Compensation, benefits commission meets to review pay for legislators, governor


State Officers Compensation Commission will hold a meeting on Sept. 29, 2021, at 9 a.m. at the Atwood Building, 550 W. 7th Ave., Suite 1960, Anchorage, to review preliminary findings and recommendations on the rate and form of compensation, benefits, and allowances for legislators, the governor, the lieutenant governor, and each principal executive department head of Alaska state government. The commission will take public testimony.

The meeting is open to the public. Persons wishing to participate by telephone may do so by calling 1-800-315-6338, Access code 46544031. 


  1. They steal our PFD and now they want a raise?!
    They stole our money and want to give it to themselves?!

    Awwww… HELL no!

  2. In light of the current financial situation and lack of progress on meaningful budget reform I feel any increase in pay for legislators would be a insult to all hard working citizens of Alaska. Looking at another special session for them to play beer pong and kick the can down the road till next year is unacceptable

    • Hard working Alaskans? Where? Number one state for federal dollars.. we can’t pay our own way. Huge native population. Welfare state welfare state welfare state… hard working doesn’t fit into alaska

      • Speak for yourself Andrew. There are plenty of hard working Alaskans and we just don’t want to reward those who aren’t.

  3. What about some of the state workers who had to be in the office the whole time during the Planned pandemic? Who can not telework from home? These people should get paid hazard pay just like the ones in the liquor stores and grocery stores.

    • No. Not a SINGLE government employee was laid off or forced to retire. Their unions made sure of that. Outside of roads and other maintenance workers, who was in the office? And many other businesses designated as “essential” did not get hazard pay or bonuses.

      • That is directly at the feet of the useless governor. Dunleavy never requested or required the state worker to sacrifice while the rest of us did.

  4. Fifty percent pay cut, straight across the board! Two thirds of them would still be over over paid according to what they accomplish for the citizenry!

  5. Because of the former Governor and Legislature, present and past, my property is in foreclosure and I will lose it by the end of the year. They want more of our shareholder dividend to line their own corruption.
    Liquidate the fund and let the people decide their futures not the Legislature or any branch of govt.

  6. Hell No!!! Let them starve. There is no reason for a pay raise. They haven’t done their job. Shocking, I know. Prove you can get up off your dead asses and work and solve some real problems. Beggars and losers I swear…

  7. We need to calculate elected official payroll exactly the same way they calculated the PFD…could save us a nice chunk of money.
    I’ll bet if we did that our full statutory PFD would be in the mail pretty quick.

  8. Cut their pay, cut their per diem, cut their office expense account, cut their travel, 1 ticket to juneau and 1 back home till they get their work done. No days off, 9-5 hrs. Get them off the gravy train….

  9. This class of Alaskans don’t need a PFD. They get their’s in spades. Have them disqualified to receive the PFD, as long as they receive compensation and benefits from the state.

  10. They need to attend intense military training, preferably by a marine, as a prerequisite to receiving one thin time from the US public trust funds. Especially the attorney/influencers. You work for us. Don’t try to weasel out of it. Our (thumping my chest) instructions is what you do. If you will not follow the US Constitution and you secretly want to work for the UN or something…quit right now! Quit!!!!!

  11. I agree. Cut their pay, cut their per diem, cut their office expense account, cut their travel. Have them disqualified to receive the PFD as long as they receive compensation and benefits from the state.

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