people to fill up all the ICU beds in the state?

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