Comer has receipts: Checks made out to Joe Biden

House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., speaks at the impeachment inquiry hearing for President Joe Biden.

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer on Monday today announced the committee obtained bank records revealing a $200,000 direct payment from James and Sara Biden to Joe Biden in the form of a personal check. In September, Chairman Comer issued three subpoenas for Hunter and James Biden’s personal and business bank records.

In 2018, James Biden received $600,000 in loans from, Americore—a financially distressed and failing rural hospital operator. According to bankruptcy court documents, James Biden received these loans “based upon representations that his last name, ‘Biden,’ could ‘open doors’ and that he could obtain a large investment from the Middle East based on his political connections.”

On March 1, 2018, Americore wired a $200,000 loan into James and Sara Biden’s personal bank account – not their business bank account. On the same day, James Biden wrote a $200,000 check from this same personal bank account to Joe Biden. 

Chairman Comer released a video outlining this direct payment and the questions President Biden must answer.

Watch the full video here.


    • Hi Rick, Apparently you aren’t aware that even Fox News admitted that the “Big Guy” referenced in Hunter Biden’s emails does NOT refer to Joe Biden. The term is used several times and it clearly does not refer to an individual, it is a reference to the Chinese State. At least now you know and won’t be making such a silly mistake again.

      • Little Toddler. … Better stay inside tonight. Joe Biden will be out trick or treating for money from his wacked-out Democrat donors. Is that scarry enough for you?

        • Have you sent your favorite “billionaire” all the funds you can spare yet? Trump will need it much more than all of his supporters. He has grifted well over $200 million from his supporters. I guess a sucker is born every minute.

      • Toddler, yes how silly to think that influence peddling negotiations involving the Biden Crime Syndicate would exclude the Chi-Com’s! You are spot on yet once again, your Master ” Big Daddy” Xi is certainly in for the prime cut.

        BTW, cute handle you have there, apparently you are still crawling about when it comes to critical thinking. Retarded development is so Democratic Party! Embrace your infantilism.

      • Oh ya Fox News ! Let’s believe it . Folks have figured out since Tucker left , Fox News is just mouth piece for the left . It’s getting exposed over and over . Megan Kelly has blown up the entire Murdoch network . All their employees sign NDA’s and told what they can and cannot say !

        Interesting to note that Megan Kelly has had her come to Jesus moment ! They used her like a $2 mule to get rid of Oreilly , gave her a fancy spot , cut her hair and really silenced her . She has a lot of passion again and swings for the fence ! I kind of like what she says again after being totally done with her !

        If you want a false narrative , just keep watching Fox News and drink that koolAid!

  1. Doesn’t matter. The left will support him regardless, and impeachment will not get him out.

    I’m all for airing out Grandpa Bloodstains dirty laundry. It’s long past due. See him for what he actually is.

    But the left wants power over all else. They also don’t want Kamala anywhere near the Oval Office.

      • How interesting.
        You are all over this site demanding fairness and facts only rule the day, yell about truth and not jumping to judgement.
        Then you reveal that none of that really matters to you.
        I am sure Dr. Dan will gladly take on another TDS case.

        • Only one problem Taxpayer. There are tons of evidence (some would say definitive proof) of multiple major grifts committed by the Trump family. There is also credible evidence that the Trump regime sold out America to the Saudis.
          Joe Biden has been in government service for 50 years, has released more than 25 years of tax returns, and has never even been accused of selling out America. Sad.

          • Toddler thank you, let us examine the actual elephant in the room you are eluding to, but not follow up on.
            Donald Trump spent the majority of his adult life in private business and used his business relationships to increase his holdings. All that is legal. He works with the people he trusts, his family members also legal. He hired lawyers to understand things like the tax code and to minimize his exposure, also all legal.
            Joe Biden spent the majority of his life in government directing and managing tax dollars. He clearly used his knowledge to advantage his family. If you believe that Burisma hired Hunter, because of his good looks and vast knowledge in the energy sector, I want to talk to you about a bridge….it certainly raises questions about legality of those action, especially when Joe brags about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired, who was investigating the above mentioned company Burisma. Which btw was against US policy at the time. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and it worries me, when there is insistence by the White House to include aid at ALL costs. His family members were open about selling “the Biden brand”. The problem when you are in government you are NOT a brand, like a private business, as you deal with taxpayer money and public policy. A clear conflict of interest.
            Joe spend over 50 years in congress building relationships and knowing “where the bodies are buried” so to speak. That gives him continued influence even after he left office.
            So while you lament Donald Trumps legitimate private business dealings, you ignore the wholesale dealings of Joe and the family from information and influence “the brand” gained while in office.

  2. More ‘indisputable’ evidence, just like with the Clinton’s and Obama’s yet(!!!), “ZERO” consequences and/or accountability. Yeah, tell me again how the system isn’t rigged!

    • Comer’s chief witness testified there is no evidence. Calling loan repayments bribes indicates how desparate Comer is and how gullible MAGA syncophants are.

  3. Well any normal American citizen would be in jail for this but our current fall guy gets a pass. When will the taxpayer get angry about all the stealing and money laundering of our tax dollars that the Washington crowd is engaged in stop? Time for different ways to change this monster called government.

  4. I considered supporting you because I have some old ties to Alaska. I discovered that you purposefully left out the fact that Joe Biden loaned $200,000 to his brother James in January of 2018 (Biden was not in any office at the time). James Biden repaid the $200,000 loan with a check clearly marked “Loan Repayment”. Joe Biden lent his brother money and the brother paid it back. Joe did not make any money (not even interest) and Joe Biden did not have any position in government at the time. It is sad that you won’t tell the truth. Real Alaskans would not be afraid to tell the truth.

    • The question would be do you have the evidence to see the 200K loan from Joe to James? The payment shown is coming directly from Congress so maybe you could provide the evidence to refute the claim. The story is rehashing what has been put out from the National media.

      • ‘ obtained an Excel spreadsheet of wire transfer records and check images that are consistent with Raskin’s account.

        Those records show two wire transfers from Joe Biden to a joint account for James and Sara Biden, one for $40,000 on July 28, 2017, and one for $200,000 on Jan. 12, 2018. The wires came from an “Attorney Trust Account” maintained by Joe Biden’s attorneys at the firm “MONZACK MERSKY MCLAUGHLIN BROWDER.”

        A check image from Sept. 3, 2017, shows a $40,000 payment from a joint account for James and Sara Biden to Joe Biden (the check is signed by Sara Biden and is labeled “loan repayment” on the memo line). The payment was deposited into the same account from which the $40,000 wire payment was made 38 days prior.

        An image of another check — the one highlighted by Comer — shows a $200,000 payment from a joint account for James and Sara Biden to Joe Biden on March 1, 2018. That’s 48 days after Joe Biden wired James Biden a similar amount. It, too, is noted as “loan repayment” in the memo line.

        In an emailed statement to the Wall Street Journal, James Biden’s attorney, Paul Fishman, wrote, “The Committee has the bank documents that show both the loan Jim received from his brother in January 2018 and the repayment by check six weeks later. At no time did Jim involve his brother in any of his business relationships.”

        Comer made several appearances on conservative media touting the check as a breakthrough in the investigation into Joe Biden.

        Comer, Fox Business News, Oct. 23: We just proved that Joe Biden benefited from his family’s influence peddling scheme. Look, this check that Jim Biden wrote to Joe Biden came on the same day he received a $200,000 loan from a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy, and today is bankrupt.

        On the check to Joe Biden, his brother put “loan repayment.” Now, the White House is saying that Joe Biden loaned his brother money. I don’t believe he did. But whatever, let’s just say they pull something out of their rear end that says Joe Biden loaned Jim Biden money. Either way, Jim Biden – and we have his personal bank records, I can say with confidence – had no money to pay Joe Biden back, other than that $200,000 wire that came from Americore Health Co.

        So either Joe Biden got paid directly $200,000 from his brother as part of a kickback of a cut from the influence peddling scheme or Joe Biden did loan his brother money but his brother couldn’t have paid it back without the influence peddling scheme. And there are bankruptcy court documents that spell meticulously exactly what Jim Biden did to receive that money. He went to Americore Health knowing they were in bad financial shape and said, “If you pay me money, I can use my brother’s contacts in the Middle East to get you all the capital you need to make you solvent again.” That’s called influence peddling. And that’s what we’ve proven: that Joe Biden benefited. He either made $200,000 or he didn’t lose $200,000. Either way, he’s $200,000 ahead because of his influence peddling scheme.

        Comer is ignoring another option, the one claimed by the White House: that Joe Biden provided a short-term, no interest loan to his brother, and that six weeks later James Biden paid that money back with money obtained in a business deal that did not involve Joe Biden. Raskin said the bank records show that Joe Biden “was not involved in and did not profit from his family members’ business ventures.”

        The records don’t prove one way or another if Joe Biden was involved in the Americore Health enterprise. But the burden remains with Republicans on the oversight committee to prove their case.

        Comer has also insisted that “there’s no document that shows there was a loan.” In an interview on Fox Business News on Oct. 25, host Maria Bartiromo asked Comer if he had “seen anything to indicate that there was an actual loan for some reason?”

        “No, and they’re lying,” Comer said.

        “At the end of the day, there’s no document that shows there was a loan,” Comer said. “The Democrats on the oversight committee, they get the same stuff that I subpoena. When I subpoena something, Maria, they make two copies, one for me, the Republicans, and one for the Democrats, Jamie Raskin. So if they had the darn document, they would have showed it. This is another example of their lies and the media takes it.”

        But in a press release issued on Oct. 26 that echoed points made in a letter from Raskin to Comer the same day, Democrats on the oversight committee accused Comer of a “willingness to cherry-pick and misrepresent the content of these bank records.”

        “Despite the Oversight Committee receiving the exact bank record showing that President Biden made a $200,000 interest-free loan to his brother James Biden, Chairman Comer has repeatedly omitted that fact, falsely suggesting President Biden is ‘$200,000 better off today because of his family’s influence peddling scheme,’” the release states. “For example, on Friday, October 20, Chairman Comer released a check dated March 1, 2018, in the amount of $200,000 from James Biden to his brother marked ‘loan repayment.’ The bank records provided to the Committee clearly showed that President Biden had wired $200,000 to his brother on January 12, 2018—less than two months earlier. Despite clear evidence that this transaction was a short-term, interest-free loan between brothers, which occurred while President Biden was also a private citizen, Chairman Comer misleadingly told Fox News, ‘I don’t believe’ that ‘Joe Biden did give his brother a loan,’ and falsely asserted to Fox Business, ‘there is no document that shows there was a loan,’ among other misrepresentations.”

        Again, our review of bank records did not show any documentation that wire transfers of $40,000 and $200,000 from Joe Biden to James Biden were loans. Perhaps there is no official documentation indicating that they were loans. However, images show James or Sara Biden writing checks to Joe Biden several weeks after those wire transfers in those exact same amounts, and with “loan repayment” listed in the memo lines. That’s consistent with the White House’s claim that these were short-term, no-interest loans.

        • Do I believe that Fact.check has access to the official private bank records available to the committee? No, I do not.
          Receiving material of this nature requires a subpoena and other legal documents and authorization.
          Fact.check does not clarify where exactly they got the “spread sheet” and who supposedly verified this is as equal and unaltered to the material the committee has. We are supposed to simply believe them regarding the veracity of this document. Also nowhere does it address the Americore loans.
          I believe there are other documents supporting the chairman’s claim that are not public as the investigation is ongoing.

        • Little TDS boy: who is fact checking YOU? Looks like A Taxpayer refutes fact.check pretty well. Take off the blinders troll – brandon is the most corrupt, and the absolute worst, POTUS in US history.

      • An equally interesting question is how a lifetime civil servant got ahold of $200,000 to loan to anybody.

        One of the reasons Obama picked Grandpa Bloodstains was he was perceived as one of the poorest people in government.

        $200K is a big chuck of change. Moving that kind of money around has all kinds of reporting requirements. Only really wealthy people have that kind of cash laying around.

        My dad was extremely well off. He couldn’t have easily laid his hands on that kind of change. And anything he did would have been insta reported to the IRS.

        While technically possible this kind of coin could have been slowly accumulated over a long period of time, it’s highly unlikely.

        • The Biden’s reported over 10 million in income that year mostly from book deals. No problem coming up with a paltry $200K. Joe wasn’t in government at the time. How again did he profit by loaning his brother money with no interest charged?

    • Left out facts? As the old saying goes; better to remain silent and though a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

    • Well, if all is on the up and up, as you claim, then it will take Joe, Hunter and the Gang all of 5 minutes to prove that. You know paperwork, a transfer, check or money order from Joe to his brother, showing the loan and interest…..As my mother used to say “paper is patient, but bank records don’t lie”.
      If he can’t do that, it seems awfully interesting that brother gets the exact amount from an outside entity into his PRIVATE account, then sends it on to Joe. Interestingly you also claim that the “Big Guy” is China, which raises the question, why does China get 10% of everything Hunter makes and who in China would that be??
      Sadly your attempt to blackmail Mrs. Downing into silence or acquiescence, is pathetic. You are clearly not interested in the truth, the whole truth, unlike Alaskans, who actually live here and not pretenders like you.

      • My father spent 6 years building the Alaskan Highway. Back then he said that most Alaskans were smart and honest. He would be very disappointed to read the BS on this site. Comer has not denied that there is a documented transfer of $200,000 from Joe to James and that James paid back Joe the $200K six weeks later. Tell me again how Joe Biden profitted from a loan he made to his brother. Does it somehow make sense to you?

  5. Aw, c’mon man!! It’s just brothers helping brothers. Ya know, just like fathers loving their sons. Give em a break. ( A sarcastic remark for those who didn’t get it.)

    • I loaned my brother money and paid it all back. There was no paper trail at all. Am I going to prison? Sounds like that’s what you want to happen to Joe Biden. How exactly did Joe profit from this “deal”?

      • If it wasn’t correctly reported to the IRS, there is a very good chance you would.

        Money laundering is a serious crime.

        Incidentally, kudos on choosing an unusually apt name. It suits you well.

      • Sure there is a paper trail unless you are one of those people, who keeps all of their money in their mattress (and Joe doesn’t strike me as that kind of a guy). You take money out of the bank, transfer funds or write a check, money order etc….voila a paper trail!
        Out of curiosity how did you loan your brother money and then pay it back yourself or did you mean you BORROWED money from your brother and paid him back???

        • I don’t know where he got the money to pay me back. My bank doesn’t know where I get the money to pay my mortgage and the power company doesn’t know where I get the money to pay for heat and electricity. I guess in your world everyone should be in jail. Geez.

          • Actually that is factually incorrect. Your bank knows exactly where your money came from, unless your employer pays you in cash under the table(and then the IRS would be very curious). Every check or digital transfer from your employer bears their name, address, bank routing number and account numbers, same goes for self-employed individuals. You deposit a check from a client, the bank has their information in order to have the funds transferred to your account. This is how the committee knows about the Americore loans….

  6. Joe Biden served in what office in 2018? The right is grasping at straws and failing miserably. Let’s hold another Benghazi hearing as well.

    • This “story” has been debunked as another fail by the Republicans on all the mainstream media outlets. It is news mostly because it constitutes another major failure by your little wrastling buddies Jordan and Comer.

  7. Comer is a joke, his chief witness testified there is no evidence. Calling deposits that were loan repayments bribes indicates how desparate Comer is and how gullible MAGA Republicans are

  8. One thing threads like this show is the profound economic illiteracy of this nation.

    Woodrow Wilson’s dream of a population of barely educated drones has come true.

  9. The simple truth is: it doesn’t matter to the left. They will protect their “precious” (hold on the White House) despite any and all evidence put forward.

    If Gavin Newsome stopped running over Chinese kids playing basketball long enough to claim he’s running, Grandpa Bloodstains becomes expendable overnight.

    People who have abandoned principles for power can’t be expected to do otherwise.

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